How to Make A Gravity Bong?

If you are out of the smoking equipment then don’t worry.

We have a solution for that. 

Try out making a gravity bong instead of putting some dollars into buying equipment. 

Believe me, it will be great fun to create something by yourself. 

Moreover, you don’t need anything extra to buy for it until you have water bottles, scissors, and weed at your home. 

A gravity bong is one of the favorite tools of weed enthusiasts to take the experience to another level. Although the price for the same goes quite higher if you buy online. 

Well, why bother when you can create the one within a few minutes. 

So, read along to know how you can make a gravity bong at your home within a few minutes. Also, if you are new to this equipment then you will get everything here to know about it. 

Let’s get started:

How to Make A Gravity Bong

What Is A Gravity Bong?

Basically, Gravity Bong is a tool for the weeders to take the smoking experience more adventurous and exciting. 

It is also known as green, jib, freebie, GB, gravity bong, and many other terms. 

However, “geek” is a shortened term for the gravity bong, according to the Urban Dictionary. 

When it comes to making it then professionally it requires many things to make it look attractive. However, if you really like doing adventures like me then perhaps you will want to make it to your home. Though in both ways it works the same. 

Gravity Bong Types in Market

According to the design and structure, there are many types of gravity bong. 

  • Beaker-shaped bong.

From the name, you can guess that this gravity bong has a shape like a beaker. Moreover, it is similar to the straight-tube bong as well.

The bottom of the bong is like cone shape (like a beaker) hence it is named beaker bong. Having a larger base, beaker bongs are more stable. The smoking process involves adding water, weed, and fire. 

  • Straight-tube bong.

This is the simplest designed bong. 

A straight tube with a stem and a bowl poking out of the side. After pouring water and putting in weed, you are good to go. This is as simple as that. 

  • Round-base bong.

It consists of a straight tube with a wider and round base. 

Having a sphere base and flat base this bong is more stable than straight tube bongs and less to the beaker. Because comparatively, it has a smaller base. 

The procedure of using it is the same as that of previous bongs.

  • Multi-chamber.

As the name indicates, the multi-chamber bong has a straight tube that separates into two other chambers connected by another third chamber. 

The Upper and lower chambers hold water to filter the smoke twice. Hence it gives you cooler smoke to inhale. 

Also, known as recycler bong, the multi-chamber bong is complex than others. 

  • Percolator Bong.

Also known as bubbler bong, Percolator bong can be either in straight-tube, beaker-shaped, round-base, or any other shape as well. The uniquity of this bong is that it contains a percolator.

A percolator is a piece of glass that dissipates the smoke before it gets through water resulting in the formation of a water bubble. This type of bong filters the smoke better and cools faster.

So, apart from the mentioned ones, there are many other bong types as well. 

Such as,

  1. Carburetor bong.
  2. Bucket gravity bong 
  3. Waterfall gravity bong and
  4. Homemade bong.

These all types of bongs have their own pros and cons. Depending upon your requirement you can choose any of them. 

However, as we have to make the one at home, so, let’s find out what will be the requirement and what is the procedure for the same.

How to Make A Gravity Bong at Home?

So, now, let’s get straight to making the gravity bong. 

As you can make it with the available materials at your home, so, you need to collect these things before heading to the step-by-step guide.

  1. Plastic bottle – main structure of the bong. (any size will go but 15-20 oz is ideal)
  2. Aluminum foil.
  3. Bucket or 2-liter plastic bottle.
  4. Knife.
  5. Poking device and 
  6. Weed. 

So, once you have gathered these materials, you can start making a gravity bong by following these steps.

Step 1. Cut the Bottle

Starting the work, you need to cut the bottle that you have got. Make sure to cut from the bottom. As more space, there will be more hits you will receive. Hence, make sure you cut the bottle carefully and do not cut the maximum part of it.

Once you have done step 1, you can move to the next step.

Step 2. Prepare the Bucket

After preparing the smaller bottle, now it’s time to put the bucket or 2-L bottle on work. 

If you are using the bucket then fill it with the water. Though if you are using the 2-L water bottle then cut the top off and fill it with the water. 

Step 3. Make a Hole in Cap

Take out the smaller bottle cap and use the cutter or scissor to make a hole in it. 

Be careful that you don’t hole large enough to make cannabis and foil fall through into the water.

The hole must be large enough to just pass the air through it. 

Step 4. Shape the Foil Bowl

After making a hole in the cap, you need to wrap it in aluminum foil. 

Shape the foil creating a small “bowl” divot for your weed. Here, you can shape the bowl as deep as you like and the foil will save weed from falling into the water below.

After shaping it accordingly, you can cut the excess part of the foil. 

After completing it, move to the next step.

Step 5. Pole Holes in Foil

Now, it’s time to take the help of the poking tool that you have gathered in the starting. 

Make 3-5 holes for the ventilation. Be careful and don’t rip off the foil completely. 

Step 6. Put Weed in Bottle Cap

It’s time to load cannabis in the foil-wrapped bottle cap. Although don’t screw the cap on yet.

