Buy Cannabis Seeds in Brazil 2023

If you are planning to visit Brazil for enjoying marijuana then you might have to hold on. As before you go there and get hands-on cannabis stuff, you might have to know the latest guidelines and laws that are in action there. 

Additionally, recreational use of cannabis in Brazil remains illegal though some guidelines make cannabis exist there. 

Therefore, to make you aware of the history, use, possession, medical and recreational use of cannabis in Brazil, this guide will help you the most. It is also essential for a foreigner there to know about the laws before indulging in cannabis activities. 

So, read along to know everything about cannabis in Brazil. 

Buy Cannabis Seeds in Brazil

Is Weed Legal in Brazil?

This might be the very first question coming to your mind while thinking about cannabis in Brazil. Well, in short, no!

In detail, read along to know!

Cannabis with low quantity has been de-penalized in the country for personal use from the year 2006. That means selling, sharing, consuming, possessing large quantities of cannabis remains an illegal and punishable offense in the country. While a small amount of cannabis for personal possession will lead the offender to be warned instead of imprisonment. 

Although, the recreational use of cannabis remains completely banned in 2023.

Apart from this, medical cannabis in Brazil is allowed for terminally ill patients who have exhausted all other treatment options, since 2015. Therefore, medical patients in the country have relaxing marijuana laws. As they can access cannabis medication after a physician’s prescription when they have no other option. 

Well, for recreational users in the country, laws remain restricted, and therefore, it is not easy to get hands-on cannabis stuff for personal usage. As publicly caught with small possession of cannabis can lead one to a warning including community service and education on the effects of drug use. 

This was the step taken after the de-penalization law. 

Drug trafficking or possessing marijuana on large scale to distribute or share is a highly punishable offense that can lead the offender to up to 15 years of imprisonment with a significant fine. 

Therefore, in 2023, Brazil has quite hard guidelines for the marijuana business at a large scale due to illegalization at the federal level. Although a small amount is tolerable to some extent for personal users. 

Well, if you are visiting there then you are recommended to stay under the government guidelines while dealing with marijuana to avoid any kind of criminal penalties. 

A Brief History of Cannabis in Brazil

Cannabis history in Brazil is quite rich and stretches back to the 1800s. It is believed that cannabis was introduced to Brazil by African laborers who were very well aware of the cannabis’ psychoactive effects. Even Portuguese Colonists were quite into cannabis usage during that time. 

Well, the use of cannabis among the laborers resulted in a decrease in productivity and hence, it led the authorities to ban marijuana’s import and use among the people. 

Following that, Rio De Janeiro became the first Municipal council to prohibit cannabis in its region in 1830. This made cannabis completely inaccessible to the laborers or the workers in that area. 

Later on, in the starting era of the 20th century, when there was a trend to prohibit cannabis across the world, Brazil also took some steps. However, up to the end of the century, there was no major decision was made by the lawmakers that could favor the marijuana enthusiasts.

While the starting of the 2000s brought the wave of drug popularity among Brazilians. That is why during the time of 2006 to 2017, there was a huge spike in drug-related offenses. Surprisingly, in that, the majority were females, who faced drug custody. 

Although in 2006, another drug law reformation took effect which ultimately reduced the penalties for a small amount of cannabis possession. Well, that could be said a step taken closer to decriminalization. 

Later on, in 2015, medical cannabis gets legalized in Brazil with certain guidelines. This was the first time that Brazil made cannabis legal in either of the aspects. Although medical patients need to go through different processes to access cannabis medication. 

Later on, to encourage the cannabis medication sale, authorities gave the first license in 2017 to allow the sale of Mevatyl oral spray which is internationally known as Sativex. Yet accessing cannabis in the country was quite tough and to make it easy, there was a bill proposed after one year in 2018. This bill would permit medical patients to grow their own cannabis plants. Although they need permission from a physician for the same. If this bill gets approved by the Senate then it will make the process easier for the patients as they could easily get hands-on medical cannabis. 

However, this bill is yet to become a law

Apart from this, in 2019, pharmacy sale was allowed in the region. Therefore, summing up the historical journey of the cannabis legislation in Brazil, medical laws got relaxed within time while recreational marijuana still needs to be considered legal. 

Overall, in 2023, you cannot legally access recreational cannabis. While 2006’s law made the small amount of cannabis possession less punishable offense. Apart from this, after 2015, medical cannabis laws in the country are quite relaxed for medical patients. 

Current Laws in Brazil that You Must Need to Know

Although the historic journey of cannabis laws in Brazil has been quite changing, you must have to keep the latest guidelines and rules in your mind while being there in 2023. 

Here is the summary:

  1. Although medical marijuana is legal in the country, however, the patient needs to get a prescription from the doctor for getting access to cannabis medication. 
  2. Sharing marijuana with minors remains illegal in Brazil, if anyone is caught doing so then it might lead the offender to huge penalization. 
  3. Driving under the influence of cannabis is strictly prohibited in Brazil and hence it might lead to a monetary fine along with some harsh penalties depending upon the severity. 
  4. Somehow, if you are eligible for cannabis consumption and possession then either of them must not be made near to school, university, public places, or where children and minors are involved. 
  5. Since 2006, the authorities have taken a step closer to decriminalization. Therefore, a small amount of cannabis possession will not lead the offender to imprisonment or other hard penalties. Instead, the offender may need to attend an educational program on drugs or the offender has to do community service for a while. 

Therefore, summing up the latest guidelines and rules, it is not easy to get cannabis in Brazil through the laws. Well, there have been relaxing laws for medical cannabis enthusiasts, however, personal users might need to wait for complete legalization to access cannabis easily in their region. 

