I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) Reviews 2023

ilgm reviewAre you looking for an ILGM seed bank review?

If your answer is yes, then you are absolutely in the right place as we have reviewed a lot of seed banks after purchasing and getting experience from them.

So, in this guide, we are going to talk particularly about ILGM i.e. I Love Growing Marijuana

Therefore, if you are thinking to make any deal from that seed bank then you must have to check this review before making the deal. 

As in this guide, we are going to share everything all about ILGM, which you should not miss out on before you move further.


I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) Review

So, before we start, you must know that ILGM is one of the most reputed seed banks in the online market. However, still, we have reviewed here the seed bank with our pure honesty that is why ILGM has over 1000 users reviews in seedfinder.

Therefore, you will get everything to know about I love growing marijuana here.

We have pointed here out ten points in which you will get to know everything quickly!

Let’s get started!

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1. Availability of strains

As ‘I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM)’ has a variety of strains for its customers in which you are sure to get your desired seeds.

However, if I will talk about some other types of strains then here it gets its weakness.

As for regular seeds, there are limited strains are available.

Right now, there are 5 strains of regular seeds are available there.

Well, there are many options for their customers in other varieties which is quite appreciable. It stands ILGM out from the rest of the other seeds bank.

So, we can say that if you are looking for great quality weed strains then no one is there to beat the ILGM.

However, you might have to compromise a little bit with your choice.

2. Seed germination expectations 

After purchasing seeds, you must have this thought that how many seeds you have purchased will germinate.


We can also say that what is the successful germination rate of ILGM seeds.

So, in just one word I want to say it is above 90%.

Yes, you read it right!

When I have purchased the seeds and planted them then my all of the seeds have been germinated after some quite amazing time. You can follow this germination guide if you don’t know how to germinate seeds.

Isn’t it?

(However, some of them were damaged due to some reason.)

So, I can proudly say that my first plantation was successful due to ILGM. 

So, there is no doubt, no one can give you such a guarantee for their seeds.

3. Is ILGM safe for purchasing worldwide?

This is the question that arises in everyone’s mind while looking for a seed bank online.

However, the ILGM seed bank is that seed bank that keeps your privacy private and your package will be delivered in a very discreet package that means you don’t have to be worried about the delivery of your product and privacy issue.

ILGM is very concerned about the privacy of its customers. Therefore, it’s one of the most trustworthy and popular seed banks across the world.

Most of the time, the customers get their package successfully at their doorstep. However, if anyone faces an issue, then he or she can contact customer support.

Their customer support service is very quick and strong that responds to the customer within just a few times.

4. Available payment methods

Well, for making your order complete, you need to pay them. Therefore, a quick and easy payment option is a must from any online seed bank, and that demand completes ILGM excellently.

Let me explain:

I Love Growing Marijuana provides its customers with a lot of options to make your payment easier. However, we have preferred to order with Debit Card, which is quite simple and good to go anytime.

However, you can prefer another option that is already provided on their site. So, you don’t have to be worried about the payment.

In other options, there are:-

  1. Credit Card 
  2. Cash
  3. Bitcoin (With instant discount)
  4. Bank Transfer

So, these are the options that make payment easier and quick for you.

You can go up with your convenient choice at any time.

5. Customer Service

Customer service is that plus point that only ILGM has with them. While some of the other seed banks even don’t reply at all.


Here I have to say that the customer service from ILGM is so quick and reliable that you can contact them anytime.

Their response and support are super quick with satisfactory solutions to your particular problem.

Coming to their team management, in which they have a separate team for dealing customers with seed regarding the issue. This is why they are so quick in responding to any query.

Their super friendly and quick response makes you comfortable with them. 

This is why ILGM is growing faster in the online seed industry by giving 100% satisfaction to their customers.

6. Previous Customer’s Reviews

While making a list of the best seed bank, we have also considered a point of other customer’s reviews of that particular seed bank.

As only the experienced one can give you the right advice for your deal!

Therefore, we have mentioned this point here for a better review from the customer’s side.

As ILGM is one of the most reliable seed banks online, therefore, it has a lot of positive reviews from previous customers. 

You can check their site, they have a lot of customers that have pointed out their reviews.

This was the point which I personally loved the most. Because for making the right choice, you need someone to guide you in the right way.

Therefore, I have to say they are simply the best!

7. Discount and Offers

Well, ILGM gives a lot of offers and discounts on some special days. You have to keep an eye on their site to make a deal at a reduced price.

However, if you are purchasing regularly from them, then they give you a special treat by giving you an instant discount while purchasing a combination of products.

Even they have a VIP offer in which you can sign up for their special products, which are not available to others.

8. Some FAQs

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions which will help you to know more about ILGM

Where does the ILGM get their seeds?

Well, Robert Bergman has worked a lot before starting this company.
They work with handpicked breeders to provide you the best quality seeds.

Is ILGM legit?

Of course YES! You will always receive your product. Even if they failed to deliver it, they will send you again. You can refer to their site where a lot of customers have already put their reviews.

How is Customer Service?

I have already mentioned above that their customer service is 10/10 with their super quick responsive team. They are available to you 24/7 for your help.

Where does ILGM ship?

The company ships from Europe and is guaranteed to deliver to you in a given time.

Is ILGM gives any discount on their products?

A big YES!! You have to check their site regularly for getting a great discount for yourself. However, you can also access their premium products by paying them.

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) Reviews: Final Words

ILGM is a perfect combination of good quality seeds, customer service, and reliability. 

It becomes so difficult to say some bad about such a great service provider company.

We have reviewed a lot of seedbanks but ILGM is one of my favorites.

If you too want to make some addition to this guide, I welcome you all in the comment section!

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