10 Best Hybrid Strains in 2023 [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

In the weed world, people mainly think there are two main strains – Indica and Sativa

Well, that’s not the complete truth. 

Yes, ruderalis are also there in the existence but another strain type that is quite popular and common among weeders is the hybrid strain. 

There is no surprise that in the market there is rarely available 100% Sativa or Indica strain. As most of us are smoking hybrids. 

And to be honest, many popular weed strains in the market are the only form of hybrid strain. So, let’s find out what are the best hybrid strains out there right now. 

What is a hybrid strain?

As the name suggests, a hybrid strain is the combination of both Indica and Sativa strains which is ideally developed by the growers to achieve a “perfect” weed strain. 

Therefore, in a hybrid strain, you will be able to get the benefits of both ‘the worlds.’ 

With a hybrid marijuana strain, you will get different effects with a different strain, unlike the specific pure Indica or Sativa strain which are usually known for their specific effects. 

10 Best hybrid strains 

10 Best Hybrid Strains

Here is our list of the top 10 best hybrid strains of the year 2023. 

1. OG Kushpotent hybrid strain

One of the legendary marijuana strains in today’s weed world. 

This potent weed strain has been in the world of marijuana for more than two decades from the 1990s. Though it is not known which genetics created OG Kush or Original Kush, it is well-known that how potent this best hybrid strain is!

Even you might observe many powerful weed strains in the market are cross of OG Kush. 

Ideally, this strain is for experienced smokers out there, because the hit of euphoria that this hybrid strain gives might not be tolerable by the beginner smoker. 

Because the effects of OG Kush are intense euphoria with long-lasting skunky, citrusy flavor and aroma. 


  1. Potent weed strain. 
  2. Up to 26% THC concentration. 
  3. Easy to grow strain. 
  4. Ideal for experienced smokers. 
  5. Satisfying yield.

If you are planning to grow OG Kush indoors or outdoors, then there will be no issue as this strain can grow in most of the growing conditions. Additionally, this potent hybrid strain also rewards you with a decent yield, which means you can smoke a few more days if you opt for growing OG Kush.

Overall, OG Kush is a perfect hybrid strain to take your weeding journey next level. 

2. White Widowpopular hybrid strain

The cross of South American Sativa and a South Indian Indica resulted in White Widow. And, in today’s weed world, every weed enthusiast will be aware of this amazing weed strain. 

Like OG Kush, White Widow also possesses up to 25% THC concentration in its buds and delivers a smooth and potent high. While the ultimate effect of the strain will be deep relaxation. 

Even White Widow is capable to help treat some medical symptoms as well such as PTSD, anxiety, and depression. 

With an average flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks, White Widow can deliver up to 18 ounces of bud per square meter yield. 


  1. Up to 25% THC.
  2. Medical benefits. 
  3. Better yield. 
  4. Pleasant effects. 
  5. Potent strain. 

White Widow is another powerful hybrid strain that is capable to make you fly really high. Thanks to its potency and unique effects. Moreover, as a grower, you will find this strain a better option because it delivers high-quality buds in less time. 

Overall, it’s one of the best hybrid marijuana strains in the market right now after OG Kush!

3. AK-47known for potency 

AK-47 is another powerful but smooth strain for smokers. 

It is a hybrid of Afghani Indica and South American Sativa. Like previous two-hybrid strains, Ak-47 is also believed to have come into the weed world from the 1990s. 

With up to 20% THC hit, Ak-47 will surely make you feel the highness of it. Though the effects are mood-boosting and then complete relaxation of the body. That is why this best hybrid strain is also used as a stress-buster marijuana strain. 

Apart from this, after smoking Ak-47, you can experience a flavor of earthiness with a hint of sugar. Coming to the medical benefits, then it is found to help treat stress, anxiety, chronic pain, and lack of appetite. 

Although to grow Ak-47 indoors you need to make sure you provide the right environmental conditions. This hybrid weed strain is sensitive to mold and rotting. Therefore, don’t take chance on environmental conditions while growing Ak-47. 


  1. Award-winning strain. 
  2. Huge yield. 
  3. Uplifting and relaxing effects. 
  4. Medical benefits. 
  5. Potent buds. 