Possession, Cultivation, and Consumption


Possession made of any amount of cannabis in Brazil is illegal and it can lead the offender to several penalties. However, the New Drug Law of 2006 reduced the penalties for the possession of cannabis made for personal usage. 

If anyone is caught possessing weed for personal usage then it can lead to the following punishments:

  1. A warning from the authorities. 
  2. An order from the authorities to attend an educational program on drugs.
  3. To do community service for a while. 

That means cannabis possession except for the small amount of personal usage remains illegal in the whole country. Additionally, there is no place for large-scale cannabis businesses in the country, legally. 


Cultivating cannabis plants in Brazil is completely illegal yet it is expected that after the New Drug Law of 2006, authorities see the cannabis cultivation offense for personal use in the same way as possessing small amounts. 

Although there is no tolerance for cultivation made for selling or distributing cannabis in any of the regions. 

Apart from this, growing hemp is also illegal in Brazil and there is no hemp industry to encourage the cultivation of hemp. 


Consuming cannabis guidelines are the same as possession and cultivation. Private consumption of cannabis in small amounts is the same treatable as possession and cultivation. While consumption made in public places, public transport, schools, university campuses is a highly punishable offense. 

Apart from this, driving a motor vehicle under the influence of cannabis can also lead to heavy penalization. 

Overall, possession, cultivation, and consumption of cannabis in Brazil have restricted guidelines that one needs to follow. Until the laws completely make it legalize, it will be safe to stay under the guidelines to avoid any legal trouble. 

Medical Marijuana Laws in Brazil

Medical cannabis in Brazil was first approved by the National Sanitary Vigilance Agency in the year 2015. This law permitted cannabis medication for those patients who are terminally ill and have exhausted other treatment options. However, for proceeding further with the cannabis medication, the patient needs to get authorization from the physician first. 

Initially, this law needed improvement, which the authorities made, as time passed. 

Brazil issued the first license for the sale of cannabis medication of Mevatyl oral spray in 2017. That means medical cannabis in the country was growing at a very good rate in the country. 

Apart from this, cannabis cultivation remained illegal throughout the nation, and therefore, to make it legal, a bill was passed in 2018. 

That was aimed to approve the cultivation of cannabis Sativa plants for therapeutic purposes. However, before growing plants, a patient needs to get approval from the physician like before. This law will ultimately allow medical patients to grow cannabis plants without the risk of prosecution.  

Well, this bill needs to get approval from the full Senate, to become a law. Not to mention, the President as well. Only then it can come into effect in Brazil.

Further, in 2019, the lawmakers allowed the cannabis medication for pharmacy sale, which initially was restricted and permitted to be imported with the special authorization from ANVISA (Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária). 

However, Pernambuco gave the first national license for the homemade planting of marijuana for medicinal purposes in March 2020. 

Well, this is true, there is a medical program that is initiated by lawmakers. However, getting cannabis medication is not an easy task though. As there are many processes and hassle-full formalities to complete before a patient can get hands-on cannabis treatment. 

The process involved in getting cannabis medication:

  1. First of all, a patient needs approval or prescription from the authorized physician that he or she needs cannabis medication. 
  2. Further, after the physician’s approval, the patient may need to go through some regulatory requirements as well, which might come under ANVISA. 
  3. Once they are completely eligible then the patient is allowed to get cannabis treatment. However, even before that, the patient might need to confirm or justify the use of the drug and a timeline for the same. 
  4. Additionally, the patient might need to rely on some out-of-state or out-of-country shops for getting cannabis medicines. As there are very few options available in Brazil. 

Well, to overcome this hassle process, the 2018’s bill was proposed and if it becomes the law then patients will be permitted to get their own cannabis stuff at their home, which will be much easier than done before. 

So, overall, Brazil is moving further for easing medical cannabis laws. Therefore, we can say that the future of cannabis in Brazil for medical cannabis enthusiasts will be brighter. 

How to get high-quality cannabis seeds in Brazil?

Cultivating cannabis plants in Brazil is illegal at the federal level. However, under the New Drug Law of 2006, authorities might treat the cultivation of cannabis for personal usage in the same as possessing a small amount of cannabis.

Well, it all depends on the circumstances!

Although 2018’s bill might permit the patients to grow their own cannabis plants. However, we have to wait until the final call by the authorities. 

Therefore, we can say that it is sure that within the upcoming time, Brazil might relax the laws for cannabis cultivation in its region. With that said, you can keep high-quality cannabis seeds to you and grow them when growing marijuana becomes legal. 

However, we strongly recommend you follow the guidelines and confirm from the local authorities before indulging in any kind of cannabis activity. 

Once you are comfortable with the laws, you can search out the best cannabis seed shops for getting high-quality marijuana seeds. 

However, getting cannabis seeds in Brazil is not technically possible as there is no marijuana business in the country due to illegalization. Further, the quality of cannabis seeds from the limited options might differ from the online seed stores. 

As online seed banks have a variety of options available when it comes to cannabis seeds. Additionally, some cannabis seed stores are so confident in their quality that they give you a guarantee of germination. 

With that said, we recommend you Crop King Seeds and MSNL as our favorite and most recommended seed banks in 2023. Let’s have a look at the features of these seed banks.

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Buy Cannabis Seeds in Brazil: Final Word

Although the current situation in Brazil is not in favor of recreational marijuana enthusiasts. Yet medical patients have some relaxation in the laws. Well, within the upcoming time, the government might take some positive steps towards the legalization of cannabis, completely. 

As the medical cannabis program needs improvement and to fulfill that authorities must have to take the appropriate decisions. Once medical cannabis gets completely approved, there must be a demand for the allowance of recreational marijuana as well. 

So, overall, if the authorities get pressurized by the public demand then they must have to make decisions favoring the public. 

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