How to Trim Weed – Complete Weed Trimming Knowledge

Trimming weed is easy and fun!

If you know the process right. 

After growing your weed for months and harvesting them, now, you are preparing for extracting the buds from your plants. 

This is where the trimming comes into play. 

Well, if you are not aware of what trimming actually is then don’t worry, we are here to help you out. 

Moreover, different ways of trimming and the right way to do are also going to be discussed here. 

Ultimately, you are going to be a trimming expert grower after this guide. 

So, let’s get started:

How To Trim Weed

Why do You Need to Trim Your Weed?

So, before jump to how to trim weed, you must be wondering you need it?

You have waited a very long time and now you just want to use your buds right away.

Well, trimming buds have multiple benefits. 

Have a look:

Have you ever noticed bud shape and size on different online dispensaries, seed banks, and even in your nearest store?

It looks compact and in the purest form of weed. Nothing extra matters or leaves. 

Therefore, this is where trimming helps you.

Not only to make the bud appearance more appealing rather cut down the extra matter which has nothing benefit in providing you a better experience.

Moreover, as you take out your bud from the plant it might have additional things which do not contribute to cannabinoid productivity.

If you are a weed smoker then you might not want other components in your bud which does not contain THC. Well, trimming helps you to do so. 

Sugar leaves around your bud are the components that have can give you pleasure. 

After trimming down the unnecessary part of your bud, your main course will have extra exposure which will be enriched in THC and taste. Also, the smoking experience will be more pleasurable and enhanced. 

So, overall, trimming gives your bud shape. Removes non-required components. Enhances the THC enriched component by removing non-cannabinoid parts. Moreover, it makes you have a better weed experience, which is the best part.

When You Should Trim Your Buds?

Now, you know why to trim buds. 

Therefore, it is the right time to tell you when to trim your weed buds.

Well, there might be many suggestions and recommendations from the growers. To be honest, there is no ideal condition that either you should start trimming before harvest or after. 

It completely depends upon you. 

At your convenience. 

If you are opting for starting trim before harvest then you must have to flush your crop. 

That means you have to completely cut down the external nutrients factors for your plant and let them use their stored nutrients to be utilized in the flowers. 

This helps you to harvest better weed buds.

Although some growers also go for trimming buds after harvesting and drying them. 

Some even go with immediate trimming after harvesting, which is referred to as wet trim. 

What are Dry Trim and Wet Trim?

If you are new to trimming weed buds then most probably you might not have heard these terms. 

Well, Dry and Wet Trim are the two different types of trimming your buds. 

Both have their own pros and cons. It depends upon the grower by which way they trim.

Wet Trim

When you immediately start trimming after harvesting and before letting your buds dry, it is called wet trimming. 

Because this time your buds are not dried and contain moisture. Hence this type of trimming is referred to as wet trimming. 

Why opt:

  1. You have started earlier trimming just after harvest; therefore, your buds will remain protected from the molds and other issues in humid locations. 
  2. After wet trimming, your buds will dry faster. As of now, they don’t have sugar leaves. 
  3. After harvesting, wet trimming seems a more linear process rather than waiting for a few weeks to let them dry and then put hands-on work. 
  4. You can dry more buds at once on your rack due to their compact size than before. 
  5. You will be finished with one of the tedious tasks earlier. 

Dry Trim

Dry trimming involves the process of drying the weed buds after harvest. 

In this kind of trimming, your buds are dried that is why it is called dry trimming. 

Before removing sugar leaves, you dry your buds for a few weeks and then you start cutting off them. 

Why opt:

  1. If you reside in a dry area where you believe that you don’t have to wait for a longer time to dry the buds. 
  2. Dry trimming can opt-in such areas where mold is not a concern for the buds. Either due to less humidity or for any other reason. 
  3. When you can wait for some time before preparing buds for use. 

Which Tools are Necessary for Trimming Weed?

Trimming weed is also a skill like growing. 

Therefore, you need professional tools before you jump to the garden for trimming. 

So, let’s find out which are the tools that you might need for trimming your buds. 

  • Trimming scissors

A trimming tool is all about having a perfectly sharped and sterilized scissor. 

If you have the perfect one, it will be quite easier for you to cut down your buds. 

Well, we suggest you buy a pair of scissors instead of just a single one.

Because irrespective of the yield size or trimming way, your scissor is sure going to be sticky and covered with the bud resin. 

Then you can shift the other one easily without any interruption in your work. 

Therefore, relying on a single scissor will not be an ideal option.

Depending upon your budget you can choose any quality of scissors. However, this is one of the final steps dealing with buds, therefore, you need accuracy. Scissors must be according to that. 

