Is it Legal to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online?

Wondering if you can safely buy cannabis seeds online?

Yes and no, both!

Don’t worry! I’ll explain it to you.

Shopping online nowadays is quite common. 

But when it comes to buying marijuana seeds online legally then many questions arise in our minds like where to buy cannabis seeds?

Well, it is obvious when weed is considered to be a controversial topic around the world. 

Is it Legal to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online

Fortunately, now in 2023, most of the countries around the globe are embracing weed in the daily life of the people. 

Especially in the medical field. 

This has helped the online weed markets to increase rapidly. Thanks to the buyers though!

The answer to this question “Is it Legal to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online?” is yes.

It is legal to buy marijuana seeds online.

You can check the legality in the USA and Canada.

Apart from the laws, some online seed bank scams have made it a little scary to trust a random seed store. 

So, the question pop-up again, if it is safe to buy cannabis seeds online?

Let’s find the answer:

Buying Cannabis Seeds Online is Safe

You are residing in a location where weed is legal.

First of all, you need to be under the law for buying cannabis seeds whether online or offline. 

Straightforwardly, the very first step towards buying cannabis seeds online in a safe manner is whether your local authority or law permits you to do so.

As said before, many countries such as the USA, Canada, Uruguay, and more have legalized weed in their region. 

Thanks to weed enthusiasts and movements around the world.

Hence, nowadays you will be able to buy weed legally in those regions without any fear of getting arrested. Moreover, with the embracing weed trend, countries that have illegalized cannabis before, are also allowing marijuana in either of aspects. 

Even buying cannabis seeds is also legalized in most regions. 

Hence the cops will not interrupt you from buying weed seeds online. Until you don’t put them in the soil to grow!

As growing weed is still prohibited in some countries. 

So, if you are heading to deal with cannabis in your country, make sure you are under local and federal law as well. 

Once you are safe within the law, there’s nothing that can stop you from buying high-quality cannabis seeds online. Even it is just a few steps thing. 

Is It Safe to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online Through Credit Cards?


In most cases.

If you have only CC in your payment options then you can safely buy cannabis seeds online via it.

Though it is not the ideal option. 

Most of the reputed online seed banks immediately destroy the data you enter while purchasing something from them. It happens just after completing the payment. Hence it is one of the safest options. 

Moreover, you can use your business address instead of personal in your credit card billing option which will make sure you are safe while buying anything related to cannabis. 

Even some buyers change their name and opt for a non-trackable option. 

If you are really concerned about your privacy then you can also choose for non-signed delivery option. 

That means the order you have placed doesn’t need your signature to be delivered. 

Therefore, there are several ways through which you can ensure your safety while purchasing something online.

Is It Safe to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online Instead of Offline, through Physical Stores?

It depends upon the online store you choose!

Well, there have been thousands of seed banks online across the world. 

To be honest, some of them are scams. They just hunt your money and never send you anything. 

On the other hand, there have been some weed stores online which provide far better services even than physical stores. 

So, the ultimate answer is – you have to find your convenience.

It becomes quite easier for one to buy weed seeds through the nearest store in your area if you are residing in a country or region where it is legal. 

While some regions have not legalized marijuana completely yet but they somehow allow one to buy weed seeds online for novelty or scientific purposes. 

In this case, you might not be able to find any physical store due to a legal ban. Hence, you will be left with the only option to buy weed seeds through online stores. 

So, overall, if you are buying from a reputed and reliable online seed store then it is completely safe. However, if you are blindly hitting the buttons then you may fall into something unwanted.

While in those regions where the government has legalized dispensaries to sell weed stuff, you can completely trust them. As they come under the official authorities and hence reliable. 

Tips for Buying Cannabis Seeds Online Safely

Nowadays, buying online cannabis seeds is popular.

Due to the availability of multiple strains at one store, attractive prices, discounts at bulk orders, and many other features that attract a weed enthusiast are available at online shops. 

Though the very first step to ensure you are safe while purchasing something online is to do some homework. 

That means, before trusting any online company or store, you need to check out reviews, forums, and product quality experience by the previous buyers. 

This will ultimately make you aware of the actual reputation of the store. 

One of the review sites, Trustpilot is one of the ways through which you can check out the reputation and quality of online seed banks. 

Moreover, one can also get a hint about the store’s quality through the website. still, we recommend you to check the online reviews about the store. 

This will help you to filter out the stores which are not reputed and do not provide quality services. Even you can also be safe from the online ‘scams’ as well. 

Apart from this, to make you safe while purchasing something online, here are some additional tips:

  • Choose a discrete payment option

This is where the vulnerability is the most. 

As with your payment card or specific option, your details along with the money go to the vendor. Although many of the seed banks nowadays destroy the info just after a successful order. 

Still, you can’t take risks, when it comes to privacy!

