Best Seeds Bank UK – Buy Marijuana Seeds in United Kingdom

seed bank ukBuying marijuana seeds in the UK is easier when you know which seed bank ships to the United Kingdom. 

Although the quality of marijuana seeds must be best irrespective of the source!

However, searching out the best UK seed banks is quite difficult. As you cannot trust every online website which you saw. 

Therefore, to give a pro insight, this UK seed bank review will help you the most. 

Let’s dive deeper into it and find out which UK seed bank is best for you:

Top 10 Best UK Seed Banks

Here is the expert cultivators’ and connoisseurs’ favorite picks for you:

#1. MSNL

MSNL Seed Bank website or MSNL is one of the popular names among growers as one of the best seed banks that ship to the UK.

Even not the only UK, MSNL ships to almost every country in the world. 

This seed bank stores a huge cannabis seeds selection, which can make you find any strain of the planet available at the store. The quality of all marijuana seeds is premium and even the price range for them is quite affordable. 

Auto-flowering, regular, high CBD, or even according to the strain, every cannabis type you can find on Thanks to the breeders that import high-quality marijuana seeds. 

Apart from this, you can also buy cannabis seeds in bulk at this seed bank. Even you will get deals at a quite low price.

The shipping service at MSNL is impressive. 

They ship the orders in a discreet package so that no one gets to know about the content. 

That is why MSNL charges £16.95 for guaranteed shipping. This includes insurance of your order and therefore, the company will re-ship your seeds if it gets lost during transit. Additionally, this shipping method is shipped priority. 

Although other shipping methods are also available. However, you can also spend over the specific limit given on the website to obtain free shipping services.

Averagely, it takes around 7 to 15 working days to arrive at the seeds. Though international orders even might take up to 25 working days. 

The company gives you multiple payment methods to place the order at the website. You can opt for any option at your convenience. 

Overall, MSNL is a one-stop destination for your every marijuana need. That is why it is the number one UK seed bank on our list. 


  1. Huge seed selection. 
  2. Top-quality strains.
  3. Affordable price.
  4. Instant shipping.
  5. Regular offers.
  6. One of the reputed stores. 
  7. Multiple payment options.


  1. N/A

Check out the website here!

#2. Seedsman

Seedsman is our next favorite UK seed company that is known for quality and best services. 

This company has been in the industry since 2003 and therefore, within these years it has earned a huge reputation among weed growers. Thanks to the high-quality cannabis seeds. 

Also, Seedsman stocks one of the largest cannabis seeds selections. 

Based upon the flowering type, variety, cultivation, strain type, and even award winner strains, Seedsman has everything for you!

This company has a huge market reputation as more than 17,000 people have reviewed at Trustpilot and most of them are excellent. Therefore, Seedsman becomes one of the most reliable cannabis seeds store that ship to the UK.

Apart from this, the company has a very attractive price range so that every weed enthusiast can get something from their store. Also, they give regular offers and deals frequently.

For the new visitors, they offer 20% off along with some freebies while payment through bitcoin. They also offer you free shipping on specific conditions. 

Placing orders at Seedsman is quite easy!

Thanks to the multiple payment methods. Bitcoin, debit, credit cards, and many more options are there, which will help you to place your order before getting out of stock.

Once you have ordered your favorite seeds, Seedsman will ship them to you instantly in a safe manner. They use discreet packaging to avoid cops and give you a tracking ID to keep an eye on the package at every step. 

Regular buyers of Seedsman even get a loyalty program under which they can earn points. 

So, in a nutshell, Seedsman is one of the best cannabis seed banks for the UK and other locations. It has almost everything that you can expect from an ideal store. 


  1. Large cannabis seeds stock.
  2. Affordable price range. 
  3. Regular price offs on specific strains. 
  4. Instant shipping within 24 hours to 48 hours. 
  5. Multiple payment ways. 
  6. Loyalty program. 
  7. Huge market reputation.


  1. Customer support can be faster. 

Check out the website here!

#3. Seed Supreme

seedsupreme official website

Seed Supreme stocks the world’s finest quality marijuana seeds from the top breeders and seed banks. Depending upon your growth skills or requirement, you can find the latest marijuana strains at the Seed Supreme. As it stocks almost every category of marijuana seeds. 

