How to Care Marijuana Seedlings

A marijuana seedling is as sensitive as a newborn baby.

Hence, they must have to care well.

If you have ever been a marijuana grower then you must come across different growth stages of your garden. Also, to the marijuana seedling stage where you might have cared your seedlings to the best. 

Though if you don’t know anything about how to take care of marijuana seedlings and what to do with those baby plants so that they can result in bushy mature cannabis trees later on then you have come to the right place.

Just read along to know everything about marijuana seedlings, how to care, and what are dos and don’ts are.

Let’s get started:

Marijuana Seedlings

What exactly is a marijuana seedling?

For those who just have read this term today and the newbie growers out there, cannabis seedling is the initial growth stage of the marijuana plant. 

Basically, when a tiny plant comes out of the soil after breaking the seed shell, that is what is exactly referred to as marijuana seedling. 

Apart from this, a seedling is quite fragile and hence needs to be maintained and cared for well while transplanting to a different growing medium. 

Moreover, if you want your cannabis seedling to grow out as a mature cannabis tree that can produce tasty and heavy buds then you have to take the right steps of gardening from the seedling stage of your garden.

Don’t worry! If you are just stepping into the weed gardening world! We are here to help you out.

Just follow the guide below on how to take care of marijuana seedlings to get the most out of them. 

Marijuana Seedling Guide 101: Be A Pro Grower

We will head to the main guide however, before that, you must have those points in your mind that how can you differentiate between a healthier marijuana seedling and an unhealthy one. 

In simpler words, you must know if you are doing everything right with your weed plants!

Signs of Healthy Weed Seedling

A healthy marijuana seedling will have two round leaves (cotyledons) and the actual cannabis leaf will start growing from the middle of that. Even though the cotyledons are formed inside the seed however they show up only when the seed sprouts within a few days. 

If everything goes right, you will be able to observe those familiar weed leaves on your plant within a few weeks after that. 

Common Issues with Marijuana Seedlings

As now you are aware of the signs that are found in a healthy seedling, let’s get to know some common seedling issues that generally growers come up with. 

Relax! You will get the solution too. 

  • Overwatering

Overwatering is one of the most common issues with the initial gardening stages. 

Maybe this can be due to the grower’s overexcitement to pull out the plant from seeds! 

Well, whatever the reason is, overwatering can cause damage to your plants, and therefore, in long term, it can also affect the productivity of your garden. 

Hence it needed to be avoided and somehow if your seedling shows symptoms of overwatering make sure you take the necessary steps.


The most common symptom is droopy seedling. The growing medium will be moist most of the time. Another symptom is damping off. 


The cause of overwatering can be either a larger grow medium with a small seedling or can be a more frequent watering habit. However, the best solution for overwatering issues with the seedling is to make sure that the growing medium is dried within at least one inch deep. You can check with your finger before watering your plant. 

Additionally, you can put your seedling in the growing medium according to the size. Most probably your seedling will better thrive in a small pot. 

Apart from all of these, if still, the issue is there then the problem can be with your watering frequency. Try to reduce the watering schedule or implement that trick of checking out the growing medium if it is dried before putting water in it. 

  • Underwatering

This is the second most common issue with the young weed plants that usually growers report.

However, as the issue is mainly with the watering part, therefore, it is quite easier to make your plant recover from them. 

Well, this issue occurs mostly with those growers who are warned not to water too much. 


Well, the symptoms of overwatering and underwatering are quite similar and that is why some growers might not find the actual problem. Though drooping leaves and bone-dry growing medium are sure signs of underwatering.  

The good news is that you can solve this issue quickly!


In the case of underwatering, the roots of the seedlings might not have the water to fetch the nutrients from the soil. That is why their leaves usually droop off. However, the solution is easy and effective. You have to water your seedling normally once you find out the symptoms. After a week or two, you will find out that the seedling is showing better growth. 