You need to choose the payment option which either gives nothing info about yourself or at least. 

So, these are the payment options that are more likely to be found on most of the online seed banks:

  1. Cash 
  2. Credit Card
  3. Money Order
  4. Bank Transfer
  5. Bitcoin
  6. Mail 
  7. PayPal (Limited stores accept now)

Bitcoin is one of the safest and ideal options.

It ensures your privacy while paying online to someone. Even nowadays online store provides extra security to the online transactions through the secured interface.

Apart from bitcoin, Credit Card is also quite a popular and common payment option, which is discrete and secure. 

  • Use Public Email Address

While placing the order, when you have to enter your email address, you can add your public mail instead of personal. 

Because somehow, your mail is stored in the servers. 

And, if you want to keep it private and don’t want to share it with the vendor then you can opt for this way. 

Even if you don’t have one, you can also create a new mail through Google as well. It is quite easy to make a new mail. 

  • Use alternative address

To hide your privacy from the seed bank online, you can make them deliver your order to a different address. It can be your nearest P.O box or anywhere you feel safe. You can also ask your friends if they can receive your order. 

  • Opt for delivery without signature

If you are ordering normally through mail then your order needs a signature to make the delivery completed. However, some online seed stores also provide a feature to avoid this. Without signature delivery of the order is safer and more secure. 

  • Buy a small order

If you are residing within a suspicious location then you can start with ordering a small quantity. Check out if it gets succeeded. 

Once your small order gets successfully delivered to you, then you can invest more. As most of the seed banks are located around the countries where weed is already legal. Hence, if you are not sure if the seeds will be delivered to your location, then this step can be really helpful. 

Seed Banks That are Legal to Buy Online Seeds?

Around the world, there are many cannabis seed stores.

Most of them are genuine while some might be just popping up in the industry. 

To make you get the best seed bank out there, here are some top seed banks that not only ship to the USA, Canada, Australia but also to every corner of the world. 

You can blindly trust over them because thousands of weeders have done before so:

I Love Growing Marijuana website

In the world of weed, ILGM is one of the most reputed names!

It stands for I Love Growing Marijuana. 

And, truly it’s a store for weed lovers. 

You not only get your favorite weed seeds here but instead, you get almost everything related to marijuana and cultivation of it. 

Buying cannabis seeds online with ILGM is completely safe and they are one of the most reputed stores at Trustpilot and other review sites. 

From regular, auto-flowering, feminized, to fast strains, you are going to have everything at ILGM.

Multiple and safe payment interfaces are the key. Fast shipping and hassle-free returns are also available. 

Check out the over 1100 user reviews of ILGM seed bank on SeedFinder.

Check the ILGM store here!

cropking seed bank

Shipping across the globe, CKS, is the only online store that has more than 100 physical branches within Canada. 

After ILGM, CKS is our favorite!

Because the quality service they provide is exceptional!

From supportive customer service to reasonable price range at premium weed seeds, they have got all!

Only safe and limited payment options are available because the company gives priority to the user’s safety. 24/7 online chat support is available with the KING!

Check their website here!

MSNL Seed Bank website or MSNL is the name that most weed growers and enthusiasts are already aware of. 

Thanks to the years of experience that they have put in. 

The background team at MSNL is one of the most experienced teams that has already worked in the cannabis industry before. That is why they can deliver one of the finest weed seeds. 

Services at MSNL are appreciative. 

Customer service is friendly and the price range of the premium seeds is quite affordable. 

You can check the website here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is PayPal a safe payment option?

PayPal was one of the privacy-centered payment options. However, as weed is not a “general” term around the world and PayPal has high service charges, therefore, it is now near to impossible to find a seed bank accepting PayPal.

How to check the security of the webpage I am buying seeds from?

You can check out the SSL certificate on that website. A safe website starts from HTTPS://. Moreover, you can also check the payment interface or payment page’s security in the same manner. If anything seems suspicious to you, don’t proceed further.

What is best: buying seeds online or from a dispensary?

Again, it’s a weeder’s choice. If you have the legal option available near your location then you can opt for buying from there. On the other hand, if you have limited or no physical options then online seed banks are the only way through which you can get weed seeds.

What are some safe payment options?

Payment through bitcoin, the credit card is safe. Sending cash through the mail is not a safe option. As it has more risk to lose money. 

What are some best seed banks?

ILGM, Crop King Seeds, and MSNL are the few reputed seed banks that serve across the world. You can blindly trust them for the safety and quality of seeds and service. 


Finally, now, you know when it is safe to buy seeds online and when it’s not!

The thumb rule is to know the local laws and guidelines before you head to any weed activity. Moreover, you can also do additional things (mentioned under the tips) to make your online activity private. 

Now, I hope, from this time, while you will purchase something from the online seed store, you are sure to be more secure and safer.

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