How Much Do Weed Seeds Cost?

Just 5 to 10 dollars. 

Yes, some seed banks have as little price as 10$ for weed seeds. 

Keep in mind that we are not talking about the quality of it. Only price!

Even there are some weed seeds which even cost around $100. 

So, depending upon the price-quality of weed seed might vary. But, have you ever thought about what makes these weed seeds costly or cheap?

Don’t worry! We will help you to know that. 

Indeed, producing weed seeds is not an easy task. Apart from a lot of funds, you need to put effort into maintaining a large garden where you can grow weed plants. 

Moreover, there are many things after producing weed seeds to make it reach the other growers in the world. 

Therefore, in this guide, we will discuss everything affecting the price of weed seeds and ultimately how much do weed seeds cost?

So, let’s get started:

How Much Do Weed Seeds Cost

Main Factors Affecting Weed Seeds Cost

First of all, let’s have a look at the major factors that affect the pricing of weed seeds.

1. Production Cost

This includes all of the expenses at the company or producer’s end. From growing equipment, to selling them through a medium every expense is bearable by the company. Overall, it includes how much it has cost in producing weed seeds completely. 

2. Legal Concerns

In producing weed seeds, there is a lot of risks.

This is because growing cannabis plants for any reason is not worldwide legal and hence in many countries, it remains illegal to produce weed plants irrespective of the purpose. Therefore, breeders and producers have to take risks and take care of legal concerns as well.

3. Strain Quality

Producing the always best genetics of weed plants is not an easy task. 

You need to breed from a best quality parent strain which costs a heavy amount to the producers. Also, they have to deal in bulk. 

Therefore, the better strain quality you purchase the more price increases. 

4. THC and CBD Content

Most of the weed revolves around THC concentration

THC is the main component that makes people high. 

That is why the more THC content you will be looking at in a weed strain the more you might have to pay the price. 

Apart from this, for medical weed enthusiasts as well, CBD concentration is the most required component in an ideal medical strain. Therefore, to develop or produce such weed strain cost of weed seeds increases accordingly. 

5. Selling to different locations

This is something that very few people know. 

You might have noticed that some seed banks provide free shipping. This is true and real for the buyer’s end. Though there’s always someone who pays for the shipping. Hence, to cover that expense, the company needs to adjust the price accordingly. 

Moreover, some locations are quite risky to sell seeds. This results in the loss of seeds during transit. Even sometimes customs interrupt as well. However, if the company re-ships the new package then they also get a loss of one package of seeds in their stock and they have to recover that amount. 

6. General Factors

This includes some general or miscellaneous factors which vary or get adjusted according to time. 

Like variation in demand and supply can affect the price of weed seeds. Moreover, when the company has done huge marketing for themselves then it can lead to an effect on the cost of weed seeds as well. 

7. Additional Factors

This includes the all-extra factors which can affect the price of weed seeds. 

It can be some additional services by the seed bank, priority shipping, or anything else. 

Hence considering all of the factors above the cost of weed seeds vary. Therefore, you need to get the right source of weed seeds to get the most out of your investment. 

Let’s find out by taking care of which things you can get the best seed bank for yourself.

How to Find Quality and Affordable Seed Bank?

So, now, you know what affects the price of weed seeds. Now, you might want to know how you can escape those factors to get attractive deals. Isn’t it?

What if I say you can get as affordable weed seeds as you want?

Sounds interesting!

Let’s move in:

1. Research is Necessary

See, you also have to put some effort into giving yourself an affordable deal. 

Therefore, do some homework before you buy weed seeds online!

Get to know how much do weed seeds cost at different online seed stores. Check their online reputation. Read reviews. Go through articles.

Also, check some popular review sites such as Trustpilot and others. 

When you have finally planned to buy your weed seeds through a store make sure you have had a backup of knowledge and all the things prepared up. 

2. Looking for Discounts and Reward Programs

Nowadays every seed bank gives discounts!

However, some might even give up to 50% regular discounts while some might give only 10%. 

This is one of the best ways to get affordable and cheaper deals without compromising on quality. Moreover, during the sales or seasonal stock clearance discounts can be more though. 

Apart from this, you also need to check some reward programs in these stores. Many stores provide loyalty points under which they give special treatment to the regular buyers. Even some seed banks can give you free premium seeds as well. 

Although you have to find that perfect place where you can get these rewards. Well, you can also put this section under your research task. 

Reward programs and loyalty points give you some additional perks and benefits which are worth some dollars. At least, you can definitely get some discounts with that. 

3. Comparing Prices

Compare the prices at different seed banks. 

