How to Get Rid of Weed Smell?

Smoking weed gives you pleasure. But, the smell might not!

Especially when you are enjoying while hiding from your homies. 

Hence, you need to make sure everything is discreet. This is where you need to be aware of the ways to hide weed smell when you are smoking. 

So, let’s find out what are tricks and methods do smokers around the world use to get rid of weed smell.

How to Get Rid of the Weed Smell

10 Fast and Efficient Ways to Get Rid of Weed Smell

There are multiple ways by which you can prevent any odor, however, after knowing from heavy smokers, we have listed quick and reliable ways by which you can smoke free-mindedly and no one will get to know. Even not your homies!

1. Investing in scented products

As you have invested in getting a quality bong, vaporizer, or smoking tool, now, invest in a scented product so that it can save you from getting caught what you have smoked in your room.

Basically, it will mask the weed smell in the area. Though there are various ways to do it. Let’s find out:

2. Scented candles

Scented candles which are available in most of the grocery stores can do wonder if you want to get rid of the weed smell instantly.

These types of scented candles not only look appealing to the eyes but also overcome the smell in your room gradually. Even these candles are very affordable too. 

You can have a bundle of these scented candles for around $10 and can be free mind for the smell while smoking next time. 

Therefore, to prevent herb smell in your room you don’t need to think about something extraordinary to buy or spend a lot of money on, just buy the scented candles. Rest leave on them.

This small investment can do wonders instantly. 

3. Air fresheners

Yes, even those car air fresheners will do the job for you. However, there are various types of air fresheners are available in the market. Though gel-based and plugging-in air fresheners are quite popular. You can go with any of them. 

However, plugging-in air fresheners are better than gel-based ones because they have a strong smell and hence, they can easily hide the weed smell from your room. 

While the gel-based air fresheners can easily be used when you are not in hurry to hide your vapors. Just open the case of freshener and you are done. It will slowly mask up the odor. 

4. Incense

This might be the simple and cheapest way to get rid of the weed smell. Incense sticks contain a material which upon burning spreads scent around it. 

Well, there is no surprise that Incense has regularly been used for religious purposes, repelling negativity, and even during meditation. 

You can find different types of incense in the market containing different ingredients, which further produce aroma accordingly. 

However, one of the popular and best incense is Nag Champa which contains Champa flower, geranium, henna, vanilla, and even honey. This incense is so powerful that it produces a beautiful aroma that will not only hide the odor in your room but will also give you a hint of positivity. 

5. Ventilation 

Apart from introducing a new fragrance in your smoking area, this is one of the basic ways to remove any odor from your room. Just keep the proper ventilation in your room and ideally have an exhaust fan that can throw the air outside. 

Moreover, you should use weed while keeping the windows open. This is will ultimately keep the most of vapors produced outside the room. 

Although as said before this method is not for masking up the weed odor but it can help you somewhat if you don’t like fragrance or don’t want to invest in something else. 

6. Weed storage

If you smoke frequently then surely you might have kept the stock of it in your room. And with no surprise, if you don’t have stored your weed well then it is sure your room will have a weed smell. 

And, in this case, getting rid of the weed smell is not easier because you cannot throw the buds, and also you have to keep them in your stock for the next smoke session. 

Therefore, having a good storage sense to keep weed in your room is important. 

Many smokers say that if you will keep your weed in such a container that can pass the air then perhaps it can also pass the smell of marijuana. Therefore, you need to contain your weed stuff in an air-tight container like a glass jar or something like that. 

Some people also prefer to store marijuana in a vacuumed plastic bags which is not an ideal way though if you are storing it for a small duration then it should work fine.

From our side, it is recommended to keep your weed in an air-tight glass jar which can keep your buds fresh even up to 6 months. Moreover, it will also prevent odor. 

7. Try other ways of consumption

Well, for a weeder, marijuana smoke is the key component that gives them high. However, when being high is the reason to use weed then why not try out some other ways, which ultimately reduce the odor issue completely. 

We are talking about marijuana edibles. 

If you want to get high and relaxed at your weekend and also don’t want to let anyone know via smoke or odor then edibles are the best solution for you. 

Even marijuana edibles are stronger than other forms. And, we specifically recommend you to try out cannabutter. Yes, as the name suggests, cannabis-infused butter can help you not only get rid of the weed smell but also get an intense high. 

Apart from this, there are various vaporizers are available in the market, which is known to produce very little smoke that you can easily get rid of. You can also try out them. 

