How to Keep a Grow Tent Cool?

Indoor growers often face this issue – the heating problem inside the grow tent.

Especially during the summers or hot days.

Well, excessive heat for the health of weed plants is not good. And, therefore, you need to solve this issue ASAP!

Though, you are lucky! As of now, we will be telling you several ways to deal with the heat problem inside your grow tent. With these solutions, you can control the temperature of your grow space by 100%. 

Let’s get started:

How to Keep a Grow Tent Cool

10 Effective Ways to Keep a Grow Tent Cool

Temperature is one of the crucial factors for the plant’s growth. However, if it exceeds a certain limit, it becomes harmful to the plants. 

Fortunately, growers across the world have been dealing with the heating issues in grow tents for years and the best part is, these solutions are quite simple and can be followed instantly.

1. Plant an exhaust fan

This is a simple and obvious solution. 

Plant an exhaust fan in your grow tent and you are done! 

This fan will not only throw out the excessive heat from the growing area but will also help in circulating the air in the tent. 

Above all, it will keep the temperature under control. 

However, if you have a larger grow tent then you might need an additional fan as well. This extra fan will be kept in such a manner that it will suck the fresh air into the grow tent. While the exhaust fan will throw out the hot air. 

This way, you can easily maintain the temperature in larger grow tents as well.

Although if you are on a low budget and want to stick with a single fan then you can choose the fan size according to the size of grow tent. If you have a larger grow area then you might need a larger fan as well. 

However, if your grow tent’s temperature is still not on the mark, you can place the grow tent in your room with an air conditioner. As the outer room temperature will be lower, your grow tent will automatically cool down. 

Even there is also an above-step solution – placing an air conditioner directly in the grow tent. It can be suitable for the grow tents with extra-large size. However, even within the above steps, you will be able to cool the grow tent.

2. Placing an oscillating fan

Doesn’t matter how much hard you are trying to vent the air in grows tent, you must have to place an oscillating fan inside your grow tent. 

It is a must as this fan will throw air over the marijuana plants and prevent the effects of excessive heat. Also, the improved air circulation in the grow tent will cool down the temperature as well.

Keep in mind that if you have a comparatively larger grow tent then you might need some more oscillating fans. Although beginner growers with average-sized tents can get their job done with single or maximum double oscillating fans. 

3. Switch to LED grow lights

LEDs are far better than any other low-grade light option. LED grow lights are not only efficient but also generate less heat. And, hence, if you are facing heating issues with your HPS, MH, or any other low-grade lighting then you must switch to LED grow lights. 

LED lights use less energy to produce light and also don’t generate much heat. The best part of using LED grow lights is that you don’t have to change or switch to new LED bulbs every grows or even two. Thanks to their long-lasting life. 

Though LED grows lights might have slightly higher prices but they will be worth the investment. Above all, it will generate less heat and hence, it will keep the grow room temperature under the required range. 

4. Put the light drivers or ballasts outside the grow tent

If you are using HID grow lights, you can keep the ballasts outside the grow tent to reduce the temperature slightly. These ballasts usually heat up and contribute to raising the temperature of grow tent as well. 

Even nowadays LED grow lights are coming with external drivers. However, you can keep them outside of the grow tent to prevent the contribution in raising the grow tent temperature.

5. Give light to your plants during the nighttime

Yes! You can run the grow lights during nighttime. This will give you ultimate benefits. The major benefit will be that during the nighttime temperature of our surroundings will be usually lower comparatively daytime. And hence, by giving lights to your plants at the night, the temperature of your grow tent will not go higher, unlike the traditional daytime. 

Although you have to keep in mind that during the daytime you have to completely seal up your grow tent so that no external light can get in. Some marijuana strains need 12 hours of darkness and hence, you also have to maintain that accordingly. 

6. Put an air conditioner in grow tent

As said earlier, this is the fastest and 100% efficient way to cool the grow tent. 

However, this method will be beneficial for the locations with usually hotter days and growers with larger grow tents. As air conditioner might take some investment and space as well. Therefore, you need to adjust the space for the air conditioner in grow tent. 

Putting an air conditioner in grow tent means you will surely be able to cool down the temperature of grow area. Also, you can easily reduce the humidity with it. That means you will have multiple benefits from this single piece of equipment. 

Well, the growers with a low budget can also try out the method of putting grow tent in the room with an air conditioner (as mentioned earlier). It will also do the job for you. As outside the grow tent, the lower temperature of the room will help to reduce the temperature inside grow tent. However, you might need to clear some space in your room for the grow tent. 