This UK seed bank has more than 4000 marijuana cannabis strains. 

Doesn’t matter you are a beginner grower or expert, at Seed Supreme, you are sure to find something unique and special. 

Apart from this, medical weed enthusiasts can also find medicinal marijuana strains according to the symptoms and conditions. Isn’t it amazing?

Well, this UK seed company has even instant delivery services for UK growers. It packs marijuana seeds in random objects such as toys to make it private and then it arrives at your location within a maximum of 2 to 4 working days. 

Like Seedsman, Seed Supreme also gives freebies marijuana seeds with every order. 

Although the website design is quite decent. Different strain categories are there to make it easily accessible for you. The website is loaded with the information that you might look for. Either it is about their services or the company’s history, you can get every detail at their virtual store. 

Navigation and user interface are quite easy and good. 

Placing orders at Seed Supreme is very fast and easy. As you get almost every convenient way. Although Seed Supreme encourages bitcoin as it is fast and reliable. Additionally, they also give you 25% off on your order while payment through bitcoin. 

Apart from this, the company gives you free shipping with orders above £75. 

So, overall, Seed Supreme becomes one of the top marijuana seed banks for UK growers. 


  1. More than 4000 marijuana strains. 
  2. Up to 35% off on bitcoin payment with code 420STRAINS.
  3. Faster shipping and delivery. 
  4. Decent customer support. 
  5. Reputed store.
  6. Impressive packaging of seeds.


  1. No multiple ways of contacting their team.

Check out the website here!

#4. London Seed Centre 

London Seed Centre

Based in London, this seed bank has a huge cannabis seed selection like Seed Supreme. Although the quality of seeds is also impressive. This company’s tag line is “Britain’s #1 seed bank”, however, they have been on their words to some extent though.

Starting from the website appearance then it is quite interactive. All required information is available on the website. Either it is about services, or seeds, or even about people’s reviews, you can get that easily at the well-designed website. 

Although this UK seed bank gives you coverage over more than 5000 marijuana strains. That means you can get cannabis seeds of almost every variety at this store. 

Additionally, this UK cannabis seed bank gives you free shipping with just over £20 orders within the country. Apart from this, the company instantly delivers the order within a maximum of one week as it ships from the home region i.e., United Kingdom. 

Apart from this, London Seed Centre has regular offers on different marijuana seeds pack. Therefore, you can have a premium range of cannabis seeds at a very cheap price. 

London Seed Centre offers you multiple payment ways including bitcoin. That means you can quickly pay the company through either of the convenient ways. 

Even customer support by this company is excellent. They have given mail and calling facilities to their buyers to contact their team in case of help. Although you have to contact during working hours to get an instant response. 

Overall, this UK-based cannabis seed company has a very positive market image. As on Trustpilot, it scores a 4+ rating with more than 3700 reviews. Additionally, the services of this company are excellent. Therefore, this seed bank is one of the reliable seed stores in the UK. London seed centre has a 9-points user rating on SeedFinder out of 10!


  1. Instant delivery service due to shipment from the UK.
  2. Affordable price range.
  3. Regular offers. (currently 20% off)
  4. Excellent rating on review forums.
  5. Wide marijuana seed selection.
  6. Free seeds with almost every order.


  1. Less info is available about the company’s history.

Check out the website here!

#5. Skunk24


Skunk24 is one of the best UK seed banks which claims to deliver the finest quality marijuana seeds. Started in 2009, Skunk24 has a large category of cannabis strains that most weed growers will love to buy. 

This UK seed bank claims to provide you the best, fresh, and cheap marijuana seeds. That is why they are more popular among beginner cultivators. The company stocks only the best cannabis seeds and then sells them to growers around the world. 

With that said, you can find indoor growing, outdoor growing, short plants, or even high THC strains depending upon your requirement. 

Apart from this, the website is average though there is detailed information provided by the company about themselves and their services, which gives the company an edge. However, the company also makes promises for one of the best services at their virtual store. 

The best part is their price comparison section under which you can find out the price difference with other popular seed banks. This section will show you how cheap the price is at Skunk24. 

