How to Grow Marijuana Outdoor?

Growing weed outdoors might be fun.

If you know the required things rightly. 

As a weed garden needs good temperature, moisture, and water to thrive, you can easily manage the factors while cultivating it indoors. 

While in outdoor marijuana cultivation, you need to be dependent on external sources or natural sources. 

So, what are the things to care about while growing marijuana outdoors?

Here is everything to know. 

Just read along to know some factors which can help you grow your weed garden outdoors easily. 

Let’s get started:

How to Grow Marijuana Outdoor


What Matters When It Comes to Grow Weed Outdoors?

There are many factors. 

However, we will discuss the most important ones. That directly affects your garden somehow. 

  • Climate

It is the most crucial factor!

As climate decides whether your garden will thrive or not and as an outdoor weed grower, you must better know the climate of your area before heading to cultivation directly. 

Depending upon different weed strains, climate conditions such as air, humidity, and temperature range differ. 

Although mostly weed strains are more likely to prefer the Mediterranean climate to grow, therefore, it becomes essential to maintain a temperature range around 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit. While the below limit is 55-degree Fahrenheit.

Therefore, it becomes quite essential to start growing weed outdoors in such a region where you can get the sunlight or temperature in range. As you have to be dependent on the natural source and external factors. 

One drawback of outdoor cultivation is that you cannot control the sources according to you. 

Considering this, you have to select the marijuana strain which goes best for your grow area. It’s quite better to get suggestions from experienced farmers in your region. As they have more experience in growing that environment. 

Apart from this, moisturization and humidity are also there to affect your garden. Initially, your garden requires more humidity while during the flowering period, it can harm your garden as well. Therefore, it is essential to make them appropriate for your plants.

As molds and mildew can take place in your garden due to extra humidity. 

Additionally, maintaining the light/dark period is also necessary to make your garden grow successfully. At some locations, the sun shines for only 14 hours while some areas might get up to 16 hours of sunlight. 

Therefore, the climate becomes one of the most crucial and affecting factors in outdoor weed cultivation. 

Well, you can win from these factors if you better do research on your region’s environment and know everything related to cultivation. If you know how is your location’s environment for cultivating weed, you can select marijuana strain accordingly to get success in the garden. 

  • Space

The next important factor!

Once you are sure about the climate condition and ready to move ahead, growing weed seeds in the right area comes as the next part. 

As you will be growing cannabis outdoors, it is essential to choose such a space where your plants can get the most of lighting during its crucial stages. If you live in an area where the temperature is usually quite hot, you need to prefer a grow space where your plants can get a regular breeze. 

To make your plants thrive, regular air passage from your garden is also necessary. 

Although if your region has regular high winds then you should plant your weed seeds with protection from it. As regular high winds affect your plants. Therefore, you better need an area that is covered or fenced and can protect you from heavy wind. 

Such as a big wall or large shrubbery can make things good for you. 

Apart from this, once you are comfortable with space and ready to grow your weed seeds in that, you also need to prefer some additional factors. Such as privacy and protection from thieves. 

Even you have to be aware of your neighbors as well if they don’t mind watching and getting the smell of weed all day. 

Some grower prefers to grow at rooftops to protect it from other people’s eyes. While to protect from thieves and all, they use wire-cage or fences in their gardens. 

However, it’s totally up to you, what you want and how you want to choose the space for your garden. 

While choosing a grow area, you must also consider the factor of plant growth. Some weed plants even reach as tall as 12 feet giant tree. Therefore, after considering this, you should maintain space between plants and make grow areas accordingly. 

  • Soil

This is the base of your weed gardening. 

As you are going to put your weed seeds into it, therefore, it is a must that you plant your seeds in quality soil where appropriate nutrients are available for the seeds. 

Healthy soil for weed gardening is that which has an ecosystem of living organisms. As after maturing, the roots of the plants are going to take nutrients to survive from this soil, therefore, make sure you don’t compromise with it. 

Well, the better way to approach healthy soil for your garden is to conduct a soil test. 

A soil test will describe everything from PH levels to nutrients available in the soil, and even the composition of it. 

For example, marijuana plants grow better in the soil which is mildly acidic, therefore, if your soil has a PH less than 7 then it is a good sign. It shows that soil is acidic in nature, which will ultimately help your plants to absorb the nutrients better. 

How to Grow Weed Outdoors Effectively?

Once you are aware of these main factors and ready to make your hands dirty, then you should follow the next steps which involve parameters mainly related to cultivation. 

  • Deciding the right weed strain

Before you head to put your weed seeds into the soil, make sure you have chosen the best weed strain according to environmental conditions and grow space. 

Some weed strains generally grow up like giant trees, which require larger grow space. While some might grow and produce buds better even in limited growing areas. Therefore, it becomes necessary to be aware of the right strain type you need to grow in your garden. 

As if you will pick the right weed strain for your garden then getting success in outdoor gardening increases accordingly. 

Additionally, if you know some weed growers in your area, you can also ask for help in choosing the right variety of weed strains. 

  • Seeds Vs Clone

Both are the best!

However, it depends on the conditions and grower. 