Check out the strain price for which you are looking to buy. You can also prefer to looking for some additional benefits along with the price. Such as free delivery, guaranteed germination rate, and more. 

This will ultimately help you to choose a deal that is the most beneficial for you. 

For example, if you have bought some weed seeds which is not up to your expectation or didn’t germinate then if you have the germination guarantee from the seed bank then you can get a free pack of seeds again without any additional charges. 

Now, this kind of deal will ultimately be worth the investment.

4. Avoid Middle Sellers

Middle sellers are those sellers who buy seeds from other seed banks and then they sell at their own price to you. 

This makes the weed seeds cost higher. 

Hence, you need to avoid these “middlemen” and directly buy from the seed banks. This will also cut the cost to some extent. 

Even if you will be buying weed seeds directly from the seed banks then they can also give you some heavy discounts on the bulk orders. 

In addition to that, you can also dig out their fresher stock of seeds. This will make you have weed seeds that have the highest quality. 

5. Take Help of Your Weeder Friend

There’s no better marketing than word of mouth. 

You can also take the help of your weeder friend to get recommendations. Ask them if they know some quality breeders and sellers. 

Even they can also help you know which seed quality can range under which price range. 

Don’t worry! If you don’t have weed-loving friends. 

You can read articles on the web and reviews. You can also check out our expert reviews as well. 

How to Identify Best Seed Bank?

Well, till, here, you know how you can get the most out of your investment also how much do weed seeds cost and what affects the price.

Although if you are buying weed seeds from an online store or breeder then you need to make a checklist. You have to look out for certain things that can land you on the best seed store. 

To help you out, here are some experienced buyers’ points to keep in mind while looking for the best seed bank:

1. Check Reputation

Let’s be honest here:

In the online world, some seed banks are a fraud! 

You have to be aware of them. 

To identify which seed bank is legit, you need to check the market reputation. Read “genuine” customers’ reviews on Trustpilot. 

A pro way to check out the reputation, you can also look for if the seed bank or company has replied to the queries of their buyers on the website or forums. 

You will notice that a reputed seed bank will have more happy and satisfied customers. 

Prefer this while choosing your seed store next time.

2. Services

The second most important factor while choosing the best seed bank. 

Check out if the seed bank is providing you right services. Such as customer service is good or not. You just have to check the reviews for that. 

Just in case if you have a bad purchase and want to return to the company then customer service matters the most. If the company has good customer service, then you will have a hassle-free experience. While in contrast, you might be frustrated with the same.

Therefore, checking the services of a seed bank is what makes you have a better buying experience. 

3. Shipping and Delivery Time

Irrespective of your location, shipping and delivery time also matters the most. 

Because as a grower you don’t want to wait for months just to get your weed seeds. 

Therefore, check out a seed bank that can provide you better shipping services and delivery time. Although nowadays seed banks provide worldwide shipping, still, you can check out once if it can deliver your seeds to your doorstep. 

4. Price

Generally, non-reputed and “scammy” seed banks have higher prices. Because they just want to hunt your money!

However, a genuine and legit store will have a reasonable price for the strain. Though premium weed strain can be costly, which is perfectly fine. 

You can also check other seed banks if they have approximately the same range of price for the strain you are looking for. This will make you double sure!

Well, we often recommend our readers to prefer quality over price. And, even to you too, we will recommend following that. 

If you get a quality strain at a cost that might be pricey but worth the cost then you should not re-think about it to buy. Because that can give you ultimate benefits in your garden, which is a grower’s final goal!

5. Your Own Preferences

This section is for your own preferences.

You can add what you must need in a seed store according to your choice. It can be fast shipping, a reward program, or multiple weed strains. 

So, overall, these are the factors that you can look for in an ideal seed bank. 

Related Questions

#1. What are the best weed strains to buy?

There is a lot of weed strain with which you can start your cultivation journey with. White Widow, Blueberry, Super Skunk, and AK-47 are the ever-green and popular weed strains from which you can start your weed journey.

#2. Are cheaper marijuana seeds best?

Not at all! When you are buying weed seeds from a reputed store during the sale then you can have quality seeds at a cheaper price, which is somewhat a good deal. However, if you are buying from a random source just for a cheaper price then that is not a good choice.

#3. How to get the best weed seeds online?

You need to research and find the best breeder or seller. You can read our guide too, for the same! Click here.

How Much Do Weed Seeds Cost: Final Word

Finally, now, you know how much weed seeds cost at different seed stores with different facilities and services. 

Well, as you are now aware of the factors which can affect the cost, you can easily escape them by following this guide.

So, now, it is your turn. Go and check out all the mentioned factors and features in your ideal seed bank from the web.

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