Buy Cannabis Seeds in Canada 2023

Canada has one of the relaxing cannabis laws. 

That is why cannabis businesses and other marijuana opportunities have been more in the country. Additionally, the country has also raised revenue through commercial cannabis businesses. 

Although for those who are planning a ‘cannabis trip’ to Canada, they must know the latest laws and guidelines that are in action in the country. 


Buy Cannabis Seeds in Canada

Buy Cannabis Seeds in Canada

Therefore, this ultimate guide will help you to know everything about marijuana in Canada.

From possession and cultivation to consumption and sharing, read along to know the laws about it. We will be going to details, step by step.

So, let’s get started:

Is Weed Legal in Canada?

In short, yes!

To know laws and regulations, read along!

As said before, Canada has been one of the favorite countries for marijuana enthusiasts. The reason for that is the relaxing laws that permit individuals to get personal cannabis stuff. 

This is because cannabis in Canada is legal for both recreational and medical uses

Hence marijuana enthusiasts around the world and even within the country, are more likely to prefer to indulge in cannabis activities there. That means if you are thinking of a ‘cannabis trip’ in Canada then there are more chances that it will be successful and joyful due to the laws there. 

Well, marijuana legalization in Canada didn’t happen at once. Rather it took the country several years to reform the legislation. However, historically, Canada has been the country where marijuana has been illegal initially. 

Finally, the country’s lawmakers approved recreational marijuana in 2018 and made Canada the second country in the world to do so. Although it was the first G7 and G20 nation to legalize recreational cannabis. 

However, medical cannabis was legalized way before many years of recreational allowance. 

After the marijuana legalization in Canada, there was a huge spike in the businesses related to it. Even the government also encouraged opportunities related to it. 

Therefore, cannabis in Canada was a historically known substance, which ultimately got legalized officially in the modern era. However, the history of the country is quite interesting as the country has taken many steps regarding weed usage.

History of Marijuana in Canada

The history of Canada regarding cannabis has been quite rich. As people of the country have already been into cannabis and hemp cultivation. Also, people were aware of hemp and its different uses in daily lives. 

Although the starting of the 20th century was not that good for cannabis in Canada. As in 1923, Narcotics Drug Act Amendment Bill made cannabis restricted. It was the first time that Cannabis has been illegalized in Canada. 

Later on, this decision of the officials affected even hemp cultivation. Eventually, even hemp was also made restricted in the country in 1938. Well, this restriction on cannabis ultimately reduced cannabis usage in the region along with offenses related to it. 

However, during the 1960s, there was again a spike in cannabis usage-related offenses. Considering the huge cannabis offenses, a commission was made to enquire the actual image of non-medical cannabis usage. This commission submitted a report recommending removing the penalties on cannabis usage in 1972. 

Well, no steps were taken at that time by the authorities. 

Later on, up to the end of the 20th century, there were no further major changes in the cannabis legislation. Finally, in 2001, medical cannabis was legalized, allowing people to access cannabis from the authorized sources and cultivate their own marijuana plants as well. 

After illegalization and restriction, it was the first time that country has made cannabis legal again. This decision of the Canadian authority made cannabis re-exist in the nation legally, which ultimately helped medical weed enthusiasts in accessing cannabis. 

Even polls have regularly shown that people have been interested in the legalization of cannabis. One of the polls in 2016 showed that 7 out of 10 Canadians were in favor to legalize marijuana.

However, recreational use of cannabis was yet illegal. 

Although that doesn’t mean, there were no attempts for the legalization of recreational cannabis in the country. Rather after medical allowance, there was an increase in the demand for recreational legalization. 

Considering that, there were attempts to at least decriminalize personal cannabis possession which happened in the years 2003 and 2004. If either of the bills were passed then it might decriminalize the small possession of cannabis. Unfortunately, both of the bills got defeated and recreational weed remains illegal. 

Finally, the lawmakers made another legislation update on 17 October 2018 and this caused “creating a legal framework for controlling the production, cultivation, and possession of cannabis in Canada.”

Finally, 2018’s marijuana legislation changes allowed Canadians with the age of 18 years or above to possess or indulge in cannabis activities legally. This law also permitted adult individuals to grow their own cannabis plants as well, within some limitations. 

Although this law was further got updated as needed some changes. From 2019, edibles were also got legalized in Canada. Yet restrictions were there. 

So, summing up the historic journey of Canada regarding legislation updates then it has regularly made changes. Although positive changes occurred within the past two decades while recreational marijuana was legalized just a few years back. 

Therefore, in 2023, Canada’s laws for cannabis are quite relaxing and if anyone wants to access it there, he or she can do it legally without any trouble like in some other countries. 

Current Laws that are in Action in Canada

Although historically, there might be many changes if you are going to Canada in 2023, you have to keep the latest and current laws and guidelines in your mind. So, here is the brief info about the Dos and Don’ts in Canada regarding cannabis. 

  1. Even though complete marijuana is legalized in the country, however, only adults over 18 age can indulge in cannabis activities. Sharing weed with minors in Canada is a heavy offense that can lead one to a monetary fine and even imprisonment. 
  2. Recreational marijuana is legalized and hence you can possess it for your personal usage. Though driving under influence of cannabis remains illegal and can lead you to court trials and penalties. 
  3. Medical patients seeking cannabis medication can access medical marijuana only after a physician’s recommendation. Therefore, to process further the medical marijuana program in the country, one needs certification from the authorized doctor. 
  4. Different regions or states might have different guidelines for cannabis; therefore, you are requested to confirm the guidelines from the local authorities of your region first. 
  5. As of now, Cannabis products such as vape pens, edibles, and topicals are available to consumers, legally in the country. 

