Best Place to Buy Marijuana Seeds in 2023

best place to buy marijuana seedsIt becomes quite difficult to find the best place to buy marijuana seeds on the web. 

As there are thousands of virtual stores floating online. Especially when you are new to the marijuana market. 

Apart from this, some seed stores are generally scams and you need to be aware of such stores as they never give you anything after receiving money. 

In contrast, some stores are genuine, store the best quality seeds, and ship to most places around the world. 

Therefore, to make you aware of the pro-cannabis enthusiasts’ favorite seed banks and to help you decide which place will be best for buying cannabis seeds online, this guide is everything!

Read along to know the 2023’s top online seed stores which every marijuana lover recommends.

Let’s find out:


Best Place to Buy Marijuana Seeds

Where to buy cannabis seeds online safe here is the brief guide. 2023’s top cannabis seedbanks list can get you the best one for your requirement. Let’s dive deeper into it:

1. ILGM – I Love Growing Marijuana

This is 2023’s no.1 seed bank. It is recommended by most of the marijuana lovers on the planet. 

Unfortunately, it is for limited weeders!

Let me explain:

ILGM or I Love Growing Marijuana is an online seed bank that ships to only the USA and Australia. Therefore, marijuana enthusiasts living within these two countries can access to premium range of seeds that ILGM offers. 

Even though this seed bank ships to only these two countries, it holds the position of number one on our list. For that, there are several reasons:

One of the major reasons is the quality of marijuana seeds. Although the store holds a limited quantity all of them are premium. ILGM is so confident about their quality that they give you a 100% germination guarantee. If their seeds do not stand on the guarantee, they will replace those seeds without any extra charge. 

Isn’t it amazing?

Also, the company ships your order in a very private manner. Customs and authorities will not be able to get an idea of the content. However, somehow, your order gets seized (which happens rarely) then ILGM will re-ship you another pack of seeds. This is how fantastic this company is!

Even though for U.S orders, ILGM directly ships from one of the warehouses in California, which makes the order arrive instantly. 

Still not impressed?

ILGM has a hand-selected range of marijuana seeds, which aim for every type of marijuana grower. That means you will be getting separate categories for your required strain. Also, the website is professional, attractive, and smooth to operate. Navigation is very easy.  Join The I Love Growing Marijuana Official Sub on Reddit for regular updates!

Apart from this, ILGM gives its pro-marijuana growers’ growing guide that will help you to get the most out of your garden. Their ‘Marijuana Grow Bible’ is something that can even make your first cultivation super amazing!

For payment, the company doesn’t take risks!

They offer you a 100% secured page to pay. While you will get multiple payment options including bitcoin, cash, bank transfer, and more. The best part is that to encourage cryptocurrency, they give you a 10% discount for paying through bitcoin. ILGM even gives you regular offers, discounts. Through their loyalty program, you can also get more freebies and discounts. 

Overall, ILGM is a one-stop destination for your all marijuana needs! The only drawback is its service to two countries. However, for the residents of the US and Australia, this seed bank is the best option. It gives you instant customer support, which is icing over the cake!

You can find out about their store here!

2. MSNL or MSNL has been established in the Netherlands though their headquarter is in the U.K. This is another best option for buying the best cannabis seeds online for the residents out of the U.S and Australia. As MSNL ships all across the world.

However, their shipping timing is faster for the U.K orders due to obvious reasons. It takes 25 working days for MSNL to ships and delivers orders across the world. European regions might take up to two weeks. 

MSNL has one of the best shipping services, fortunately! That is why they have a high success rate.

Unlike ILGM, shipping is not free at MSNL but the charges are worth the services. They give you mainly three shipping options. 

Standard goes for £5.95 while stealth charges you £10.95 and guaranteed stealth puts a weight of £16.95 on your pocket. Above all, guaranteed shipping is more reliable for the locations where the orders are often seized. As the company will give you a replacement in case of loss. 

The quality of cannabis seeds at MSNL is just amazing! Even you can buy in bulk there. They offer you a very affordable price range. Also, regular discounts are there on the stock of MSNL. Even you can get freebies on every order through the loyalty program. 

The company has been in the online marijuana industry since 1999 and that is why it is one of the popular seed stores on every weeder’s list. The rating of MNSL at Trustpilot is 4.2, which makes it a more trustworthy source for the best quality cannabis seeds. 

Apart from these, the website of the store is user-friendly and makes it easier to find any specific strain. Wide categories of strains make you go to the required category instantly. Talking about seed selection then the store holds one of the largest seed strains in 2023. 

Ordering at MSNL is convenient and easy. 

MSNL gives you a 15% discount on payment through bitcoin. Thought it provides you multiple payment methods. Credit, debit card, bitcoin, wire transfer, bank transfer, money order, cash, and more. 

Even customer support is decent and within two decades, this company has come a far way providing the best services. That is why it has made a position among one of the best places for buying cannabis seeds. 

In a nutshell, MSNL ships worldwide and only premium quality seeds. The shop has been quite popular though one downside is that it delays in giving responses to the mails, which might be due to heavy traffic. That is why our next seed bank is the overall best option!

Visit MSNL!

3. CROP KING SEEDS – Best Overall

To buy marijuana seeds online safe, Crop King is the best option for marijuana lovers living throughout the world. 

Crop King Seeds is an online store that is available offline as well. Through this seed bank’s most of the offline stores are in Canada. This is the first seed bank that has even a physical location to get cannabis seeds. 

Crop King Seeds has the best range of marijuana seeds, which are of premium quality as they breed their own strains as well. Therefore, there are more chances that you will get the purest form of marijuana seeds. The best part is that company focuses on improving the quality more than the quantity. 

