Top 10 Best American Seed Bank Reviews 2023

american seed bankBefore you grow cannabis plants in your home in the U.S you need to get high-quality seeds. 

This is where the best American seed banks come into play!

Although digging out the web for the best USA seed bank is tough and tricky! As you might be bombarded with hundreds of options at a single time. 

Therefore, to help you out, this guide is going to cover the seed banks within the U.S and the planet’s most popular seed sources for U.S weeders. 

So, let’s get started:


Best American Seed Bank

We have made this list by getting recommendations and reviews from the top breeders in the country and after combining them all, we have sorted the 2023’s list of cannabis seed banks within America along with those who ship to the USA. 

So, let’s find out which one is made for you:

1. ILGM 

I Love Growing Marijuana website

ILGM stands for I Love Growing Marijuana and it is the world’s no.1 seed bank for U.S weed enthusiasts. 

Well, for that there are several reasons. 

A major reason is the company’s premium range of cannabis seeds. All the marijuana seeds come with a 100% germination guarantee. If any seed does not come out of the ground, they will replace it with another pack. 

Although they stock limited marijuana strains the quality is supreme!

ILGM ships to two countries only – the USA and Australia. 

Unfortunately, other countries than these two countries might not get the services of this seed bank. Although the company doesn’t compromise with the quality shipping even within these two regions. ILGM discreetly packs marijuana seeds while they ship the orders instantly within a maximum of 2 working days. 

USA weed growers have an edge while buying from ILGM.

As the company has a warehouse in California and hence it delivers the order instantly. Although the company charges extra for the tracking facility. 

The website design is quite professional and the company has a very positive reputation among the people. Navigation through different sections at the website is easy and gives a smooth experience. 

Apart from this, ILGM gives you instant customer support in case of need. They have regular mail and calling facility available on their website. Mail queries are generally responded, within 24 working hours. 

Regular offers and loyalty program is also available at ILGM. 

Overall, ILGM in 2023 is the best option for those who are seeking seed banks that ship to the USA, as it has almost every feature that you might find in an ideal store. Join The I Love Growing Marijuana Official Sub for regular updates on Reddit!


  1. Supreme quality cannabis seeds.
  2. 100% germination guarantee.
  3. Regular offers and loyalty program.
  4. Professional website. 
  5. Discount at Bitcoin payment option.
  6. Excellent customer support.
  7. Delivers orders faster.


  1. Limited varieties. 
  2. Not ships worldwide.

2. Crop King Seeds

cropking seed bank

If you are looking for an overall best source for almost every marijuana strain then don’t miss out, the Crop King Seeds!

This seed bank covers almost every marijuana category for the growers. That is why it is popular worldwide. Unlike ILGM, Crop King Seeds even ships across the world. 

Established in Canada, Crop King Seeds marijuana seeds are top-notch. The company is so confident that they give you an 80% germination guarantee. Although it is less than the ILGM most of the cases have a 100% germination rate. 

Somehow, if 8 out 10 seeds of Crop King do not germinate, they will send you another pack of marijuana seeds. Isn’t it amazing?

Additionally, the company has more than 100 physical stores in Canada. Therefore, Canadian weeders have a plus point regarding that. 

Crop King Seeds have excellent customer support available with 24/7 online live chat available at the website. However, the website design is also decent. It has a good appearance and info available which might a grower look for. Different sections of cannabis seeds are also available. 

Multiple payment methods are available. 

This Canadian seed bank that ships to the USA and other countries gives you multiple ways through which you can place your orders. Being a global seed bank, it gives you multiple convenient ways including Bitcoin which is quite safe and secure. 

Shipping by Crop King Seeds is excellent, although for some regions express shipping is expensive. However, it is worth the quality of shipping. As they ensure privacy and make sure that no one can suspect the content in transit. That is why Crop King Seeds has one of the highest success delivery rates. Crop King Seeds these strains got reviews of the SeedFinder users, with an average rating of 5.18 out of 10!

Summing up the features of Crop King Seeds, they are an ideal store for every weed enthusiast. From having top-quality cannabis seeds to impressively delivering them, CKS has got your back!


  1. A large selection of cannabis seeds.
  2. Impressive quality.
  3. 80% germination guarantee.
  4. Multiple payment options.
  5. Instant delivery of orders across the world. 
  6. Decent customer support. 
  7. 24/7 online chat support available. 
  8. Huge market reputation and worldwide popularity.


