Buy Cannabis Seeds in Belgium 2023

When it comes to buying cannabis seeds in Belgium then there are many things to consider before we head to the cannabis seed store. 

As cannabis laws in Belgium have been quite complex. 

Although if you will dig out the history of the country then you might find a rich history of the Belgian people who were very better aware of cannabis and hemp. People used to cultivate it even on a large scale. 

Well, coming to this day, Belgium has one of the restricted cannabis laws where one can not publicly get hands-on cannabis products, legally. 

Buy Cannabis Seeds in Belgium

Buy Cannabis Seeds in Belgium

To make it easier for the people who are planning a trip there or for the people residing within the country, this guide will help you the most. 

Either it is about buying cannabis seeds there or getting marijuana products, read along to know everything about cannabis in Belgium.

Is Weed Legal in Belgium?

In short, no!

In detail, read to know!

Belgium has illegalized recreational marijuana in its region. 

Well, that doesn’t mean cannabis doesn’t exist there. In fact, cannabis is a widely popular controlled substance in the country. 

Medical marijuana is somewhat legal to some extent and therefore, medical patients in the country can access some marijuana derivatives. Although recreational users do not have relaxing laws. 

While possession of up to 3 grams of marijuana as of adult age (18 years or above) is decriminalized in the country from 2003. Since then, there was no further relaxation in the recreational marijuana laws. 

Additionally, the lawmakers have also permitted the cultivation of up to one single plant for personal requirements. Although there are some guidelines that one needs to follow, which we will discuss in detail, later. 

Despite the strict regulations of cannabis in Belgium, people of the country usually indulge in cannabis activities through cannabis clubs that are active there. Apart from this, there are some grey areas as well, which makes cannabis exist in the country, somehow.

As said before, Belgium has a rich marijuana history and historically it has taken some major steps regarding cannabis in the country. Let’s have a look at the journey of Belgian people and how do they use cannabis.

A Brief History of Cannabis in Belgium

Marijuana has a quite rich history concerning weed cultivation and marijuana production. Belgium people were already aware of marijuana cultivation and its usage in different aspects. However, starting era of the 20th century was not good for marijuana’s existence in the country. 

During the 1920s, there was a trend to prohibit drug substances in different countries including marijuana. Some countries including the USA were the leading regions for prohibiting marijuana usage at that time. 

It was the time when the Belgium government was criminalizing marijuana and other drugs. Although up to the end of the century, the government reformed the laws accordingly to requirements but didn’t make any positive change for marijuana enthusiasts. 

Ultimately, in the year 2003, a major decision came into effect which decriminalized the possession of marijuana up to 3 grams for adult individuals. Well, in the same year, cannabis cultivation for personal usage was permitted with a limitation of up to one plant per adult.

Before that decision, the majority of the cannabis consumption made in the country was the result of foreign importation. However, after allowing cultivation in the region, there was an agricultural shift seen in the country. Also, there was a rapid decline in the importation of foreign cannabis plants. 

Later on, in 2015, a certain use of medical cannabis was allowed and it was the first time that there was a positive change in cannabis legislation for medical patients. Although only Sativex was permitted initially for multiple sclerosis. 

Even though in 2023, cannabis is not be completely legalized in Belgium, however, considering the demand, there have been positive signs from some government parties to resubmit the legalization of cannabis nationwide. 

Overall, the historic journey of cannabis in Belgium country has been quite tough as the lawmakers imposed strict guidelines initially. Although this couldn’t completely vanish marijuana from there and the ultimate result in 2023 is that you can somehow access marijuana to some extent. 

Current Laws in Action in Belgium

Despite Belgium’s regular updates in cannabis legislation, in 2023, you have to keep some guidelines and rules in mind while going anywhere in the country. 

  1. Sharing marijuana with minors in Belgium is illegal and it can lead to heavy trouble. Monetary fines and imprisonment can be punishments depending upon the severity of the crime. 
  2. Driving under the influence of cannabis or any drug remains prohibited in Belgium. Anyone caught doing so can lead the offender to legal trouble. 
  3. As cannabis cultivation is permitted for up to one single plant in the region, therefore, individuals can get cannabis seeds to grow only one plant per adult user. 
  4. Although recreational cannabis remains illegal, possession of a small amount of cannabis up to 3 grams is decriminalized and tolerable until it is made in a private space. 
  5. Medical cannabis is allowed to some extent and some cannabis derivatives such as Sativex are permitted to be prescribed by physicians. 
  6. Cannabis possession or consumption made near the school or places where children are involved can lead to up to one year of imprisonment with a monetary fine as well.
  7. Medical patients are also permitted to grow their own cannabis plants as of the rule under legislation updated from July 1, 2019. 

Possession, Cultivation, and Consumption


Possession of more than 3g of cannabis anywhere in the country is illegal. It can lead one as a drug trafficker and further to huge legal trouble. Although below the limit is tolerable in the country, however, the possession must be in a private space. 

Apart from this, possession or before indulging in any cannabis activity, one must have to be 18 years old or above. 


Cultivating cannabis plants at a large scale is totally illegal and hence it is prohibited. However, for personal use, the lawmakers have permitted to grow up to one single plant per household. The cultivation should be made into private homes and should not expose to the public area. 

