Crop King Seeds Bank Review 2023

cropking seedsWhen it comes to the selection of cannabis seeds then it becomes quite difficult to choose the right seeds bank for the same.


Well, if you will ask me for the king of the seed banks then there’s only one seed bank which is the King of all of the others.

Want to know?

Crop King Seeds Bank is the king of all of the other seed banks where you can get seeds of your choice with excellent quality with minimum delivery time.


Just be with me, I’ll tell you everything here.

So, without any more time let’s get started.


Crop King Seeds Review


When it comes to getting the best quality Canadian seed bank online then the Crop King Seed bank wins the heart.

Well, we have reviewed Crop King Seeds Bank in detail hereafter making a lot of purchases from them.

We have mentioned the points which we loved most about them and which they need to improve.

#1. Customer’s Reviews

Well, before going to any shop in the market, we always ask someone else for that particular shop’s quality or price of the goods. 


Same in the case of the Crop King Seeds review, we have been gone through many customers’ experiences with them. 

However, coming to the point, there are a lot of positive reviews for their quality seeds and service. If we talk about the majority of customers’ reviews then they are fully satisfied and happy to make their garden beautiful with CKS.

You too can check their online reviews and even that reviews are also available on our site. (You can check below this review).

Also, check out the strain info of Crop King Seeds on seedfinder.

#2. Seed Quality 

Well, obviously, from the best seed bank you always expect the best quality seeds to grow your garden. However, when it comes to seeds quality then no one can match CKS. They are the expert in providing high-quality seeds.

Their germination rate is 80% and even the customers which have purchased seeds from them, have reported successful germination. It shows their market reputation is quite excellent and they are trustworthy.

Well, some of the customers have also faced issues regarding the delivery of seeds. However, they also send the customer the next package free of cost as they are reported for any issue.

#3. Payment Methods

To make any purchase successful, you need to make the payment for it. Well, the point comes when how easily you can pay them?


This is the option where every online marketing site should pay attention to. Well, CKS has paid to it very well and they have given you many options for payment.

From the local region to the International purchase, they have managed the payment options very well.

You can purchase with these payment options:

  1. Credit Card
  2. Debit Card
  3. Cash
  4. Bitcoin
  5. Bank Transfer (For Local Region Only)

So, these are the five different ways in which you can pay for them. Honestly, they have provided a secure and convenient way to pay them. However, you can always go up according to your choice.

#4. Strain Selection

Strain selection is the point where the Crop King Seeds gets its weakness and that needs to be improved. However, they have regular and different types of strains are available to them.

They have a good selection of regular, feminized, and autofeminized varieties. You can always go to their site to check if the categories are updated or not.

Well, when we have purchased something with them then there were three different strains available. However, the Crop King Seeds team always works on it they regularly improve their selections for it.

Therefore, you can always go for your strain choice according to your need.

#5. Discounts & Promotions

If we talk about the discounts on their products then there are no such discounts are available most of the time.

Well, here we want to say that the quality which we are getting is unbeatable in the market and the price from the CKS is quite affordable because Crop King Seeds always prefer to provide customers more than they are paying for.

This is what we loved the most and even this quality of the CKS overcomes the discount lack of Crop King. 

However, the point to be mentioned here that there are many schemes are available on their official site from which you can check out the facility and can get a discount on bulk purchases.

#6. Shipping Time & Charges

The shipping time of Crop King Seeds bank is excellently managed by their team. They have given tracking services at a very affordable price so that you too can keep an eye on your package.


Let me explain:

If you are living in Canada or the U.S.A then they charge $10 for regular mail service. However, if you want to track your package too then you have to pay $30 that includes express mail with tracking.

If we talk about the purchase which is made from Australia and New Zealand then they give you just one option i.e. for regular mail. The charges include $20 to provide you mail service.

My personal aspect!

Personally, the shipping charge is a little “pricey” for me and if the CKS can put them down then it will be the cherry on the cake.

#7. Customer Service or Support

Even after the purchase, everyone wants good customer service or support in case of any issue. 

Crop King Seeds are experts in this!

They have one of the best customer service teams. Even I have mentioned earlier that the customer’s reviews are positively floating online. 

If you are facing any issue, you can contact their customer support which is available to you every time. However:

Honestly, it was not that good. If I talk about my experience then it was not that good which I was expecting from them. 

Well, I got my issue solved but I have to wait for a certain time.

So, if you have patience then you are good to go with their customer support any time. 

FAQs About CKS (Crop King Seeds)

Here I have mentioned some of the frequently asked questions that can help you to know CKS better.

#1. Where are the CropKingSeeds Located?

Crop King Seed is located in Vancouver, Canada.

#2. Is Crop King legit?

A big YES!! Of course, Crop King is a legit seeds bank online. They have a large coverage of the customers of Canada for seeds marketing. Even you can check some online forms for that.

#3. What is the shipping time for U.S.A orders?

The average time that CKS takes for the U.S.A package is 10-15 days i.e. two weeks. However, even if you want to deliver it faster then you can go for express delivery.

#4. Is CKS provides any discounts or promotions?

As far as we have seen then they don’t have provided any discount coupons or promotions on their site. However, you can always check their official site for more information.

#5. Which is better CKS or ILGM?

Well, as if we consider quality and price then they both are competitive with each other. From our side, we’ll recommend you to always go with your budget and need.

Check out the people’s suggestions regarding ILGM or Crop King? Who is the best seed bank on grasscity forums.

Crop King Seeds Bank Review: Final Words

Overall, I rate Crop King Seeds 6/10. This is due to their site and customer management lack because they slightly delay in replying to the customers that are not expected by any best seed bank.

On the other hand, the site navigating and managing is not that good from my personal view.

Apart from this, the discounts/promotions section needs much improvement by Crop King Seeds Bank.

However, CKS is one of the fastest-growing online seed banks. They have more than 10 years of experience in this field. They have quality seeds, with good customer service with the relevant price.

This makes them the King of all online seed banks.

Happy Purchasing!

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