Buy Cannabis Seeds in Austria 2023

Cannabis laws in Austria are quite complex. 

However, you can be aware of the latest guidelines and rules that are in action to avoid the cops. 

Well, the country has been historically not that much active regarding marijuana legislation, however, those who are thinking to enjoy marijuana there must read this guide. 

As the current laws in Austria do not permit one to indulge in personal cannabis activities. Therefore, it might lead you to legal trouble, which you never want as a foreigner there. 


Buy Cannabis Seeds in Austria

Buy Cannabis Seeds in Austria

That’s why this ultimate guide is for you and it will make you an expert on the cannabis laws in Austria. Read along to know everything about marijuana in Austria country.

Let’s get started:

Is Weed Legal in Austria?

Well, no!

In short, the country has not legalized recreational marijuana in 2023, therefore, one cannot legally possess, buy, or share marijuana there. So, unfortunately, you cannot make a “marijuana trip” to the country. 

Apart from this, medical marijuana enthusiasts in the country have quite relaxed laws as medical cannabis remains legal. Although even for medicinal cannabis, there are certain guidelines, which we will be discussing later. 

Apart from this, many young people in Vienna will be found smoking weed even though there are strict regulations. That means cannabis in the country exists down the dark streets. 

Coming to the current scenario and legal guidelines by the Austrian Narcotics Act (Suchtmittelgesetz), marijuana is a psychotropic substance that can cause dependency and hence it remains illegal with other drugs. 

However, marijuana seeds are legal and even CBD is also legally permitted in the region to be accessed by the medically needy. 

Although small cannabis possession in the country has been decriminalized yet it leads to some monetary fines and even jail in certain cases. 

So, overall, in 2023, the Austrian government allows one to possess only medical cannabis or CBD legally while some amount of cannabis remains decriminalized. 

A Brief History of the Austria Country Regarding Cannabis

Austria has been a country where marijuana and hemp have been cultivated and used from ancient times. Although not going back to a long historic time, this country has started taking some major decisions since 1995 when the first time in the region, hemp cultivation was reintroduced after 37 years of non-existence. 

After hemp legalization, hemp has been thriving in different parts of the country. Around 70 hectares of hemp have been cultivated in the Hanfthal. The hemp was used for textiles, fabrics, and other essentials. 

Although after industrial hemp’s rise in the country, there have not been any further changes in the cannabis legislation until 2008. 

This time, Austria authorities introduced a bill allowing cannabis for cultivation for medical and scientific purposes. This law ultimately permitted the authorized cultivation of cannabis under the state’s Health Ministry. That means personal cannabis cultivation even for medical purposes will be still illegal. 

After medical legalization in the country, medical patients with certain medical symptoms were permitted to obtain cannabis medication after a physician’s prescription. 

Later on, medical cannabis legalization raised the demand for recreational consideration as well, though it couldn’t legalize it. 

The popularity of cannabis in Austria can be observed by the data that around 20% of Austrians have used marijuana at least once in their lifetime. While 12.5% of them use it regularly or occasionally. While the surprise is that, the average age of Austrian by which they have started using cannabis is 15. 

Therefore, you can get the idea that cannabis has been in the country from a very earlier time and even people were also into using it. 

However, since 2016, marijuana possession has been decriminalized in the country and therefore, personal marijuana possession will not lead to a criminal offense while the offender can definitely be punished by putting a fine and imprisonment depending upon the case. 

Apart from this, CBD was legal in Austria to be purchased and sold up to 2018 while the government revised the law and banned it to be used in edible products. While it can still be used as an aromatherapy product. 

Therefore, ultimately, in 2023, Austrian law does not permit the personal use of cannabis at all. Though it has been decriminalized the offenders will be led to a monetary fine. Some cases can even lead to imprisonment. 

So, overall, medical marijuana laws are quite relaxed in the country and that’s why medical patients in the region can get benefit from the same. 

Current Laws in Action in Austria

Although the historic journey of marijuana laws has been quite changing. You must have to be aware of the additional guidelines that the authorities have imposed in the region. 