However, along with a cheap price, this seed company gives you some attractive offers as well. You can get up to 25% discount on their store. Additionally, if you will order marijuana seeds in bulk, the company will offer you more low prices. 

Shipping service is quite good and they ensure complete privacy of the buyer without mentioning anything about the content on the box. Customer support is quite friendly and you can ring or drop a mail at the company in case of query. 

Overall, Skunk24 is one of the top UK seed banks which has almost everything for a cannabis grower. 


  1. Cheapest marijuana seeds.
  2. Top-quality cannabis seeds.
  3. Quick shipping service. 
  4. Authorized reseller of top breeders.
  5. Discreet packaging. 
  6. Many years of experience in the industry.


  1. No germination guarantee. 
  2. Average website.

Check out the website here!

#6. Attitude Seed Bank


Attitude Seed Bank is one of the trustworthy UK Seedbanks. 

Although this seed bank has limited marijuana strain in the stock all of them are top quality. Even the services of the seed bank are quite good. 

The first glance at the website is not impressive though it has given info about every marijuana strain available in the stock. You have to choose the brand and specific strain from the available category. 

Although this UK Seed store ships internationally as well. However, Attitude Seed Bank recommends first confirmation from the local authorities about purchasing cannabis seeds. Well, for suspicious locations, they also offer you a “guaranteed shipping option”. 

ASB has multiple payment options available on the website through bitcoin is not available at this store. However, for international orders, the company gives you a safe and secure gateway through which you can complete the transaction with 100% safety.

Shipping charges are quite cheap (around 10 Euros for international and 5 Euros within the UK) and once your order will be dispatched from the company, they will give you a tracking ID on your registered mail. This will help you to keep an eye on your seeds package. 

Apart from this, at ASB you will be getting multiple offers and regular discounts. Right now, they are offering you 10% off. 

Well, in case you need help from the company, you can directly ring their team through the website’s numbers. 

Summing up, ASB, you get access to limited strains with this UK-based marijuana company. However, quality and other services are top-notch which makes it one of the quality sources for weed seeds in the UK.


  1. Cheap marijuana seeds.
  2. High-quality strains. 
  3. Faster delivery. 
  4. Reliable store. 
  5. Multiple brands seeds.
  6. Reputed UK seed bank.
  7. Multiple payment options.


  1. Poor website.
  2. The bitcoin payment option is not available. 
  3. Limited cannabis seed strains. 

Check out the website here!

#7. Grizzly Seed Bank


Grizzly is one of the newest UK seed banks and it ships worldwide. 

Seed stock at this seed bank is quite new and it stores decent quantity. You are 100% sure to get something new and unique. However, this seed bank offers you top-quality cannabis seeds from the world’s best breeders. 

The website is well-organized and informative. 

You can find your most of queries regarding order there, however, the company has provided very less info about itself. Although it is a new seed bank in the UK and still it has one of the finest marijuana strains. 

Even shipping service is far better than other novice seed stores as it gives you the next day before 1 PM delivery promise in the UK for specific orders. However, usually, it might take around 7 to 10 days to arrive orders in other locations. While international deliveries can even take the time of up to 21 days maximum. 

Before shipping, the company discreetly packs your seeds and that is why their processing takes time of up to 24 to 48 hours then they ship further. 

Apart from this, the company gives you many payment options on the website. 

Either it is about cryptocurrency, bank transfer, credit or debit cards, or even cash, Grizzly has got you all!

Additionally, if you get any query then you can reach their support team through the website’s support ticket. Well, the company is confident about their shipping services, however, they don’t offer you a guaranteed delivery system due to high security at some locations. 

Overall, Grizzly Seed Bank comes under one of the finest seed stores in the UK, however, services are better than novice stores. Although there is much space for improvement, still, if you will give it a try, it will be worth it. 


  1. Next day before 1 PM delivery facility in the UK.
  2. Instant shipping and discreet packaging. 
  3. Cheap marijuana seeds. 
  4. Stocks from the world’s best breeders. 
  5. Multiple payment options. 
  6. Reputed and trustworthy source.
  7. Decent customer support.


  1. No guaranteed delivery. 
  2. Limited marijuana strains. 

Check out the website here!

