Buy Cannabis Seeds in the Czech Republic 2023

The Czech Republic has been one of the hotspot regions in Europe for indulging in cannabis activities. This is due to their rich marijuana history and the people’s affection towards it. 

Well, in 2023 there are many things to know before you buy cannabis seeds in Czechia or possess some weed. As within the past decade, the government of Czechoslovakia has taken some important steps for the marijuana enthusiasts in the region. 

Therefore, doesn’t matter whether you are visiting the country first time or residing there, you just have to know the laws about cannabis there.

Buy Cannabis Seeds in the Czech Republic

Buy Cannabis Seeds in the Czech Republic

Read along to know what are the Dos and Don’ts when it comes to access cannabis in the Czech Republic. 

History of Marijuana in the Czech Republic

Cannabis in Czechoslovakia was quite popular from the starting time of its existence. People of the region were very well-aware of the cannabis and hemp productions and their uses in different aspects. Hemp cultivation was majorly dedicated to extracting the fiber. 

Although the beginning of the 20th century was not good for marijuana’s existence in the country. Even that time was tough for most of the countries around the globe. As there was a huge trend of cannabis prohibition which was majorly led by the United States. 

Hence, there was a drastic decline in marijuana use and other drugs. Although this prohibition could not vanish the marijuana completely from the land. As people were somehow able to get access to the weed. 

Apart from this, marijuana prohibition affected the hemp industry as well though it is now a common substance among the farmers in the region.

Although the end of the century brought strict guidelines for drug-related offenses. Especially for the marijuana offenders. Well, the updates were quite complex as the authorities didn’t define the “greater than small” amount of marijuana which was aimed to be treated as a criminal offense and punished accordingly. 

Authorities started taking such cases on a case-by-case basis. 

Therefore, in legislation, cannabis remained illegal up to the end of the century. Even it was illegal till 2010 when the government decriminalized the small amount of cannabis possession. This was the first time that lawmakers have taken a positive step for the marijuana enthusiasts in the country. 

This made the cannabis existence raise, somehow. Possessing a small amount of marijuana was a less punishable offense in the region. 

Later on, after two years, in 2012, Czech lawmakers brought another legislation update. Well, this time, this update was very positive. It made medical cannabis legal. This law made medical patients access cannabis medication through pharmacies. 

It was the government’s first time to make cannabis legal in either of the aspects of the country. 

So, overall, the marijuana laws’ journey in Czechoslovakia has been filled with rare major changes. Although some big decisions have been made after 2010’s decriminalization. Summing up the whole journey, if you are going to Czechoslovakia then most probably you might find laws against the recreational use of cannabis in most of the region. 

However, the upcoming time in the country might be different and positive for recreational cannabis enthusiasts. 

Current Laws in Action in Czech Concerning Weed

Despite the regular updates in cannabis legislation historically, as you will be visiting there in 2023, therefore, it is a must for you to keep certain guidelines in your mind as it implies nationwide. 

  1. Drug for minors is illegal. That means sharing marijuana with minors or involvements of the children in any circumstances is not acceptable and it can lead the offender to a huge criminal penalty. 
  2. Only adult individuals (with age 18 or above) can indulge in medical cannabis activities.
  3. Driving under the influence of cannabis is illegal and leads to a monetary fine. 
  4. Cultivating cannabis on a large scale is not legal in any manner. Although cannabis cultivation for personal use is tolerable to some extent. 
  5. Somehow, in the Czech Republic, some underground seed banks exist which might give you cannabis-related products. However, the government and authorities have been always looking for such sources to shut down. 

Overall, these are some guidelines that you must have to take care of while thinking about cannabis in the country. Although how much cannabis possession is decriminalized or what are the penalties for cultivation and consumption are, here is everything you need to know. 

Possession, Cultivation, and Consumption


After 2010’s law update, possession of a small amount of cannabis in Czechoslovakia is decriminalized for adult individuals, and this, ‘small amount’ is set up to 10 grams of dry substance. Within the limits, an individual might be fined up to 15,000 CZK. However, usually, monetary fines are much lower. 

Apart from this, if the possession of cannabis is made more than the limited amount then it might lead the offender to huge trouble. Court trials and imprisonment with monetary fines can be the result depending upon severity. 


Cultivating cannabis in the Czech Republic is illegal. However, under the 2010’s decriminalization update, cultivation of up to five marijuana plants is classed as a civil offense and the penalty might go up to a 15,000 CZK fine. 

Therefore, if the cultivation of cannabis is made for small and personal usage then most probably it will not lead to the prosecution until or unless you are not involving any minor or not trafficking it for some other purposes. 

Although there are strict guidelines for cultivating cannabis, some domestic users grow cannabis, however, there is always a risk but the authorities will not take harsh decisions if you are doing it only for yourself. 

With that said, growing cannabis or trafficking marijuana in Czechoslovakia is a highly punishable offense and the minimum penalty for the same is 2 years imprisonment. Apart from this, the maximum penalty can lead the offender to up to 18 years of jail. Well, that happens in extreme cases. 


Consumption of marijuana was decriminalized along with possession of a small amount from the year 2010. However, consumption of cannabis in any manner made publicly is illegal and is a punishable offense. 