  • Nutrient Issues

This happens when you try to grow your seedling before the time by putting in the extra nutrient or fertilizer

Though some organic fertilizers in a limited dose can do your work. However, in the initial growth stage, your plant might not be able to get those all nutrients at once. That is why in case of providing over nutrients, your seedling can be damaged or can get nutrient burn.


Spots on leaves, yellow or discolored leaves are mainly the signs of issues related to nutrients. Sometimes, you provide the wrong nutrient to your plant which can also be a reason for nutrient issues with the seedling. 


First of all, stop giving additional chemical nutrients to your baby plants. Maybe you are giving more than it requires. Still, if you want to give additional nutrients for better growth of seedlings then do the homework! 

Means research well about which nutrient to provide and if possible, get the help of an expert grower near you before putting any random nutrient in your garden. 

Above all, google your queries and read in detail about the nutrients before having one!

Marijuana Seedling Guide 101: How to Take Care of Weed Seedling to the Best?

Now, you know what seedling is and what are the common issues that might occur when you grow pot. 

Well, now, here comes the main guide which can help you to grow the seedling in the best manner. Factors that affect the growth of seedlings and how you can do everything right from beginning to end to get the most out of your garden.

Let’s find out:

  • Initiate correctly

First thing first, you need to kick start your gardening journey correctly!

Let me explain:

Choosing the right weed strain is as important as taking care of the grown plant. Therefore, choose the right weed strain according to the growing medium, climate conditions, and your growing skills. 

Once you have the right quality weed strain, you can start your cultivation journey!

  • Choosing the grow medium

Either it is about hydroponics or the traditional soil method, you have to choose the apt grow medium accordingly weed strain. 

Yes! Some weed strains are better to be grown into hydroponics while some are best to be grown with the traditional soil method.

Well, if you are going with the traditional cultivation method then make sure you have checked the pH level, acidic nature, and nutrient level in it. Because if your soil somehow lacks in any of the required factors then you can adjust that earlier as you knew that before and hence you can help your seedlings to grow rapidly. 

Note: Keep the pH level around 6.3 – 6.5 in slightly acidic soil with well-aeration. 

Moreover, whatever the grow medium is, you have to maintain the ideal grow-medium conditions so that your weed seedlings can thrive easily. Such as lighting, temperature, and many other factors, which we will discuss further.

  • Germinating seeds in the right way

There are different ways by which you can germinate your weed seeds. Paper towel method, a glass of water, or the traditional way. 

  • Paper-towel method

This is one of the easiest and effective ways to germinate your cannabis seeds. Just take out a few paper towels. Place your weed seeds into these. Put it into a plastic container and also put it over a lid. You can also use something else. (like two plates from the kitchen)

Keep the room temperature around 20-25 degrees Celsius and place your stuff ideally in a dark area. You can also slightly crack the lid for fresh air exchange. You will be able to see the white roots coming out of the seed shell within some days. 

  • The glass of water method

Even this is simpler than the previous method. Just drop some weed seeds into a glass of water while keeping the room temperature at 20-25 degrees Celsius. Keep your seeds at this temperature for around 24 to 48 hours. They will show you their white taproots within this time frame. 

However, if they didn’t, you can switch to the paper towel method or can also try out the starter kits from some stores. 

Though your seeds have cracked and shown the white taproots, they are ready to be planted. Plant your germinated weed seeds with taproot facing down. 

  • Transferring seedlings to pot

Now, you have chosen the best weed strain and also grown those in a good manner. So, the next step is to give them a larger grow area so that the baby plant can turn into a heavy cannabis tree. 

Basically, this step involves transplanting seedlings once they have germinated and grown to some extent. 

Hence, you need to choose the right pot for your strain. As pot size does matter! 

Larger pots for small seedlings can be dangerous as they lead to problems. (Read the overwatering seedling issues section)

The best way to choose the apt pot for your seedling is after knowing the life cycle. If you possess an auto flower strain you can directly initiate planting that into a final pot, which can be of 5-15L size. 

This is due to their short life cycle and therefore, putting stress over them can lead to a decrease in overall productivity and health of the plant. 