If you are stepping into the marijuana world then growing Ak-47 can help you achieve a better experience. This hybrid strain is powerful and possesses ultimate genetics which can make you experience the highness deeply. 

4. Blue Dreamknown for uniqueness

Many of the weeders might already know this name!

Blue Dream is one of the most popular and favorite hybrid strains in the United States. This is due to its unique strain qualities and taste. 

This popular hybrid strain is originated from California and a perfect blend of Super Silver Haze and Blueberry Indica. Moreover, this strain is capable to be grown in both indoor and outdoor conditions. Therefore, for any weed grower, Blue Dream is an easy strain to get the most out of it. 

THC concentration in this strain ranges up to 21% and hence, it is capable to deliver a perfect daytime high. Through its unique aroma and taste of blueberry scent and a hint of sweetness makes it a more unique hybrid strain, which you must try out this time. 


  1. Unique flavor and taste.
  2. Ideal for indoor and outdoor cultivation. 
  3. Popular hybrid strain.

Overall, Blue Dream is a perfect hybrid for any weed enthusiast. As it possesses a balanced level of THC, unique flavor, and taste which is ideal quality in any hybrid marijuana strain for smokers out there. 

Although when this strain is grown outdoors then it can attract parasites. Therefore, you need to take care of this hybrid strain while cultivating outside of the home. 

5. Sour Diesel potent hybrid strain with higher yield

If you are looking for the best hybrid strain that can yield more so that you can enjoy weed for a few more days, then Sour Diesel is made for you!

As it yields better in most of the growing conditions. 

However, the flowering period goes up to 10 weeks, but, surely, you will be impressed with the amazing harvest. Ideal for indoor growers, Sour Diesel is prone to powdery mildew when grown outdoors. 

This hybrid strain contains up to 20% THC concentration which perfectly delivers a psychedelic high in no time.  

And, also, Sour Diesel is a perfect choice for your weekend smoke sessions as well because it relieves stress and anxiety. Therefore, this strain can help you relax completely and start the next week more energetically. 

Coming to the taste then this hybrid strain tastes like lemon, herby, and earthy genetic while the aroma is quite like diesel. 


  1. Ideal for indoor growers. 
  2. Up to 20% THC. 
  3. Unique aroma and taste. 
  4. Higher yield. 
  5. Stress and anxiety buster. 

With multiple medical benefits, the Sour Diesel hybrid strain possesses balanced THC content as well as a unique aroma and taste, which makes it an even better hybrid strain to try out. 

6. Jack Hererbest hybrid strain for medical patients

Named after one of the famous marijuana activists, Jack Herer is the hybrid strain that has a perfect 80% Sativa and 20% Indica blend. 

Although this is a hybrid marijuana strain due to Sativa dominance, you will be able to get more cerebral effects and medicinal benefits out of it. 

The effects of the strain are mainly happy, relaxing, and buzzy. Thanks to up to 20% THC. Moreover, the effects of the strain are helpful in mild cases of anxiety as well. Hence, Jack Herer has medical benefits too. 

For the growers out there, Jack Herer is an ideal strain to start cultivation. This hybrid strain can be ready for harvest within 8 weeks. Though it can extend to up to 10 weeks depending upon how much you care!

And, within a few weeks be ready to harvest an amazing yield that will impress you completely. 


  • Strong marijuana strain. 
  • Fast strain to cultivate. 
  • High THC. 
  • Medicinal effects. 
  • High disease resistance.

Jack Herer is the marijuana strain that mostly attracts the medical patients out there. As the Sativa dominance in this hybrid creates more medicinal benefits. So, overall, the genetics in Jack Herer is ideal for any grower or smoker to start their weed journey with. 

7. Gorilla Gluepowerful strain from many years

For those weed enthusiasts, who want a perfect 50:50 hybrid of Indica and Sativa then Gorilla Glue is an ideal option. This is one of the potent hybrid strains ever with sky levels of THC. 

Gorilla Glue is known for its overwhelming effects with high THC cannabinoids. While the yield of this hybrid strain is decent. So, this means you get a complete package of ideal hybrid marijuana strains. 

Apart from this, Gorilla Glue possesses an earthy smell and unique flavor. So, while smoking you might have a mouth-watering experience. Moreover, while gardening, you have to wait for up to nine weeks to get an impressive yield. 