In a nutshell, different provinces in Canada have different guidelines and laws, which you need to confirm from the local authorities. Although the above-mentioned guidelines are there for every individual in the country needed to be followed anywhere in Canada. 

Possession, Cultivation, and Consumption


After recreational allowance, now, an adult is permitted to possess some amount of cannabis and this limit has been set to 30 grams. That means don’t matter where you are residing in Canada, you can legally possess up to one ounce of cannabis. 

Apart from this, medical cannabis enthusiasts are permitted to possess up to 150 grams or a 30-day supply of dried cannabis medication in addition to 30 grams allowed for non-medical purposes. However, a patient needs to get registered with a licensed seller or with Health Canada. 


Cultivation of cannabis plants in Canada is permitted. However, per household, the cultivation limit has been set to up to four cannabis plants. Keep in mind that Quebec and Manitoba have been excluded from this legislation update. 


Consuming cannabis in Canada is legal although consumption must be made into private space as public consumption of cannabis remains illegal. Apart from this, smoking is also permitted, however, the different age limit has been set in different states. This age limit goes from 18 years to 21 years in different states. 

Keep in mind that smoking or consuming cannabis in restricted areas can lead to penalties. 

Medical Marijuana in Canada

Medical marijuana in Canada was legalized in 2001. This was the decision taken by the Canadian authorities to make regulations for patients to access cannabis. This was established by Health Canada. 

Also, medical marijuana in the country was legalized away before recreational legalization and it also permitted the two categories of patients to access cannabis treatment. The authorities defined these two categories as patients with end-of-life care or symptoms with medical conditions as:

  1. Severe pain and/or persistent muscle spasms from multiple sclerosis, from a spinal cord injury, from spinal cord disease
  2. Severe pain, cachexia, anorexia, weight loss, and/or severe nausea from cancer or HIV/AIDS infection
  3. Severe pain from severe forms of arthritis
  4. Seizures from epilepsy

However, the other category was for those patients who do not fall under category one and have debilitating symptoms. 

Although, the patient was must need a physician’s recommendation for accessing medical marijuana. Well, initially this medical cannabis program needed many improvements which later on got by the lawmakers. 

As in 2014, Medical Marijuana Access Program was replaced by the Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) by Health Canada. This medical marijuana program permitted the patient with a doctor’s prescription to access cannabis in the region. While maintaining the supply, Health Canada also licensed several growers to cultivate marijuana for medical patients. 

So, ultimately, medical marijuana in Canada required a physician’s medical certificate which can approve the patient’s requirement for medical cannabis treatment. While the authorized stores will be responsible for distributing cannabis medication to the patients. 

Where to buy the best cannabis seeds in Canada?

Canada is a growing cannabis market and after complete legalization, it has faced one of the sharply risen business opportunities. Although there might be many offline stores available in Canada though quality might differ along with the limited selection of cannabis seeds.

Therefore, online cannabis seed banks are the best option!

Yet if you are a fan of buying seeds by walking down the street then you can try out some best cannabis stores such as Crop King Seeds’ physical stores are there in the country. It is expected that more than 100 shops are there.

Although you can also go for some other sources, however, to get high-quality cannabis seeds in Canada, online seed stores are the best option. 

As, in contrast to offline stores, online seed banks have a wide selection of cannabis seeds while the quality is also fresh and premium. As the company stock directly from the breeders. Apart from this, online seed stores have regular offers and deals that give you access to a premium range of seeds at a very low price. 

Best Seed Banks that Ship to Canada

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cropking seed bank

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So, overall, these are the top three best-recommended seed banks that ship to Canada although the list goes on, and obviously, there are many more seed stores. However, considering this year’s reviews and recommendations, these are the top three picks. Seedsman is a trustworthy seed bank it has a 4-star user rating on Trustpilot!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy cannabis in Canada?

From online stores. However, medical patients in the country are permitted to obtain cannabis medication from the authorized producers only. As there are no legal medical marijuana dispensaries in the country, therefore, only licensed producers sell it directly to the patients. 

Am I able to smoke cannabis?

Yes and no! Smoking is legal in the country though smoking in public places where children or minors or even the public is involved, strictly prohibited. Additionally, cannabis consumption is also illegal in public places. 

What are the rules for driving with cannabis in Canada?

Driving under influence of cannabis is strictly prohibited in Canada. Also, consuming cannabis while driving also remains illegal. 

Is CBD oil legal in Canada?

Yes! After 2018’s legislation update, CBD oil got legalized in Canada. Along with CBD, other cannabis products such as vape pens, topicals, and edibles are also legal. 

What is the minimum age to consume cannabis in Canada?

The minimum age of adult use of cannabis is 18 years. However, it depends on the state laws and guidelines as well. As some provinces have 19 years or even 21 years, too, for adult activities of cannabis. 

Can I grow cannabis for selling it?

Yes! You can grow cannabis for sale but first, you have to get authorization or license from Health Canada. Only after the license, you will be allowed to cultivate cannabis to sell it to others. 

Can I take cannabis out of Canada?

No! it is illegal to take cannabis across the border. 


Buying cannabis seeds or growing your own cannabis plants in Canada has been quite easy due to the relaxing laws. Eventually, the complete marijuana legalization has given birth to business opportunities as well. Therefore, the cannabis future in Canada is brighter and within just a few years, a huge spike in the cannabis market has been seen, it might grow more within the upcoming time. 

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