  1. Website design can be improved. 

3. Sweet Seeds

sweet seeds

Sweet Seeds is one of the best American Seed Banks that has a separate catalog for American genetics of marijuana seeds. Genetics with origin from the USA has been developed by Sweet Seeds to improve them more for different growing conditions in the country.

That is why they have one of the best American genetics marijuana seeds. 

Sweet Seeds’ website appearance is average though they have stocked a wide cannabis seeds selection. Most of the strains are potent and results in jaw-dropping buds in the garden. 

However, for USA-based growers, Sweet Seeds has a separate selection of cannabis seeds under which you can find some limited versions of cannabis seeds. Pricing is reasonable; however, they do not have posted any reviews or experience of growers on their website. Well, you can definitely check out their forum though. 

Otherwise, accessing different cannabis categories at the store is easy. Thanks to the simple interface. 

Apart from this, the company has other catalogs as well, which you can check out. Even the best part is that it provides COD (Cash on Delivery) facility too for the orders within Spain. However, for other regions and countries, the website has multiple payment options including bank transfer. 

Sweet Seeds ships the order within 48 hours to 72 hours. However, remote locations can take more time for delivery. A tracking number will be given on each order to keep an eye on the package. However, in case you need any help then you can approach the company’s customer support service by filling the support ticket at the website. 

Overall, Sweet Seeds stocks a very wide cannabis seeds selection and USA genetics which attracts the weed growers the most. Even the quality of seeds for the price is extremely good and hence it is one of the best seed sources.


  1. USA genetics seeds.
  2. Supreme quality.
  3. Affordable price range.
  4. Discreet shipment.
  5. 48 to 72 hours of delivery in some regions.
  6. Customer support is good.


  1. A germination guarantee is not available. 

4. Growers Choice Seeds

growers choice seeds

Growers Choice Seeds is one of the seed banks that ship to the USA directly from the California hub. Although the company claims to have experience of two decades in developing different genetics. 

The company ships worldwide and therefore, it is one of the popular stores as well. 

This is due to the high-quality marijuana seeds available at GCS. From feminized or auto-flowering to high THC and CBD strains, Growers Choice Seeds has got you all! Even they give you a 90% germination ratio at their seeds. 

That is why Growers Choice Seeds is a 100% reliable seed bank for USA growers. 

Regular offers and discounts are available on the website, though the website looks professional, well-designed, and impressively categorized. You can specifically access the required marijuana strain from the website easily. 

Apart from this, the company delivers orders within the USA in a maximum of 10 days. Keep in mind that remote areas might take some additional time though. 

Shipping charges are reasonable and it costs a maximum of up to $30 for international orders (for the USA it is only $10). Although they provide you discreet and safe shipping along with that while tracking service is already available. 

However, depending upon the location, international orders can take a maximum delivery time of 25 days. 

Multiple payment options are available at the store. Bitcoin and Zelle, including e-transfer, are the convenient ways through which one can place an order at the virtual store. 

Apart from this, Growers Choice Seeds has a positive market reputation around the globe, which makes it an even more reliable source. 


  1. Superior quality cannabis seeds. (hand-picked and tested seeds are imported)
  2. Customer support is excellent.
  3. Multiple payment options are available. 
  4. The latest marijuana seeds are also available at the store.
  5. Positive market reputation.
  6. Affordable price range.


  1. For free delivery, you need to spend $500 at the store.

5. Golden Ticket Seed Bank

golden ticket seed bank

If you really want to try out the American Seed Banks then Golden Ticket Seed Bank will be best for kick-starting your purchase journey. 

Based in California, USA this seed bank even gives its services internationally as well.

However, it does not impress me!

Starting from the virtual appearance then it is average as the website lacks information, reviews, and about the company’s history, which even scares for some time to invest money. However, the company has some out-of-the-box marijuana strains which might be interesting for some growers to try out something new. 

Although they have a very limited cannabis seed selection. You cannot find the latest strains at their shop. 

Apart from this, very basic info is available for every seed strain and they have only support tickets on the website, through which you can reach their team. 

However, regarding payment, they accept Google Pay, Apple Pay, and even offline payment. For your specific payment method, you have to contact them first. Even the pricing of their seeds seems a little overpriced. That might be due to their unique strains, however, compared to the other seed stores, GTSB is expensive. 

Well, the website shows a 10% discount offer. You will not find any loyalty program or any further offer, which makes me personally sad. As you can easily get up to 50% off on some stores during their seasonal sale and regular offers give you more than 10% off at those stores. 

