How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds?

Germinating weed seeds is easy. 

When you know the right way to do so.

Although germination of cannabis seeds depends on many other factors apart from your growing skills. As a weed grower, you need to know all the things that are necessary to grow cannabis seeds efficiently. 

Therefore, let’s dig out deeper and get to know how you can grow your cannabis seeds in the best way?

Germinate Cannabis Seeds: Basic 

How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

Germination is a process in which a new plant pop-up when gets the appropriate environment. 

Here the key point is the environment that makes your seeds come out of the soil. Although there might be some typical ways to germinate cannabis seeds, however, this is the most basic thing that you first need to know. 

To germinate cannabis seeds, mainly these three basic factors matter the most:

  1. Temperature
  2. Humidity or Air, and 
  3. Water

Doesn’t matter whichever growing method you are opting for; you are sure to have amazing results if these three factors are maintained well. 

Once you are confident enough to make grow environment up to the mark, you can move ahead for the gardening.

Best Ways to Germinate Cannabis Seeds: 3 Pro Ways That Work Faster

When it comes to choosing the best germinating method to grow cannabis then it depends on you!

Because only you know your growing skills!

Whether you have experience or you are just a newbie grower hoping for great buds in the garden, you know your skills better. Although there are several ways, however, we are mentioning the three simplest yet best ways by which any grower can make the most out of cannabis seeds. 

Let’s find out which one suits you:

  • Germinate Cannabis Seeds in Soil: The Simple and Best Method

This is the most common method. 

Also, it is the best way to get good results with marijuana seeds though. 

In this way, you just have to put your cannabis seeds in the rightly nourished soil. Make sure you neither have over-fertilized nor you depend on the soil’s potential. Take an appropriate decision to make your seeds thrive. 

The best part about this method is that your seeds get nourishment from the soil itself along with the additional nutrients that you provide. It enhances the chances of germinating the seeds. 

However, keep in mind overdose of nutrients can also kill your seeds. 

Maintain the best temperature range for the soil. Around 22 degrees Celsius or 72 degrees Fahrenheit will be better. Initially, the soil needs more moisture along with lighting. Maintain that and you will be able to see your seeds growing within a week. 

Now, it’s time to give your seedlings or baby plants a new home!

Transplant your baby plants in a larger pot where they can grow more to give you heavier results!

You need to make around a 1 to 1.5 inches deeper hole and place your seedlings. Cover the roots appropriately with the soil and make sure you maintain the growing environment accordingly. 

So, this is the most basic and simple way that is used widely to germinate cannabis seeds. However, if this growing method doesn’t suit you or you want to look for more ways then here they are:

  • Paper Towel Method: Might Seem Adventurous

This might be a convenient way for you!

Although you need some paper towels for that and obviously seeds as well. To make it easier for you, you can follow it step by step:

Step 1. Get around four to five paper towels and get them soaked appropriately in distilled water. Make sure the paper towels are not excessively wet to make another source of water!

Step 2. Take two to three paper towels and place them on a flat surface ideally on a plate or chopping board. Now, place the marijuana seeds on them. Also, maintain an appropriate distance between the marijuana seeds while putting them on wet paper towels. 

Step 3. Cover the seeds with two soaked paper towels. You have to cover the seeds rightly to make them completely in a dark space. You can cover your seed’s area by putting another plate on it. Make sure it doesn’t mess things up. 

So, within these three simple steps, you have made your marijuana seeds in such a medium where they can now process to germinate. However, along with that, you have to keep the temperature in range as well. Around 70–90 degrees Fahrenheit is a better range. 

Now, it’s time to be patient!

You have to wait for the seeds to germinate. Along with the temperature you have to check regularly whether the paper towels are moisturized or not. 

As initially more moisturizing is required, you can also spray water on the paper towels if they are not wet enough. 

It might take around 4 to 7 days to germinate the seeds. Although some seeds even germinate faster while some might take some time.

Well, once your marijuana seeds show you their roots, that means it has germinated!

Once you have germinated your marijuana seeds in a paper towel, now it’s time to make them grow huge. Hence you need more space than just a paper towel. 

Just put your seedlings or grown baby plants in pots accordingly. Use a pencil or pen to make a hole in between and place your seedling there. Gently pick the seedling so that the roots don’t get damaged. 

Also, put them in soil with roots facing down and cover the roots with soil appropriately. Water the soil. Make sure you don’t overdo it, as it might harm your future plants. 

Along with all the mentioned things, keep the basic grow environment up to the mark. Only this can accelerate the maturing process of your cannabis plants. If you are a new grower, take the help of an experienced friend or even you can read grow guides on the web. 

  • Germinate Cannabis Seeds in Water: Twisty and Risky but Worthy

In this method, you have to leave your cannabis seeds in water until they don’t germinate!