Yet cannabis cultivation for selling or distribution remains illegal. 


Consumption of cannabis either for recreational purposes or medical is tolerated within the limits. Medical patients can access various cannabis derivative medications while recreational users can only have 3g of cannabis stuff for consumption in the home. 

Consumption made near the school, public places, or public gatherings where children are involved, is a highly punishable offense. 

So, overall, Belgium country has very strict guidelines for marijuana although it is not legalized the residents can access some limits by staying under the laws. 

Medical Marijuana in Belgium 

Medical marijuana was legalized in Belgium in the year 2015 when Maggie De Block signed a royal decree allowing certain uses of medical cannabis. Though only one cannabis product was available at that time and it was Sativex. 

However, before accessing even limited cannabis products, one needs to get a prescription from an authorized physician. 

Apart from this, as the medical patients are permitted to grow their own cannabis plants for their requirement, therefore, most of the patients opt for growing their own cannabis stuff as it is not easy to access cannabis medication from the region. 

Additionally, only Sativex and CBD powder is permitted to be prescribed by the authority. Although those cannabis medications which involve THC, are strictly prohibited in the country. 

As the county didn’t have legalized even medical marijuana completely, therefore, it becomes quite tough for patients to access cannabis medication. In addition to this, there is no cannabis business throughout the different locations which can make cannabis available to the needy ones. 

This is where cultivating cannabis plants on your own comes into play!

Well, another bad news is that, for all of those cultivators who plan to cultivate their own cannabis plants in Belgium, there are very few options available for getting high-quality cannabis seeds. 

Therefore, let’s find out where you can get high-quality marijuana seeds in Belgium.

How to Get High-quality Marijuana Seeds in Belgium?

As said before, Belgium has very few options available for cultivators, as in whole cannabis is still an illegal substance in the country. Therefore, it is not easy to get hands-on cannabis seeds there. 

Well, lawmakers have permitted medical patients to cultivate their own cannabis plants within certain limits, therefore, marijuana growers in the country can rely on other sources. 

This is where online cannabis seed banks are the best options!

In contrary to physical stores, online seed banks provide a wide cannabis seed selection along with multiple varieties. Buying cannabis seeds in bulk gives you the lowest price at some online seed stores. Additionally, regular offers and discounts give you access to the premium range of seeds at a very affordable price range. 

So, in a nutshell, you can get high-quality cannabis seeds in Belgium through online cannabis seed banks. 

Seed Banks That Ship to Belgium


MSNL Seed Bank website

Our very first recommended seed bank is MSNL or It is a UK-based cannabis seed store, which covers almost every cannabis seed strain in its stock. MSNL has auto-flowering, feminized, high-yielding, regular, fast strains, indoor, outdoor, and almost everything that a grower can expect from an ideal store. 

Multiple payment options are there to place an order. While the company delivers seeds in a very discreet manner. Worldwide shipping is available at a very reasonable price. Additionally, you get a guaranteed delivery option as well.

Overall, this is the best option to buy cannabis seeds in Belgium. 

MSNL seed bank has an overall 5-point user rating on SeedFinder.

Official Website:

2. Crop King Seeds

cropking seed bank

Crop King Seeds is a worldwide popular cannabis seed store that sells only premium quality cannabis seeds. 

It stocks a popular range of cannabis strains at a very affordable price. Customer service at CKS is excellent and 24/7 online chat support is available. Crop King Seeds gives you regular offers and seasonal sales under which you can get their premium range of seeds at a very low price. 

CKS seeds come with an 80% germination guarantee and if 8 out of 10 seeds do not come out of the soil, the company will replace those seeds. 

Therefore, you can be 100% sure about the cannabis seeds’ quality at CKS. To place an order, you will be having multiple options including bitcoin. 

Overall, CKS is best for all-type growers. Whether you are a beginner or a pro cultivator, you are sure to find something special for yourself. 

Official Website:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you sell cannabis in Belgium?

No! It is illegal to sell cannabis in Belgium. An individual caught doing so might face imprisonment or a monetary fine. 

Can you grow cannabis plants in Belgium?

The current law states that you can grow only one plant in your home. Even many people in the country opt for growing their own cannabis plant due to the lack of availability of other options in their region. 

Is CBD legal in Belgium?

No! currently, the law doesn’t permit anyone to sell or buy CBD oil in the country. 

Can I grow hemp in the country?

Under the EU Regulation 1307 / 2013, you can grow hemp for industrial purposes. Although this may require permission from the authorities. 

What is the penalty for cannabis-related offenses?

There are punishments accordingly to the severity of the offense. Imprisonment of up to one year and a monetary fine of up to 800,000 Euros is for those who are found guilty of using marijuana in schools or in such a place where children are involved. Similarly, there are other penalties. 

Buy Cannabis Seeds in Belgium: Final Words

Belgium has been a country where marijuana demand is quite rich. Even historically it has been found that people usually want to legalize cannabis as they often indulge in cannabis activities.

Though considering the current scenario in the country, only limited cannabis usage is permitted.

However, if the people demand its complete legalization putting some pressure on the lawmakers then definitely the lawmakers might decide something positive for the marijuana enthusiasts.  

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