Best Online Dispensary Canada – Top 10 list

When it comes to buying cannabis in Canada, you must get hundreds of the best online dispensaries in front of you.

However, apart from recreational users, medical weed enthusiasts must need the right source from where they can get the best medical weed for themselves. 

This is where the best online dispensary in Canada comes into play!

Although there are many online cannabis dispensaries are available in Canada, we will be sharing the top recommendation from other weeders and medicinal weed users. 

Therefore, either you are a recreational user or a medical weed enthusiast, you are sure to find a dispensary best for yourself here!

So, let’s get started:


Best Online Dispensary Canada

Best Online Dispensary Canada

Here is the top-picked best online dispensary in Canada. Let’s dig out deep and find out which one is the best for you:

BC Bud Supply

When it comes to buying weed online in Canada then BC Bud Supply is the company that you can rely on. Thanks to their top-notch and instant services. 

BC Bud Supply deals with only high-quality farmers in British Columbia and stocks only a premium range of products. Additionally, you will find the price range quite affordable. 

Along with a wide stock of marijuana stuff, BC Bud Supply has one of the best quality marijuana strains. As they work with only professional farmers, therefore, you are sure to find the purest form of weed strains here. 

Apart from this, BC Bud Supply’s website is very impressive. They have categorized their stock in a very easy manner so that you can find instantly what you are looking for. All the information is given on the virtual store and the product range with specific categories is what we find the best. 

Either it is about edible, buds, vapes, or bulk products, you can directly head to your required category. One thing that attracts us the most is their price range. As even a beginner marijuana enthusiast can get hands-on BC Bud’s premium products without putting much pressure on the budget. 

Placing orders at BC Bud Supply is quite easy and safe. Thanks to the multiple and convenient payment methods. Interac-e-transfer, bitcoin, and other payment options are there along with SSL security to make you place the order before getting out of stock. 

Overall, BC Bud Supply has been a quite popular choice for marijuana enthusiasts, which is very right due to the quality of products and services at this online Canadian dispensary. Check out people’s responses to BC bud supply on Reddit.


  1. Premium marijuana products.
  2. Affordable price.
  3. Instant services.
  4. Multiple payment options. 
  5. Extensive menu.
  6. Ease of ordering.
  7. Reward program.


  1. Limited stock of weed in the Bulk category. 

Visit BC Bud Supply Store here!

Canna Lyft

Canna Lyft is one of the best online cannabis vendors in the country. Canna Lyft is an ideal store for all of your marijuana requirements. Here is why:

Canna Lyft has only the best stock of marijuana edibles, strains, concentrates, and much more. They offer you same-day shipping in Vancouver as well. Either it is about Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, or something else, Canna Lyft has got you all. 

As this online Canadian dispensary aims to provide high-quality marijuana products to and everyone out there in the country, therefore, the price range at the online store is very affordable. Either you are a new weed enthusiast or pro vaper, you are sure to find something special and affordable for yourself here. 

The company gives regular discounts and offers at their store. As at your first order you can instantly get 10% off. Additionally, Canna Lyft has also referring reward programs under which you can earn money as well. 

Shopping at is quite easy. Thanks to the professionally designed website. Each marijuana product is categorized specifically, which makes you find your required product easily. One thing that attracted us the most to their website is their ‘mood-based categories. 

In that, you can find marijuana products based upon the specific mental state. Isn’t that amazing? Well, yeah! This is why Canna Lyft is one of the most loved online dispensaries in Canada. Also, it has 4.5 user ratings on Trustpilot out of 5!

Overall, at Canna Lyft multiple varieties, amazing quality, and ideal price range are available. Therefore, this is one of the best online dispensaries in Canada that you can find in 2023. 


  1. Only best quality marijuana products. 
  2. Instant shipping. 
  3. Fast customer support. 
  4. Attractive website. 
  5. Discreet packaging ensured privacy. 
  6. Convenient filters to filter out your required product. 
  7. Free shipping over $125.
  8. Get 10% off on your first purchase. 


  1. Limited payment options.
  2. Minimum order $75.

Visit Canna Lyft here!

West Coast Cannabis

Established in Vancouver, BC, West Coast Cannabis is the online dispensary that you might be waiting for this long. As there are several reasons for that. Apart from the quality of weed seeds and other products, one of the major reasons is their huge market reputation. 

