Buy Cannabis Seeds in France 2023

Cannabis laws in France are quite strict.

As neither recreational nor medical marijuana is permitted in France to access publicly. However, there have been some changes in the legislation that you just need to know if you are a marijuana enthusiast in the country. 

Apart from this, if you are planning to visit there then this guide is a must for you. Here you will be getting everything to know about marijuana in France. 


Buy Cannabis Seeds in France

Buy Cannabis Seeds in France

Cultivation of cannabis remains illegal in France for all purposes. That doesn’t mean you cannot possess cannabis seeds. Rather you can keep the marijuana seeds for novelty purposes. 

Apart from this, keeping weed seeds in France is not illegal, therefore, you can buy marijuana seeds there and can keep them until the law doesn’t permit them to be put in soil and grow. 

Although France didn’t have any physical stores selling marijuana seeds due to obvious reasons. However, if there might be a black market then the quality of seeds might be disappointing. This is where the online seed banks come into play. 

Online seed stores have multiple seed strains depending upon your requirement. That means you get hands-on good options. Apart from this, some online seed banks even provide you a germination guarantee, which means you will always have a backup option in case of something unwanted. 

Last but not least, online seed stores provide you regular offers and discounts which makes you access a premium range of seeds at a low price. 

So, here are the world’s best cannabis seed stores that will make your online purchase journey the best!

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Is Weed Legal in France?

No! weed remains illegal in France. 

Either it is about buying, selling, possessing, or even using, cannabis in France remains illegal in 2021. Therefore, if you are planning a visit to the country for marijuana then you might have to be very aware of the local guidelines. 

Although the France government has completely illegalized marijuana yet, it has been one of the most popular illegal drugs there. Therefore, you can get the idea that the people of France are more likely to use cannabis. 

However, the previous updates in legislation have made harsh penalties for cannabis-related offenses. In that, if you are caught possessing, selling, sharing, using marijuana then you might be charged with a monetary fine of 3,750 EURO. Additionally, some cases have even jail sentences as well. 

Though it depends on the severity of the offense. 

However, 2018’s legislation update reduced the penalties and made the possession or usage of cannabis by individuals a monetary punishable offense instead of custody. Therefore, now, if any adult individual in France is caught having marijuana then the cops might only put a 200 EURO fine. Though it came into effect from September 2020.

Well, trafficking cannabis has a more severe penalty than possessing or consuming it. As if you are caught trafficking marijuana in France then it might lead you to up to 7.5 million EURO. Yes! You read it right. 

Therefore, the penalties are somewhat harsh in the country. 

When it comes to medical cannabis then you can relax to some extent. France’s government has permitted the use of cannabis-derived medicine for some medical symptoms. Currently, Sativex and Marinol are allowed to be accessed by medical patients in the country. 

Therefore, in 2021, recreational marijuana remains illegal while there is relaxation for medical marijuana enthusiasts. 

A Brief History of Cannabis in France

The France History regarding cannabis stretches back to the 1800s when hashish was more popular. Along with hashish people of France are also known for a rich history of hemp cultivation and its usage in different fields. 

Although the starting of the 20th century, France signed the 1925 Geneva Convention on Drugs. Following that, cannabis got illegalized or banned throughout the nation for all purposes. Even for medical usage, marijuana was banned. 

This made cannabis usage, production, and transportation suffer in the region. 

Well, cannabis in France became popular again with the rise of hippie culture during the 1960s. Although this could not make cannabis legal and hence marijuana in France remained illegal even throughout the century.  

However, the hemp culture in France was quite rich from the beginning and that is why France was the only Western European country that never banned hemp cultivation during the 20th century. Well, even hemp culture was affected negatively but still it remained there in the country. 

On June 8, 2013, the France government allowed the use of cannabis derivatives in manufacturing medicinal products. Yet the medical cannabis remained illegal, however, on prescription from the authorized physician, the patient was allowed to use limited cannabis medication. 

Sativex and Marinol were permitted for the multiple sclerosis symptoms, however, accessing even the limited cannabis product was quite tough. 

Later on, in September 2018, the French National Agency for Drug Safety initiated an experiment on cannabis’ therapeutic benefits. This experiment would include around 3000 people suffering from epilepsy, or undergoing chemotherapy and giving them dried flowers or oil. 

However, this experiment was about to start in September 2020, due to the Coronavirus outbreak it got delayed. Well, this experiment is likely to start in starting 2021 and is expected to go for up to two years. 

Apart from this, as of 1 September 2020, the French government has introduced a 200 EURO fine for cannabis consumption made by individuals instead of taking them into custody. 

Therefore, historically, France has been a country where the citizens were aware of cannabis and its usage from the initial time of existence. Yet the government didn’t legalize its usage in either of the aspects. 

Hemp Culture and People’s Opinion on Marijuana

As said before, France has been the only Western European country that never prohibited hemp cultivation during the 20th century, therefore, you can get the idea of rich hemp cultivation and production in the region. 

Even during the 20th century, there was a trend of cannabis prohibition across the world. Additionally, France also signed the Geneve convention. This affected hemp cultivation though it could not make illegal hemp like marijuana. 

