How to Make Buds Bigger During Flowering?

It is possible to make buds bigger during the flowering stage. 

Because it is the production time when you can push your plants to fetch the bigger buds. 

So, how will you do that?

Just read along to know everything about the flowering period and how to make buds bigger during flowering so that you can enjoy more weed buds.

How to Make Buds Bigger During Flowering

Why bigger buds are needed?

To answer that, first, answer this question:

Why do you cultivate weed?

The answer must be to get ‘high’ from the buds. Right?

Well, this is the reason growers often try and experiment with different things to push the plant to produce big and more yield. 

So, that is why if you want to have more ‘highness’ then you should prefer to grow bigger buds in your garden. 

To do so the flowering stage is the important stage of your garden when you can perform certain things to have an amazing yield including bigger buds. 

So, let’s find out those ways which can make you get bigger buds during flowering:

9 steps to make buds bigger during flowering

After experimenting for a very long time and with the experience of several years, growers often opt for these methods to push their garden yield. 

Although before we move to those steps, keep in mind that you have the basics of gardening completely ready. Here the ‘basics’ means choosing the right weed strain, grow tent, better grow lights, and other basic requirements which are necessary to grow at least a decent yield. 

After that, you can follow these methods to push the yield a bit more. Also, you can make buds bigger during flowering if you have good gardening equipment first.

1. Use of fertilizer

The fertilizer game is heavily beneficial but a bit complex.

If you know the right way to fertilize your garden then you can have unexpected and amazing results. 

However, if you don’t know what to put in your plants without knowing what it actually needs then it can also create trouble for you. 

Therefore, to push your garden’s yielding limit, you can use fertilizer in a balanced way. 

Take help of online guides. From experienced growers, you know.

Those will help you know which fertilizer or nutrient can help your garden to yield more. 

Also, while choosing a fertilizer brand or nutrient company, you need to do background research too. 

That is why I call fertilizer a complex game. If you know how to play it well then it can give you superb results!

Moreover, cannabis plants are generally in more need of Potassium, Nitrogen, and Phosphor. Hence, while your plants are in the vegetative stage, you can use a good mix of all the nutrients. This will be a way safer side rather than going for a particular nutrient. 

Tip: you can check the NPK rating on the packaging of fertilizer to get the nutrient info. 

Apart from this, you can also pick a fertilizer that is specially made for the flowering stage of cannabis plants. There are various options available in the market for the same. 

2. Checking pH level and other factors

Maintaining pH level is quite essential. Especially when you are putting fertilizer in your plants. 

The ideal pH range for the plants grown in soil is 6.0 to 7.0. While 5.5 to 6.5 is for the hydroponics system. 

When pH level is maintained well then there are high chances that fertilizers are absorbed by the plants. Moreover, it also describes the quality of soil you are using and then you can have an idea of which fertilizer to use more for better productivity. 

Along with pH level, keep monitoring temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors. As you don’t have to compromise with the yield by unbalancing environmental factors.  

3. Pruning

You might already be aware of pruning. 

Basically, it is a technique to increase the yield of a garden. 

In pruning, small shoots between the main stem and branches are cut to manipulate the energy of the plant to produce more buds. 

This technique helps the plants to use their whole energy to produce more flowers instead of increasing their branches. 

However, to do this training, you need to do it only in the vegetative stage of your plant. Because cutting down some branches will give your plants a shock which requires some time to recover. 

Also, you need to choose a weed strain that is capable to tolerate such training techniques. 

Although if your plant is capable enough to tolerate pruning, then it can yield amazingly high. 

Make sure to give your plants some time to recover from pruning. 

You can observe if your plants are showing recovery signs. However, some growers opt to use fertilizer in their plants to boost the recovery time. If you are an experienced grower and know about fertilizers then you can do it. 

Ideally, you should avoid giving fertilizer to your plants when it is already recovering. Moreover, as a beginner, you should completely avoid it. 

4. Get rid of male plants

Male plants are not required in the garden when you are cultivating weed buds. 

Males pollinate the female plants and hence they decrease the yield. Therefore, you need to sex your plants ASAP to discard the males. 

Well, it doesn’t mean male plants do not have any use. You can read this guide to know what are the uses of male plants. 

However, in our case of the production of weed buds, you need only female plants. Because female plants produce the weed buds. 

Further, if you are growing regular seeds then you have a fifty-fifty probability that you will grow male plants. Although in the case of feminized seeds, chances are less than male plants will be there. 

Still, irrespective of the chances and probability, you need to sex your plants and get rid of male plants if there are any. 

Doing so will make sure that your female plants will not be pollinated by the males resulting in more bud production. 