Throughout Canada, West Coast Cannabis is known for selling premium marijuana products at a very low price. They provide a wide selection of marijuana strains for the majority of medical symptoms. Concentrates, CBD, oil, vape, edibles, topicals, and much more marijuana substances are waiting for you!

Apart from this, the company believes in providing quality services to each of the marijuana enthusiasts out there, hence, you will be finding a very affordable price range on the website. Additionally, you can get 20% off on the entire product range of the store. 

As West Coast Cannabis delivers products throughout the country, therefore, you can get your order instantly. They deliver discreetly to ensure the buyer’s privacy, while the delivery time is quite fast. Though remote locations might take some time. 

Considering the website then it is quite engaging. There are no pop-ups to irritate while scrolling down the website, which we loved the most. Additionally, all cannabis products are categorized well to access easily. In short, navigation is easy and the latest offers available on the site make you engaged for a long time. 

Summing up the features of West Coast Cannabis then it comes as one of the most trustworthy mail order marijuana dispensaries in Canada. As it provides services across the nation, therefore, you can get benefits from this store being anywhere in the country. 


  1. One of the most reputed dispensaries. 
  2. A wide selection of cannabis products. 
  3. Premium quality. 
  4. Affordable price. 
  5. Regular offers. Get 20% off on the entire store.
  6. Fast and discreet delivery. 
  7. Free shipping over $150. 
  8. Weekly sales are available. 


  1. A few reviews on Trustpilot. 

Visit West Coast Cannabis here!

Speed Greens

Buying weed online in CA is somewhat easier, however, getting high-quality marijuana products is tough. It is because of the availability of multiple sources. 

Well, if you visit Speed Greens then no doubt your all issues will be solved. Thanks to the premium marijuana products available at Speed Greens. Either it is about AAAA marijuana strains or anything related to weed, you are sure to find something special for yourself here. 

As this shop is dedicated to marijuana lovers, therefore, you are sure to get one of the best customer services here. Speed Green’s #1 priority is to make its customers happy. 

Talking about the stock at the virtual store then it is huge. Either it is about concentrates, CBD, edibles, or flowers, you are going to get only a premium range of marijuana stuff at Speed Greens. Additionally, Speed Greens has a huge market reputation. You will get multiples of positive reviews at different review platforms. 

Talking about the website then it is quite decent. Navigation is easy and you can get access to what you might look for easily. Along with their different marijuana product categories, they have a separate blog as well where you can find some useful guides. 

Overall, Speed Greens stocks almost everything that an ideal marijuana lover can look for. That is why it has specific categories for different marijuana substances and all of them are premium quality. Summing up the features of this store then you will be buying from one of the best marijuana dispensaries in Canada. 


  1. Premium products. 
  2. Interactive website design. 
  3. Reputed store. 
  4. Free shipping with any order over $149. 
  5. Gifts are available on orders over a specific amount. 
  6. The pricing of products is reasonable. 
  7. Refer reward program is also there. 


  1. Limited information is available on site. 

Visit Speed Greens here!

The Grow House

The Grow House is an online dispensary dedicated specially dedicated to medical marijuana enthusiasts. That is why at The Grow House, you will be getting marijuana strains, oils related to different medical symptoms. 

Just like other marijuana dispensaries in Canada, The Grow House has also a good range of marijuana stuff at their virtual store but what makes them different is the quality of products and price. Their price range for each of the cannabis products is very reasonable and it completely justifies the premium quality of it. 

Additionally, the company also believes in providing quality services as they also recommend their buyers to avoid ‘fake’ or ‘scam’ stores. They are so confident that you just give them a try and you will be glad that you purchased your marijuana stuff from The Grow House. 

With every order, Grow House delivers with a guarantee. They ensure that the order is reached to the receiver safely. That is why they offer a signature delivery system. Therefore, you don’t have to be worried once you placed an order at Grow House. As they are now guaranteed by the company to reach you!

Moving ahead, the company has a lot of reviews in which the majority are satisfied and happy weeders. Therefore, it also ensures that you are dealing with the right source. You can place your order by just text or phone given at the website and then just wait for a few days to make it arrive in your hands. 

Talking about the appearance of the website then it is quite good. Although it is designed well and categorized excellently, however, there is a lack of information. However, regarding the product, you can find everything related to it just below that. 

Overall, The Grow House is one of the popular Canadian dispensaries and the quality of services and products available here makes it a 100% better option for marijuana needs in Canada. 