Overall, GTSB (Green Ticket Seed Bank) is recommended to the growers residing within the USA as for international growers, the seed bank does not seem appealing. Even California growers can also take this risk to try out something new as the company is from there. 


  1. Some unique strains are available.
  2. Google Pay and other convenient options.
  3. Decent seed bank for the USA growers. 


  1. The store doesn’t seem appealing to international growers.
  2. Lack of info.
  3. Very few marijuana strains are available. 
  4. Customer support is available through the website only. 
  5. No returns!

6. Gorilla Seeds

gorilla cannabis seeds

Gorilla Seeds is another best seed bank that ships to the USA. 

This seed bank imports top-quality marijuana seeds from the planet’s best breeders. This is far better than most of the newbie seed stores as it is more reliable due to an excellent rating at Trustpilot with over 2700 reviews. 

Apart from this, people have reviewed it positively on most of the review sites and forums. Thanks to the premium quality cannabis seeds. 

Additionally, it has one of the cheapest marijuana seed strains without compromising on quality. With that said, you can get their premium range of cannabis seeds within just 10 Euros. Isn’t it amazing?

That is why it is one of the favorite shops for cannabis growers!

Coming to the selection of seeds then it has a wide selection. Feminized, auto, or even different types including high yield, high THC, high CBD, for beginners, Gorilla has got your back!

Gorilla Seeds store ships worldwide, however, the company will not be responsible for the local laws and guidelines. Therefore, you have to confirm with the local authorities first. 

Once you are comfortable with your regional laws, you can pay at Gorilla Seeds in multiple ways. Bank transfer, cash, Credit card, Debit card, or even through phone you can place an order at this shop. 

Apart from this, the shipping service of the company is quite impressive. They ship discreetly and usually; orders are delivered within a maximum of 18 days for USA and Canada orders. 

Overall, Gorilla Seeds is one of the best cannabis seed banks that directly ship to the USA, and the quality of seeds along with services, price of seeds, everything is best at this seed store. 


  1. Top-notch quality marijuana seeds.
  2. Cheapest price range. 
  3. Shipping worldwide. (USA delivery within 18 days max)
  4. Multiple varieties are available. 
  5. Reputed and popular store. 
  6. Multiple payment options are available.


  1. Reviews under each marijuana strain are not available. 

7. Greenpoint Seeds

green point seed bank

Greenpoint seeds claim to be the number one USA seed bank. 

This seed bank has a wide cannabis seed selection in stock and it delivers one of the finest quality marijuana seeds across the U.S. 

Even this seed store serves almost every country in the world. 

All seeds’ quality is premium and the price range is quite affordable which attracts the most growers. As this American seed bank gives premium seeds at low prices, beginner cultivators will find attractive deals at Greenpoint Seeds.

The company claims to select each marijuana strain very carefully while breeding and hence they could be able to stand on the demand of cultivators. Greenpoint Seeds has even a selection of rare American cannabis seed genetics, which will be a unique collection in your arsenal!

This virtual store accepts multiple payment options for placing orders. Either it is about checks, money orders, or crypto, Greenpoint Seeds has everything for you!

The company has been a part of the American genetics community and therefore, they can deliver the finest quality of American cannabis seeds. Stardawg is one of the quite popular cultivars at GPS. 

Apart from this, this seed bank gives one of the best customer supports in case of need. You can contact their team during the working hours of business days and their team will be ready to help you out. 

Overall, Green Point Seeds is one of the most loved American cannabis seed banks in 2023. Although the company is building its market reputation and hence it has over 500 reviews with 4.7 star ratings on Trustpilot. However, those limited reviews are excellent for the company, which makes it one of the trusted sources for cannabis seeds.


  1. Best USA cannabis seeds.
  2. Excellent customer support.
  3. Multiple payment options are available. 
  4. The shipping service is decent.
  5. Regular stock update.


  1. Limited cannabis seed varieties. 

8. i49

i49 SEED BANK comes under one of the best seed banks for the USA and other countries. 

Starting from the website design then it has an impressive appearance. Categories of marijuana seeds are well organized and easy to access. A separate category for Cannabis seeds USA is there under which you can access autoflowering, feminized and lots of other strains. 

Overall, the website looks professional with an easy interface. 

Apart from this, i49 gives you a separate selection of cannabis seeds if you are a beginner cultivator. It is a California seed bank and hence it can serve across the nation providing top-notch quality cannabis seeds. 