Step 7. Submerging Small Bottle

After loading cannabis into the cap, submerge the smaller water bottle in the filled bucket or 2-L half cut bottle, which is filled with water.

Submerge it until the cap remains out of water.

Now, carefully screw the foil-wrapped bottle cap onto the bottle.

Step 8. Lighting Weed

After doing all the steps above, now, you are closer to the final gravity bong. Although you might require some tries before finalizing it.

Just light the weed and slowly pull the smaller bottle upwards. It will fill the bottle with smoke. 

However, if anything does not go the same, you might need to check if your bottle has any holes. As additional holes can make your device unable to function. Also, check if you have screwed the cap properly. 

Well, if everything goes fine then you can move to the next step.

Step 9. Opening the Smaller Bottle

Make sure your bottle has filled with the smoke. 

Now, carefully unscrew the cap on it and put your mouth on the bottle opening as you open it. Do this step very attentively. As you don’t have to let the smoke out of it.

Step 10. Pushing Bottle into Water Again

Now, the final step.

Push the bottle touched with your mouth gently into the water again. This process will ultimately push the created smoke in the bottle into your lungs. 

This smoke will be cooler. Thanks to the water filter. However, it will give you a hard hit of THC. That is why this equipment is for experienced weeders. Also, don’t over inhale the smoke as it is capable to make any smoker cough. 

Do it carefully!

So, finally, now, you have prepared a gravity bong on your own. You can show it to your friends or you can enjoy it alone. 

However, if you are getting any issues then make sure you check the steps again and attentively. Once you are known with the basic steps then you can create as many times as you want. 

Moreover, within these steps you don’t have to invest many dollars and also you have one device at your home, which works completely fine. Also, you have invented something on your own. 

Overall, it took only a few minutes after gathering the materials to make a gravity bong. Now, enjoy!

You also check out the guide for  How to Make a Gravity Bong at home on wikiHow.

What is better: Making a Gravity Bong or Buying from the Market?

First of all, gravity bongs are not for beginners. 

As it gives you an intense experience of smoke. Therefore, weeders with experience often try to smoke through it. 

Moreover, when it comes to whether buy or make a gravity bong at home then it depends on you. One of the reasons for making a gravity bong at your home is that it is fun. Also, you don’t need to spend even one dollar for making it. Though you must have water bottles in your home!

Apart from the fun and innovative things, it is always good to go option anywhere anytime. If you know the process right to make the one then you can prepare instantly within a few minutes. 

On the other hand, if you do not love DIY things then buying a gravity bong will be the option. Although you may need to spend some money there. Depending upon the design and functionality the price varies. 

Overall, making a gravity bong and buying from the market have their own benefits. You can try any of these because in both ways you will get an intense hit of weed smoke.

Does Homemade Gravity Bong Give You THC Hit?

In short, yes!

Many of the experienced smokers and weeders have reported that Gravity Bong gives an intense THC hit. This is because when you burn the weed it creates the smoke in the bottle and, you inhale all of the smoke at once in your lungs. 

Due to that, all of the smoke induces an effect in once giving you an intense hit of the weed. 

That is why for beginner smokers, a gravity bong is not an ideal option. Though smokers who want to take their experience to the next level, use gravity bongs.

Related Questions

#1. Should I need to change the foil used in the gravity bong?

Well, you don’t need to change the foil until it gets clogged and you face issues with proper ventilation. Even you can reuse the foil. Though when you observe the functionality of the device is getting disturbed by it, you can take appropriate steps for the same.?

#2. Is a water bottle safe to use?

Till now, the researches are going on. Though PETE or PET (polyethylene terephthalate) can indeed release some chemicals when they get hot. And, they can go into the lungs with the smoke. That is why many smokers recommend using bongs made with glass or silicone instead of plastic. 

#3. Can I get high with these gravity bongs?

Yes, for sure! You can get high. The reason is burning weed which is in the gravity bong. The smoke gets accumulated in the pipe through you inhale it at once. Hence in one go, you get the smoke in your lungs resulting in psychoactive effects. 

#4. Is homemade bong better than market ones?

Not at all. This is better for those smokers who want to try something by themselves. In the market, there are several bongs available with multiple features and convenience. Homemade bongs need to adjust accordingly and also, they have to be made very carefully to make them function. In contrast, market bongs are already made for your convenience.

#5. What are different materials used in making a bong?

Glass, plastic, ceramic, metal, and even bamboo are used in making a bong in the market. However, bongs made of glass are quite popular among smokers.

How to Make A Gravity Bong: Final Words

Gravity bongs are something that makes smoking weed adventurous and therefore, experienced weeders used them the most. As said before, beginner smokers might not find it better for themselves due to its intense hitting capacity. 

Hence bongs are ideal for intermediate to experienced smokers.

Though, now, you know how to make a gravity bong at your home. Moreover, you have also got to know about different types of it in the market. 

So, now, it’s your turn! You can share your experience of making your first gravity bong at home with us!

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