  1. Top-notch quality
  2. Ideal pricing. 
  3. Guaranteed delivery. 
  4. Multiple varieties of products. 
  5. Reputed store. 
  6. Free shipping on orders above $150.
  7. Order from text or phone call at ease. 


  1. Comparatively fewer offers and sales are there on the website. 

Visit The Grow House Here!

Evergreen Medicinal

Evergreen Medicinal or EG Medicinal is an ideal store for medical weed enthusiasts. As you will be getting almost everything that medical marijuana or any weed enthusiast will be searching for online. 

Either it is about CBD, strains, concentrates or other forms such as chocolates, lollipops, cookies, or resins, you will be getting everything at EG Medicinal. Talking about quality then you can 100% trust the company as it provides only top-notch marijuana stuff. 

EG Medicinal has a very huge range of products that you can scroll for the whole day! Thanks to their well-categorized section under which you can find instantly what you might look for. Different products are under different categories. Navigation through the website is easy which is due to the professional design of the website. 

Although the information on the website is quite less. 

Additionally, they offer discounted prices to their buyers while the price range is quite reasonable. Even the company provides a gift and referral program under which you can earn rewards and points to get more benefits on your next order. 

The best part about EG Medicinal is their online chat support which is instant and therefore, makes them stand out from other online dispensaries in Canada. They do offer free express delivery as well, however, for that, you have to order above $150. 

Let’s sum up the benefits of EG Medicinal:


  1. A large selection of marijuana products. 
  2. Affordable price range. 
  3. Category-wise products. 
  4. Referral program. 
  5. Online chat support instantly. 
  6. The reward program for frequent buyers. 
  7. Regular special deals.


  1. Very little info is available on the website. 

Visit EG Medicinal here!

Green Society 

Green Society is one of the best and ideal sources of local cannabis substances in Canada. This company aims to “provide customers with the best quality locally-sourced cannabis from craft cannabis connoisseurs with the highest degree of customer service.” 

Therefore, Green Society becomes one of the trustworthy sources in the nation to get hands-on quality cannabis stuff. 

Starting from the appearance of a virtual store then it is average. Although they have a really huge stock of marijuana stuff. You will easily find a section under which they update their new products. Cannabis strains, edibles, and concentrates have a different section on the website which makes it easier for you to find the required product. 

In short, website appearance is not that much cool but the availability of products is!

Next, Green Society claims to provide one of the best quality local cannabis products and it is true as well! Either it is about Indica, Sativa, or hybrid, you will be getting the best quality of strains from Green Society. 

Multiple payment options such as credit card, Interac-e-transfer, and bitcoin are there to help you out to place orders before getting out of stock. Offers are available through bulk deals are quite good as they come with less price. 

Once you place your order and payment gets completed, you will be receiving a tracking ID through the mail, which will help you to keep an eye on your package. 

In a nutshell, Green Society has a decent stock of marijuana products and their quality is what impresses us the most. Though the website can be improved a bit, however, if you are looking for a new start for marijuana then Green Society is 100% made for you!


  1. Excellent quality products. 
  2. Good range of varieties. 
  3. Services are decent.
  4. Free shipping over $149. 
  5. A specific section of brands is available. 
  6. Bulk orders get price cut. 
  7. Customer support is good.


  1. Average website theme. 
  2. Customer service is available only between 9 AM to 5 PM PST. 

Visit Green Society Here!

Buy My Weed Online

If you are tired of searching for a convenient way to buy weed through mail order marijuana then just go to the Buy My Weed Online store. As you are 100% sure to find here what might not be available elsewhere. This is what is the best about Buy My Weed Online!

A very wide selection of marijuana products is available at Buy My Weed Online store and even quality of products is also top-notch. What makes it stand out is their less average price for the products with their latest stock on every popular category. 

Although website design is average, however, as a weed lover, you are sure to be impressed by the varieties of marijuana products available at Buy My Weed Online. 

If you are among those buyers who get puzzled with a lot of options then you can dig out their best seller category. There you will find their most popular and most sold products. However, if you want to buy in bulk then you can try out their mix and match selection. 

Apart from this, the backend team of this company has been a regular part of the legalization of marijuana, and therefore, they are passionately driven to provide the best quality services. Also, this company claims to be one of the oldest and trustworthy Canadian dispensaries in the country. 

Website design might appear average though the company protects their buyers’ privacy to every extent. They protect their virtual store and the information a buyer provides from the attackers. Additionally, while doing a payment, the company also provides a safe manner.

