How to Roll a Joint?

Have you ever rolled a joint?

How to Roll a Joint

Not yet. Don’t worry!

We’ll help you out.

When it comes to rolling a joint for smoking weed then there are certain things that one needs to take care of. 

How much weed should be in a joint?

What will be the size of it? 

And more…

Well, for a smoker rolling a joint is a kind of skill. Because if it is not done appropriately then it might ruin your weed experience. 

As a weed enthusiast you must have read many grow guides and grow bibles, however, there are very few helpful guides that can describe the later part of it. 

To enjoy weed properly. 

And, for the same, rolling a joint is one of the first steps towards it.

So, read along to know everything about rolling a joint and things to take care of.

What do You need to Roll a Joint?

Before you head to how to roll a joint, you need to prepare the things which are required.

Here’s the checklist:

  1. Rolling papers.
  2. Crutch. 
  3. Weed.
  4. Grinder.
  5. A pen or something to help pack the joint.

How Much Weed Should be in Joint?

Okay! First things first how much weed should be in a joint. 

Well, for beginners, half a gram of weed is best to start with.

Although experienced growers can adjust the quantity. 

Moreover, a smaller quantity makes the joint easy to manage. That is why you will notice pre-rolls of smaller quantities at the different shops.

As your rolling skills grow, you can move to further adventures as well. However, those who are just starting must begin with half grams of weed and accordingly the size of paper.

Which Joint Paper is the Best?

Papers made with hemp.

There are different varieties and flavors of joint papers are available in the market. 

Although most smokers prefer paper made with hemp, and it is an ideal option too. There are many reasons for it.

1. Purer and Safer

Hemp is grown organically. 

That means there is no use of the chemical in it. This is why hemp-based rolling papers are a pure and safe option to enjoy cannabis. 

Also, hemp rolling papers are 100% free from any residue. 

2. Environment Friendly

Even to make joint papers, trees are sacrificing their lives. 

That may sound funny! However, it’s true. 

And, you actually know how much a large population out there, smoke through joint papers. 

To fulfill the demand, it needs to be prepared from cutting down the trees.

Well, this is not the case with hemp-based joint papers. They are 100% environment-friendly. By opting for hemp joint papers, you can be a contributor to decrease the impact of rolling papers on the environment.  

3. Experience Enhancer

Many smokers report that smoking cannabis with hemp-based rolling paper has a better experience than other options. 

This is because hemp papers are tasteless and they do not contribute to giving you the taste while smoking. That means you get the pure smoke of cannabis only. Unlike the other papers which are made with additional flavors. 

Therefore, for a better and enhanced experience, one needs to choose hemp-based rolling paper.

So, these are some benefits of choosing hemp paper over others. Now, you might have all things that are needed to start rolling a joint. 

Therefore, let’s get started with the main course!

How to Roll A Joint? [Step by Step Guide]

Don’t worry, we will not rush things up.

A step-by-step process will help you to perfectly roll your first joint. 

Step 1. Grind Your Weed

To make a joint, you can’t put directly bulkier buds. 

You need to grind the buds. The ideal way to do so is to take the help of a grinder. 

With a grinder, you can break your weed into small parts easily. However, if you don’t have one, you can also use your hands. Even it can be done with the scissor or something else as well.

Once you have broken down your weed, now, you can move to the next step.

Step 2. Making Joint Filter

Once you have your weed prepared, it’s time to make a filter. 

You can do the same with the help of your bank card, business card, or even with thin cardboard. Although if you are buying joint papers from a better store then they also provide crutch material with it. 

Well, a crutch helps to provide stability to your joint. It also helps in preventing the stuff from getting into your mouth. 

So, what you have to do is apply a few folds at the end of the cardboard. Roll the material according to your desired thickness and that’s it. 

Now, move to the next step.

Step 3. Filling the Joint

It’s time to fill the main stuff into space!

Now, you have to fill the joint with the ground cannabis, which you have prepared in the very first step. Once your joint has the right amount of stuff (ideally a half gram for a beginner), you can shape the joint with your fingers.

Step 4. Packing the Joint

Give the joint shape after filling it desirably. 

Pinch the paper with your fingers and roll it accordingly to make the distribution of weed even, packing and making it into a final cone shape. 

Step 5. Roll the Joint

Now, it’s real-time to roll it!

Do this step very carefully. You can track down the one end by little moisture. While keeping the unglued side of the paper into the roll. 

Step 6. Complete the Joint

Now, you can pack your stuff more for a better burn. Take help with a pen or something like that. 

A small stick or even your shoelace can do the job. Once the joint is completed, it is time to get the lighter!

Step 7. Now, Enjoy!

If you have done everything right then you must be having a better smoke from previous experiences. 

This time, you have rolled a joint in the right way. 

Moreover, this was the basic way to do it. 

As you do it frequently you get better and innovate the ways to do the same. Hence, there is no ideal way to roll a joint until you don’t know the one!

