How to Build DIY Marijuana Grow Box at Home

Do you want to grow weed?

Also, you don’t want to spend any amount on the market grow tents?

Well, you can do that easily.

With the help of DIY marijuana grow box!

Here’s how:

We will explain to you in simple steps that how you can prepare your own DIY marijuana grow box and can get a perfect weed garden without a huge investment. Well, it is easy and fun. 

So, let’s get started:

How to Build DIY Marijuana Grow Box at Home

DIY Marijuana Grow Box Guide 101: What is it?

First thing first, a grow box is usually the space where you grow your marijuana.

When you make your own grow box or space in your room or wherever, you make sure to make the grow box an ideal place for your weed plants. You take care of ventilation, temperature, water drainage, and many more factors. 

Though we will discuss those factors in detail later on. 

To make DIY marijuana grow box at home, you need some essential materials, which we will discuss further. However, before that make sure what to take care of while making grow box. 

Why build a DIY grow tent in 2023?

Because it’s way more convenient and fun than the usual way!

Moreover, it’s the cheaper option to get a weed garden. 

Well, apart from these reasons, the major reason can be creative too. Building something on your own, managing it, and then gardening, watching weed plants growing is something that excites the most. 

Additionally, you will get the ultimate product from your DIY garden which will be worth the invested time and hard work. 

Apart from all of this, some growers might not have the grow space in their home or a wide backyard where they can plant something. This is where the DIY grow tents come into play! 

As the size and everything are in your control, you can make it as big or small as you want, depending upon the space you have. 

Summing up all the benefits, you will get something new to learn, do, and produce in your limited grow area. No doubt, building a DIY grow tent is 100% fun. While the ultimate benefits will be in your hand!

Building your own grow box: Things to take care of

Usually when growers could not find an apt space or when they don’t have a backyard for gardening, they opt for making their own marijuana grow box. As it can even fit in your wardrobe! (depending upon the dimensions you make)

However, before we move to the step-by-step guide on how you can make one for yourself, you need to know some factors to take care of the most. 

These are things that can make your hard work either successful or waste. Hence, make sure to write out these factors or keep them in mind while making DIY marijuana grow box. 

1. Lighting

Light is everything for your weed plant. 

Therefore, you have to ensure your grow box will have enough lighting. 

LED lights are the best options because of their efficiency and better heat management. Moreover, they are cost-effective too when it comes to electricity consumption. 

However, in the market, you can also find HPS, HID, and more lighting options. 


We recommend you not to opt for HID lights because of their external ballast. And, as you are making a limited space grow box, therefore, it will not be practical to add things that cover more space. 

Therefore, you have to make sure that your DIY marijuana grow box have appropriate 

2. Air

Your weed plants need proper ventilation.

Not only for photosynthesis but also for the heat management that will be produced by the lighting in the grow area. Moreover, proper ventilation also keeps the smell away. 

For heat management, you can install an exhaust fan or a fan at the top of your grow box. Which will throw out the air from the grow box and ensure proper air circulation. 

You can also add another fan to your canopy depending upon the situation. It completely depends on you that how much you want to put effort into each factor. 

3. Temperature

This is another crucial factor to take care of. 

As weed plants need the right amount of heat and temperature to grow, therefore, you have to ensure that along with lighting and ventilation, your grow space has maintained the required temperature. 

Also, during different climate conditions, you have to ensure your grow space has the appropriate temperature for the plants. 

4. Size of grow box

The size of grow box might vary depending upon the requirement you will have. Also, it depends upon the space you have available and how many weed plants you want to grow in it. Usually, beginners or hobby growers make 1x1m grow tents. 

Though we recommend you make your grow box tall and large enough so that your plants can spread comfortably after maturing. Around 1.5m to 2m in height is good enough. 

Overall, it all depends upon you! How much you want from your grow box and hence how you want to build it. 

5. Waterproofing

Make sure to consider this factor while choosing the framing material and covering material for your grow box. As you know, your weed plants need regular water and nutrients. Therefore, make sure your grow box is waterproof and does not spoil with even splash or spills. 

Though in the market, you can easily get the one that is completely safe from water and ideal for the growing space. 

Things you need to prepare before making a marijuana box at home

Now, you know what are the things to take care of while making marijuana grow box at home. 

Well, before we can move to the main guide, make sure you have arranged or prepared these things so that you can easily follow the guide without any interruptions. 

