How to Cure Cannabis Buds?

Let me ask you a question:

Is harvesting a weed plant the last stage of weed gardening?

If you think yes then it’s not!

Let me explain:

As after you have got your buds in your hands the most important step becomes to store them for its upcoming time. Right?

Obviously, you will not want your buds to get damaged within a few days after a lot of patience to get them. 

This is where the curing process comes into play.

And, it is as important as you have cared your garden during its productive stage. 

Because ultimately, to save your weed buds for a longer period, you need to dry them and then cure them to enjoy for as much time as you want. 


Don’t worry, if you are new to all this and don’t know how to cure cannabis buds. We’ll help you out with that. 

Just read along to know everything about curing weed buds.

How To Cure Cannabis Buds

Why Curing Weed Buds is Necessary?

Because you love weeds!

Isn’t it?

After waiting for around months to get your desired weed buds, what if you could increase its potency more?

Sound interesting?

Here it is:

Curing Increases Potency

To some extent. 

The main psychoactive compound in cannabis is THC and it is made by the plant in buds as long as it is connected to it. 

Once you have taken that, still, you can make your buds produce that psychoactive compound to some extent by giving them appropriate conditions. 

By keeping the temperature around 55 degrees to 65 degrees, and humidity to 50%. 

This will ultimately help your buds to gain more potency. 

Curing Helps to Increase the Taste

Just like cannabinoids.

Terpenes; a major component of smell and flavor that gets affected by low temperature. Somehow, you can preserve the terpenes, ultimately better taste! Thanks to the curing process. 

At low temperatures in slow curing, the terpenes are stopped from getting evaporated helping in producing a better taste even after several weeks. 

With better taste and flavor, you will be having a better smoke!

Curing Preserves Your Cannabis for Longer Time

The most important factor!

You never want the molds or other issues to degrade the quality and quantity of your buds. Even it is found that with proper curing, you can preserve the cannabis for up to 2 years without any quality loss. 

That is why experienced weeders give curing a much important place in gardening. 

Moreover, after curing you can keep your cannabis in airtight containers by protecting them from direct sunlight for a longer time. 

Therefore, overall, curing helps to not only preserve the cannabis you have grown but also helps to improve the quality of your buds to some extent. 

How to Cure Cannabis?

Now, you know the benefits of curing. 

You might be ready to cure your buds, now. 

However, curing weed buds involves different strategies. Well, we’ll explain to you the best and simple way.

Dry your cannabis first

Even before heading to direct curing, you need to let your buds lose all the moisture it has. 

For this, you need to keep your garden’s product in such an area where light cannot reach. Ideally into a dark space with a temperature range of around 60–70 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure humidity doesn’t exceed 55%. 

Also, air circulation is needed. And, for that, you can use a fan as well. 

To completely, get the final product with no moisturization, you need to follow this step carefully. The time in this step depends on the environmental conditions you provide. Ideally, it takes around a maximum of a week to get completed. 

Apart from this, drying your weed buds also somewhat depends on the way you harvest the buds. You may either be doing so by hanging the whole plant on a wire or just taking out the main buds to dry further. 

Do it as per convenience. 

Make sure you complete the drying step attentively. 

Cure your buds

The final step for curing. 

Step 1. Once you have made sure your buds are mostly dried, you can separate them.

Step 2. Put your buds in an air-tight container with a wider mouth. So, that you can easily put and take out buds. Canning jars will be ideal but you can prefer wood, metal, plastic, or ceramic as per convenience. Keep the container in a dark place, where light cannot reach. This will fasten the process.

Step 3. After filling out the jar with up to ¾ space (make sure there’s room for the buds), seal the container. Keep in mind that you don’t need to fill the jar fully. 

This is where your mostly curing of weed buds is done. Now, the next step involves the observation, which goes somewhat like this:

Step 4. The first day of the process will make you observe the outside part of the buds again moisturized. This is normal and there’s nothing to be worried about. It happens because the left moisture from the previous stage comes out to the outside portion. 

Step 5. In the first week, you have to open the jar several times a day. This will ultimately help to get the moisture inside the jar to escape. Further, you need to open the container once per few days, after the first week. 

Within 2 to 3 weeks, curing will be enough to make you have the best weed experience. Although you can take it longer like 4 to 8 weeks as well if you are patient enough to keep your buds without enjoying it. 

Even some weed strains might take longer than that. 

So, this is all that curing weed buds involves. If you do everything right, your smoking experience will also be better and enhanced from the previous time for sure. Moreover, now, you will be able to enjoy the same quality of buds even for months later. 

Factors Affecting Curing

Curing involves proper attention and observation. 

Also, you need to keep certain factors in mind so that they can happen successfully. 

  • Light exposure is harmful

Don’t expose your buds to light while curing. 

As even in starting, it is said that you have to keep your container in a dark place. Direct sunlight can lead to degradation of the quality of weed buds, which you never want for sure. As light affects the THC and terpenes of the buds, therefore, avoid light exposure while curing. 

  • Humidity

Before you cure your buds, you need to completely vanish the humidity from them. And, this is a very important step in that you completely dry your buds before proceeding further. 

As if somehow, buds have moisture, ultimately it might lead to molds in the next step. An increase in moisturization also leads to the degradation of stash. Well, you can observe if this happens so. The best way for that is the smell of ammonia while opening the jar. 

That is why the humidity level should be around 50% in the area of curing. 

  • Protecting from heat

Heat also affects the buds.

Just like light exposure, if you are residing within a hotter area then, the heat might affect the buds’ potency. As it also leads to the degradation of cannabinoids in buds. The ideal temperature range is around 21 degrees Celsius (70 degrees Fahrenheit). 

Frequently Asked Questions  


Why should I cure my weed?

It has mainly these benefits:
1)Preservation of weed buds for a longer time. 
2)Improved quality. 

How long does it take to dry the cannabis buds?

It depends on the environmental condition you provide to your buds. Also, on the quantity. However, it takes around a week to two for complete results. You can maintain the temperature range accordingly to get faster results.

What is the humidity range for curing?

Along with air circulation, humidity maintenance is also necessary. Relative humidity should be around 50% for better results. Make sure the range doesn’t fall below the limit. Also, an increase in humidity is harmful to the health of buds.

What is the difference between curing and drying?

As the name suggests drying involves completely drying your buds. Making the buds completely free from moisturization. While curing involves a period of at least two weeks in which you keep the buds in an air-tight container.

How long does it take to complete the curing process?

The whole process might take the time up to 5-8 weeks. Well, it depends upon many factors. Mainly the initial process where you give certain environmental conditions. Still, the curing process involves at least 4 weeks of patience. 

How to know if buds are completely dried?

After a certain time, to check the dryness, you can take a branch of your harvested plant and try to bend it. If it gets snapped, most probably your buds are now dried. Well, you can also read on Google to know it in a better way. 

After curing, how should I store my buds?

There’s no need to change the place of your buds. You can keep the buds in the same jar in a dry, dark, and cool place. Just make sure your jar is well-sealed and also you don’t need to check them out frequently by opening the jars.

How to Cure Cannabis Buds: Final words

Curing weed buds is one of the steps which mostly weed growers ignore. However, now, you might be aware that how much this step is important for a better growing experience. 

Although experienced weeders always take curing as one of the important steps of gardening. Now, it’s your turn. Go and cure your next harvested buds to get a better growing experience.

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