How to Spot Female Cannabis Plants?

So, you are growing cannabis

Or, perhaps thinking?

Well, if you have ever been a marijuana enthusiast then you might come across different genders of weed plants. 

Though there are mainly three kinds of plants, you might come across. 

These are – 

  1. Male 
  2. Female 
  3. Hermaphrodites

Male and female cannabis plants are quite common to find nearby. However, hermaphrodites are rare in the marijuana world. 

Now, the thing comes how can you identify or spot the gender of the cannabis plant?

If you have been a weed grower for personal usage then you are more likely to want a female cannabis plant. 

As female cannabis plants are the only plants that produce weed buds. Hence, male and hermaphrodites are not commonly used in cultivation. 

So, how can you identify female cannabis plants?

In short, female weed plants have different physical appearances than males. You can find out ball-shaped bulbs over them. 

This short info is not sufficient for you as a grower. 

Therefore, here, you are going to find out a detailed guide on how can you spot a female cannabis plant.

Shall we start?

Damn yes!

Identifying Female Cannabis Plants: Basic Physical Difference

Female cannabis plants are the only plants that produce THC-rich buds. 

Hence, they are important for a weed grower.

Although as a grower, you need to separate the males from females, or else males will pollinate female plants decreasing your garden’s productivity. 

So, you need to spot out the female cannabis plants and separate them from the males. So that female plants can produce weed buds to the full extent. 

More or less, there are some significant physical differences by which you can identify a female weed plant. 

  1. First of all, generally, female cannabis plants have more side branches and they look healthier than male plants. 
  1. During the blooming phase, the female plants will start producing hairs on the end of the branches. This is one of the major appearance differences that can easily make you spot a female cannabis plant. 
  2. After waiting for around 4 to 7 weeks, you can look out for small green bulbs on the plants which will be ball-shaped. Even nodes and hairs of the plant ensure that you have 100% a female cannabis plant. 

These are some physical differences that can help you identify a female weed plant. If you sum up all of these then you will find out that female plants have a healthier and bushier appearance. Once you have checked all the signs then you must be having a female cannabis plant in your garden. 

Identifying Male Cannabis Plant: Appearance

Along with the female plant, you need to know how the male cannabis plant looks. 

Or what appearance characteristics do they have? 

So that you can adjust your garden accordingly. 

Generally, male plants are not that useful because they do not produce weed buds. Instead male cannabis plants are used for pollination with the female cannabis plants, which further produce seeds. 

In short, if you want to make your female weed plants sex with male ones, then you do not need to avoid male plants in your garden. 

On the other hand, if you want to produce weed buds, which are produced by the female plants only, you have to avoid the male cannabis plants from your garden. 

So, how do the male plant look like?

What are the physical characteristics?

Let’s find out:

  1. Marijuana male plants generally have small bell-shaped clusters, which release the pollen during sex. 
  2. Comparing to female cannabis plants, males have fewer side branches as they do not produce buds. 
  3. Wait for around 4 to 7 weeks and spot the pollen sac, once you noticed that, it is a 100% indication that it’s a male weed plant. Also, you can check the nodes of the plants similar to the female plants. 

Apart from this, male plants generally have a similar appearance to the female though before the flowering stage, you can easily find out the male ones at least after 4 weeks. 

Identifying A Hermaphrodite: Appearance

Hermaphrodite plants have both male and female characteristics. 

However, getting hermaphrodite plants in the cannabis world is very rare. Still, making you ready for the situation, you can find out hermaphrodite plants with these characteristics:

  1. You will observe both male and female sex parts in hermaphrodite plants.

That’s it!

Once you are known to spot male and female cannabis plants, identifying a hermaphrodite cannabis plant is quite easy. After a few weeks, you will be able to observe both male and female sex parts in these plants. 

There are mainly two types of Hermaphrodite:

  • A plant that produces anthers. Or,
  • A plant that produces both pollen sacs and buds. 

After observing accurately male and female plants, you can guess easily which type of hermaphrodite you have grown. As it is quite rare, therefore, you don’t need to be worried about it. 

However, the chances of getting hermaphrodite increase due to bad environmental conditions, lack of nutrients for your plant. Therefore, you can avoid these factors to get a fruitful plant!

Why do You need to Spot Female Cannabis Plant?

As said before, the female cannabis plant produces weed buds. 

Therefore, weeders across the world, focus more on the female cannabis plant and tries to avoid others. 

However, with regular weed seeds, getting male and female plants has a 50:50 probability. 