1. PVC

PVC pipes will help you make the frame of your grow box. 19mm PVC pipes are strong enough to make you get the most out of your grow box. 

  1. 16x straight pipes for the base and vertical of your grow box. The length might be according to your choice depending upon how large you want your tent to be
  2. 8x 90-degree corner fittings
  3. 4x t-fittings
  4. 1x cross fittings

2. Aluminum and Black Foil

Any shiny foil or aluminum foil will do the work for the interiors of your grow box. Even Panda film can do your job better. Use the reflector side for the interiors while the black side for the outside part of your grow box. 

3. Lights and Fans

Once you have the essentials for your grow box. Now, it’s time to arrange the things which will be needed for the gardening. 

For the best output and results, LED grow lights are the best option. Though there are many other options too. Depending upon your budget and requirement, you can prefer either. 

After getting apt grow light, get a fan. This will not only help to prevent the odor of your plants but will also help in the circulation of air, which is a healthier sign for the garden. 

So, have you got them all?

Well done!

Keep hand saw, duct tape, and Velcro handy as you might need these tools. 

Finally! Now, you are ready to make your own weed grow box. 

How to build DIY marijuana grow box at home?

Enough for the theories, now, it’s time to do practical!

Here’s the step-by-step guide on making DIY marijuana grow box. 

Step 1. Making Frame

First of all, you need to build the frame of your grow box. Therefore, you might need 16 pieces of pipes. In which, 8 will be used for the roof of your tent, 4 for the base, and 4 for the verticals. Make sure to make the verticals at least 1.5 meters long. 

Doesn’t matter you are doing it for the first time or again, you can take the measurements twice to ensure everything is going right. 

Irrespective of the size you are making, you will definitely need these numbers of pipes to make even a frame for just one single weed plant. 

After getting the appropriate size, assemble the frame using fittings. Also, make sure to make the middle of your roof extra stable, which will help to hold the fans, lights, etc.

Step 2. Covers

Now, it’s time to use the aluminum foil. You can use any shiny film for the interior of your box. 

Cover your tent twice, interiorly and exteriorly. 

As the interior part will contain plants and they need lighting, hence, you need to wrap three sides of your box with it. While the fourth side will be for opening. 

For the exterior part, you can use black film. After covering the roof with another piece of film, you can observe by yourself if your grow box is now looking similar to a grow tent. 

Find light leaks by looking from the inside of the box. Repair if there is any with the help of duct tape. 

Once you are done making the interior and exterior as said before, now, you can move to the final step. Making the opening of grow box. Cut another piece of the film accordingly to cover the space. Secure it to the roof of your tent and the PVC frame on the side and bottom using duct tape and Velcro. 

Step 3. Putting essentials

Now, as you are done with the making of your grow box. You can put the required things in it. Install the grow lights that you have bought. Take out the power cord accordingly and use duct tape if there is any light leakage. 

Similarly, install the fans accordingly. 

Once you have done the things correctly now, it’s time to make your hard work successful and grow weed!

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. How large should my grow tent be?

It depends on how much weed plant you want to grow. Also, the larger the grow box the more you harvest as the more you will be able to grow. 

#2. Which grow light is best for an indoor grow box?

LEDs are the best option. As they are energy efficient and they work great. Also, their cost is affordable. Though HID lights are a cheaper option they consume more power and need to be replaced after a specific time. 

#3. Is a fan necessary for my grow box?

Yes! A fan not only circulates air in the entire grow box but also keeps the odor of gardening away. However, you can keep the quantity accordingly. If you have a large grow area then you have to use two or three fans. However, if you are growing two or three weed plants, one fan will be enough. 

#4. Which grow box size should I prefer as a beginner grower?

You can start with even a 1x1m size. However, depending upon how many weed plants you want to grow, you can build according to that. Though you must keep your grow box tall enough 1.5m to 2m. So that, your mature plants can stay easily. 

#5. Is an exhaust fan needed for marijuana grow box?

Yes! The exhaust fan maintains the airflow in the growing area. Moreover, it throws out the odor. Therefore, depending upon the growing area you have you can use an exhaust fan in the grow box. 

Now Grow for It!

It’s time to do things by yourself! 

As now you know the procedure and step-by-step guide, you can now build your own DIY marijuana grow box and get the desired weed garden. 

Share your experience with us!

Happy making!

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