Attitude Seeds Bank Review 2023

Attitude Seed BankAre you looking for one of the largest online seeds stores?

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Attitude Seeds Bank is one of the most popular and largest online seed banks. With its best quality service, it is one of the most trusted and reliable sites to buy marijuana seeds that ship to the U.S.A and all over the globe.

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If you are going to buy seeds from them then this guide is for you. 

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As we are going to describe everything about the Attitude Seeds Bank here.

In addition, we are going to guide you in purchasing marijuana seeds from Attitude Seeds Bank.

We have ordered seeds from them quite many times, and here in this post, we are going to share our buying experience with the Attitude seed bank.

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Attitude Seeds Bank Review

We have shared our thought in the top ten points. In these points, we have covered everything about Attitude Seeds Bank. So, don’t miss any point!

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#1. About Attitude Seeds Bank

Well, I don’t think so that I should introduce this worldwide famous seed bank. However, still, I would like to tell its brief history.

Bases on the U.K, Attitude Seed Bank is aimed to provide the best quality seeds worldwide and it is successfully doing so. However, the history of this Seed Bank is not much available there but still, it is one of the most reliable and trustworthy seed banks for marijuana lovers.

From providing the best quality seeds to delivering them to your doorstep, everything is excellently managed by the Attitude Seeds Bank. Well, we have discussed these terms in the next point. 

If any marijuana lover wants to buy marijuana seeds then he/she definitely comes to Attitude Seed Bank as this seed bank stocks one of the latest trending seeds. This is what any cannabis lovers want!

According to your need and choice, you can find your seeds right here. Even the website interface is quite excellent which shows, they have managed everything perfectly. 

Apart from this, you will show the most popular seeds of their store first so that you can get the best product from them. 

However, Attitude Seed Bank has aimed to give their customers more than they are paying for and even they are maintaining it beautifully that is why Attitude Seed Bank has 4-star users ratings on Trustpilot.

So, if you are going to make a deal with them then it will be worth your every penny!

#2. Seeds Quality

Attitude Seed Bank has a lot of strains available to them from different breeders working under them. Therefore, it becomes quite difficult to judge quality. As Attitude Seed Bank has more than 2000 strains available to them. It becomes now tougher to judge them.

Well, we will share our experience so that you can get an idea about it.

Even the quality of the seeds also depends on their strain and the choice of the grower. Therefore, the overall performance of the seeds matters the most.

Attitude Seed Bank limits its breeders to provide seeds as because they always stock those seeds that match their standards. Even for customer satisfaction, they pack their orders with the breeder’s packaging so that every customer can be sure that they are really getting what they have ordered from them.

You can’t have perfect seeds every time!

However, there will be still a little chance for the low getting quality seeds as they do not test every seed coming to them. Well, if you order from the reputed breeders then you are sure to get high-quality seeds. If you are ordering from different brands then the quality may also vary.

Another thing about Attitude Seed Bank is that they focus more on quantity than quality. Therefore, the quality may vary a little with the brand. Well, you can make your choice wisely to get more benefits.

#3. Payment Options Available

Well, after choosing the right strain and seed then it comes to pay them for making your order complete.

However, it also comes under the quality of the company that how it makes convenient to their customers. As every buyer just wants to get their seeds as soon as possible after making payment quickly and successfully.

Here it lacks!

Attitude Seed Bank has given its buyers limited payment options but they are quick to do any time. However, for some buyers, it can also be a problem that they have only limited options for payment.

Let’s check out what are they:

  1. Credit Card (Except MasterCard For International Buyers)
  2. Debit Card
  3. Money Order (Within U.K)

Attitude Seed Bank has a payment option of Credit Card and Debit Card which is not for MasterCard users. This is one of the major issues that any buyer faces with them. 

However, they accept money orders but still here, this is limited for U.K buyers only. If you are a MasterCard user then you have to either charge your card for the payment. 

Well, as from our point of view, this is the major problem with Attitude Seeds Bank that they are not expanding their payment options. That is why this lack of feature is holding them from becoming the leader of the online seed bank.

#4. Seeds Selection

Here it wins the race!

Attitude Seed Bank has more than 2000 strains of seeds available to them which makes them one of the largest online stores of marijuana seeds. It’s really amazing!

This is the main feature that makes them unique from the rest of the other seed banks. 

Well, we can say that you are sure to find any strain of marijuana seeds here online. If you are not finding it, then there may be something wrong with you. 

In these huge selections, there are major Auto Flowering, Feminized Seeds, Regular Seeds, and much more to explore in their online store.