  • A chair

You are going to sit for several hours per day. 

Therefore, you must need a chair which can not only give you support but must be comfortable as well. 

Invest in a high-quality chair along with scissors. 

Along with that, make sure you have enough and comfortable space where you can sit for a long time. Congested areas can make your trimming experience more tedious. 

Keep in mind that if you will sit for a longer time your more work will be done. Hence you need to avoid all the things that can make you feel tired quickly. 

  • Some clothes

Well, you don’t have to shop casuals. Relax!

While trimming buds, your clothes might get dirty due to the resins. Therefore, ideally, wearing a silk apron can make you avoid unnecessary hassle to remove resins from your clothes. 

As resin will not stick to the silk apron and therefore, you can easily get rid of the sticky things. 

Also, you need to have a pair of latex gloves. Because you don’t want your hands to be covered with anything sticky that interrupts trimming accurately. 

  • Tray

Where you will keep your buds after trimming?

You need a clean and well-sized tray for that. 

Make sure you don’t go for high-price trays in the market. As you just have to carry and then put them in storing jars after that. You can choose any budget-friendly option as well. 

  • Entertainment

This is a must!

As said before, you have to sit for a longer time for trimming your buds.

To be honest, trimming is a tedious job.

Hence you need something that can push you when you feel tired. As our main goal is to complete all the weed process faster and enjoy the final bud. 

You can make ready your sound system by playing your favorite songs. 

Or you can also adjust your sitting area in front of the TV. It will be cool to trim your buds while watching your favorite show!

However, along with that, make sure your attention is not divided too much, making you less productive or a decrease inaccuracy. 

Just keep some entertainment along with you so that you can work for a longer time. 

So, finally, these are some required tools that you need while trimming. 

Moreover, you can go for as many tools as per your condition but you can also keep all things short because of the curing process. (if you are opting for dry trim)

Guide for How to Trim Weed

Finally, now you must be ready for the main process.

However, we will head step by step so that you don’t need to rush things. 

So, let’s start:

Step 1. Prepare all the things. Have a comfortable space and keep the entertainment ready. Wear your attire for trimming and make sure you have your scissors along with you.

Wash your hands. Wear the gloves that you have bought. If you don’t have gloves then you can rely on coconut oil or rubbing alcohol to get rid of resins.

Step 2. Cut down the big branches first. This will initiate the trimming process. Don’t cut down the all branches at once. As if just in case, you need to stop trimming then you don’t have to be worried about the branches. Cut down the specific size by which you can work comfortably. 

Step 3. Now, remove the fan leaves. These are the leaves that generally have a long stem. These are the unnecessary part of your plant’s product. Because they don’t have enriched cannabinoids. Hence you need to cut that down. 

Step 4. Sugar leaves are now the concern in your trimming. You can either keep it as per your choice or you can trim that out. Also, after trimming out sugar leaves, you will be left with only trimmed buds. 

Step 5. Store your trimmed buds in a proper location where they can stay unharmed until you trim all of your yields. Depending upon the yield you have, it can take around days to weeks for getting your all buds trimmed. 

After extracting out all the required matter, you can put your leftover plant in the trash. 

Within these steps, you must have left the usable weed buds in your hand. The trimming process finishes here. 

Frequently asked Questions

Which is best? Dry trim or wet trim?

It completely depends on the grower. If you immediately want to trim your buds after harvesting then you can opt for wet trimming. On the other hand, dry trim involves the curing and drying process before you trim your buds. Both are dependent on the situation and have their own benefits. 

Is trimming necessary?

Trimming makes your buds properly shaped and enhanced in taste and experience. Also, it gives you the purest form of weed buds. Hence this is a necessary step in the ending process.

What is the right time for trimming?

Well, letting your weed buds dry after harvesting is a smart step as it completely vanishes the moisture. If you move to trim after that then it even helps in cutting down the unnecessary part as now you have completely dried matter. Although you can also opt for trimming just after harvesting as it is a more linear process.

What do I need the most for trimming my buds?

Scissors, a chair, an apron, gloves, something for entertainment, and obviously weed plants. 

What to do with leftover plants after trimming?

After extracting buds, you can cut all the waste plants into pieces and can put them in the trash. As they don’t have any further use. 

Verdict: What’s Next?

Now, you are aware of the trimming process, and the things that you need to trim your buds. Now, it’s time to head to your garden and start trimming. 

Well, those who have opted for the wet trimming they must need to dry their weed buds after trimming down from the plants. You can also read our curing and reserving guide here. 

Curing helps your weed buds to last longer in the same quality. Therefore, it is a must-ending process before you can smoke out your buds.

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