GreenPoint Seeds Bank Review 2023

greenpoint seeds bankAre you looking for elite cannabis genetics at an affordable price?

Well, if your answer is yes, then GreenPoint Seeds has all of your favorite choices in its stock.

Based in the U.S.A, they ship worldwide from their headquarters, which is also based in the U.S.A. Their seeds are reproduced within the United States as well. 

Whatever your skills are, either new, intermediate, or expert grower, you are going to find the best quality seeds right on GreenPoint Seeds Bank and the interesting factor is a 4.8 user rating on Trustpilot.

Within the limited breeders, they have aimed to provide the top quality seeds to every marijuana buyer.

So, for an in-depth review, let’s dive into it!


GreenPoint Seeds Review

Within several points, we have mentioned here their best and worse quality services. It means you are going to know everything about GreenPoint.

Let’s get started!

#1. Seed Quality

As said earlier, GreenPoint Seeds Bank is based in the United States and they re-produced there. However, the shipping process is done by the head office which is also based in the U.S.A. Therefore, we can say that Greenpoint mainly deals with U.S growers.

They carefully choose the male and female plants for the breeding process under which they select high-quality seeds. Even they continuously improve their cannabis strain according to their customer’s demands.

Even to improve it more, they have private breeders working under them so that they can provide high-quality seeds to every customer. This is what we loved most!

Apart from this, they always increase their seed selections as they come new in the market. So, you are sure to find every strain right here.

Overall, Greenpoint Seeds have the best quality of seeds in their stock with an excellent germination rate.

#2. Strain Selection

Talking about strains, they have one of the largest seeds selection in their stock. In which regular, feminized are major strains on which they are focusing right now.

Even they are increasing their selections by providing the latest seeds from the top quality breeders. Under the regular seeds category, you are going to see a ton of seeds, which means they have a great selection experience in this field. However, the same is in the Feminized category which means they are experts in this online seeds market.

That is why Greenpoint Seeds is one of the favorite choices for marijuana growers while purchasing cannabis seeds online.

#3. Payment Options

While talking about the payment methods, there are several payment options are available for every buyer.

Let’s have a quick look at them:

  1. Cash
  2. Bitcoin or Litecoin
  3. Credit Card
  4. Debit Card
  5. PayPal (Not Recommended)

So, as you can see, there are a lot of options are available there to make your payment quickly. However, one point to that we have noticed that Greenpoint Seed Bank is providing you even PayPal option, they do not recommend it as it can be risky for the customers.
Well, you can pay them in many other ways as well.

#4. Shipping & Delivering

Well, if you talk about in the U.S.A then Greenpoint Seeds is one of the most popular and recommended seed banks online. 

This is because of its quality packaging and quick delivery time. After paying the amount, not every buyer wants to wait for a long time for his or her product. Therefore, Greenpoint Seed Bank has maintained its reputation excellently by shipping and delivering all of its orders on time.

Well, as said earlier, Greenpoint Seed Bank ships their seeds from the U.S.A headquarters, therefore, it becomes quite easy for them to deliver the product within the United States generally within 2-4 business days.

However, if we talk about the international orders, then they may take 2-3 working weeks for delivering them to your doorstep.

Well, if you want some offers and discounts, then you can check their website regularly for that. However, if you sign up for their membership then they usually give you a discount on every order.

#5. Discounts & Promotions

Well, while talking about discounts, we found gems there!

Yes, you read it right!

Greenpoint seed provides many benefits to its customers by giving them amazing offers with discounts and promotions too.

The best part:

The best part what we loved most is they always provide some discounts on their every product. However, even sometimes, they also provide huge discounts even on some premium quality seeds. 

Well, all you have to do is to wait for the right time to hit the big deal.

Want more benefits?

We got right here!

If you want to earn more from the Greenpoint Seed Bank then you can also make an account on their site and can subscribe to their mail and even can give your review. Well, as you will do this, you will get gold nuggets that will help you in getting discounts on future purchases from their store.

Isn’t it cool?

Go and earn more right now!

#6. Customer Service

Well, this time, Greenpoint Seed Bank lacks!

Honestly, we didn’t interact much with their customer support but in that small experience, we get to know everything!

They didn’t respond quickly!

Yes, the real truth is that you have to be in the queue so that you can get your problem solved. Well, if you can keep patience then you are good to go.

However, they have a very friendly way to interact with their customers which we personally loved it but they need to improve the responding time.

Well, their customer service is overall above the average. However, there is much more improvement needed.

#7. Previous Customer’s Reviews

We always consider the previous customer’s reviews to be 100% sure of our experience. As they really matter most!

Here it wins the race!

Yes, Greenpoint Seed Bank has a lot of positive reviews all over the famous forums and sites. Well, some of there are negative too but we all know everything couldn’t be perfect.

Therefore, we get to know, that previous customers are quite happy and satisfied with Green point Seeds.

Apart from this, even they have a different scheme under which they do show their reviews on every product which is quite excellent. 

With the help of that, we get to know about the seeds before we purchase them. So, we really loved it!

However, even if you check on other sites, then you are not going to disappoint there. 

Overall, there is a very huge market reputation of Greenpoint Seeds that no one can ignore.

Before buying marijuana from Greenpoint seed bank, Read the user reviews on seedfinder.

My Opinion

From giving high-quality seeds to great customer service with a huge selection of seeds, we loved the Greenpoint Seed Bank. We will definitely recommend Greenpoint Seed Bank to every marijuana lover.

Even they are always improving their seed selection and quality which is quite appreciable. However, if you have still some doubts then you can check them on forums which are full of a lot of positive lines about them.

Finally, we loved our experience of purchasing marijuana seeds from Greenpoint Seed Bank. Now, it’s your turn to tell us your views about them in the comment section.

Go and tell us now!

Happy Green Shopping!

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