This shop ships to most locations around the world, and therefore, unlike ILGM it doesn’t bound its services to limited regions. The shipping service of Crop King Seeds is excellent and they have more than a 95% success rate in delivering the orders. Thanks to the discreet packaging in different objects such as flashlights, greeting cards, etc. 

Although they charge you $20 for shipping to the U.S while a maximum of $40 to the other locations in the world. 

To be honest, this shipping cost is higher than the other seed banks. However, you get a guaranteed delivery along with that. That means the company takes your order’s responsibility. In case, if your seeds got seized by customs, they will send you another pack. Well, this is the best feature for suspicious locations.

Also, Crop King Seeds give you an 80% germination guarantee on their seeds, which we love the most about this shop! If 8 out of 10 seeds of CKS do not germinate, they will replace their seeds with the new and fresher ones. 

Talking about the website then it is quite decent and easy to navigate. A simple user interface along with complete info about their services is available, which we love the most about the website. Apart from this, Crop King Seeds offers you a limited payment option including just bitcoin and CC. 

However, for Canadian buyers, they have additional service. 

Overall, Crop King Seeds is one of the best places to buy marijuana seeds online due to its quality of seeds and instant services around the globe. The company offers 24/7 online chat support along with instant customer support, which helps the buyers in case of need. 

You can visit the Crop King Seeds here!


If you prefer to buy cannabis seeds online through an experienced store then after the above three options, the Ministry of the Cannabis is best!

This seed bank has over 15 years of experience in the genetic development of marijuana. That is why they have one of the premium ranges of cannabis seeds that every grower loves to buy!

Either it is about auto-flowering or feminized, the Ministry of Cannabis has got you all. Along with developing their own range of cannabis strains they have a stock of popular varieties of marijuana strains. You can also check out their ‘mix of seeds’ variety under which combo packs are available at a discounted rate. 

Like the ILGM and Crop King Seeds, MOC doesn’t give you a germination guarantee but the quality of cannabis seeds available at the Ministry of Cannabis is extremely best! 

They import premium marijuana seeds only from the best breeders on the planet and deliver those in fresh quality. Even though they have their own range of seeds, however, they make sure that their seeds give the best output in the garden. 

Growers around the world, love to buy the latest marijuana strains from MOC. 

Well, the Ministry of Cannabis has one of the finest shipping services! MOC ships across the world and they respect their buyer’s privacy too. 

Therefore, they ensure that the package is not suspected by anyone while delivering. Thanks to their 100% discreet packaging and billing. Also, they will ship your order within 24 to 48 working hours. Ministry of Cannabis guarantees your order while they provide you tracking numbers to keep an eye on your seeds.

Even the company gives you multiple payment options under which you can opt as per your convenience. Credit, Debit cards, International bank transfers, cash, bitcoin are the accepted payment methods at MOC. 

The company doesn’t expose its name on the transaction made through a credit card. 

Apart from these, the company has a very positive review from the previous buyers, which makes it one of the best online seed banks. Even though customer support is excellent at the shop. They give you all-time assistance from ordering to getting seeds in your hand. 

They claim that doesn’t matter you are a company, professional, or newbie grower, they are along with you to help you grow, every time!

Summing up the features of the Ministry of Cannabis then the seed shop comes out as the best option for marijuana lovers. From a wide selection of cannabis seeds to shipping free orders above 75 Euros, this seed bank stands apart as the best one, from the other options!

Check out our favorite feminized range of seeds here!


Seedsman is another best option for marijuana lovers. 

If you want to find out the latest marijuana strain in the market, check out the latest stock of Seedsman! This seed bank stocks one of the largest cannabis seed strains. Apart from their own breed, they import seeds from the best breeders in the world as well. That means you can find out your requirement here, for sure!

Even this seed bank is one of the best and favorite seed banks for newbie growers. The reason being the low prices and huge varieties available at Seedsman. The quality of seeds is also top-quality and premium. 

Apart from these, the shop offers regular discounts and sales on the website under which you can obtain huge deals at a very low price. While the website is clean and simple. Reviews of previous buyers will help you to decide the best strain. Seedsman has got 4-star user ratings on Trustpilot!

Complete information is given on the website while the interface is also smooth. One can easily find out the required marijuana strain from the store. They accept payment in different ways. Although Seedsman does not accept PayPal in 2023. 

While you can place your order through credit cards, cash, money order, bank transfer, and bitcoin. Placing an order through bitcoin will make you receive some freebies with your order. However, you can choose any of the accepted methods as per convenience. 

As the price of seeds, shipping is also affordable at Seedsman. They charge just $5 for the U.K orders and $15 for the rest of the world. Therefore, now, you can get an idea the why Seedsman is so popular! 

Even delivering time is also decent as it takes around 25 business days to ship and deliver to locations around the world. While for Europe, the U.S, and the U.K shipping is faster. You can track your order through the tracking number, which will be given to you through the mail after placing the order. 

Seedsman offers you instant customer support through mail and phone. However, mail queries are generally replied, within 48 hours though phone calls do not get executives for help every time!

Overall, Seedsman is the best option for buying online seeds if you want the latest strain, which is not available at other stores. The company has decent customer support, high-quality seeds, and an affordable price range, which is the best part. Although we recommend trying out the above seed banks first.

You can find out Seedsman here!

Best Place to Buy Marijuana Seeds: Final Words

So, till here, you must be known to the 2023’s best online seed banks. However, we have tried to make this list by combining, quality, services, price, and customer support in all of them. Though the above seed banks are best in either of them, however, overall, these qualities are near to perfect in Crop King Seeds, which is even our favorite as well.

Well, there is much more to explore the online cannabis market and seed banks, however, for now, these mentioned seed stores will 100% make your online purchase journey best!

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