How to Evaluate Marijuana Seed Quality?

Are you planning to grow weed?

If yes, then you must have the right quality of cannabis seeds

Well, how can you determine if seeds are good or bad?

Don’t worry!

We will tell you in detail and in an easy way. 

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How to Evaluate Marijuana Seed Quality


Getting Cannabis Seeds from the Right Sources

The very first step to evaluate marijuana seed quality starts from the source of seeds. 

You must purchase marijuana seeds from high-quality sources. Some reputable seed banks on the web are the best option to start. 

Although almost every store with bulk stock of cannabis seeds, they are generally processed and came from rough handling. That is why these marijuana seeds are not that fresh. 

However, the better option will be to buy cannabis seeds from such a store which can ensure freshness and better quality. The best option will be to get cannabis seeds from a seed store that provides a germination guarantee on their seeds. 

At least, you will be insured with a specific germination rate of your marijuana seeds. 

Well, this was the concern of the private seed banks or shops, however, dispensaries have a different story. 

At on marijuana dispensary, weed seeds are generally found of good quality. Here the probability of getting bad weed decreases instantly. Though it is also true that dispensaries are not available in every region due to legal issues. 

Physical Aspects to Identify Quality of Weed Seeds

This is one of the closest approaches to identify good weed vs bad weed. 

Thankfully, there are certain physical factors through which one can be sure that they have got good weed seeds. Let’s find out them:

  • Color


This might be your answer most probably. 

Though this is not true at all. 

As marijuana weed seeds generally have different colors, in fact. They can appear with shades of little green, brown, red, and even orange sometimes. 

Although it is believed that viable marijuana seeds generally show darker shades. Brown, grey or even black shades with harder out shell shows that the seed is mature. 

While on the other hand, greener and soft-shell marijuana seeds are generally immature, and therefore, their quality is not that good comparatively. 

Some quality marijuana seeds have even tiger-like stripes, which is also a positive sign for evaluating marijuana seed quality.

  • Size

This doesn’t matter at all!

As the size of the marijuana sees might depend on many circumstances along with biological factors. Even during handling and processing in stores, seeds might get irregular shapes. While their biological feature may be of the best quality. 

Therefore, evaluating the quality of weed seed with size might not be justifiable. 

Still, it is believed that symmetrical and round-sized cannabis seeds are of the best quality. 

  • Hardness 

This factor might tell you whether a seed is mature or not. 

The best quality cannabis seeds have harder out shells with tiger-like stripes, however, even without stripes, the harder shell describes the maturity of the seed. 

While on the other hand, soft seeds which easily crack even while pressing with hand, are not of good quality. As it is more likely that the seed is immature and it might be difficult for it to germinate

  • Freshness

This factor matters the most. 

As weed seeds with less age (after maturing) or simply, fresh weed seeds are generally more viable. It is because biological compounds in fresh seeds remain at their peak and they degrade within time. 

Cultivating fresh seeds has more chances to germinate while in contrast, months or sometimes old cannabis seeds might not be that productive. 

That is why, while buying cannabis seeds from a dispensary or even from online seed stores, make sure you are not buying from stock clearance sales. As there will be more chances that you might get old stocked or sometimes old weed seeds, which might not be that much efficient in your garden. 

  • Floating Test

This is the easiest way to find whether a seed’s health is good or not.

This experiment includes a glass of water. You can take any container though. Fill that with distilled water. Now, put the weed seeds in that. Leave it for two or three hours. 

After that, check out whether the seeds have sunk at the bottom. 

As those weed seeds that have sunk at the bottom are of better quality and ready to germinate. While those who doesn’t, are more likely to be not healthy.

Do this test now, if you want to know the quality of your weed seeds. 

How can You Get the Best Weed Seeds?

Well, apart from buying from the best sources and all, there are certain factors which can enhance your chances to get the best weed seeds resulting in more beautiful results in the garden. 

Here are some tips, which you can keep in your mind:

  • Avoid ‘Stock Clearance Sales’ of Shops

We all love discounts and sales!

However, you should avoid a sale on weed shops which is due to overstock and as there is more chance that the shop is clearing its old stock. The price might be very cheap however, the quality of seeds will not be worth even that price. 

These sales are generally found on cheap online cannabis seed stores. Therefore, make sure that you are buying from regular stock or a premium range of seeds. 

  • Buy from Latest Stock

The fresher weed seeds the more it will give you beautiful results in the garden. 

Therefore, you can dig out the latest stock of seeds in the store as there are more chances that it will be of fresh quality. As within time, the quality of seeds degrades. Additionally, the store processes and handles these weed seeds, which even makes it tougher to get fresher quality. 

You can purchase weed seeds from the latest stock in the store to increase the chance of getting fresher seeds. 

  • Buy Feminized Seeds Only

There is one more factor that can increase your success chances in weed gardening. 

Buying feminized seeds will give you female plants only in the garden. That means there will be no probability of getting male plants. 

You can keep this in your mind as well while purchasing weed for the next time!

  • Buying Top-Shelf Weed Seeds

You never know biological compounds by the appearance of weed seeds. 

You just know the information given. 

This is why it is always recommended that you should go for reputable seed banks and their top range of weed stock. As random stores might not have the right quality for you. 

Buying top-shelf weed seeds might be pricey. However, it is sure that they will be worth the investment. 

  • Buy Weed Seeds with Germination Guarantee

Last but not least.

This option is for those who don’t want to take any chance!

Also, this might be a better option for those who don’t want to put the effort into the above parameters and determining the quality of seeds. 

Especially newbie growers can opt for this way. 

Several seed banks provide you germination guarantees on their weed seeds. Some online stores provide even an 80% to 90% germination guarantee. 

That means if their weed seeds failed to show you the guaranteed results, they will replace the seeds with new ones. It’s as simple as that!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to determine if a weed seed is good?

Mature weed seeds are generally good. As they germinate well in the garden. However, in contrast, immature seeds take a longer time. Even some immature weed seeds do not germinate. Therefore, you can consider some factors such as color and hardness or even float tests to determine whether a weed seed is mature or not. 
This will ultimately tell you the quality of the seeds. 

What does a bad weed seed look like?

Weed seeds with mold or mildew generally fall in this category. Additionally, bad weed seeds have an irregular size and unusual color as well. 

How to buy only the best quality weed seeds?

There is no tip or trick, in short. As you can compare your weed with certain parameters. If it is satisfying then you can be sure that you have got the best quality seeds. 

How to find potent weed strains?

You can look out for the THC and CBD content in the strain. If THC content is more then it means the strain is more potent as it will produce intense psychoactive effects due to high THC levels. Similarly, for the medical weed enthusiast, this goes with CBD levels. Though CBD doesn’t produce intense psychoactive effects. Rather helps to recover from certain medical illnesses. 

Which is best? Dispensary or Online store?

It depends. If you have a reputed dispensary near your home then you should not bother the web. Although if you do not have physical options then you must go for the online stores. 


So, within these factors, you can get the best quality weed seeds. There might be many ways through which one can evaluate the seed quality of weed. However, we have discussed some important ones here. 

Hopefully from now, you would not fall for bad weed seeds.

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