Reasons to Keep Male Marijuana Plants

Feminized or female cannabis plants are more valuable than the male marijuana plants in the weed world. 

Because mainly female plants are known to produce buds. And hence, a weed lover majorly goes for feminized weed strains for gardening. 

So, here comes the question: what about male weed plants?

If they have any uses? Or if they can only be used for breeding purposes?

Well, don’t worry! You will get all of your answers. 

As in this guide, you will get to know 7 reasons to keep male marijuana plants. 

Majorly weed guides revolve around female weed plants but this time this guide will be dedicated to the male ones and finally, in the end, you will have certain reasons not to throw out the male plants from your garden next time!

So, let’s get started:

Reasons to Keep Male Marijuana Plants

7 Reasons to Keep male marijuana plants

Marijuana has been a topic in itself to be explored more. And, digging out almost everything, we have got major seven reasons why you should keep male weed plants. 

Without wasting any further time, let’s find out:

1. Hemp Fiber

The very first reason is the fiber! 

Male marijuana plants are one of the best sources of hemp fiber. Thanks to their firm and fibrous stalks. Moreover, hemp products made from male weed plants are far better than the other options. 

Apart from this, many countries along with the U.S have legalized hemp and related markets therefore, legally there will not be a boundary not to keep the male weed plants. Though you have to be aware of the latest laws and local guidelines of your area. 

Overall, hemp fiber has been used for centuries to make clothes, textiles, paper, and insulation materials, and to get the best source for hemp fiber, there is no better way than growing and keeping male weed plants. 

2. Breeding Purposes

Well, this is what male plants are mainly known for! Pollinating female plants. 

And, around 50% of genetic identity is provided by the male weed plants. Hence, to get the desired weed plants you have to get the male along with female plants. 

Even you can also find historically many popular cannabis strain varieties have been developed and male weed plants have an equally important role as female ones. 

So, if you are planning to develop another weed strain on your own then you have to keep the male marijuana plants. 

3. Hash and Concentrates

You might have heard almost everywhere that male weed plants do not produce any THC content. Well, that’s not the complete truth!

Even male weed plants do have some THC concentration. However, males have fewer amount of THC cannabinoids comparing to female ones. 

Though male plants have higher THC concentrations in their leaves than female plants. Though, in females, they fetch higher THC concentration during the vegetative phase. Whereas the male plants have a limited lifespan and therefore, they could not produce THC content like females. 

Yet, male resins are extracted and used for hash oil, dabs, and other concentrates. 

4. Try Out Weed Juice!

Have you ever tried it yet? 

Well, Marijuana plants have many health benefits apart from making people high. That is why many countries are embracing it among the people’s daily life and relaxing the laws as well.

Coming to raw cannabis juice then has some pharmacological benefits too. All parts of the male plant can be used except the tough stalks. Moreover, this juice will not contain higher THC content unlike the female plants and hence you can drink this weed juice without getting high!

5. A male marijuana plant is a great companion

Historically it is found that male marijuana plants tend to repel the gardening issues such as insects. Yes! You have read it right. 

The terpenes found in male marijuana plants especially limonene, and pinene, repel harmful pests. 

That is why male marijuana plant’s leaves and extracts are used to make pesticides too. 

Moreover, it is also found that male weed plants also avoid the growth of unwanted species plants. 

Hence, overall, the male weed plant is a great companion in gardening. 

6. Leaves of the male plant can also make you high

Do you know leaves of male weed plants have a significant amount of THC just like female plants? Even in flowers of male plants as well, THC concentration can be found. 

This is just opposite to the fact that male weed plants don’t produce THC at all. Well, now, you know the real truth!

Hence, you can use the male flowers and leaves for the same purpose as you might be using the female ones. 

7. Good males result in good fathers

If you are breeding cannabis then you need a good quality male specimen. As 50% of the genetic identity is fetched by the male components. So, males are not the only source of pollen for females rather they contribute to making the next version of themselves as well by providing genetic features. 

Therefore, you must get a good male weed plant so that the resultant strain can be best. 

As some traits such as growth rate, time, resistance to different plant issues, hermaphroditism, and pests can be easily distinguished. While potency and flavor can also be developed according to the breeding father.

So, overall, in developing a different or new genetic variety of plants, males have an important role. 

What is the main difference between a male and female cannabis plant?

The basic difference between a male and a female cannabis plant is known when the vegetative stage starts. During this stage, pre-flower shows up within 3 to 4 weeks in male plants. Though females can take more time. 

Female plants will have pistils or hair, while males will have tiny sacs. So, by observing these signs, you can know which plant is male and which one is female.

Can male plants be used for smoking purposes?

Yes! Male weed plants can be used for smoking purposes. However, they lack in producing cannabinoids, and therefore, smoking them might not be worthwhile at all. In contrast to female plants, males do produce some THC concentration but for smoking purposes, females are a better option as they have more cannabinoid components. 

How to select the best male plant for breeding?

The best way to select the male plants according to the experts is by observing the stem of males. Due to the relation between stem and THC content, it is a good sign if you get a male plant with a stronger stem. Large, hollow stems are preferred more than other options. 

Avoid those male plants that grow taller and faster. Experts believe that this kind of plant might lack in quality of the bud. Moreover, auto flower plants and those who flower earlier are better to keep away!

So, overall, male plants cannot be chosen based on their taste as they are not used for smoking. Therefore, you need to use your observation skills to choose a perfect male plant for the breeding purpose. 

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Why should I keep male plants in my weed garden?

When you are gardening for buds then perhaps, you might need female plants the most. Though this doesn’t mean male plants are useless. Even they can protect your garden from different pests as they are good repellent. Apart from this, you can use them in different ways as mentioned above. 

#2. Do male cannabis plants produce THC?

Yes! Even males have some potency. Generally, female plants carry a higher concentration of cannabinoids but this never meant that male plants don’t have any cannabinoids at all. Instead, male leaves have a significant amount of cannabinoids in comparison to females.

#3. How to avoid male plants during weed gardening?

When you completely want to avoid the male plants then you can prefer germinating feminized seeds. As they grow as female plants only. In contrast, regular seeds have 50-50 chances to produce male and female cannabis plants. 

Now, don’t be hasty with male plants next time!

Usually, growers throw out the male weed plants from their garden. Well, this might be obvious when you are gardening for weed buds but now you know different uses of male plants. 

From breeding to making juice, and from gardening companions to different products, male weed plants can be used. 

Hopefully, you can get their uses in either way. So, this time I hope you might not throw out the male weed plant. 

Happy Gardening!

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