Even apart from a huge selection, they also focus on their customer’s interests and demand to provide them the latest seed selection according to time. 

This is what we loved the most!

They provide different strains with the trend or according to their customer’s demand. Well, if you are going to make any deal with them then it will be worth your every penny. 

However, the price may vary with the quality and brand of your choice. If you want to get an offer then you have to keep an eye on their site for it. As they also sales their overstock products at a very cheap price.

So, it’s up to you if you get an offer or not at the right time.

#5. Customer Service

Well, the main quality reflects the customer support of the company after the purchase. Honestly, the Attitude Seed Bank wins the heart in this.

They provide you the best customer service ever for an online store. 

They reply to you back within 24 business hours of your query which is quite fast and far better than the other online seed banks. However, we have experienced very bad customer service from some other online seed banks but with Attitude Seed Bank you are not going to face any issue.

If you get any problem then it will be solved quickly by their customer support team as soon as you reach them.

As said earlier, they have a specific team for it, their friendly and cooperative behavior makes you familiar with them, and thus they help you to solve your problem as soon as possible.

Even they help you in buying seeds from them from a trustworthy breeder so that you will not get any issue in future. However, they couldn’t help you in germination or the quality of seeds that you have purchased once. 

Well, the germination of the seeds also depends on you that how you grow them or in which environment.

Coming to customer support, you can ask them your query with a mail at their supportive mail but they couldn’t help you in the germination of the seeds.

#6. Delivery & Shipping

After making payment to the company we all wait for our package excitedly. 


Well, if the company doesn’t deliver within the time then this impacts a negative impression. However, if you will purchase from the Attitude Seed Bank then you will get your delivery in a very short time at your doorstep.

As when it comes to delivery of the package then they are expert in it. They even challenge their customers to suggest to them better ideas than them. 

Isn’t it amazing?


They provide you many options when it comes to delivering your package in very little time. After making a successful payment to them, you will receive a tracking number to keep an eye on your package. 

Well, if you are ordering internationally then you will also get an estimated delivery time and you can expect your package at that time. 

They “guarantee” their delivery!

It means if you have ordered and you didn’t receive it or it is lost then they will send you another package for free.

Isn’t it cool?

It means you are sure to get your package as you ordered from them once.

Apart from this, they didn’t write marijuana reference numbers except for your name, address, and returning address for security reasons. 

It means your package is going to be very discreet!

If we talk about the shipping then they averagely take 3 business days to process your order and send them out for shipping.

Well, the delivery time starts from the 4th working day and it will be delivered to you on that day. This only implies on the U.K buyers.

However, if you are an international buyer then the package may take two or three weeks (15-21 days) to reach your hand.

#7. Promotions & Discounts

Now, there are more than 100 offers are going on their site!

You can check them out and can make your deal more beneficial to you. Well, as said earlier, they also sell their overstock product at a very cheap price so you have to wait for the right time. However, this happens very little!

But you can always go for the discounts and promotions on their website. So, go and check the discounts now!

This also depends on the breeders who are buying the seeds. 

#8. Overall Review

As said earlier, the Attitude Seed Bank is one of the most popular and reputed online seed stores. From having a wide selection of seeds to providing the best customer service even after purchase; they are experts in it.

They give the best quality of seeds at a very affordable price and therefore it is the top priority of marijuana lovers to buy marijuana online.

Well, they have focused more on the quantity than the quality however, it doesn’t affect the quality of their seeds. Their seed germination rate is more than 90% which is excellently far better than the rest of the online seed banks. 

However, the only thing where it lacks is the payment options that they have provided to their customers are very limited which results in a payment delay or any other issue.

Overall, if we say about Attitude Seed Bank then it is the perfect choice for any marijuana grower whether for the beginner or expert grower. He/she will find his/her choice right here. 

With more than 2000 strains, Attitude Seed Bank is listed in our top recommended online seed bank for marijuana growers. Well, if you want to explore more then you can check out their official website anytime. 

Even for the latest offers and discounts, you have to keep an eye on their site. You can check it right now!

Check out this user’s reviews on seedfinder before buying marijuana from Attitude Seed Bank.

Attitude Seeds Bank Review: Final Words

If you will search for the best online seed banks then you will see Attitude Seed Bank listed there. It means it is one of the trusted and reliable online seeds stores. Even simply, they provide high-quality seeds at a very affordable price which simply makes this seed bank the best of the others.

However, we only recommend Attitude Seed Bank if you couldn’t go for ILGM and MSNL seed banks. Well, if you do find your choice on ASB then you don’t have to go anywhere. Just go and hit the best deal.

Happy Dealing!

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