When you go with seeds, there is a risk involved of male plants, which pop-ups after a lot of effort and time. That means you have to put in the additional effort to get rid of them by sexing the male plants with female ones. 

Well, this is not the case with clones

Additionally, if you are growing weed outdoors with seeds then you can choose feminized seeds only to completely vanish the risk of male plants.

Even if you are a newbie grower then you should prefer growing weed with feminized seeds, as it has more rate of success. Although some growers even prefer cultivation with clones to get specific genetic plants.

  • Soil 

Again, the soil is the most important factor for making your plants instantly read to produce weed buds. 

While growing outdoors, you need to select the soil with organic compounds involved. As the more nutrients, the soil has the more your plants will be happy. As soil is the major way through the plants get nutrients. 

Therefore, you must provide the nutrients and organic compounds-rich soil to your seeds. Only then they will be able to grow faster and efficiently. 

As there are different types of soil according to gardening, you can choose as per your convenience. However, a pro tip is to add some manure, worm castings, and other decomposed organic matter before putting your plants into the soil.

It will not help in gaining the soil more nutrients but will also help in drainage and aeration, which will ultimately make your plants healthy. 

However, loamy soil is one of the best soils for cultivating weed. As it is a combination of sand, silt, and clay soils, therefore, it is quite rich in organic compounds and other nutrients. Also, it is better for drainage and offers better water retention. 

  • Use some fertilizers

Cannabis plants require nutrients throughout their life cycle and if it is given well, the results will be jaw-dropping. Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium are essential components required during crucial stages of the plants. 

This is where fertilizers come into play. 

However, you must know about fertilizers and their uses for different plants type. If you are a newbie grower you are recommended to avoid this. 

Well, if you have some experience and know what your plants might need, then you can move to buy fertilizers for your garden. Nutrient solutions specifically for weed plants are the best way to provide nutrients to your weed plants. 

Although you can find several options in the market. You can start with readily available fertilizers. As you don’t need to put extra effort and they instantly release nutrients for your plants. 

Overall, if you use fertilizers in the right way then it can be a boost your garden’s growth. Remember, get to know about fertilizers and their uses before putting any random fertilizer in your plant. 

  • Other Factors

This section involves other factors which you should maintain well to get beautiful results in the garden. Such as protecting your garden, watering regularly, using dehumidifiers if needed to protect from mold, etc. 

Maintaining your weed garden is as important as growing it initially. 

Once your plants are grown enough and about to enter into a crucial state such as flowering or vegetative, you must maintain environmental factors appropriately. Even throughout the life cycle if you maintain the growing conditions good then no doubt you will be amazed by the final results.

After the flowering period, apart from temperature and all, you need to protect your plants from getting damaged from molds, mildew, and issues. As at this time, your plants will start to produce buds and you will not want to get your yield affected by any of the issues. 

So, in a nutshell, growing weed outdoors requires patience, practice, and regular care of your garden. There is no trick to get the best results in outdoor cultivation or indoor. You just need to take care of your plants and grow them with the required conditions. That’s it! 

If you do so, in the end, you will definitely get amazing results in your garden. 

Benefits of Outdoor Cultivation

The benefits of weed cultivation outdoors or indoors depending on many things like growing weed either way. 

However, let’s sum up and find which benefits you will get ultimately if you grow weed outdoors:

  • High Yield 

This is one of the major reasons for which growers opt for outdoor cultivation. As the sky is the limit for outdoor plants. As the plants will have as much space as they want to grow. The more they will grow the more yield will be. 

If you want a high yield from your garden then let them grow outdoors. 

  • Low Costs

Like indoor growers, you don’t need to spend on lighting, moisturization, dehumidifiers, etc. As in outdoor cultivation, you get it naturally! That is why outdoor cultivation is quite cost-effective and anyone can start with even a low budget. 

  • Environment Friendly

Unlike indoor gardening where you use electricity to give lighting and other equipment, outdoor cultivation involves nothing like that. Hence making the outdoor gardening environment friendly. 

Yet there are many benefits, these should be sufficient to convince a weed lover like you!

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the drawback of cultivating weed outdoors?

You have to be dependent on the seasons to grow weed. You cannot control lighting, rain, and moisturization as it comes from natural sources

Can I use fertilizers in outdoor plants?

Yes! Only if you know which fertilizer to use for your garden. If you are a newbie then don’t use before right knowledge of it. Well, you can also take the help of an experienced grower for the same.

Which marijuana strain is best to grow outdoor?

All marijuana strains are good. However, if you want a high yield in your garden then you must opt for a feminized marijuana strain. As it produces female plants and ultimately more yield.

How often you should water your plants?

It is better to water your garden every three days. However, if you reside within locations where the temperature is usually high then you can do it more frequently.

Which is best? Outdoor cultivation or Indoor?

It totally depends on the grower. Both have their own pros and cons. If you are comfortable with indoor cultivation then you should go for it. On the other hand, if you want larger yields more adventure then outdoor cultivation is best for you.


Indoor and outdoor cultivation is available for a grower to opt for accordingly. As per convenience, one can opt for either of the ways to cultivate something. However, we discussed outdoor cultivation this time and we found multiple benefits of it along with some useful points which can be used to increase the results in outdoor weed cultivation. 

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