Additionally, this company understands how much medical cannabis is important for you that is why they give you 100% insured delivery. That means you somehow if your order gets lost during transit then they will re-ship you another package without asking any questions and any money!

In short, BMWO is a 100% reliable destination for your all marijuana needs. Either it is about large selection or quality of products or even about guaranteed delivery they stand on almost every weeder’s expectation. 


  1. High-quality marijuana products. 
  2. Almost everything related to weed is available here. 
  3. Trusted nationwide. 
  4. Low price range. 
  5. Secured payment options. 
  6. Blogs available. 
  7. Online chat support is available. 
  8. 100% guaranteed delivery with insurance. 


  1. Website design is not that impressive. 

Visit BMWO here!

Haute Health

Haute Health aims to “provide the highest quality medical marijuana products available at the best price available.” This online dispensary based in Canada believes in providing medical marijuana at a very low price. Even they have stood on their words quite well!

Products at Haute Health have a price range starting from just $1. Therefore, you can understand that you do not need to be worried about the budget when you will be buying from here. Another impressive thing is their website design. 

Till here, Haute Health is one of the best website designs. Every marijuana product is well-categorized and its appearance on the virtual store is quite impressive. All required info about the product is available. Additionally, their category filter helps you to find exactly what you might look for. 

Apart from this, the website holds a special blog section as well which gives essential and useful information for marijuana enthusiasts. Such as growing guides and how-to guides are there to help out the weeders. 

At Haute Health, you will also get a referral program under which you can earn huge rewards. You can check their website. Also, at this store, you will be getting regular offers. So, be ready to hunt a huge deal every time you visit the shop. 

Currently, they are offering up to 38% off on their products. 

For any query, you can also ask from the online chatbox or you can drop a mail to the company. While contact ticket is also there under the contact section of the website. Therefore, in case of issues, the company is always there to bring you out of any trouble. 

Overall, Haute Health is an ideal store for getting your high-quality marijuana stuff. Well, their selection might be improved a bit more, however, the available products impress every weeder around the country. 


  1. Impressive quality cannabis stuff.
  2. Excellent website. 
  3. Reward programs. 
  4. Grow Guide and other blogs. 
  5. Free express shipping on all orders. 
  6. Instant customer support. 
  7. Decent selection.


  1. Varieties of products might be improved. 

Visit Haute Health here!

Online Dispensary Canada

Formerly known as Blue + Yellow, Online Dispensary Canada claims to be the #1 source for online weed in Canada and it is true to some extent. For mail-order marijuana in Canada, this shop offers some jaw-dropping products. 

You can shop by strains or categories as the company has designed its website professionally. Either it is about Indica, Sativa, CBD, edibles, concentrates, or topicals, almost everything related to cannabis is here in this store. 

No doubt the quality is impressive. Apart from this, you can easily find the most popular marijuana products at the store if you are confused by the available options. You can also check the ‘new arrivals’ category for the new marijuana-related products. 

To grab free shipping from the company, you have to place an order for over $149. While you will be getting a 100% guarantee on each order.

The company supplies cannabis users from the West coast of Vancouver to its neighboring cities in Alberta & Saskatchewan, all the way to the East coast Maritimes & major cities such as Toronto & Montreal. Although the company has been in the industry for a few years back, however, it has covered thousands of weeders around the country. 

Thanks to the quality product and services available at Online Dispensary Canada. 

The shipping service by the company is excellent. They deliver orders within a maximum of 2 to 5 business days. Not no regular offers are available but during sales, they offer up to 15% off. As currently daylight savings sale is on and you can grab up to 15% on all orders, though it is a limited period offer. 

Weeders can also read their separate blog in case of any help needed about cannabis. For beginners, the blog will be much helpful. 

Summing up all the qualities and benefits from this store then your money will be worth buying marijuana products from here. 


  1. Best cannabis product selection. 
  2. Guaranteed delivery. 
  3. Reputable store. 
  4. Attractive price. 
  5. Get 15% off on your first order by applying code FIRST15. 
  6. 2-5 days of delivery time. 
  7. Free shipping over $149 order. 


  1. The company updates its stock less frequently. 

Visit Online Dispensary Canada here!


Till here, you must be aware of the top 10 best online dispensaries in Canada. All of them mentioned above are recommended by the weeders in the country and even if you blindly pick any dispensary then you can be 100% sure that you will get an amazing weed purchasing experience. 

Still, if you are confused then we recommend The Grow House. Although it is always better to pick on your own requirement and preferences. 

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