#8. The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store

The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store

Established in 2012, The Vault Cannabis Seeds store has been in the marijuana industry for almost a decade and it has earned huge respect and reputation among weed growers. Thanks to a huge cannabis seeds selection. 

If you are looking for cheap marijuana seeds in the UK without getting quality compromised then don’t miss the Vault Cannabis Seeds Store. As it has a popular cannabis strains variety at the lowest price available. 

Additionally, this seed store has a very positive market image which can be observed by an excellent 4.7/5.0 rating at the Trustpilot with over 3,600 reviews. 

Moreover, this seed bank has an interactive website at which you can access huge cannabis strain coverage instantly. Regular, auto-flowering, feminized, or about breeder type, this seed bank has excellently categorized to make it easily accessible. 

Barney’s Farm, 420Fast Buds, Seedsman are some of the top-quality breeders from which this company imports marijuana seeds. 

Additionally, The Vault Cannabis Seeds Bank doesn’t take any risk for the buyers and it gives 100% safe and secure ways to place the orders. Bitcoin, cards, and more, you will get convenient ways at this UK seed company. 

If you place an order at this seed store before 12.00 noon (UK time) then you can also get your seeds within the next day through express delivery. However, other usual orders might take up to 5 to 10 days to arrive depending upon the location. Even shipping charges are comparatively quite low (around 10 Euros).

Overall, the Vault seed store is the best option if you want a good service and quality marijuana seeds within the UK. Though this seed bank has been in the industry for almost a decade, therefore, it is one of the trustworthy cannabis sources in the country. 


  1. Quality marijuana seeds. 
  2. Cheap price.
  3. Contact with the world’s top breeders. 
  4. Faster delivery. 
  5. Multiple payment options. 
  6. Huge market reputation.
  7. Regular offers.


  1. Average website. 
  2. Limited seed stock.

Check out the website here!

#9. Gorilla Seed Bank

gorilla seed bank

When it comes to UK marijuana seed stores then how can anyone forget Gorilla Seed Bank?

Starting from the seed selection then, this seed store believes in quality and therefore, you will notice very limited marijuana strains at the virtual store, however, all of them will be premium quality. Regular categories are there in the stock. Although additional categories are also there for growers. 

Starting under 10 Euro to maximum, this seed store has marijuana seeds for every grower out there. 

Although this seed company ships worldwide, you have to ensure for the local laws as Gorilla Seeds doesn’t take risks for some areas where the laws do not permit. Additionally, Gorilla seeds instantly process your order after receiving payment while it might take up to a week to arrive at your location. 

Other European regions and countries can take a maximum of 18 days. While officially they pack your seeds in a 100% discreet manner. 

Once your order will be dispatched, you will be notified through the mail and given a tracking ID to keep an eye on your seeds. Postage charges are also low and with orders above 100 Euros, you will get free shipping!

You can pay at Gorilla Seeds with bitcoin and other convenient options that it gives. 

Apart from this, in case of any query, you can ring the customer support team by phone numbers, which are given on their website. 

Therefore, in a nutshell, Gorilla Seed Bank is one of the reputed UK seed banks and if you want to kick-start your cultivation journey, you can definitely start with this seed bank.

You can check out the latest marijuana strains available here!


  1. One of the top UK seeds stores.
  2. Faster shipping service. 
  3. Low price.
  4. Top-quality seeds. 
  5. Decent customer support. 


  1. One of the new seed banks in the UK.
  2. Website quality is average.

#10. Seed Madness

Seed Madness

If you are a cannabis lover then you are sure to love Seed Madness!

This UK- based cannabis seed store has most of the popular marijuana strains, which the growers will love to buy the most. Although the company gives you regular and clearance sales under which you can access premium seeds at a very low price. 

Doesn’t matter you are looking for high CBD, high THC, fast flowering, medical, or any other type, you are sure to find something special for yourself at Seed Madness. 

Thanks to their top breeders such as Barney’s Farm, Dutch Passion, DNA Genetics, and more. 

Apart from this, the company has a decent website that is easy to navigate and access different sections of cannabis seeds. 