On the other hand, if any medical patient is permitted to consume cannabis medication then it is a must to have in a private space. 

In short, possession, cultivation, and consumption of cannabis in Czechoslovakia are regulated and one needs to follow these to avoid any kind of penalty while indulging in cannabis activities. 

Medical Marijuana in Czechoslovakia

A bill allowing medical cannabis got passed in the Czech Chamber of Deputies on 7 December 2012 with the majority of votes allowing the legalization of cannabis medication on prescription. 

While Senate passed this legislation on 30 January 2013. This time too, the bill got approved with a majority of votes in favor. While medical cannabis law came into effect from the 1st April of the same year. 

Since then, medical patients in the country got allowed to access cannabis medication in case of severe medical symptoms. However, the patient must need a prescription from the physician. While there is no marijuana card involved, obtaining cannabis medication is an easier process in the Czech Republic. 

Apart from this, medical patients are permitted to obtain only up to 180g of dry cannabis matter per month. This limitation has been set by the authorities to make the cannabis supply among needy citizens regulated. 

Cultivating cannabis plants even for medical needs remains illegal in Czechoslovakia in 2023. 

Initially, the medical marijuana allowance needed some improvements. As there was no native supplier of cannabis medication at that time. additionally, it was costly. 

Although within the 2018 year, there was a huge spike in the supply of medical cannabis and Elkoplast is one of the native suppliers in the region who contributed the most. 

Well, Czechoslovakia has not any medical marijuana program or card process to make available cannabis medication to the patients. Instead, it is directly dependent on the physician. 

A physician in the country is permitted to prescribe the patient marijuana medication based on the medical conditions. Therefore, medical marijuana revolves around the physician in the country. 

While for obtaining medical cannabis, a patient might have qualifying medical conditions. Some of the qualifying medical conditions are:

  1. Chronic pain due to cancer, glaucoma, degenerative or systemic diseases
  2. Spasticity due to multiple sclerosis (MS), spinal or brain injury, Parkinson’s disease, or neurological disorder
  3. Nausea due to HIV or cancer
  4. Tourette’s syndrome
  5. Dermatomyositis
  6. Psoriasis
  7. Mucosal lesions

If a patient gets diagnosed with any of the above medical symptoms then he or she can access medical marijuana in the country.

The process involved in obtaining cannabis medication is as followed:

  1. Once the patient gets diagnosed with severe medical symptoms, the patient needs to approach an expert physician. 
  2. The physician might give the patient an electronic prescription for obtaining cannabis medication from the pharmacy. 
  3. As there is no documentation involved, the patient can access marijuana medication from any pharmacy where marijuana medication is available. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to obtain a medical marijuana card in CR?

Well, there is no medical marijuana card involved in obtaining medical cannabis. The patient needs only an electronic prescription from the doctor to obtain it from the pharmacy. 


Can a medical patient grow his/her own cannabis plants?

No! there is no allowance of cannabis cultivation for medical patients. 

How to qualify for marijuana medicine?

Patients with an age over 18 or equal to a doctor’s prescription can qualify for marijuana medicine in the Czech Republic. 

How much medical cannabis I can get in CR?

There is a limitation of up to 180grams of dry cannabis matter. However, this limitation is set for one month dose. 

Can I access cannabis as a traveler in CR?

Well, cannabis remains illegal for all purposes and all citizens. Hence, doesn’t matter you are going to Czechoslovakia as a foreigner, you might get into trouble if you don’t follow the local laws and guidelines. 


How to get cannabis seeds in Czechia?

Cannabis cultivation is illegal in the Czech though, after 2010’s decriminalization update, the cultivation of up to five plants for personal usage is classified as a civil offense. That means the penalty for the same is decreased and there is no imprisonment sentence until or unless there are no aggravate conditions. 

Additionally, this might lead the authorities to impose only some monetary fine over you if you get caught. In short, there is no big trouble until you are not cultivating cannabis plants for sharing, distributing, or trafficking. 

Well, we strongly recommend you to follow the local rules and guidelines in the country or region. Also, make sure you are comfortable with the laws while dealing with any cannabis substance. Once you are legally comfortable, you can proceed further. 

Apart from this, when it comes to buying cannabis seeds in Czechoslovakia then there is no other option than to buy cannabis seeds from online seed banks in the country. As there are no many physical stores available. 

The available ones do not provide the right quality of cannabis seeds. 

While in contrast, online seed banks have the availability of cannabis seeds that can impress you. Even you get a germination guarantee from some seed stores. Additionally, the discounts are there to make you access a premium range of cannabis seeds at a low price. 

So, in short, to get cannabis seeds in Czechoslovakia, you have to opt for online seed banks. 

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Buy Cannabis Seeds in the Czech Republic: Final Words

The cannabis future in Czechoslovakia is brighter. It is due to the recent positive changes. However, even before decriminalization and medical allowance, there was a vast expansion of cannabis among people as they were happily into cannabis activities. 

This has been seen through Cannafest, which has played a major role in pushing cannabis legalization in the Czech Republic. 

Well, considering the demand in the country, cannabis lawmakers might have to make some positive decisions in the future. 

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