Hence, after several weeks, if you have male plants in your garden, you need to avoid them or else your female plants will be pollinated. Ultimately, there will be a decrease in the yield of your garden. 

Therefore, you need to spot a female cannabis plant. 

Also, along with that, you must have to know about male and hermaphrodite plants as well. Because you just have to be ready for any situation in your garden during cultivation. 

How to Get Only Female Cannabis Plants?

Now, you know the major benefit of a female weed plant. 

That produces weed buds. 

So, you might be thinking that what if you can get only female plants in your garden. 

Well, it is possible. 

Even quite popular among growers. 

You can get almost each weed plant female with feminized weed seeds. However, you need a 100% germination rate for that. 

Still, it is possible to get only female cannabis plants with feminized weed seeds. 

There are many different weed strains are available under the feminized category. Due to popularity, you can also choose as per your strain requirement. However, seed banks might give feminized seeds comparatively at higher prices. 

Although you can find out some best seed banks online that provide feminized cannabis seeds at affordable prices. You can also read our best seed bank USA guide here!

Is There Any Benefit of Male Cannabis Plant?

It depends!

If you are planning to produce fibers then male plants are more useful than female ones. Thanks to their higher flexibility and resistivity. Moreover, male plants are better used for textiles. 

Due to their thinness, they are ideal for making textiles. 

Apart from this, some of the marijuana edibles are made with male cannabis plants. Even for producing seeds, you need a male plant for sex with female plants

What Type of Cannabis Seeds are Better for Breeding?

Breeding is a complex process.

It requires years of experience and skill to get better outcomes. 

However, if you are new to this term then most probably you might have to go through a guide first about breeding cannabis seeds. 

Well, cannabis breeding is mostly done with regular weed seeds. Moreover, if you are experimenting with something then you can have specific strain seeds as well. 

Though regular weed seeds have a 50:50 probability to produce male and female plants. Thus, it is kind of a gamble if you are in search of only female plants. That is why for producing buds feminized seeds are preferred. 

Even regular weed seeds are generally used by cannabis experts, experimenters to obtain unique cannabis genetics. 

Overall, for breeding, regular weed seeds are used. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do male plants produce buds?

No! Only female plants produce weed buds. Male only pollinate female plants resulting in producing seeds. Hence male plants generally decline the yield of gardens.

Which marijuana plant is better for consumption?

Mainly female plants. As only female weed plants produce THC-rich buds, therefore, for consumption female plants are better. 

What are hermaphrodite plants?

These plants have both male and female features. However, in the cultivation of weeds, these are not useful plants.

Can we identify a plant’s gender before flowering?

Before the flowering period, spotting the gender of weed plants is tough. You must have to wait for the plants to be matured to know what actually they are going to be. 

How important is a plant’s gender?

For growing weed for personal usage, gender is important to know. As female plants are necessary to produce weed buds, therefore, you will only be dealing with them. Hence, the knowledge of spotting female cannabis plants comes into play.

What is the MONOECIOUS cannabis plant?

These are the cannabis plants having both male and female reproductive features. These are not useful in weed cultivation. Moreover, they do not produce weed buds.

How to easily identify female plants?

Until a few weeks of the plant’s maturity, you cannot identify what your baby plants are going to be. Hence, you just need to wait for around 4 to 8 weeks. You can observe some characteristics in the plant and if it fits under the female category then you must be having a female cannabis plant.

What are the different types of hermaphrodite plants?

There are mainly two types of hermaphrodite: 1. True hermaphrodite and 2. “Bananas”. True hermaphrodite plants have both pollen sacs and female flowers at different branches of the plants. While the “Banana” type has bare pollen-producing stamen within the female flower instead of the different organs like a true hermaphrodite.

Why do growers desire feminized seeds?

Female plants produce weed buds with enriched cannabinoids and female plants are produced mostly by feminized seeds. That is why growers across the globe search for feminized weed seeds instead of any other.

As a beginner grower, which seed type should I choose?

Feminized seeds are always better to start with. Beginner growers don’t have professional skills. Hence, they will prefer to get the yield as per their investment at least. Therefore, feminized seeds are better options for beginner weed growers.

How to Spot Female Cannabis Plants: Final Words

So, now, you are aware of the fact that even cannabis plants also have genders, and which one is useful. Especially as a weed grower. 

Even in weed cultivation, there are many factors that directly or indirectly affect your garden’s yield. However, male with female plants is something that drastically affects. 

Although now, you are aware of how to deal with them. 

Hence, this time, when you will be growing weed, you will be better prepared for spotting female cannabis plants and avoiding male ones or others.

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