The company claims to have over 2500 marijuana strains in its stock from the world’s finest breeders. Also, they offer free delivery to all UK growers while ordering more than 25 Euros. As this company ships internationally, therefore, you can also get frees shipping outside the UK by spending 250 Euros. 

Moreover, the company packs your cannabis seeds in a highly secured package while you might have to wait for up to 7 days for getting seeds in your hand. Although international orders might take up to 25 days maximum. 

You can place your order at Seed Madness with a bank transfer or bitcoin to get 5% Off instantly. Keep in mind that only after the complete transaction, your order will be processed further. 

However, at Seed Madness, you will be also getting some attractive offers and freebies, which you can check under their “promotions” section. 

Overall, Seed Madness is one of the new cannabis seed stores in the UK while the services and quality of seeds available are top-notch. Therefore, you will be worth your money by purchasing cannabis seeds from this UK seed bank. 


  1. Regular offers and discounts. 
  2. Stock from the world’s top breeders. 
  3. Instant shipping. 
  4. Multiple payment options. 
  5. Loyalty scheme under which you will earn 1 point for every £1 spent at Seed Madness. 


  1. Average website. 
  2. New seed store in the UK. 

Check out the website here!

Popular Weed Strains for the UK

Here are the most popular weed strains that growers are frequently opting to buy this year:

  • CBD Strains

As you might be aware of cannabis’ healing properties, CBD marijuana strains are quite popular in 2023. Also, many developed countries’ regions have been permitting the use of cannabis in treating several medical conditions. 

This is where CBD strains come into play. 

Such strains have high CBD concentration and the effects of the strains are quite relaxing unlike THC enriched strains in which THC content is quite high to make people high. 

Some popular high CBD strains are Charlotte’s Web Seeds, ACDC seeds, and Ringo’s Gift. Well, you can also check those mentioned UK seed stores which have a separate selection for CBD strains. 

  • Northern Lights

This is one of the legendary marijuana strains that are in trend for many years. Thanks to the effects and beautiful results in the garden. 

The properties of this marijuana strain are perfect for a grower with medium grow skills. Though beginners can also get some impressive outputs. It is a hybrid cannabis strain with intense THC levels and that is why it can be your weekend marijuana strain. 

As the effects of Northern Lights perfectly vanish your tiredness. 

  • Jack Herer

If your tolerance is low then Jack Herer is the best option to go. This is why beginner weeders prefer to buy Jack Herer marijuana strain. This cannabis strain has a medium level of THC content ensuring the user didn’t fall on the couch for hours. 

This marijuana strain has been named after American cannabis activists and it produces effects of creativity, uplifting, and happiness. 

As this cannabis strain prefers to grow in the Mediterranean climate, therefore, it can show you amazing results in most of the regions. 

  • Blackberry Kush

This marijuana strain is for the ‘powerful’ users. 

As it contains an intense THC level while the effects of the strain might be harder for some novice users. That is why it is the strain that is mostly preferred by weekend users. After this marijuana strain, people used to get into deep relaxation. 

This strain does not need any specific growing environment and therefore, you can grow it in most of the areas. 

  • Wedding Cake

This is an Indica dominant hybrid that is capable to give you a hard-hit of euphoria. While mostly it will make you happy, uplifted, motivated, and ultimately relaxed. 

Within 9-week time, Wedding Cake will be ready to make you fly! Though this strain produces beautiful resin buds, which makes your effort worth the invested time. 

As THC content in this marijuana strain is high, therefore, newbie growers and users should go for other strains if their tolerance doesn’t permit. This strain is so potent that it has also won 1st prize for Best Hybrid Flower at the 2018 SoCal High Times Medical Cannabis Cup. 

So, these are some marijuana strains that most growers love to buy and kick-start their growing journey. These marijuana strains are 100% sure to give you amazing and satisfying results. 

Best Seeds Bank UK: Conclusion

So, finally, you are now aware of 2023’s top UK cannabis seed banks. However, we recommend you choose any marijuana seed bank as per your need and requirement. 

Additionally, you must also confirm your local guidelines and laws whether it permits indulging in cannabis activities. It is always better to follow the regional guidelines. 

However, once you are comfortable with the laws, you can surely go for opting best seed bank in your region and can get your own marijuana stuff. 

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