The company is confident in their seed’s quality and therefore, they give you an 80% germination guarantee. At i49 there are regular offers and attractive deals which give you a premium range of seeds at a cheap price. As of right now, you can access Blue Dream Feminized with a buy 1 get 1 free offer. 

You will be getting multiple payment options including bitcoin to pay at i49. You can always choose at your convenience. 

Though the shipping service of i49 is excellent. They offer free shipping on ordering two or more products from the website. The company ships daily to the USA, although it is recommended to confirm the state laws first, as it might create trouble. 

This American seed bank delivers seeds within a maximum of 14 working days. 

Apart from this, i49 has a very positive market image as it has an excellent rating with over 4,000 reviews. However, considering the services and quality these seed banks provide, it comes under one of the top USA seed banks for the right reasons.


  1. One of the best USA seed banks.
  2. Top-quality cannabis seeds.
  3. Faster shipping in the USA.
  4. Instant customer support. 
  5. Affordable price. 


  1. Less info is available about the company.

9. Neptune Seed Bank

neptune seed bank official website

For getting high-quality unique marijuana seeds in the USA, Neptune seed bank is also one of the best options. It has limited yet high-quality cannabis seeds, which will benefit you in the garden. 

It has a stock of regular categories and additional marijuana clones, spores, which makes this seed bank stand out. 

However, website quality is somewhat average. The website holds mostly large banners and less info. Although the website has a separate news section as well.

Otherwise, the services of this company are quite good. They ship to most of the locations until or unless there is no legal ban. However, Neptune Seed Bank ships within 24 hours to 48 hours. Once your order will be shipped, you will get a tracking number by mail, through which you can keep an eye on your seeds.

The company offers you wide delivery services options under which guaranteed delivery costs you around $25, which is decent. Along with a guarantee, the company ships this order with priority and delivers the order within 2 to 3 business days. 

You can also opt for other shipping services.

This seed bank has contact with one of the best breeders in the world, and from there, it imports high-quality seeds that give impressive results in the garden. That is why the marijuana seeds that Neptune offers, are of better quality than most of the new seed banks.

Pricing of seeds available at Neptune Seed Bank is also good though some strains are usually highly-priced. However, that might be due to the fresh quality of seeds. Apart from this, you will get multiple payment options including bitcoin. Payment through bitcoin makes you get 10% off at Neptune Seed Bank.


  1. Top-quality cannabis seeds.
  2. Instant shipping. 
  3. Best price.
  4. Customer support is decent. 
  5. Contact with more than 100 breeders.
  6. Freebies with every order.


  1. Limited varieties. 
  2. Not ships to every location. 

10. Exotic Genetix

Exotic Genetix

If you don’t want to get marijuana seeds from newbie stores then try Exotic Genetix. 

It is one of the best seed banks established in the USA for many years. Exotic delivers one of the finest quality marijuana seeds that are loved by the growers. Black Mamba, Grease Monkey are some of the popular strains by this company. 

Exotic Genetix has won multiple awards in the U.S due to its unique and high-quality cannabis seeds. In 2016, Exotic has won High Times Medical Cannabis in Michigan. While the next year, it won the High Times SoCal Harvest Cannabis Cup.

Although this store has limited marijuana strains all of them are unique and top quality. Therefore, if you are tired of trying regular marijuana strains then try Exotic Genetix, you will be amazed by the quality for sure!

The company has been for many years in the industry and has a lot of experience in developing top-quality strains. That is why it is one of the favorite USA seed banks. This seed bank also hosts many events.

Considering the website’s appearance then it is decent though it lacks providing some information. However, navigation and access to different sections are easy and smooth, which is the best part.

Apart from this, the company has given a support ticket and mail, at the website through which you can contact their team. Even the company has also given info about their journey and establishment. 

Overall, Exotic Genetix is for those weed lovers who want to amaze themselves by trying out something new and unique. However, pricing might be more than other stores but considering the quality, it might be worth it. 


  1. Unique and quality marijuana strains. 
  2. Best USA seed store.
  3. Reasonable price.
  4. Award-winning strains.
  5. Natural and pure genetics.


  1. Limited strains are available. 


So, finally, our list of best American seed banks completes here! However, there are still many more seed stores that ship to the USA. Although it matters up to you, what is your requirement and which seed bank fulfills it. 

Overall, the above USA seed banks are sure to make your cultivation journey better!

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