Although for a complete solution of weed smell you can shift to edibles. Somehow, if you can’t resist burning a joint then you can try out vaporizers. These are available from the cheapest rate to the expensive range. 

Vaporizers can help you get rid of weed smell easily as they produce less smoke and give the same high. 

8. Make a filter

A filter or proof can help you avoid the weed smell instantly. 

You can make it on your own without any tutorial and for the less frequent smokers, this method is just amazing. 

The basic structure of proof is the tube (which can be of any form, toilet paper roll can also work) upon which a filter is placed. And, after getting a smoke hit from the bong, you have to exhale the smoke from the open end of this tool. This will ultimately filter out the smoke you exhale in it and will reduce the odor issue. 

To make it on your own, you need these things:

  1. Toilet paper roll or a plastic bottle.
  2. Scented dryer sheets.
  3. Scissors to cut or a knife.
  4. Tape, rubber band, or a piece of string. 

After getting all the required equipment, now, you can follow the given steps to make a proof for yourself:

Step 1. Cut the bottle’s top one-third part and throw out the rest part if you are opting for a bottle method. However, if you are already using toilet paper rolls then you don’t have to do anything. 

Step 2. Take out three or four scented sheets you have got and place them into one side of the holder (roll or bottle). Now, wrap the dryer sheet at the end of one end of your proof. Use tape, a piece of string, or an elastic band to hold it in place. 

Although if you are using a bottle then it will be good to place the dryer sheet on the wider area as it will filter more smoke. While you can exhale through the other end as well. 

Step 3. Cut down the extra edges of sploof if any and now, your sploof is ready to use. 

Hurrah! Now, you have made a tool of your own that can help you reduce the odor of herbs. Try out now and enjoy!

9. Also, clean your breath

It is important to keep your room odor clean after smoke but don’t forget to clean your mouth as well. Even this is the primary source by which a person gets to know if you have smoked or not. 

Therefore, after each smoke session, you can use a mouth cleaner, freshener, or even chewing gum that can do the job for you. Although using a mouth freshener is an ideal way to get rid of weed odor from yourself. As it will not only clean your breath but will also clean your mouth and teeth. 

Hence, you should also focus on your breath odor after smoking and clean it with the help of a mouth freshener. 

10. Air purifier

Well, if you are a heavy smoker and ready to invest a few more bucks then you can invest in an air purifier. It can quickly help you avoid the herb smell. Even any type of odor can be prevented with an air purifier. 

Apart from preventing the odor, an air purifier will help you breathe in the fresh air as well. Therefore, having an air purifier will lead to multiple benefits. 

Though in the market there are various types of air purifiers are available in which purifiers with fragrance sponge can do the job for you. Especially for smoking weed. You can check out the different stores for the same. 

Some Bonus Tips to Prevent Herb Odor

Here are some additional tips and methods which you can try out to avoid the weed odor:

  1. Keep chewing gum handy. Whenever you smoke and don’t find any other way to avoid the smell from your mouth, you can use chewing gum. This will instantly do the job for you. 
  2. To prevent odor from your body, you can also use deodorant or perfume just in case if you can’t find another way.
  3. To hide the weed smell from your room, you can start an exhaust fan before starting your smoke session or you can simply use the fan and window method to completely throw out the air. 
  4. You can also clean your smoking tool after every session to help it reduce odor production.
  5. Smoke outside of your room or on the terrace when you know no one is there to watch. This will eliminate the odor issue.

How Weed Smell is Produced?

In marijuana, terpenes play a major role in producing odor with the buds. The stronger the terpene profile of a marijuana strain is the stronger odor it will produce. Among terpenes, Linalool is one of the most fragrant terpenes which produces a strong citrus scent. 

Well, these terpenes are not only responsible for generating odor from weed but also give you a better high when you smoke. 

Therefore, it is an essential component of marijuana. 

Another factor that causes a weed to produce an intense odor is harvest time. When a weed strain is grown, cultivators wait for the complete maturity of their plants to harvest. And, mature plants tend to produce more odor than the immature or plants harvested before complete maturity. 

This also means that if a marijuana strain is harvested before its complete maturity then it is more likely to produce a lesser odor than the other case. 

Now, Smoke Without Any Issue!

Till here, you know what are the ways which smokers use to get rid of weed smell and hence, now, you can implement those tips to smoke without any issue. However, while consuming weed, it is always better to either mask up the odor with the help of incense, or scented product or either smoke outside. 

Well, you can also invest in some products which can help you get a free-mind smoke session.


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