Well, a cannabis plant generally shows sex within 3 to 6 weeks of its life cycle. Within this time, your plant will reach into pre-flower stage and they will start showing their sex. This is the time when you can actually catch the male plants. 

Apart from this, in case of plants are not showing their sex even in this stage, you can shift your lights to a 12-12 light/dark schedule. This will show the sex of plants within the next 1 to 3 weeks. 

Read this guide to know in detail how to sex marijuana plants?

5. Increasing lighting

Light is very important for plant growth. 

And, apart from the plant’s basic growth, to push the yield production of your plants, you need to increase the lighting as well. 

Cannabis plants can absorb a good amount of light when given in the right growth stage. This can help to push them to make buds bigger during flowering. 

These lighting strategies are also best to use for the indoor growing of marijuana at the flowering stage.

To do so, you need to place your grow lights nearer to the plants. So, the maximum of lighting can get to them. 

You can place the lights from 12” to 18” in height. 

Keep in mind that excessive light can also result in the light burn of the plant. Therefore, you can start placing your lights from 12” height. And, you can adjust the height of the plants if they are showing light burn. 

At a distance when your plants are not showing light burn, place your lights there. This will be the perfect place to push the yield with increasing light.

Moreover, if you cannot adjust the height, you can increase the light intensity. There are various LED lights available in the market which can be controlled accordingly. 

This is one of the basic methods that growers around the world use to increase their plant’s productivity. You can also follow this method to get optimal yield. 

6. Air circulation

After lighting, air circulation is the second most important factor that is needed for plant growth. 

You already know that CO2 is necessary for photosynthesis. And hence, you need to help the plants get the air as much as possible by increasing air circulation. 

Ideally, growers use oscillating fans to do so, and hence, you can also follow that. Moreover, if you are living in a hot climate or dry area then you are recommended to use an exhaust fan along with the rotating fans in your grow tent or space. This will be the ultimate way to increase the air circulation in your garden. 

For outdoor growers, they can get their job done with the oscillating fans only. 

While the indoor growers needed to take care of the airflow in their growing area to ensure plants are breathing!

Oscillating fans, coolers, air conditioners, exhaust fans, and many more options are available when it comes to enhancing air circulation in the growing area. 

7. Perfect light schedule

Once your cannabis plants are nearer to the budding stage or started budding. Then you have to take care of the perfect light schedule. 

This means if you are giving your plants a 12/12 light/dark cycle then they are more likely to start budding earlier. Once they start budding you can keep the dark time the same or slightly increase until they are ready to harvest. 

Otherwise, your plants might revert to the vegetative stage as well. 

Here the key factor is that you need to keep your plants in a completely dark area when it’s time for the lights off. As even after the 12/12 light schedule plants need around 5 to 10 weeks before they get ready to harvest. 

During this time, the plants are quite sensitive. And, any mistake can lead to a delay in harvest time. That means a decrease in yield as well, which a grower never wants. So, keep the light schedule perfect during flowering. 

8. Harvesting time

Once you have done everything right and your plants are ready to be harvested, now don’t wait. 

Use your observatory skills to closely observe the trichomes and harvest when the perfect time comes

Although according to some growers slight delay in harvesting to let the buds ripe can add up a few more buds. But you are recommended not to wait for a long time because a large delay in harvesting can also damage the yield and quality of buds. 

What expert growers often do is keep a magnifying glass handy and once the harvesting time comes nearer, they regularly observe the trichomes with the help of magnifying glass. 

This glass helps to know the bud quality and stage of harvesting accurately. You can use this tool to know the perfect harvest time of your garden.

9. Avoid any plant health issue

Though this is not a tip to increase yield rather it is advice for serious growers to protect the yield.

If you observe any branch or plant developing issues like bud rot, or anything similar then you must cut that branch or throw that plant out of your garden. 

This is because you need to protect the other plants as well from getting infected. Otherwise, your garden yield will be affected hugely. 

Further, to completely avoid plant health problems, you need to keep the environmental factors such as humidity and temperature under control. Especially when the garden is nearer to the harvesting period. 

Why flowering stage is so important for a weed plant?

The flowering stage of a weed plant is the stage when it starts blooming and putting the bud size. 

That is why the flowering stage is also known as the fruiting stage.

After this, your plants will be ready to be harvested. And, hence, this is the stage when you can push your plants to produce heavier, denser buds. 

This is why growers often refer to the flowering stage as one of the crucial stages. 

How to Make Buds Bigger During Flowering: Final Words

Now you know how to make buds bigger during flowering. These methods and tips are sure to increase your garden yield. Moreover, you are recommended not only to focus on the flowering stage of your garden but rather starting life phase and other growth stages are also crucial. 

Hence, if you will keep everything right from the starting of cultivation then you will have more chances to get a better yield.  


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