  1. Driving under the influence of cannabis is illegal in Austria and depending upon the case, the offender can be fined or even a driving license can be suspended for some period. 
  2. Sharing marijuana to minors in Austria is a heavy offense that is as punishable as other marijuana offenses. 
  3. After medical legalization, medical patients need registered physician’s prescriptions to process further for cannabis access in the country. 
  4. Marijuana seeds in the country are legal and can be legally purchased. Though the cultivation of marijuana for any purpose remains illegal. 
  5. Hemp cultivation is permitted and the plants can also be legally purchased as decorative plants. However, for any other purpose, hemp or marijuana remains illegal. Considering this scenario in the region, Toni Straka of the Hemp Institute in Austria said, “We have a strange legal situation. Consumption of a [cannabis] joint is forbidden, but the selling of the hemp plant as a room air quality improver or a decorative plant is allowed.” Even the estimates that 300,000 seedlings are sold in Austria each month.

So, summing up the current situation in Austria regarding marijuana is quite complex. Therefore, you are recommended to do follow the guidelines and rules of the authorities as a foreigner or even as a resident of the country. 

Possession, Cultivation, and Consumption


Recreational marijuana possession in Austria country has been decriminalized since 2016. Possession of any drug can lead the offender to up to six months of imprisonment. 

While the possession of cannabis exceeding the “personal usage limit” will be punished by a maximum of one-year imprisonment. 

Apart from this, if the case is intense and seized amount is intended to sell, or if a minor is involved then this imprisonment can even go up to three years. 


Cultivation of cannabis for recreational purposes in Austria remains illegal. Although 2008’s Narcotic Substances Act permitted the cultivation of cannabis for scientific and medical preparations. 

Although this law also permitted personal cultivation of cannabis with a limited THC content of 0.3%. That means one can grow cannabis plants till the flowering period as till this point, THC level remains under the given level. So, practically, it is likely that you cannot grow marijuana plants for smoking or any other purpose. 


Consumption of marijuana or any other drug substance while driving a motor vehicle is illegal and can lead to a monetary fine and suspension of driving license. 

Although medical patients with permission to access medical cannabis can consume marijuana medication in their private space only. 

Medical marijuana in Austria

Medical marijuana in Austria got legalized in the year 2008 and since then, medical patients in the country were permitted to access cannabis medication after an authorized physician’s prescription. 

This made the cannabis products Dronabinol, Sativex, and Nabilone available to medical patients legally. Also, initially, accepted medical symptoms for the cannabis treatment were MS, AIDS, cancer, or disease of the nervous system. 

However, the situation of medical marijuana in Austria is not that good. As medical patients have to put a lot of effort into accessing cannabis medication. First of all, getting a registered physician with familiarity with cannabis medication is quite challenging. While later on, getting prescribed cannabis treatment requires some time. 

After all the process gets done, accessing available cannabis products is quite costly. 

So, the import and availability of cannabis medication have been made by the country’s authorities while making it available to the patients easily is yet to be done in the region. 

Comparing to the other developed countries where medical cannabis has been legalized completely and patients are permitted to access medical marijuana without any hassle process or extra load on their pocket, Austria needs to improve its medical marijuana programs. 

How to buy cannabis seeds in Austria?

Buying marijuana seeds in Austria is legal as of the laws and even cultivation within regulated ways and for scientific and medical purposes is also permitted. Therefore, legally the authorities cannot disturb one to possess or buy marijuana seeds in the region. 

Yet cannabis cultivation for smoking or other recreational purpose remains illegal. Therefore, make sure that you are aware of the regional or local laws before indulging in any cannabis activities. 

However, the main thing comes that where to buy the best cannabis seeds in Austria as there is no legal issue for possessing and buying cannabis seeds. 

Well, the country has not legalized recreational marijuana and has a very new cannabis market in the region. Therefore, getting a physical store that can give you the best quality cannabis seeds is quite tough. Also, these stores might not able to give you coverage of popular cannabis strains. 

This is where online cannabis seed banks come into play!

Online seed stores have a wide seed selection, giving you access to choose from a wide variety. Additionally, these seed stores give you multiple services. 

Therefore, you can buy high-quality cannabis seeds in Austria through online seed banks. 

