How Long Do Marijuana Seeds Last?

Are you planning to grow weed seeds?

If yes, then the very first step for growing marijuana requires having the right quality of seeds. 

Although there might be some best seed stores that can make you access that. However, it is essential to know for how much time the seeds will remain of the best quality. 

To be honest, it is as important to know as reading a grow guide for beginners. 

Because knowing that for how much marijuana seeds can last will ultimately help you in choosing the weed seeds of fresher and better quality. 


In addition to that, you will not be fooled by the stores with ‘stock clearance’ kind of sales. 

So, if you want to know about marijuana seed’s quality and how long do, they last, just read along to know everything. 

How Long Do Weed Seeds Last in Ideal Conditions?

It depends upon the care and maintenance of the grower. 

However, if you still want me to give you an approximate measure then ideally the seeds can be stored in better quality for up to six months. 

Even it can last for up to half a decade too. Again, it depends upon the storage skills and conditions that you provide.  

Keep in mind that as the weed seed gets older, its germination rate decreases accordingly. Therefore, it is also necessary for the grower to use the seed as immediately as possible to get the most out of it.

If you protect your seeds from air, humidity, and extra heat or temperature then surely, they can last for a longer time. Ideal conditions of storing weed seeds include keeping seeds at room temperature, protecting them from the air, moisture, and other issues. 

Factors Affecting Seed Quality’s Lasting Time 

There are many factors when it comes to maintaining seed quality for a longer time. Starting from the store where you buy your seeds, if the store has sent the seeds in a well-packed manner without any damage then the chances are high that it will last longer with the same quality. 

However, on the other hand, when the seed package comes to the grower’s hand then it becomes his responsibility to make sure seeds are not affected by some major factors in case of preserving them for a longer time. 

#1. Heat or Temperature

Even for growing weed, the temperature is one of the crucial factors. 

However, when it comes to storing seeds then the temperature range must be maintained well. The cooler the location of storage is the better it will preserve seeds until your seeds don’t get freeze. 

The ideal temperature range of the storage location must be around 40-degree Fahrenheit to 45-degree Fahrenheit. (Approximately 6 to 8 degrees Celsius) 

High temperature degrades the lifespan of weed seeds and hence you must make sure that the temperature of the location where you store seeds doesn’t exceed the limit. 

#2. Humidity 

Humidity triggers the seeds to germinate

Hence while storing weed seeds for a longer time, you are supposed to keep the humidity level in control. That is why a dry location is preferred ideally. 

As humidity makes the seed sprout and spread its root out, therefore, the humidity level should be around 5%. You cannot allow the moisture level to exceed because it might lead to the germination of seeds

#3. Light

Light triggers your seeds to grow just like other factors. 

Hence make sure you avoid your seeds from the direct sunlight. Moreover, direct lighting can damage the outer layer of your weed seeds. Therefore, to keep the marijuana seeds preserved for a longer period in the same quality, one needs to protect them from the lighting as well. In short, keep your seeds in a darker place.

How to Know if Weed Seeds are Healthy?

There are several ways to check the quality of weed seeds. However, you can check from these factors, which are more likely to tell the quality of seeds with a closer approach. 

#1. Color

The dark color of weed seeds indicates better quality. 

Especially the brown shade. 

However, some seeds even might differ in color. Apart from this, viable weed seeds have strips or patches as well. 

Although white or green colored weed seeds are more likely to be immature. 

#2. Outer shell

The outer shell of the seed tells a lot about the quality. 

Generally, a harder shell with a waxy coating is of better quality. Whereas the seeds which can easily get squeezed or cracked with your fingers then most probably they are not of good quality.

Ideal Way to Store Marijuana Seeds

Storing of weed depends upon the grower’s preference. Although storing weed seeds in a better manner is the first step towards maintaining the quality. 

Therefore, let’s have a look at how can they be stored in some of the ideal ways. As it will help you maintain the quality of weed seeds for a longer time. However, these are some ideal ways to store your weed seeds:

#1. Mylar Bags

These vacuum-sealed bags can store weed seeds even for up to 5 years.  These sealed bags help in conserving the seed quality because of avoiding the factors which affect the potency of seeds such as air, heat, and humidity. Hence making them viable for a longer time. That is why they can be an ideal way to store weed seeds. 

Well, if you are refrigerating weed seeds this time, Mylar Bags can be one of the best options to do so. 

#2. Glass Jars

It is one of the most preferred storing options around the globe. 

Glass jars not only store your weed seeds in the best manner but also protects them from heat, humidity, air, and other factors, like mylar bags. Although we will be discussing environmental factors further. 

Glass jars are airtight storage tools that help to keep your weed seeds viable for a very long time in their original quality. 

#3. Envelops

It is an old-school type of storing weed seeds. 

Still, it is used widely across the globe to store marijuana seeds. Even it also helps in protecting from the affecting environmental factors. 

Although it is not an ideal solution for long-term storage, still, it can help you conserve the quality of weed seeds for a couple of months. 

Well, there are many ways through which you can store marijuana seeds.

Frequently Asked Questions 


#1. How to know if a seed is healthy?

You can observe their color and appearance. Greener and white seeds are generally immature. Moreover, the seed having holes anywhere is more likely to be damaged. Make sure to avoid them. Weed seeds with shades of brown and sturdy outer shells are healthy. 

#2.  How long do marijuana seeds last before they go non-viable?

Marijuana seeds last for a few months with the highest quality if they are stored under low temperatures. However, if you keep them in ideal condition, they can even last for up to years.

#3. Can I store seeds in the freezer?

Yes, you can store weed seeds in a freezer. As to sustain them for a longer period, low temperature is better. However, make sure the seeds don’t get freeze completely as well.

#4. Are cracked marijuana seeds good?

No! not at all. Seeds with holes or cracks are not good and more likely to be affected by bacteria or rot.

#5. Where can I store weed seeds for their long life?

There are many storage options. You can store them in glass jars and other storage tools as well. However, make sure you have maintained the storage environmental conditions too. 

#6. From where can you get marijuana seeds of the best quality?

You can get marijuana seeds from physical stores and online seed banks as well. You can choose at your convenience. You can also read our guide on how to buy weed seeds online here!

#7. In which medium marijuana seeds grow best?

It completely depends upon the variety of strains you are growing. Although mostly weed seeds are better grown in soil. Although you can also prefer hydroponics and other growing mediums as well.

#8. Will the cracked marijuana seed ever grows?

Cracked or damaged marijuana seeds are generally not healthy. They are no likely to germinate as well.

#9. What is the ideal temperature range for storing seeds?

Around 8 to 10 degrees Celsius is the perfect temperature range for storing weed seeds. Make sure the temperature range does not exceed.

#10. Can I store weed seeds in the envelope?

This is not an ideal storage option but still, you can use it. However, glass jars are a better option than that. 

How Long do Marijuana Seeds Last: Final Thoughts? 

Storing seeds give you coverage over multiple varieties of weed strains, which you can germinate whenever you want. However, storing seeds for a longer time requires care and environmental conditions to be maintained as well. 

Finally, now, you are aware of the time that a seed can be viable to be germinated. Moreover, the environmental conditions and other factors are known to you as well. Now, it’s up to you, just start your storage journey and let us also know, how is all going?

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