Equipment Required for Indoor Marijuana Grow Room

You know what?

Most of the personal weeders grow marijuana indoors.

Because growing weed indoors is easier and convenient for several reasons. One of the most favorite reasons is less effort and more yield. 

Unlike outdoor cultivation, you don’t need to stay under the sun for long hours to maintain your garden. Also, you don’t need to be worried about the weather and other growing conditions in indoor cultivation. 

Besides all, if you are a beginner and somehow you don’t maintain the conditions up to the mark, still, there are chances that you can get enough weed to smoke all day for months. 

That is why most of the expert cultivators have started their cultivation journey with indoor gardening. 

Therefore, if you are planning to grow marijuana indoor this year, then read this guide to get the most of your garden. As we are going to discuss everything that an indoor weed grower needs to know before heading to grow weed seeds. 

So, let’s get started:

Equipment Required For Indoor Marijuana Grow Room

What do You need While Indoor Cultivation of Marijuana?

Nothing much!

Just weed seeds, pot, soil (if you are opting for the soil method), and grow space. 

Basically, this is all you might need to grow weed. However, if you want to do things professionally for better results, you might need some things as well, which we will be discussing further.

No doubt, there are several ways to grow weed indoors. Even soil-less methods are also there, which you can opt for as per convenience. 

However, to keep your gardening simple, growing weed through the soil method will be better, and for simplicity, we will be taking that method as default to make you understand the process better. 

Now, let’s dive deeper into things to know the factors which affect indoor weed gardening:

  • Grow Space

It can either be your room, backyard, closet, or anywhere inside your house, which makes you feel better for weed gardening. 

To grow marijuana indoors, you must have to make you grow space ready before any further steps. As you don’t want to rush things when you are into a crucial stage of gardening. 

Therefore, take it slowly and prepare the grow space first. 

While growing weed indoors, grow tents are available online which can be bought. You can choose the size as per your grow space inside your home. These grow tents ultimately help in completely making a separate space for the weed plants to thrive. 

Also, it becomes very easier for the grower to maintain the growing conditions inside a grow tent. 

For buying grow tents online for indoor gardening, you can check on Google!

Once you have the right grow tent for your garden, you can move to the next factor to check out. 

  • Right Quality of Soil

Soil is the base of your cannabis plant. 

If you are a new grower then you must need to get high-quality pot soil. 

Therefore, you have to research well and find whether you have well-nutrients involved in soil for your plants. You can also conduct a soil test to know what are the good and negative things in your soil, which can further help you to add up nutrients as per requirement. 

If your grow soil lacks nutrients, you can further use fertilizers to balance that. This will ultimately help your weed plants to grow much faster as well. Although before using a fertilizer, make sure you have the proper knowledge about them.

  • Make Your Grow Lights Ready

After having a grow tent for your weed plants, now you need to have the best grow lights for indoor weed gardening. 

As grow light is one of the major environmental factors to affect the yield and productivity of your garden, therefore, make sure you have the best light setup for your garden. 

In the market, there are different types of grow light, in which these are best:

  • LED Grow Lights

These are a little pricey!

But, worth the investment.

LED grow lights are much efficient and consume very little electricity. While you don’t have to replace them again and again as they last for a very long time. 

As LED grow lights generate a full light spectrum and produce less heat, therefore, it helps your weed plants to produce a higher yield. 

As Light Emitting Diodes are not completely embraced by the growers across the globe but due to their more features than other grow lights, now LED grow lights are becoming common for weed gardening. 

  • Fluorescent Grow Lights

These are quite common lights used by weed growers. 

The best part about these lights is the cheaper price. Growers who want to invest less in grow lights can opt for this grow light, however, keep in mind that they are not efficient. Also, Fluorescent light generates 20% less light of electricity used. 

That is why their efficiency decreases. 

However, you can get a combo or complete package of reflectors, ballast, and bulbs included in one. For beginner cultivators, this might be an option. 