Here are 2023’s top seed banks:

3 Best Seed Banks that directly ship to Austria

1. Crop King Seeds

cropking seed bank

Crop King Seeds has been worldwide popular for its wide cannabis seed selection. It has almost every marijuana strain that you might look for. Additionally, the quality of marijuana seeds is premium and even the price range is quite affordable. 

That is why it is one of the popular seed stores. 

Customer support is excellent and gives 24/7 live chat support at the website. Interface and accessibility to the different sections on the website are quite easy and impressive. Regular offers and deals will be there. 

Check out the Crop King Seeds website here!

MSNL Seed Bank website is a UK-based company that sells only high-quality marijuana seeds. MSNL ships worldwide and therefore, it is one of the top cannabis seed banks around the globe. 

Large seed selection in different varieties and categories is available at MSNL. It imports marijuana seeds from the world’s best breeders. The website is informative and interactive while multiple payment options are available to place the order. MSNL bank got positive users to review on SeedFinder you should definitely check out!

MSNL has a huge market reputation and even has very positive reviews at different forums. 

Check out the website here!

Seedsman is another best cannabis seed store that ships to Austria and even other locations as well. It has a large stock of popular cannabis strains while all of them are premium and produces beautiful buds in the garden. 

Customer support by the Seedsman is excellent and the company helps its buyers in case of need. 

Seedsman ships worldwide in a private manner as it respects its buyer’s privacy. Additionally, it gives you multiple options while paying, so that you can conveniently pay at the store. You can also get some discounts on bitcoin

Regular price-offs are there on Beginner-friendly marijuana strains or pro grower’s favorite strains, you are 100% sure to find something special for yourself here. 

Overall, these marijuana seed banks are the world’s best seed banks, which have quality marijuana seeds, reasonable prices, quick shipment, and regular offers. Now, it is your turn to show your skills!

Seedsman seed bank has a 4-star users rating on Trustpilot!

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How to Choose the Best Cannabis Seed Bank

Buying online cannabis seeds is not tough when you have the right source. 

However, searching out the right source or right seed bank is tricky. 

As you might have many options in front of you while searching out for the same. Choosing the best among them is quite difficult. Even this becomes tougher when you are new to the online cannabis market. 

However, now, doesn’t matter whether you are a new buyer or an expert shopper, this basic yet professional guide will help you to choose the right source for yourself. 

  • Quality 

Quality is the priority. 

While choosing any cannabis seed bank this is the most basic thing that you have to keep in mind. Doesn’t matter how fancy the website is or how many promises the company makes, make that seed bank yours only if it is providing you quality cannabis seeds for your price. 

As your hard-earned should be worth the investment. 

Apart from this, many seed banks try to impress by having thousands of strains in stock. However, it is recommended that you must prefer quality over quantity no matter how much the quantity is available at the virtual store. 

  • Market image

Market reputation is now everything!

Whether a seed bank is legit or not it can be closely predicted through online reviews on different forums or websites. In other words, the market image of the seed bank gives you a deep insight into the quality of services and products. 

Obviously, the good the market reputation the more it is trustworthy. In the case of seed banks, Trustpilot and some other sources are there which can give you some idea about the company’s market reputation. 

  • Customer support

This is the most important point that you need to look for fulfillment in an online cannabis seed bank. As you might be ordering from an international company and somehow, if you need help regarding your order or seeds then you have only option to contact the company. Now, imagine if the company has terrible customer service then there is no chance that you can get early help. 

In contrast, if the online store has a quick customer support staff then there is more likely to get helped and your query solved by the company. 

Therefore, while deciding which cannabis seed store is best for you, choose a company that gives the best customer support. Especially when you are buying far from home. 

So, these are some basic yet important tips that will help you in choosing the best cannabis seed store for yourself. Sometimes, we even ignore or are misguided by the flashing websites or attractive appearance. However, once a seed store fulfills these requirements, you will have your best cannabis seed store. 


Till here, you are now aware of the cannabis laws in Austria and also that how you can buy marijuana seeds in the country. Although still, Austria didn’t have legalized recreational marijuana and people have to stay under the laws. 

Apart from this, medical marijuana enthusiasts have quite relaxed guidelines. Somehow, if the authorities positively change the cannabis legislation in the upcoming time then it will be a huge opportunity for the weed enthusiasts there. 

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