Well, that might sound weird but it is true. 

As moisture is one of the important factors for the seeds to germinate, you don’t have to worry about this growing method. As you have to keep your cannabis seeds soaked in water for around 24 hours. Usually, the seeds show their tails within this time, however, some might take up to several days. 

Let’s do it step by step:

Step 1. Just have a glass of fresh water. Don’t drink as it is for the seeds! 

Now, just put three to four cannabis seeds in it. 

Step 2. Keep in mind that the water temperature should be meeting the room temperature. Around 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit or 18 degrees Celsius is ok. Refill the water every day and also keep the temperature in range. 

Step 3. Within 2 to 5 days, you might observe some changes. Once your seeds got split to show around 3 to 5 mm of roots, you can place them in soil. 

So, within these three steps, the seedling can be prepared with this method. However, this method includes some risks as well. As cannabis seeds, once they germinated might be handled gently and appropriately. 

As the newly germinated seedlings are extremely delicate and hence, they must be carried carefully while transplanting. 

Once you have put your seedlings in the soil, you can follow the further guidelines to make your baby plants mature. Environmental factors must be maintained quite well for growing your cannabis seeds. 

Other Factors Affecting Germination of Cannabis Seeds

As said before, along with growing skills and methods there are some other factors as well, which indirectly or directly affect the growth of your cannabis seeds. 

Therefore, we will discuss them in detail so that you can maintain those factors right to make your seeds grow faster. 

  • Lighting and Temperature

Lighting is one of the most important factors.

It plays a vital role in making your baby plants mature. However, specific marijuana strains require a different amount of light. As initially, some cannabis strains require even 24 hours of lighting. While after some growth they can be shifted to 18/6 hours (18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness). 

Well, if you are growing your seeds indoors then you are dependent on artificial lighting and in that case, fluorescent lights are ideal. As it consumes less power and gives the right amount of light in the grow tent or grow space. 

As seeds germinate best in warm conditions, therefore, giving proper light to your garden becomes essential. Although outdoor growers are dependent on the sun for the lighting, therefore, they have to maintain the lighting hours of their garden accordingly to weather conditions.

Also, for outdoor growers, weather becomes an important part too. Therefore, you can grow your seeds only in favorable weather conditions, unlike indoor cultivators. 

Coming to the temperature range then it should be around 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, make sure the temperature range doesn’t fall extremely or exceeds the limit. 

  • Moisture

Moisture is the second most important factor when it comes to germinating cannabis seeds. 

From putting seeds into the growing medium to the stage when seeds have just have started germinating, moisturization is one of the crucial factors which you have to maintain. 

However, during the flowering period and vegetative state, moisture or humidity can also mess up your garden. As humid air or over moisturization gives birth to the bud rots and other issues which can affect the yield of your garden. 

Therefore, for indoor growers, dehumidifiers and other tools are available to maintain the humidity in the growing area. While outdoor cultivators need to put more effort to maintain the same. 

  • Which is best: Indoor or Outdoor

It depends!

Growing any cannabis strain in an indoor or outdoor area matters in the capability of strain to grow. As some cannabis strains require more space to grow and they also produce giant cannabis plants. Therefore, ideally, they will be grown better outdoors or in a larger space. 

On the other hand, if anyone wants to grow a cannabis plant that can fit even in their room then it will be better to get cannabis seeds that produce small to medium height plants. 

Therefore, one cannot say directly indoor growing is best or outdoor cultivation. 

It all depends on the grower and the effort put into the cultivation of seeds to get the best results. If you put effort and do things appropriately then it is sure that irrespective of grow area (indoor or outdoor) you are sure to get the best results!

Well, more factors somehow affect the growth of cannabis seeds. However, discussed are some factors that contribute directly to growing cannabis plants. Although as a professional grower, you must focus on the health of your plants. 

To make it always best, keep a regular eye on the environmental factors and those things which are affecting your garden!

Frequently Asked Questions


Should I germinate seeds before planting them?

Yes! It is always the best way to increase the chances of your success in gardening. Especially when you are cultivating weed, it becomes necessary to do that, as you don’t want to risk your time and effort. 

Does the quality of seeds affect the germination rate?

Absolutely! Even the parent genetics of the seed affects germination. Therefore, it becomes essential to have the best quality marijuana seeds before you head to be a cultivator. 

Where can I buy the best cannabis seeds?

There are many best online seed shops. You can also purchase from a cannabis shop near your home. However, make sure the quality of seeds you are buying must be of top-notch. Because it will affect the garden’s results in the future. 


There’s no rocket science or “trick” behind becoming a successful or pro-weed cultivator. Weed seeds are just like other cultivating seeds. To make them grow faster and better, you have to keep the growing factors right, which we have discussed today. 

Hopefully, now, you will be a better weed cultivator. Good luck!

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