Other Types of Joint

See, there are many different types of joints and ways to roll them.

Either it is about the basic type or any specific way, the main goal of a joint is to give you a hassle-free best smoking experience.

If you can taste the weed better through your smoke that means you have rolled your joint nicely. 

Well, let’s touch on the other types of joints and how to roll them briefly.

1. Rolling an L Joint

It has been named due to its shape. 

In such a way of joint, two pieces of paper are taped forming an L-type shape. 

However, this is not a suitable joint type for beginners. Because L joint stores more quantity of weed. Therefore, experienced smokers or heavy smokers use this type of joint. Thanks to the more storing capacity. 

Moreover, if you are going to make such a roll then you need to cut the one in half somewhat diagonally. While keeping the other half stuck vertically to the main paper at the end. This will ultimately form the L shape of the joint. 

Well, in this kind of joint there is more risk involved. As the papers are more fragile resulting in more attention is required for the right outcome. 

However, once it is made correctly, you are sure to enjoy weed more!

2. Rolling a Joint Inside-Out

This type of joint is similar to the basic cone ones. However, it is an efficient way to enjoy weed for people who don’t like the taste of paper that much. 

Moreover, it is also known as dutch-joints. Though during rolling the joint there’s a small difference.

Let me explain:

When inside-out joints are rolled then the sticky part of the paper is kept on the “wrong” side.

Hence, following that, you need to keep the sticky part outside and fill it with the weed. Now, roll the joint carefully in such a way that the sticky part is touching the rest of the paper. 

You can lick the rolling paper on the outside of the joint while sticking the paper with a constant roll-up.

Give some time to the joint to be dried and stick. You can rip off the excessive paper if needed.  

3. Rolling A Tulip Joint

This is quite popular among novel smokers. 

However, it is not believed to be the better way for smoking marijuana. 

Still, some people prefer tuple joint for smoking. 

You need the king-size of rolling paper and make a standard joint while adding a second one making ‘tulip.’ 

Don’t twist the top of this joint as it will form the tulip. 

Now, take another three rolling papers. Stick them together in such a way that they form a square paper surface. In this way, the sticky part will be on one of the four edges. 

Fold the paper making a cone. Stick all the papers with one sticky side. If you have done everything right then you must have a sealed triangle now. 

Now, add the paper cone with weed. After filling desirably, put the top of it in the open part of the formed tulip. 

Connect the two parts and twist the edges of the tulip around the joint. Make a tiny rolling paper rope and secure the tulip to the joint. 

Related Questions

#1. What is rolling paper?

Rolling papers are the thin papers that are used to smoke weed basically. They are mainly made of tree pulp. Although different matter such as hemp, rice straw, sisal, and even esparto is also used. Due to its link with weed, it is considered as drug paraphernalia. 

#2. Is hemp rolling paper better than others?

Yes! Hemp is made organically without the use of fertilizers and chemicals. Also, they don’t contribute to inducing taste while smoking. Therefore, they are ideal rolling papers. Well, nowadays people opt for different flavored rolling papers accordingly. Though in hemp you don’t get that.

#3. What are the alternatives to rolling papers?

Cigarette papers, gum wrappers, and even yellow pages can be used as an alternative to rolling papers. While selecting a rolling paper make sure that they are not excessively fragile. As you need to handle that more frequently until they are completely burned. Although you can also use vaporizers, bubblers, gravity bongs, and other equipment.

#4. Which rolling paper is safe to use?

Ideally, a clear, pure, and tasteless rolling paper is preferred for weed. However, it also depends upon the smoker whether they want the same or the one with flavor in it. Well, when it comes to enjoying the weed efficiently then hemp-based rolling papers are more reliable. 

#5. Is rolling paper illegal?

Rolling paper is considered to be smoking paraphernalia. Hence it comes under the controlled drug substances list. Depending upon your location rolling papers might be legal and illegal. Therefore, we strongly recommend you confirm with your local authorities first.

#6. Which is best? Rolling paper or vaporizer?

It completely depends on you. How do you want to smoke weed? Though rolling paper is quite cheaper than a vaporizer. You can observe that in the market, there are different types, and fancy vaporizers are stocked. Both are even convenient to smoke weed. However, when it comes to transportation then rolling papers may be easier than vaporizers. 

#7. Is rolling paper edible?

We can say so because indirectly they get into our body even in form of smoke. That is why people prefer only high-quality and pure forms of rolling paper because they may impact our bodies to some extent. However, their main purpose is to burn out!

How to Roll a Joint: Final Words

Finally, now, you know how to roll a joint. 

I can hope that the next time you will be rolling a joint it will be better than the previous time. Moreover, you have also learned different types of joints and their efficiency in providing better weed smoke. 

Now, it’s your turn. You can also share your first experience of rolling a joint. It will be really fun! 

Check out the more guide on How to Roll a Marijuana Joint on wikiHow!

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