Buy Cannabis Seeds in Argentina 2023

In this article, we are going to provide you a complete guide to buy cannabis seeds in Argentina. You will get to know about marijuana legalization & the best seed bank in Argentina.

Cannabis laws have been recently updated in many developed countries and some of the countries even legalized it. 

Concerning the importance of marijuana in the medical field, most countries regulated the use of at least medical cannabis. Similarly, Argentina has also taken some steps regarding cannabis, a few years back, which we will be discussing in this guide. 

Therefore, all the marijuana enthusiasts who are planning to visit Argentina or want to enjoy cannabis there must read this ultimate guide. As it will help you know everything about cannabis there. 


Buy Cannabis Seeds in Argentina

Buy Cannabis Seeds in Argentina

From possessing to cultivating and consuming to smoking, read along to know each law regarding it. 

So, let’s get started:

Is Weed Legal in Argentina?

Starting from scratch, marijuana laws in Argentina are quite complex. 

As recreational and medical cannabis is not legal officially, however, generally you might find young adults smoking weed publicly there. Additionally, some provinces such as Chubut and Santa Fe have legalized medical cannabis despite the federal ban. 

Apart from this, recreational cannabis is decriminalized in Argentina in 2009. However, this ruling was set for a small amount of cannabis for personal use, and yet a large amount of cannabis for sale or possession remains a heavily punishable offense. 

The penalty for the same can go up to 15 years of imprisonment depending upon the severity of the offense. 

Even though there are heavily strict punishments for cannabis-related offenses, however, yet cannabis somehow exists in Argentina. 

Even medical cannabis consumption is accepted in the country in private locations. Though cultivation remains completely illegal for any purpose. However, since 2017, the country has allowed CBD oil legally, and therefore, in Argentina, you will be allowed to access only CBD oil legally. 

In a nutshell, Cannabis exists in Argentina even though it is illegal. After decriminalization, people generally use cannabis in their private space even there is a penalty for that. Apart from this, medical consumption is accepted in private space only with legal permission to use CBD oil. 

A Brief History of Cannabis in Argentina

Cannabis has been a popular substance in Argentina from the very starting time. That is why in 1999, there was a Global Marijuana March across the world, to promote the legalization of marijuana. 

Although historically country’s lawmakers have not made any major changes in the cannabis legislation at that time. One of the major decisions in the country was taken in 2009 by the Supreme Court. This was the decision that made cannabis possession of a small amount decriminalized along with consumption in private space. 

Also, this was the first time in the history of Argentina that the decision made cannabis laws relaxing for weed enthusiasts in the region. 

Although cannabis cultivation and sale along with possession in huge quantity was punishable with 4 years to 15 years of imprisonment. With that said, some provinces of the country also started reforming the cannabis laws. 

Chubut province made medical cannabis legal in its region on September 23, 2016. While Santa Fe also did the same later in November month of the same year.

Apart from this, one year later, on March 29, 2017, the Argentina Senate approved the medical CBD oil in the country. Although the law was promulgated on September 21 of the same year. 

Yet the law doesn’t permit any resident of the country to grow their own cannabis plants. Even though medical consumption of cannabis in private space is permitted, however, personal cultivation is not 

Current Laws in Action in Argentina

Apart from the historical changes, you must have to be aware of the current guidelines and laws that are in action across the nation. 

  1. Driving under influence of cannabis remains illegal in the country and it can lead you to huge monetary penalties and imprisonment. 
  2. Sharing weed with minors is a huge criminal offense in Argentina. As weed remains illegal for both adults and minors. 
  3. Medical patients of the region can access CBD oil as of now, legally. Therefore, they can buy only CBD oil from the physical stores nearby. 
  4. A small amount of possession of cannabis is decriminalized resulting in some penalties caught smoking weed or indulging in any such activities publicly or privately. 
  5. Cultivating cannabis can lead one to a drug trafficker and hence it might lead to court trials and punishment. 

So, overall, these are some guidelines that will work anywhere in the country, however, yet you are recommended to ensure the local authorities for the marijuana laws. As you will never want to go to the cell or pay some dollars as a foreigner there. 

Possession, Cultivation, and Consumption


Possession of any amount of cannabis is illegal in Argentina although after 2009’s Supreme Court ruling small amount of possession made is decriminalized for private consumption. Yet possession by any minor or student is completely banned. 

Apart from this, medical patients can possess only CBD oil. 


Cultivating cannabis plants for any purpose remains illegal in the country. As selling or sharing weed is banned in the nation. With that said, there are no commercial cannabis businesses that can provide you cannabis stuff. 

However, it is also expected that people usually get hands-on cannabis through the black market which is always risky and can lead to huge penalties. Therefore, as a visitor there, you never want to do any kind of risky thing. 


Consumption of a small amount of cannabis made in private space is decriminalized. Apart from this, medical cannabis consumption is also accepted there. As only CBD oil is legalized in the country, therefore, access to CBD oil is permitted, other marijuana derivatives remain illegalized. 

Medical Marijuana in Argentina

Unfortunately, Argentina didn’t have any medical marijuana program for the patients. 

Unlike many other developed countries, where medical patients are permitted to access cannabis medication for different medical conditions, Argentina has permitted only CBD oil from the year 2017. 

Although Chubut and Santa Fe provinces of the country have made medical cannabis legal from September 23, 2016, and November 30, 2016, respectively. That means before the legalization of CBD oil across the nation, these two provinces have already reformed the cannabis legislation for allowing medical patients to access cannabis. 

However, as of 2017, the country allowed the medical use of CBD oil and since then there was no further change in cannabis legislation regarding medical usage. 

So, overall, Argentina has a very poor medical law comparing to the other countries and hence you will be getting only limited permission for accessing limited derivatives of cannabis there. 

How to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Argentina?

Well, in 2023 cultivating cannabis plants in Argentina remains illegal for all purposes, therefore, you cannot legally get your own cannabis plants in the region. Although some provinces have reformed the medical cannabis laws but cultivation almost not exists. 

With that said, it is legally not possible to buy cannabis seeds in Argentina. 

However, that doesn’t mean, you cannot access cannabis seeds there. Rather you can keep marijuana seeds and proceed to cultivate when it gets legalized. Well, we strongly recommend you to first confirm from the local authorities as different regions have their different ruling. 

Although once you are comfortable with the laws, you can look for getting high-quality seeds to keep in your arsenal. Well, in Argentina it is not legally possible to purchase cannabis seeds, therefore, you can only hope from online seed stores. 

Online seed banks have multiple benefits. 

You will be getting a wide cannabis seeds selection and an attractive price range. While these shops regularly provide you offers and discounts. 

To make it easier for you, here are the most recommended cannabis seed banks that directly ship to Argentina.

Seed Banks That Ship to Argentina Directly

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will be weed legalized in Argentina?

We cannot predict the future but as cannabis has been decriminalized in the country, considering the demand, lawmakers might take some positive action within the upcoming time. 

Can I buy seeds in Argentina?

Cultivating cannabis seeds remains illegal, however, you can keep seeds after confirmation from the local authorities. Apart from this, as there are no physical stores to buy cannabis seeds, therefore, you have to opt for online stores. 

Can I consume marijuana in Argentina?

After decriminalization, the consumption of cannabis in private space somehow exists in the country. Though if you got caught red-handed, cops might put a fine on you. 

Buy Cannabis Seeds in Argentina: Final Words

Argentina has currently restricted guidelines for the use of medical cannabis. Although decriminalization is there, however, until the laws didn’t permit one to indulge in cannabis activities, it will be always better to do the things within the laws, as a foreigner. 

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