i49 Seed Bank Reviews 2023

i49 Seed BankIn the search for the best Canadian seed banks, I have gone through almost every hidden online store that sells cannabis seeds.

Being weed enthusiastic, it’s a quite adventurous experience for me to explore seed stores.

Well, I have decided to share my adventurous experience with all weed lovers.

Are you ready to join my adventurous journey?

So, In this journey, I am going to share my honest review of the i49 seed bank. Stick to this post to know our honest opinion about i49.

I49 is one of the popular seed banks that has been known for selling great quality seeds.


i49 Seed Bank Reviews

Well, I have been gone through in-deep touch with this seed bank.

So, why not share my closer overview about it for the people who are going to deal with them.

It sounds good!

Yeah! So, let’s get straight into it:

Quick History

Well, this seed bank hasn’t shared much information about itself.

However, they claim that they have aimed for providing one of the best quality marijuana seeds at affordable rates.

By giving a quick customer service that solves your all weed doubts, they are one of the greatest seed banks in Canada.

Apart from this, they aimed for the best weed seeds from the rest of the weed stores.

Well, how much they stand on their words, let’s check out:

Seed Quality (3.5/5)

I always prefer to buy from an online brand that really provides great quality seeds. So, I can get value for my money.

Even for any online buyer, they want their money’s worth product. Similarly, for the seed bank, I have made some scales to measure brand quality. In which, product quality i.e. Seed quality, in this case, is my top priority. 

Well, i49 Seeds Bank is quite good at it.

I have bought one of their top-range seed packs that charged me around $40.

Well, that is not a much higher rate for just trying out a basic starter pack.

After someday, the seeds could be seen growing out from my garden. So, in a nutshell, their seeds have a germinating rate of 70% which I found quite good as compared to other new seed banks.

Thanks to their collection team, I’d have a great experience with their seeds. However, they didn’t reveal their breeders but still, I found them better. 

Well, as I’m a weed lover, I didn’t stop here! 

I decided to go out for more packs to explore their seeds.

So, I bought another pack of Auto Blueberry Fem and did some experiments! 

I got the same result as the previous pack but their response was earlier than before. Maybe this will be due to their specific quality seed range.

So, basically, they have the following seeds category :

  • Feminized
  • Auto-Flowering
  • CBD Seeds

i49 has mainly these three categories in which they have their different ranges of the pack. From $40 to $100 even more than that, everything is right there.


In a nutshell, i49 has mainly three seed categories with which they deal. As per my experience, overall, I had a great experience with their seeds.

The only improving thing was that they had limited seed strains, therefore, the people like me, who love to explore weed strains, can find this missing seed.

Apart from that, they had fantastic seed quality that can impress any cannabis lover.

So, if you are looking for a seed bank that gives you specific strains but is of great quality then you can surely prefer the i49 seed bank.

Customer Service (3.0/5)

The second most important scale of my list, which I prefer to be best in every online store.

Well, some of you may find this not much important as you may think you just have to get the best seeds at a possibly low price but that’s not what a smart buyer does.

Let me explain:

Once I ordered seeds from one of the favorite seed banks last month and the thing was that I placed my order and made the payment.

Previously, I used to get a text from the store that my order was placed in but somehow I didn’t get the message.

I thought that it might be a server slowdown or something else and ignored it.

Then I was waiting for my order and somehow I opened the site again and didn’t see the message of the placed order. (As under the login section previously they usually show what you have ordered).

I was surprised!

How did this happen?

The amount was debited but not showing on the purchasing site.

Then I contacted their customer service executives. Thank God! They responded to me quickly and solved my issue which was a technical issue in their server.

Then I received my order after some days.

So, basically, from this experience, I learned that an online store must have quick customer service which promptly solves the issues of their customers.

In i49 seed bank, I found it above average!

It was not as quick as my expectations but still has a responsive interaction with them.

You can contact them via their contact form giving them your details such as Name, Phone number, and issue you are facing.

However, they respond within some hours if you have asked them during the working hours of business days.

So, I had a good experience with them and will definitely say they need to improve their service.