Overall, Gorilla Glue is among the names of highly potent and overwhelming marijuana strains which smokers try out to enhance their adventure level. 


  • High THC up to 26%.
  • Unique aroma and taste. 
  • Potent strain. 
  • Overwhelming effects. 
  • A perfect blend of Indica and Sativa. 

If you are looking for a hybrid strain that is highly potent as well as has perfect genetics to give you an amazing experience, then Gorilla Glue is something that you must try out. Even doesn’t matter you grow it indoors or outdoors, you can expect a heavy and impressive yield in a short time.  

8. Skunk #1 best hybrid strain for beginners

A cross of Afghani, Acapulco Gold and Colombian Gold is the parent genetics of Skunk #1. This powerful and popular hybrid strain contains up to 16% THC, which is perfect for new smokers to step into the weed world. 

Skunk #1 was introduced during the 1970s and even in 2023, it is quite popular and always in demand. Moreover, nowadays there are varieties of different hybrid strains from Skunk #1 are available in the market today. 

With a moderate level of THC, this hybrid strain will make you feel high and energetic throughout the day. The elevated creativity and high buzz will ultimately reduce stress and anxiety. While it is also found helpful in gaining appetite.

Flavor and aroma are like skunk, pine, and pungent flavored. So, you will also have a better and unique taste with it.  


  1. Ideal for beginner smokers. 
  2. Uplifting effects. 
  3. Grows indoors and outdoors easily. 

For beginner smokers out there, Skunk #1 is the ideal strain as it contains a balanced level of THC and genetics which will not make them overwhelmed or couch-locked. Even more, it is an easy strain to grow in different growing conditions. 

9. GSC or Girl Scout Cookiesoverall best hybrid strain

Formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies but now as GSC, this hybrid strain is a powerful cross of OG Kush and Durban Poison. Featuring similar effects to OG Kush, GSC induces long-lasting cerebral high with its intense THC levels

Irrespective of the THC content in it, GSC can easily overwhelm its users with euphoria. Therefore, it is recommended to start with little doses of GSC. 

Moreover, GSC also features some medicinal benefits in which it helps treat chronic pain, nausea, and appetite loss as well. Therefore, it can also be used as a medical hybrid strain. 

Although the flavor and aroma are like dessert with hints of mint, sweet cherry, and lemon too. 

Growers can easily make this strain ready for harvest under 10 weeks maximum. 

Overall, GSC is a perfect combination of the powerful genetics and perfect effects that you will love to smoke. 


  1. Up to 19% THC.
  2. Medical benefits. 
  3. 10 weeks flowering time. 
  4. Powerful effects. 
  5. Sweet with happy aroma and taste. 

Summing up the features of GSC then it is a great hybrid strain to start exploring the weed world. Additionally, the medical benefits of the strain help the medical patients to get the most out of this strain. 

10. Wedding Cakebest for trying something new

Wedding cake is a powerful Indica-hybrid strain that is developed by crossing Triangle Kush and Animal Mints. The unique tangy flavor of the strain is more likely to attract smokers as it delivers a mouth-watering taste with a hard hit of euphoria. 

Nowadays almost every hybrid strain has any of the medical benefits and so does weeding cake. It can help relieve the symptoms of pain, insomnia, and loss of appetite. Known as pink cookies in Canada, Weeding Cake is a worldwide popular strain that is best for beginner smokers to start something unique and powerful. 

With sweet, earthy, and vanilla taste and aroma, you can enjoy this strain from any popular online or offline store. 


  1. Popular hybrid strain. 
  2. Possesses up to 22% THC. 
  3. Ideal for all weeders. 
  4. Gives a unique taste and aroma. 
  5. Overwhelming effects. 

If you are in search of the overall best hybrid strain, then Wedding Cake is best for you. From possessing intense THC levels to providing an amazing experience with unique flavor and taste, it has got you all!

Best Hybrid Strains: Final words

Even after this list, still, many hybrid strains in the market are known for their unique quality. However, we have listed only the popular and recommended ones by smokers, growers around the world. 

Hopefully, now you can easily decide which is the best hybrid marijuana strain that is perfect for you. 

Happy Buying!

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