Buy Marijuana Seeds in Australia 2023

Buy Marijuana Seeds in AustraliaDo want to Buy Marijuana Seeds in Australia?

But, couldn’t find a proper guide to choose an Australian seed bank?

No worries!

Now, you are at the right place where you will find a complete guide on the best place to buy marijuana seeds in Australia.

Soon, you’ll be an expert grower after knowing the latest legislation in Australia regarding cannabis usage and indoor growing.

Should we start?

Hell yes!!


What are the best seed banks that ships to Australia?

Let’s find out answers to these questions:

Australian Seed Bank

I’ll not consider the local vendors and the government vendors as you may be already familiar with such seed sources.

However, I have been gone through almost every popular seed bank in the world that ships in different countries and so does Australia too!

Well, you can do that research even from your side too. I’ll recommend you go through some review pages and forums. That will help you better in choosing the best seed banks.

However, I always consider some quality points in the seed bank in which I’ll invest my hard-earned money!

After so much time investing I found these are the best seed bank that ship to Australia

  1. ILGM
  2. CropKingSeeds
  3. MSNL

How to Choose Best Quality Marijuana Seeds?

I’ll share my own trick that helped me a lot in choosing the best seed quality from the best seed sources.

Here we go:

#1. Reputable seed bank

Always look for a reputable seed bank!

What does reputable mean?


How to check if the seed bank is that reputed or not?

For this, I’ll suggest you check the vendor’s establishment time in the industry. That means how much time the company is serving in this field.

More time means more sales and more customers. Therefore, you can go with a forum or review site, where you can find other customer’s reviews about them.

You can get a basic idea about that vendor if it is worth investing your money or not.

#2. Quality seeds

The obvious factor!

You are researching for only quality seeds. That should matter most to you.

Apart from that, you should not only consider the seed sources from where it is imported in the seed bank but also if the seed generating source is good or not.

That can help you in getting quality seeds with a high germinating rate that will enrich your weed garden!

#3. Other services

The best seed bank has always backed up with excellent customer service.

As this is due to customer’s problems. If they are facing any issue regarding their delivery of product or seed then they should help them immediately. That is a sign of great company.

However, there are also many factors such as discounts, offers, rewards, websites, payment options, and many more little things. I think those are adjustable and can be managed if the seed quality is better than them.

#4. Money factor

If you think that you’ll buy premium seeds then you’ll have a great garden then you may be wrong here.

As the premium quality seeds don’t pack in premium price box!

Here I mean that always go with such products which are genuinely good. (For confirmation of their genuineness, you can opt for forums and review sites as said earlier)

Don’t get trapped in high price products or even at huge discounts too!

That vendor may think to clear its older stock by giving you a 70% discount.

Be careful!

Each step of your weed seeds shopping directly affects your weed garden.

Choose a quality seed bank that may offer a good discount that may give you profit in the right way.

Here one thing more, I’ll share with you all is that if you found a reliable source of cannabis seed and found that they are a little pricy. Then you shouldn’t consider the price at that time. 

Because ultimately your goal is to get quality seeds instead of saving money.

So, these were some quick tricks to get the best seed bank that can actually help you grow better Marijuana plants.

Well, you are not 100% recommended following my tricks line by line. Obviously, you can adjust them as per your priorities and need.

Buy Marijuana Seeds in Australia

As a cannabis lover and enthusiast, I have always been looking for changes in the law for the usage, consumption, and possession of weed all around the world.

Well, in Australia, there’s a little twist for using cannabis!

I’ll discuss this in detail later but first, you should know that if you are residing there then you can have any type of cannabis seeds. 

Either it is about weed lover’s choice feminized or beginner’s choice regular and autoflowering. 

However, these were for those who want indoor and outdoor plantations of cannabis.

Well, it is legal or not, just be with me, I’ll tell you in just a few minutes!

Marijuana Legality in Australia

When it comes to weed consumption then you have to be a little careful as there are certain changes in the laws of consuming weed.

Smokers will be happy as they are relaxed with some limits.

We all know the psychoactive and other effects of weed, which are certainly harmful to the human body.

But, due to its healing quality too, the government has accepted its importance in human life, and therefore, it has been used in some medical treatments.

Cannabis has been successful in treating Insomnia. Even many other positive effects are shown in different diseases.

However, only due to their positive effect in the medical industry, low THC content marijuana is allowed.

Even that too in precautions and being under laws. However, the recreational use of cannabis is still illegal in many regions of Australia.

Well, if we see from the user side, then it is a quite good step too. People who are not physically that able to handle the effects of cannabis should avoid it. 

That is why the government has specified that only certain age groups will be allowed with cannabis products.

So, let’s check out in detail if you can use cannabis in Australia or not.

And if yes, then what will be the boundaries for that?

Marijuana Law in Australia

For Aussies, cannabis has been a topic to debate from the previous years!

I’ll not go down deeper into ancient history to bore you, I’ll just talk about some changes which happened in recent years and if they can help you in using cannabis or not.

So, let’s check them out:

As we all cannabis lovers know that to legalize cannabis throughout the world, many organizations have put much effort. 

And so does in Australia too!

Finally, their hard work paid off and on 24 Feb 2016, the Australian government legalized medicinal cannabis at the federal level.

However, the point to be considered here is that the recreational purpose of marijuana is still there to impress government!

Well, later on, 25 September 2019, ACT (Australia Capital Territory) has passed a bill for the possession and growth of small amounts of weed which conflicted with the federal laws, and therefore, at the federal level, it is illegal to possess or deal with weed and weed seeds for recreational use.

However, low THC hemp food for human consumption is legal in Australia even from 12 November 2017 by FSANZ (Food Standards Australia New Zealand).

Region-wise Marijuana Legality

The above discussion was at the federal level. However, the government has legalized Marijuana for medical purposes even before with given conditions. These conditions may vary accordingly to different states and regions.

In September 2019, the Australian Capital Territory became the first state or territory of Australia to legalize the recreational use of cannabis. Well, this is great news for cannabis lovers there.

Since 31 January 2020 residents have been allowed to grow two plants and possess 50 g, though no sales or other transfer is permitted. Federal law also remains enforceable in such regions.

Apart from that, recreational usage of Marijuana is decriminalized in Southern Australia and the Northern Territory of the country.

However, the government has decided on a specific age group that can deal with cannabis products in different provinces and regions.

The Australian residents of age above 18 years are legally allowed to deal with cannabis there. However, sharing the drug remains illegal.

Well, so this was about Australian legislation on Marijuana. However, as now you can buy seeds and possess a little amount of cannabis, therefore, it is now necessary to choose the right quality of marijuana seeds.

Bottom Line

Buying cannabis seeds in Australia is very easy if you follow the right guide.

Cops don’t affect you, therefore, you should know legislation there, which, I tried to tell you most about it. However, at this platform, we always want you safe and therefore, recommend you to check with the local authorities to be sure and updated with the rules of your region.

I hope this guide helped you in any way and I also expect you to share your growing story with me. I’ll love to read. You can share below in the comments. I’ll be waiting there.

If you have a suggestion or any update then too you can share it with me there.

Until next time, stay home, stay safe!

Happy Shopping, Aussies!

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