However, if you have a feminized strain then you can easily switch between the grow mediums and pots. As they have a longer life cycle and hence, they get some time to recover from the stress. Depending upon the strain type you have, you can choose between a 10 to 15L pot. 

The most important part comes when you have to transfer your seedling. As they are fragile, therefore, you need to handle them carefully. Avoid hard hands and mistakes. Make sure to keep a regular eye on the health of your seedling after giving them a new growing medium. 

  • Environment conditions

After crossing the above stages, now, you might have little-grown weed plants in your garden. 

They are ready to be mature and grow into a large cannabis tree, however, till they reach that stage and even to make them achieve that stage faster you need to keep the environmental conditions ideal. 

Under environmental conditions mainly temperature, lighting, and humidity have to be maintained well. As cannabis seedlings love to stay in the temperature range of 20-25 degrees Celsius in the daytime whereas at the night the temperature can be around 5 degrees Celsius. 

Therefore, you need to keep an eye on the thermal factor.

Along with temperature, the humidity level of the area around the seedling should be around 40-60%. Humidity below or above the limit can harm the seedlings. You can also use some equipment for the maintenance of the RH level in your grow area. 

  • Lighting

Don’t provide excessive light to the seedlings! As they might develop light burn. If you possess an HID or LED light then you must have to schedule the light cycle accordingly. 

With an 18/6 light schedule, your seedlings should grow better. However, depending upon the strain type, you can adjust the limit. 

Apart from this, we recommend you keep the seedlings under CFL bulbs as they are not as hard as LEDs and HID. You can keep your seedlings under CFL bulbs for around two weeks and then you can shift to the other light source. 

  • Preventing your seedling from pests, bugs, and other issues

Last but not the least, you have to protect your seedlings from bugs, pests, mildew, and other issues. 

As of now, seedlings might be growing well, however, bugs, and mildew can be a barrier. Mildew, spider mites, and other bugs mostly take place at the weed seedlings. Hence you need to take care of your garden and prevent them. 

The best way to do this is to keep the humidity and temperature near the ideal level. Also, keep your garden clean as well. Don’t overwater your plant and also maintain the growing conditions ideal to get the most out of your garden. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Some related queries:

#1. When to transplant weed seedlings?

There is no exact timing. As it completely depends upon various factors including strain type and the growing conditions. Basically, you have to observe the growth of your seedling and then have to decide when to transplant. However, some growers believe that it is always good to transplant your seedling when they cover the circumference of their container. 

#2. How can I avoid nutrient burn or issues?

Don’t overfeed your seedling with nutrients or fertilizers. First, do good research and then provide the apt amount of nutrients. You can read different blogs and grow guides as well on the particular strain type and nutrients to use for that. 

However, it is always a better option not to provide chemical fertilizers or nutrients in the initial growth stages of a plant. As they might not be grown enough to fetch that much amount of nutrients. 

#3. Is it better to go with an organic option?

Organic nutrients are always a better option than chemical ones. As if they could not benefit your plant then they will not harm the growth of the seedling as well. In contrast, chemical fertilizers if not used with proper knowledge they can affect the growth of plants drastically. 

#4. How can I water my seedlings?

Depending upon the growing medium and seedling growth, you have to water accordingly. As you neither have to overwater nor underwater. Therefore, your observation skills will be used to check when and how frequently to water the seedlings. 

#4. How can I know if my seedlings are healthy and growing well?

A healthy seedling doesn’t appear like drooping. You can quickly observe from their leaves. Moreover, if you are doing everything right then you can also observe a quick growth in your plant within a few weeks or maybe in a few days as well. 

Practical Time!

Till now, you know almost everything about marijuana seedlings. From germinating to taking care of it until it completely matures, you know how to take care in the most crucial growth stage. 

Well, gardening skill comes with patience and practice. Now, you know the procedure and can do it by yourself to polish your growing skills. 

It’s your turn now, go and grow out some amazing weed seedlings that turn out to be the most productive weed plants. You can also share your experience with us. We will love to hear from you!

Happy growing!


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