  • HID (High-Intensity Discharge) Grow Lights

These are more popular grow lights among weed growers. 

Although these lights are better than other light sources apart from the above-mentioned twos. 

The price range of these grows light is comparatively less although they are not efficient as LED ones. However, HID grows lights can do your work for sure. 

Although HID lights are further divided into High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) and Metal Halide (MH) categories, both can lighten your garden in a better way.

So, after making your grow lights ready to glow your garden, you must check out what is next to prepare for? However, you can also check the guide for buying the best grow light for indoor gardening here. 

  • Prepare to Make Your Weed Plants Breath

Weed plant needs air.

CO2 is essential for photosynthesis and hence you must provide proper ventilation in your grow space along with lighting. 

For that, you can use fans in grow tents. Along with growing lights, you can also purchase them online. To maintain the proper ventilation and temperature you might need exhaust fans as well. 

As the temperature of your grow area should not exceed 85-degree Fahrenheit, therefore, during summer or hot days, exhaust fans can be the savior of your plants. 

Also, your plants need fresh air to thrive, hence you need to maintain proper ventilation as well in the growing area. Constant light breeze in your grow area can result in jaw-dropping results!

  • Climate Monitors

You need climate monitoring equipment so that you can keep an eagle eye on the grow room temperature, humidity level, and other factors as well. As these directly affect your plant’s health. 

Therefore, the monitoring equipment can tell you if these factors are in range. Although this equipment can be an extra load to your budget, however, you can manage as if you will be able to do certain things manually. 

  • A dehumidifier is Necessary as Well

Over moisturization can be harmful to your plant.

Therefore, you have to maintain the humidity level in your grow space. This is where dehumidifiers come into play. 

Dehumidifiers reduce the humidity by increasing the temperature in your grow area if it exceeds the limit. That is why along with dehumidifiers, you also need fans to maintain the air circulation and temperature. 

As there are different crucial stages of marijuana plants. You can read here the 7 different stages of weed plants. 

During the vegetative stage or flowering period, you need to maintain the humidity, and temperature the most. An increase in moisture can drastically affect the yield of your garden. Hence, to protect, you need dehumidifiers to keep the moisture in range. 

  • Get Set Go

Now, it’s time to show your growing skills. 

Just step ahead and put your effort into growing weed indoors. There are more chances that you will get enough buds at the end of harvesting to be satisfied. As there is less risk involved in indoor gardening. 

However, those factors which are mentioned above, are maintained well, then you can be pro in indoor weed gardening as well. 

Though as a beginner, you can adjust with some factors if your budget doesn’t allow it. Once you get experience in cultivating weed indoors, there’s no comeback! Even you can do it without sophisticated tools. 

Frequently Asked Questions

From where can I get high-quality weed seeds?

There are several seed banks. You can also purchase weed seeds from your nearest seed shop.

How much time it will take for the flowering stage in indoor cultivation?

Around 8 to 10 weeks are sufficient for a weed plant to reach the flowering stage. However, it can also vary according to the growth environment. 

Does it necessary to use fertilizers?

Not at all. Even you are recommended not to use it if you are a beginner grower and have no experience in using fertilizers. However, experienced growers use it according to need. 

When will my plants be ready to harvest?

After 10 to 12 weeks when your plant’s pistils turn into a brown hue then it must be ready for harvesting. However, you can read different guides on the web to know when your plant is ready for the same.

How much yield can be obtained in indoor weed gardening?

It depends on different factors. Strain type. Growing environment and also on the grower. Usually, cultivators use different techniques to increase the yield. However, even if you are a beginner you can get a good yield from an average weed strain. 

Equipment Required for Indoor Marijuana Grow Room: Final Words

Till now, you must be aware of the factors and things related to indoor marijuana gardening. Also, there is no trick or shortcut to get the best results every time. It is an experimental thing and you can master this skill with experience. 

Therefore, just go and start cultivating. 

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