How Long Does It Take to Grow Weed?

Growing weed is fun and worth the given time and effort.

However, as a grower, you might have a question that how much time a weed plant needs to grow completely?

Well, in short, we can say that around some weeks are enough for a weed strain to grow.

Though there are many factors to consider before we can estimate the time for growing weed. Therefore, if you are planning to grow weed this time and want to know how long does it takes? Then you are at the perfect place!

Just read along to know everything about the estimated time to grow weed and factors affecting your gardening. 

Let’s get started:

Average Time to Grow Cannabis

Around 8 to 28 weeks. 

This is the average time that a weed plant needs to grow at full potential. 

However, the growth of a weed plant depends on many factors. Even apart from the environmental factor, there are still some more things that affect the time of weed growth. 

Such as growing weed from clones or seeds, indoors or outdoors, strain type, etc., are some basic yet major factors that ultimately affect the grow time of your weed plant. 

Still, it is estimated that your weed garden should grow within two to five months maximum. Depending upon the strain you chose and the growing medium, most of the weed plants grow within this average period.

If we break down more, we get a time of one week for the germination of seeds. Maximum seven days are enough for weed seeds to spread their roots and pop up. 

Next, is the vegetative state which starts after three weeks in a rapid case. However, this stage of your garden can also take the time up to eight weeks. Again, it depends upon several factors. 

Although if you are fortunate enough and doing everything fine, you will be able to make your plants reach to flowering stage within five weeks. Though it can also extend similar to a vegetative state.

The flowering stage is crucial as in this stage your plant becomes productive and produces buds.

Even after harvesting, you need to follow the drying, curing, and storing process which can take a few weeks more before you can head to smoke it.

Summing up the total time, from a seed to the bud in your bowl, around three to five months is quite average and must for a plant to grow to the full extent. 

Well, as said before, different strain types, growing method, the medium also affects the taken time, so, let’s find out how these factors can make you wait for your buds. 

Average Time for Sativa Weed Plants

Sativa weed strain is not as popular as Indica. 

Sativa weed plants require handling skills and patience for the results. 

That is why it is a pro grower’s choice!

Sativa weed plants are generally taller and hence grown outdoors. Thanks to their heights, up to 15 feet. 

Moreover, Sativa weed plants take more time for reaching to flowering stage (around 12 weeks), and therefore, it requires a grower with more skills as well as more patience!

Apart from this, some Sativa strains are low-yielders. 

However, due to the effects of Sativa genetics which is more likely to be uplifting, cerebral high, and motivating, these are used for medicinal purposes as well. 

Overall, if you are growing Sativa weed plants in your garden then it is more likely that you have to wait for more time comparing to the Indica strain. Though by managing other factors, you can get results within less time too. 

Average Time for Indica Weed Plants

Indica strains are rapid genetics. 

They grow faster. 

Moreover, Indica dominant strain produces a higher yield as well. This is why nowadays growers opt for buying Indica dominant weed strain only. 

Unlike Sativa, Indica dominant weed strains have a shorter flowering period. They take only around six to ten weeks maximum. 

Ideal for indoor growers, Indica strains have generally short and compact heights. Therefore, these plants can be easily managed in less grow space. Even in grow tents as well. 

With higher yield, short grow time, and compact size, modern-day growers and beginner weed cultivators opt for growing Indica weed strains. If you are just starting your weed cultivation journey then no doubt Indica strains are best to go with. 

Average Time for Hybrid Weed Plants

As hybrid weed plants have genetics from both Indica and Sativa, therefore, they also possess the characteristics of parent genetics. 

Hybrid genetic weed plants have shorter flowering periods like Indica strains. While they stretch more in a vegetative state like Sativa. Like Indica strains, hybrid is also quite popular. That is why these weed strains remain in demand in the market. 

With a shorter flowering period of six to ten weeks and a high yield, hybrid strains are ideal options for new growers out there. 

Other Factors Affecting Growth of Weed Plants

Apart from the strain type and genetic influence, there are some other factors as well, which can be controlled by the grower’s end for higher output and faster growth of the plants. So, let’s dig out deep and find out how they affect the growth of weed plants:

  • Grow Conditions

This factor directly affects the growth of your garden. 

That means if you provide good environmental conditions to your weed plants, they are more likely to grow in less time. However, on the other hand, if you are not making your plants reach the conditions they like, you are going to wait for a longer time for the results. 

Always keep the temperature, humidity, and nutrients in control and under the range. 

These are some crucial growth-affecting environmental conditions, which you must need to take care of. 

Well, if you are growing weed plants in grow-tents or indoors then most probably, controlling these factors will be easier for you. As you can easily do it for a closed space, unlike outdoor gardening. Where you are dependent on natural sources. 

To make your weed plant grow faster, growth conditions are must be maintained well. 

Let’s dig out deeper into growth conditions and know which are the crucial factors even in that:

  • Temperature

It is the most important growth factor. 