Some main points of interaction are:

  • You have to ask them during working hours of business days for a quick response.
  • Their business days are Monday to Friday and they usually didn’t deal during weekends.
  • You can contact them only via the contact form that is available on their official website under the ‘Contact Us’ section.


i49 has great customer service but they don’t have a calling number which most of the online seed stores provide for quick contact which needs to be improved.

Otherwise, they help out via their site which is also needed to make it quicker.

However, with the quality of the seeds, this seed bank is also improving in its other services as well which shouldn’t be ignored.

Previous Customer’s Rating (3.5/5)

The third scale to consider is mostly in an online seed bank.

When it comes to buying an online product, I always look for the reviews of people who already bought that and had a good time.

This helps out to know that product in a better way before paying them your money.

 From the very basics, if you are a new buyer then you may not be aware of the store’s market reputation and quality.

You just simply search out for the people’s reviews and they prefer to buy. Right?

Well, most of the people do it, even me too (In the very beginning).

Nowadays, you can’t just buy from seeing reviews on particular websites.

You must lookout for the real reviews that have been described in detail and that review has probably a great chance to be true!

Well, I am sharing here some of the views about i49 Seed Bank that I received from others.

So, this was in detail so I thought to put it on. 

Apart from this, they have great coverage on cannabis lovers which is quite a good factor. They sell their seeds to a wide range of weed growers and that’s a plus point for them. That’s why i49 seed bank has 4.0 ratings on Trustpilot


Considering an overall review, I’ll say that they had a great market reputation which can be seen from their online buyers.

Overall, the people, who have interacted with i49 have given it very positive reviews. They have mentioned some improvements but still mostly are satisfied with them.

Therefore, I can say that if you have decided to buy seeds from i49 then surely it will be worth it.

Strains Availability, Price & Delivery (4.0/5)

After mainly considering three scales, I have considered this as an additional factor to look upon but these are important too! 

So, when it comes to strains availability then i49 has mainly focused on mainly three (Auto, CBD, and Feminized) while they have many different varieties under each of them. 

Well, as they didn’t reveal their breeders so it is tough to say how different varieties they actually have but majorly they deal with the above three strains. 

I found it best for beginners as most seeds are quite affordable and the price range begins from $38 and goes up to $2000. That shows a great stock of marijuana seeds at i49. 

Therefore, you are sure to get your favorite seeds at affordable rates in sufficient amounts.

They have limited their seeds pack from 3 seeds pack to 500 seeds pack in which the price goes similarly but the point to mention here is that they also give a discount as you buy from them at a larger scale.

So, Therefore, i49 hasn’t hard and fast seed rates. You can have huge discounts as well.

When it comes to delivering your order then they are experts in it. They deliver your seeds in a discreetly packed box with totally blank (without mentioning the buyer’s name) packaging. Only delivery address and returning address which they usually take for processing.

Aren’t they amazing?

Right! For shipping, they usually take 7-15 days and even they are faster if ordered locally.

Note –  At the i49 seed bank, they didn’t support returns of seeds. Therefore, you are recommended to choose seeds very carefully. As once you bought from them, then you must have to be responsible for the further results. 

However, for distant delivery, they take more days.

Well, they have great quality seeds and very few chances to happen this but still, it is always good to get the best from anything.


From availing strains to delivering seeds they have been amazing in their work. Thanks to their hard-working team.

The shipping and delivery time is quite good and even the price range is quite affordable which makes them a first choice seed bank to buy cannabis seeds from. 

Even they provide discounts as well for bulk orders. So, if you are going to buy seeds on a large scale then surely you can save money too from their store. 

Well, if you want to check more, then you can go to their official site for more information.

See people’s responses on Reddit Before buying marijuana from i49 seed bank.

i49 Seed Bank Reviews: Final Words

Overall, I had a great experience purchasing from i49 sees bank. They had a good quality of strains available at quite an attractive price range.

With good customer support, they are the best place to buy seeds for beginners.

Therefore, if you are new to seed selection or a pro buyer who wants some adventure in their weed garden then you can surely prefer i49 seeds.

Well, from now, I can hope I’ve shared much information for you to decide whether to go with this seed bank or not.

However, if you still have some doubts or any kind of suggestions or your personal experience with i49 Seed Bank then you can quickly share with me the below comments. I’ll mention them in it and will be quite happy.

Until then, Happy Buying! 

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