Buy Cannabis Seeds in Germany 2023

Cannabis in most European regions has started to make an existence. 

Although Germany has a little complex law on cannabis, which we will discuss here. Therefore, if you want to know everything about marijuana in Germany then this guide will help you the most. 

Just read along to know what are the Dos and Don’ts when it comes to buying weed seeds in Germany or even about possessing that. 


Buy Cannabis Seeds in Germany

Cannabis Seeds in Germany

So, let’s get started:

Is Weed Legal in Germany?

In short, No! 

Cannabis in Germany remains illegal

Although medical usage of cannabis is permitted to some extent. Even recreational marijuana is illegal but it doesn’t mean Germany has completely vanished the recreational weed from its land. 

In fact, cannabis is a widely popular substance in the region. However, recent changes in laws have made recreational marijuana somehow exist. As a minor possession of marijuana for personal usage is tolerable by the authorities. 

Well, that ‘minor amount’ varies according to a different region but doesn’t exceed 15 grams. 

Apart from this, medical marijuana enthusiasts in the country have some relaxation from the lawmakers. As of March 2017, medical cannabis for seriously ill patients is permitted. However, before access cannabis medication, the patient must need to get a prescription from the authorized physician. 

Yet recreational marijuana in the country is illegal after the medical allowance. 

Well, to fulfill the demand for cannabis for medical usage by the patients, the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices will give the licenses to the specific companies to grow marijuana. 

So, overall, in 2023, you will not get relaxation from the laws if you are hoping for accessing recreational marijuana. Although a very small amount of cannabis for personal usage might not lead to prosecution. 

While on the other side, if you are medical cannabis enthusiast then you are sure to get cannabis medication in Germany, if needed.

A Brief History of Cannabis in Germany

According to Archeological evidence, the history of German people using cannabis or its products stretches back to thousands of years. Well, there have been regular proofs that people in Germany were very well aware of cannabis and its usage in a different aspect. 

Even CBD oil was one of the popular healing medications at that time. 

Although the use of cannabis among people was quite common and got popular as time passed. However, the starting of the 20th century somehow affected the cannabis existence in the region. 

During the 1900s, there was a worldwide trend to prohibit marijuana and other drug usages. The USA was one of the leading countries to initiate this. Well, Germany too, has considered this trend. 

Well, the modern era of marijuana after the end of the 20th century made the authorities take some positive decisions. Hippie culture in some countries also helped to revive the popularity of cannabis. 

Though the positive decision regarding allowing marijuana, in Germany came a bit late. During the 2000s, some countries such as Canada, some regions in the USA were already embracing marijuana. This was the result of an increase in the demand among people there and due to this, the lawmakers have to accept marijuana in either of aspects. 

Although in Germany, the very first positive decision for marijuana enthusiasts came into the 2016 year. When on 4 May 2016, the Cabinet of Germany approved the legislation for allowing medically ill patients to access medical cannabis. 

Although there was a condition for that. One is to get a prescription from the physician while the other was that, the patient might not have any alternative treatment option. 

To make the cannabis supply for it, the authorities have also given cannabis growing licenses to specific companies. 

However, this law came into effect in March 2017. Since then, Germany has allowed medical patients to get access to cannabis medication. 

Yet the recreational weed was not legalized but the German Narcotics Law stated that authorities are not required to prosecute for the small amount of cannabis possession for personal usage. Until the consumption of small amounts was not made in public, near to school, in front of minors, or state prison. 

In a nutshell, despite the demand and popularity of cannabis in Germany, the authorities didn’t make it legal for all purposes. Although after 2017, medical marijuana enthusiasts are legally permitted to access cannabis medication. 

Cannabis Culture in Germany

Marijuana laws in Germany have been regularly updated though they could not be legalized entirely. Although the cannabis culture in Germany has been quite rich. This has been seen by the historical evidence as well. 

Considering that, one of the recent polls by infratest dimap in 2014, showed that around 80% of the German people are in support of legalizing medical cannabis. Though when it came to legalizing marijuana completely, then only 30% of people were in favor. 

However, after the legalization of medical cannabis in the country, it is more likely that now recreational marijuana enthusiasts will raise the demand. With that said, from 2011 the Global Marijuana March is there in the country which makes all the weed enthusiasts come to one place. 

Well, this marijuana march might lead to the recreational legalization demand within upcoming years. However, we cannot predict the future but considering the recreational users’ demand, authorities might have to take some more important decisions within the upcoming time. 

Current Laws in Germany that You Must Need to Know

Despite the historical changes in Cannabis legislation or rich culture in ancient times, you must have to be aware of some key points about cannabis which almost implies to the whole country. 

Here is the summary of the current laws that are in action in Germany in 2023. 

  1. Although a small amount of cannabis is tolerable, however, make sure you confirm the ‘minor amount’ of cannabis. As this amount varies in different states. Berlin authorities might tolerate up to 15 grams of personal possession while some other regions have permitted only up to 6 grams. 
  2. Driving under influence of cannabis remains a punishable offense in Germany. If a driver is caught in a condition of not driving the vehicle properly while being high on marijuana then it is sure that their driving license might be revoked. 
  3. Marijuana for minors in Germany is completely illegal. Doesn’t matter whichever cannabis activity it is. 
  4. Medical marijuana enthusiasts in the country can only have cannabis medication if they have a prescription from an authorized physician. 
  5. Cultivation of cannabis for any purpose in the region remains illegal. Although hemp cultivation, somehow, exists in Germany and hence this is one of the top five hemp growers in Europe. 