Usually, you have to maintain the grow-room temperature around the rooms. 

However, you can also take it down or up accordingly to a certain limit. The average range of temperature for growing weed indoors is around 55 degrees to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Below the limits or exceeding the limit can be harmful to your garden. 

  • Humidity

It is more harmful to your garden if not controlled well. 

Especially during the flowering and vegetative stage of your plant. 

Extra humidity can lead to bud rot and other issues which can ultimately decline the yield. Moreover, extra humidity leads to a decline in the growth of the plant as well. Because with moisture, many new fungal issues get homes on your plants!

Humidity levels can be adjusted within the growth stages and time. Although the maximum humidity level is 50% and it should stay below that. Well, you are recommended to adjust the humidity level of your garden accordingly. 

  • Nutrients

Nutrients make your plant grow vertically and horizontally as well. 

A well-nourished grow medium can help you achieve your gardening goals faster. While lack of nutrients in your garden can make you wait for more time to get the desired results. 

Well, in the market, nowadays many popular nutrient solutions and fertilizers are available. However, you are recommended to research before putting any fertilizer into your garden. 

How to Fasten the Growth of Weed Plants?

Now, you know the factors affecting weed plant’s growth. 

So, you might be wondering if you can fasten the process up?

Well, it is possible. 

To fasten up the process you can either take ideal steps from the very starting, which is not an ideal option though. However, on the other hand, you can make controllable factors ideal for your garden to rapidly up things. 

Now, that sounds like something helpful!

Well, there are many things to consider and put on the ideal path. 

One of them is to choose a fast-finishing weed strain. This version of weed strain finishes faster and thus grows instantly. 

While if you are unlucky not to have such strain then you can manipulate the lighting of your garden during the vegetative and flowering stage. 

These are mainly two stages when your plant takes the most of the sources and time to develop something fruitful. 

You can give your plants a few hours of lighting every day during the flowering period. This will ultimately fasten the growth process helping your plants to be mature rapidly. 

Apart from this, some experts also believe that providing 24 hours of lighting to your garden during the vegetative stage makes the plant grow faster. 

Overall, growing weed indoors gives you control over environmental factors and other things. While in outdoor cultivation, you cannot control the majority of things. That is why indoor weed plants can grow faster. While outdoor might need more time as they are dependent on other factors more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. What are different growing weed stages?

Mainly 5 different stages come 1. Seedling 2. Vegetative Stage. 3. Flowering Stage. 4. Harvesting and 5. Drying and curing. However, combining all the different stages in weed cultivation, you might have to wait for around three to five months. 

#2. How long does it take to grow weed?

Between 8 to 28 weeks are sufficient for a weed strain to grow to the full extent. However, depending upon the strain type and other factors, this time can vary as well. 

#3. Is curing necessary?

Curing is after-process harvesting. It is done so to make sure your weed buds last for a longer time. Without drying and curing, you might run out of stock of quality buds. You can read our curing guide here. 

#4. How I can grow weed plants faster?

You can maintain the growth conditions and other controllable factors to fasten up the process of weed plant growth. Well, the ultimate tip is to take care of your garden and it will show you results accordingly. 

#5. Can grow light fasten the growth process of weed plants?

Not individually but still it can impact the growth. However, with the adjustment in the light/dark period of your garden, you can definitely have favorable results. 

#6. What is the ideal range of temperature and humidity?

Generally, the temperature should be between 55-85 degrees Fahrenheit. While the humidity of the growing area should be between 50% to 70%. Keep in mind that during certain stages of the plant, you need to keep the humidity low as well. 

#7. What is the best way to grow marijuana? Indoor or Outdoor?

It completely depends on you and your growing skills. If you know how to grow weed efficiently inside your closet then you are good to go for indoor gardening. Similarly, goes for the outdoor growers. Therefore, irrespective of the grow medium, area, and all, you need to focus on your knowledge and skills for growing marijuana. 

#8. Which weed does genetics produce high THC?

THC is one of the cannabinoid types which is more likely to be produced by the female Indica and hybrid weed plants. Keep in mind that only female plants produce buds hence they are quite popular. 

#9. Does hydroponics give you a higher yield?

It might! Although depending upon conditions you can achieve higher yields irrespective of the growing mediums. Still, sometimes, hydroponics is the ideal way and they do result in higher yield as well. 

#10. What does a weed plant need to thrive?

Light, nutrients, and water. In short, these three are the factors on which the growth of weed plants depends the most. However, there are many other factors as well. 


Now, you know how long does it take to grow weed. Therefore, this time when you will be growing weed, you will be having a clear idea that what you need to take the most care of. We have discussed various things that affect the growth time of the weed plants. You can control certain factors to achieve your gardening goals faster. 

Well, now, it’s time to imply all the info you have got from here. Go and experiment. You can also tell us your story if you want to!

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