7. Using swamp cooler

Basically, it is a type of cooler that cools the grow tent by evaporating water. However, it increases the humidity level, and therefore, you have to use this only when your plants can tolerate some humidity. During the earlier growth stages, growers can opt for swamp coolers. 

It is more efficient and has budget price as well comparatively air conditioners. 

If you are starting gardening in grow tent and have apt space for this equipment then you can definitely use it for maintaining the temperature of grow tent. 

8. Change the grow tent location

This is one of the basic steps that can help you keep your grow tent cool.

Yet people often overlook it. 

You can relocate the grow tent to the coolest area in your house. It can be the basement, home garage, or somewhere else as well. Place your grow tent near the open windows as it will enhance the air circulation. 

Apart from this, if you live on the first floor or even higher then you can opt for placing grow tent in the basement or on the ground floor. This is because heat rises and hence, keeping your grow tent on the ground might help somewhat.

9. Optimize your ducting

For every 90-degree turn within the duct, the fan has to work 5% harder to push out the air. Therefore, the more turns the ducting will have the less efficient fans will be. 

Therefore, the best solution for this is to reduce the turns and bends with ducting. As less efficient fans will lead to poor airflow in the grow tent, which can ultimately lead to a rise in the temperature. 

10. Check humidity

As a grower, you might be aware that humidity and temperature are interconnected with each other. The more humidity will be, the lesser the temperature will be, and vice versa.

You can use this fact for your benefit. Here’s how:

Check out if your grow tent has lower humidity. If the humidity level is less than the requirement, it means you can push the humidity level to some extent. Because lower humidity levels also contribute to increasing the temperature. 

However, while increasing the humidity in grow area keep in mind that younger plants might need 60% of humidity while grown-up can tolerate up to 40% of it. So, don’t overdo things as well.

Check out the Guide of How to Measure Humidity on WikiHow.

Why do grow tents heat up?

There are mainly two reasons for that. 

One is the overheating of your grow light. 

While the second reason is not having proper ventilation in the grow tent. 

Although there could be many reasons for this issue. However, the above two are the main reasons which usually growers have.

High-pressure sodium light is the grow light that produces excessive heat along with light production. While the LEDs can produce the same output with less heat generation. That is why expert growers suggest investing in LED grow lights. 

Apart from growing lights, ventilation is another factor that causes a rise in the grows tent temperature. As grow light produces light and if the circulation of air is not proper there, it will lead to the accumulation of heat (as light also produces heat) inside the grow tent resulting in an overall rise in grow area temperature. 

There could be some other reasons as well for the overall increase in grow tent temperature such as your location’s climate. 

Although some amount of heat is required for the growth of plants, however, after a range, it can lead to a decline in the overall growth therefore, heating issues inside the grow tent must be solved. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some regularly asked queries that growers ask regarding this topic:

#1. Is it essential to put a fan inside the grow tent?

Irrespective of your location climate and growing skills, it is always a better step to put either an oscillating fan or exhaust fan depending upon the requirement. As it enhances the airflow in the growing area which is overall good for plant growth. 

#2. How do decide the number of fans in the grow tent to put?

For an average-sized grow tent, one or two fans will be enough. However, if you have a larger grow tent you can increase the quantity as well as you can also use exhaust fans along with vent-in fans (which will suck the air into the tent). This will perfectly circulate the air through the garden.

#3. What is the ideal temperature range for grow tent?

The ideal range of temperature for an indoor grow tent is around 75 degrees to 85-degree Fahrenheit. However, depending upon the different growth stages of the plants, the temperature can be lowered or increased as well.

#4. What to keep outside of the growing tent to reduce temperature?

Motor-driven equipment along with light ballasts and other things which produce heat and that can be kept outside of the grow tent, should be kept outside to reduce the temperature. However, if you are following the other steps to cool your grow tent then most probably you don’t need to follow this. 

#5. Which LED grow light is best for my grow tent?

There are many LED grow lights are available in the market. You can choose as per your requirement and budget as well. For a detailed guide, you can read our guide on LED grow lights here!

Now, let’s get cool!

The rise in the grow tent or room temperature is the issue that most of the growers face. However, some get rid of this problem earlier while some have to put in some effort. Well, it also depends on the location and other factors. 

Overall, now, you are aware of the different solutions that you can apply to keep a grow tent cool. From our side, we recommend you to opt for LED grow lights if you haven’t opted yet. 

Although you can try out different solutions as well if you have any other issues. Hopefully, now you are better aware of the heating issue in grow tent and solutions for the same.

Happy Cooling!

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