So, overall, these are some key points that are more likely to be found in action throughout the country. However, if you are visiting Germany as a foreigner then be sure that you are well aware of the local guidelines. 

Possession, Cultivation, and Consumption


Possession of a large quantity of cannabis for any purpose is illegal in Germany. However, after the German Narcotic Law, possession of amounts varying from 6 grams to 15 grams in a different region will not lead to prosecution. 

Therefore, a small amount of cannabis for personal usage in Germany exists. 


Growing own cannabis plants is illegal in Germany as it might lead to drug trafficking. After the medical cannabis allowance, individuals are not allowed to cultivate their own cannabis plants even for medical usage. 

However, as the patients are permitted to obtain cannabis medication from the pharmacy, therefore, to maintain supply for the same, licensed companies are authorized to grow cannabis in the country. 


A small amount of cannabis possession is indeed tolerable in Germany, however, it is also mandated that consumption of cannabis of any purpose must not be made in public places. 

Public places including schools, public parks, gathering or even where minors are involved, marijuana consumption are strictly banned at these places. 

So, overall, either it is about possession, cultivation, or consumption, laws and guidelines are regulated for the same, which one must have to be aware of, and do follow being there. 

Medical Marijuana Laws in Germany

After 2017, medical cannabis in Germany was permitted. 

Although initiation for the same took place in March 2016 in the country, which ultimately took effect in the region one year later, in March 2017. Since then, marijuana medication for seriously ill patients is permitted to be obtained. 

However, the patient must need a prescription from the authorized physician. Additionally, the patient must exhaust other treatment options. After that, a patient will be eligible for Germany’s medical marijuana treatment. 

Without a prescription from the doctor, the patient will not be able to access cannabis medication from the pharmacies. Additionally, that prescription will save the patient from prosecution as well. 

Even though in earlier times of 2005s, there was permission for the seriously ill patient to access cannabis. However, at that time, each case was handled individually and the patients would get an exemption from BfArM (Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices. 

Although in 2017, the medical marijuana law was completely upgraded. 

Apart from this, a physician will be responsible for the cannabis therapy of patients, in Germany. As there are no specified medical conditions to qualify for cannabis medication, therefore, it completely depends on the doctor to allow a patient’s medical condition to be treated with marijuana medication. 

So, overall, summing up the medical cannabis scenario in Germany, it needs to be improved. As the sole responsible for making medical patients eligible for medical cannabis is physicians. No specific medical symptoms are there to directly qualify for medical marijuana. 

Although there is much space for improvement medical cannabis is in a better place than recreational marijuana. 

Can You Buy Marijuana Seeds in Germany in 2023?

Germany has illegalized cannabis cultivation. 

Additionally, it is the only European country that has illegalized the sale of cannabis seeds countrywide. Therefore, it has been one of the strictest countries regarding buying marijuana seeds or growing cannabis plants. 

Though that could not completely vanish cannabis seeds from the region. In fact, some underground markets have made marijuana seeds alive. Although as a foreigner there, you will not want to indulge in any kind of black-market activity, which might increase the chances of prosecution.

Apart from this, cannabis seeds do not come under the German Narcotics Act, making it legal to be purchased from elsewhere. However, as there are no physical stores in the country, therefore, you do not have other options than buying seeds from the online stores. 

Well, we strongly recommend you to follow the local laws and guidelines and be first comfortable with the laws to buy cannabis seeds in Germany. Additionally, growing cannabis seeds is illegal but keeping them is not. 

That means you can keep marijuana seeds to you until the law doesn’t permit you to grow them in your garden. 

Once you are legally comfortable keeping marijuana seeds, you can search out for buying seeds from the best quality cannabis seed banks. To make it easier for you, here are our top picked and recommended by worldwide growers’ favorite seed banks that ship to Germany.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sell marijuana seeds in Germany?

No! It is completely illegal to sell marijuana seeds there. Even throughout the country, selling weed seeds remains illegal in 2023. 

Can I grow my own cannabis plants as I am a medical patient and I could not access cannabis medication from the pharmacy?

Unfortunately, no! you cannot access cannabis medication by growing your own cannabis plants. As cultivation of marijuana for any purpose is illegal in Germany. 

What are the punishments for marijuana-related offenses in Germany?

It depends upon the severity of the offense. When a large amount of cannabis is seized, it is more likely that you might get a monetary fine. Though jail sentences are also there for some serious cases. 

What is a ‘small amount of cannabis’ in Germany?

A small amount of cannabis is tolerable for personal usage. Though this ‘small amount’ varies according to 16 different states in the country. However, in the capital, Berlin, up to 15 grams of cannabis for personal usage is tolerable. 

Is CBD legal?

Though under EU laws CBD with under 0.2% THC content is permitted, however, due to ambiguities in the laws, it will be better to confirm from the local authorities first before indulging in any cannabis activity. 

Future of Cannabis in Germany

Some political parties in Germany show favor in the legalization of cannabis in all forms and they are even claiming to bring a new update in the legislation within the upcoming time. Therefore, it is sure that Germany might face some more positive changes in the cannabis legislation. 

Though until the laws are not imposed, we have to follow the current ones and stay under these, to do everything related to marijuana without getting prosecuted. 

However, considering the current scenario, demand, and results of polls showing people’s interest in using marijuana, the future of cannabis in Germany might be brighter.

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