Although the huge decline and decrease in popularity of hemp in France had occurred during the introduction of another fiber source – cotton. 

Fortunately, during the 1960s, hemp raised again to make its importance in the fiber industry and other fields. That is why France was the country that produced more than half of hemp produced in Europe during 1993 and 2015. Hemp was mostly used in making essentials for daily use, rolling papers, and textiles as well. 

Well, France people’s opinion on marijuana is quite different from hemp. One of the recent polls in 2018 found that around 51% of France people were in favor of a regulated cannabis market. While others were against it. 

On the other hand, another poll conducted in 2013 showed that the majority of French people were against the decriminalization of cannabis. 

Current Laws in France for Marijuana

Doesn’t matter what does the majority of the people say in a poll or what are historic changes have been made. You must have to be aware of the current guidelines and laws that are in action in France in 2021 for marijuana. 

As a visitor, you must have these guidelines at your fingertips. 

  1. Don’t drive under influence of cannabis. Although cannabis is illegal, however, driving a motor vehicle under influence of cannabis can lead one to huge trouble. The offender might lose his/her driving license for up to three years while the 4500 EURO monetary fine will be additional. 
  2. France has recently relaxed the penalties for personal consumption with only a monetary fine of up to 200 EURO. However, if somehow, a minor is involved in any kind of cannabis activity then it might lead to huge trouble. As cannabis is completely illegal for minors and any involvement in cannabis offense has no tolerance in the law. 
  3. Medical marijuana is not legal and hence only a limited supply of cannabis-derived medication is available to the patients. There is no medical marijuana program either. 

Therefore, while visiting France in 2021, keep in mind that cannabis is not legal and you have to do things within the local laws or guidelines. However, a DUI of marijuana or minor involvement in the harshest punishable offense. 

Possession, Cultivation, and Consumption


You cannot possess marijuana legally in France either publicly or privately. Though as of September 2020, you have to pay a 200 EURO fine if you are caught using or possessing cannabis for personal usage. However, high-quantity possession or possession intended for drug trafficking might lead to more severe penalties. 


Cannabis cultivation is illegal in France. Even drug trafficking has more severe penalties than personal possession or consumption. 7.5 million EURO monetary fine is set for selling or trafficking cannabis in France. Therefore, there is no chance of cultivating cannabis in France. 


Even though France has still harsh guidelines for marijuana offenses, citizens of the country have been more likely to consume marijuana. Around 13.4 million French people age between 15 to 64 years have been regular marijuana users as of 2012. 

Legally, cannabis consumption is banned though recreational users somehow get hands-on cannabis through the underground or black market. Although medical patients are permitted to consume only available cannabis medication. 

Medical Marijuana Laws in France

Medical cannabis in France is not legal yet, however, limited cannabis derivatives are permitted for the patients. Sativex is usually available in France for medical patients to be accessed. 

Unfortunately, due to not smooth regulations accessing even limited cannabis medication is tough. There are limited options available as there is no medical marijuana program like in some other countries. Therefore, the lack of businesses has reduced the options resulting in the high price of available cannabis medication. 

This is why getting allowed cannabis medication is tough in France. 

Even historically, France has been quite tough on the medical usage of marijuana. Still, in the modern era when most of the developed countries have embraced it, France is behind all that. 

An estimation has been set that around 1 million sufferers in France can be benefitted from the medical marijuana program if it is launched. 

However, the good news is that recently some green signals have been shown by the authorities for medical cannabis. As in 2018, ANSM, or National Agency for Drug Safety has planned to experiment on some patients suffering from severe medical symptoms. 

The authorities will give the medical patient’s cannabis treatment and observe for the outcomes. However, this experiment was about to start in September 2020 which was delayed due to a world pandemic. 

Well, this experiment is likely to start in starting 2021. If this experiment gets successful (which the chances are high) then the authorities will definitely make some positive changes in cannabis legislation for medical patients. 

Overall, currently, you cannot access medical weed in France directly. Instead, the patient needs to get a prescription from the physician and then only limited cannabis derivatives can be accessed in the country. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is CBD legal in France?

As CBD has very little to nominal THC content, therefore, the French authorities have permitted CBD usage in the region.

Can I sell marijuana seeds in France?

No! selling or trafficking cannabis seeds or cannabis is illegal and it can result in heavy penalties in France.

Can I buy cannabis seeds in France?

Growing cannabis seeds is illegal but possessing them is not. Hence you can buy cannabis seeds there, however, as there is no physical market, therefore, you have to opt for online stores.

When will marijuana be legal in France?

We cannot predict the future, however, concerning the positive signs from the authorities, soon France might legalize cannabis in at least a medical aspect. 

Can I grow my own cannabis plants being a medical patient?

No! you can’t! cannabis cultivation for all purposes remains illegal in France.

Marijuana Future in France

The current scenario in France is quite complex regarding marijuana. Cannabis remains illegal for all purposes. While medical marijuana might be allowed within the upcoming time. This is due to the recent experimental allowance in the country for observing the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. 

Although there are high chances of getting it successful, yet we might have to wait for some time. However, all in all, cannabis legislation might take some positive change in the future.

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