How to Clone Cannabis Plants?

There are mainly two ways to grow cannabis. 

From seeds and clones.

So, here in this post, we will learn how to clone cannabis plants?

Both have their own pros and cons. However, today we will be digging out deep into weed cloning and find out what are the benefits of cloning along with how can you clone a cannabis plant. 

So, let’s get started:

How to Clone Cannabis Plants

What is a Clone?

It’s CTRL+C and CTRL+V!

Just like you put this command in your windows PC to copy something, the same way cloning is just copying a plant in a smaller form. 

More precisely, a clone is cutting of the plant, like a branch, which will further grow into a cannabis plant itself. 

The best part about a clone is that the genetical and biological feature remains same as the parent plant. That means you can have the same potent buds with the clone version as you had with the parent one. 

This is why I called it CTRL+C and CTRL+V. 

Now, you might think that cloning is very easy and anyone can do it anyway. 

Well, that’s not the truth!

If you really want your clone to grow like a productive plant then you must have to take care of some rules while cloning. Such as the size of the clone, how to cut, and more things. 

Don’t worry! If you are new to all of these, I’ll be helping you out. 

Why clone a cannabis plant?

There are several reasons. 

The major reason is the grower’s own desire to get his favorite plant to reproduce again without any genetic change. 

This case might occur when the grower is impressed by the potential of the weed plant. Highness can be also a reason!

For getting an identical plant, cloning is one of the shortest ways. This is why cannabis growers love to clone a plant. 

On the other hand, if a weed grower opts for growing weed through seeds. Then they cross a male plant with a female plant which further produces seeds. This creates a hybrid plant further. 

That means the resultant plant might have some mixed biological features of two parent plants. Therefore, getting an identical plant, in this case, becomes tougher.

Therefore, weed-growers to reproduce cannabis with identical genetics go with cloning a weed plant. In this process, a cutting of the branch is involved which becomes the same plant as “mother” after maturing. 

Because the plant has the same genetics as the “mother” therefore, the buds produced by it will have the same effects, taste, flavor, and even cannabinoid profile. 

Apart from this, the cloned plant will also have the same growing time, flowering period, and even harvesting time

Additionally, in cloning, you don’t need to put seed every time in soil to produce plant-like seed cultivation. You just took out a clone (cutting of branch) then you grow it. Also, like seed cultivation, you don’t have to be worried about the male plants. 

How to Clone Cannabis Plants?

As you are now aware of what is clone and why it is needed in weed cultivation, you can move further to know how can you clone a cannabis plant. 

Well, before you move to the garden, make sure you have these things in your kit:

  1. Scissors – To take a clone.
  2. Rooting setup – To plant your taken clone. 
  3. Razor – To trim the cutting if necessary.
  4. Rooting hormone – To propagate your plant from cutting.

Taking a cutting:

While taking a clone or cutting from the mother plant, make sure that you have selected the healthy and sturdy plant. You should not take a clone from a plant that is a “baby-plant” or has weak branches or even the plant has just started flowering. 

Once you have selected the plant, follow the steps to take a clone:

Step 1. First of all, look for the sturdy and healthy branch of the selected plant. A long branch will be better. As it will have some nodes and at least two nodes are required. 

Step 2. Once you have selected the branch, take your scissor and cut it above a node. The cutting should be of a 45-degree angle, you can take the help of a razor as well. That will create more exposure to the rooting surface. That will ultimately help in growing the clone faster. 

Step 3. Now, put your fresh clone into the rooting hormone just after taking out the clone. After that, you can put your clone into the rooting setup, or root cube. 

Step 4. Once you have put the clone into the rooting setup or root cube, you can trim the tips of your cutting or remove unnecessary leaves. It will help your cloned plant to uptake water and nutrients with photosynthesis resulting in faster growth. 

Step 5. Take care of your cloned plant. Water them daily if require and maintain the growing conditions. Maintaining your clone is as important as the steps above!

Transplanting your clones:

You can check your clones frequently if they are ready for transplantation. 

To make your clones ready for it, you need to take care of the humidity, temperature, and health of your clones. You can water them daily with spray bottles to ensure they get the required moisture. If you are residing within a hotter location then you need to water your clones more frequently to ensure they don’t die due to extra warmness. 

If everything goes fine then the clones should be ready within 10 to 14 days for transplantation. 

The common sign is their white roots which came out of the rooting cube and lengths around one or two inches. This is the time when you can put your clones into a larger grow medium. 

Keep in mind to handle your clones gently while transplanting. 

Step 1. First of all, make your pot ready before transplanting the clone. Put soil in it. Water the soil if needed and dig out around 2 inches deep with fingers. You can adjust the space according to the length of the root. 

Step 2. Put your clone into the dug space in the pot and cover the roots with soil completely. 

Step 3. Water your plant’s new home if needed. Maintain temperature and humidity accordingly for your new baby plants. 

So, within these three steps transplanting the clone finishes. You can now wait for your plants to produce buds within a few weeks. 

Pros and Cons of Cloning

Cloning a plant has its own benefits and disadvantages. 

Before you head to the clone, you can read these to ensure what you might face in the future if you opt to clone. 


  1. You get an identical weed plant just like the mother plant.
  2. The biological, genetic feature remains the same.
  3. Flavor, Cannabinoid profile, taste, flowering period, and yield also resembles same to the mother plant. 
  4. You don’t need to be worried about male plants like seed cultivation.
  5. Cloning gives you a guaranteed female plant if you take a clone from a female mother plant. 
  6. Unlike seed cultivation, in which feminized seeds are quite expensive, cloning is quite affordable and less pricey. 
  7. Cloned plants get ready for harvesting faster than the plants you grow from seeds. 
  8. The cloned plant has consistent quality. If your mother plant is of high-quality strain, you are sure to get the plant of high quality as well. 


  1. Clones are sensitive. It needs more attention and handling skills. 
  2. If you want to experiment with weed plants and want to get something new and unique strain then cloning is not the option for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “mother” plant?

In cloning, a mother plant is that plant from which you are taking a cutting or clone. 

What should we look for in a “mother” plant?

Sturdy and growth. Yield and resistivity to molds, and pests. The stronger the mother plant will be the stronger will be its new version. 

Can I buy a clone from shops rather than taking them by myself?

Yes! You can do so. However, then the quality and features of the mother plant will not be directly visible to you. 

Which is best? Cloning or Seeding?

It depends on you! If you want an identical plant then you should go with cloning. However, if you want to do experiments or to grow weed strains of different genetical features then seeds are the best option for you. 

When will the clones be ready to be transplanted?

It takes around 10-15 days maximum. However, depending upon the conditions it might take less or more time as well. 

What is great about growing weed with clones?

It gives you an exact copy of the mother plant. You get the same potential plant as the mother plant. It costs less and produces female plants only if the clone is from a female plant. 

What are the required things for cloning a plant?

Scissors, razors, rooting hormones, and rooting setup, which can be root cube or something else as well. 

How to Clone Cannabis Plants: Conclusion 

Cloning a plant is one of the classical cultivation techniques to get what you want. Fortunately, now, you know almost everything about cloning a cannabis plant. Its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, now, you should be better prepared for cloning your weed garden. 

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