MSNL Seeds Bank( Reviews 2023

msnl seed bank reviewChoosing the best cannabis seeds bank online is quite difficult when you have a lot of options there.


In this online world, we couldn’t say which one is legit and which one is looking only for cash. 

Even more, beginner growers, face many issues regarding seeds and price. Well, anyone can get tricked by an unofficial store only just for some money.

Many are struggling and asking where to buy marijuana seeds online?

Therefore, to make all the marijuana growers aware and to provide them the right information we bring here our best recommended online seeds bank.

We’ll give you our opinion on MSNL seeds bank here. Is it legit or not and we are going to share our experience with MSNL seeds bank in the best possible way here.

So, without taking much more time, let’s get started.


MSNL Seeds Bank Review

Before, we start, the point to be mentioned here is that we have shared our experience with MSNL in ten points. You can check them out for complete information about MSNL.

Let’s begin now:

#1. Seeds Quality

Well, while purchasing the seeds online from a seed bank, we always go for the quality of it. When it comes to the MSNL then it wins our hearts.

The seeds quality of MSNL seeds bank is highly excellent. Their germination rate is above 90% which is best than the rest of the other seeds bank. 

The owner of MSNL seeds bank was actually a geneticist and that’s why their quality shows in the seeds of their company. They provide the best quality of seeds by testing and taking care of them manually.

Even apart from this, there are a lot of positive reviews for MSNL on many popular forums. This shows the reputation of the MSNL seeds bank which is the best of all of the others. 

#2. Previous Customer’s Reviews 

While purchasing anything online, we always check for the previous customer’s reviews first, and here too we have checked out it. 

We found excellent reviews for MSNL on many forums online there. Even if some customers reported any issue, they got their problem solved quickly.

“If you will purchase the seeds from MSNL then you will get your every penny worth.” This kind of review we got from some of the popular forums too.

This is what anyone expects from the best online seeds bank and MSNL is that to maintain it. However, if you look for the quality of the seeds, then no one can match MSNL.

#3. Payment Options

The different payment options give you a convenient way to make your purchase complete and MSNL does it excellently.

If we talk about their payment methods to purchase from them then they offer you these ways to pay them:

  1. Credit Card, Debit Card (Only MasterCard)
  2. Bitcoin
  3. Money Order
  4. Bank Transfer
  5. Cash.

So, these are the different ways to make payments to them. You can always go for your convenient method. However, if you are facing any issue regarding the payment then you can freely contact them for it.

Note – The Credit Card and Debit Card options are only for MasterCard holders. If you have any other card then you may have to shift to another method for payment.

#4. Strain Selection

Well, while looking for the best online seeds bank, we always go with more strains. MSNL excellently impresses us. They have more than 200 strains with an impressive seed selection.

Even they also take care of their customer’s interests and therefore they regularly update and increase their seeds selections. This is the best part of them that they continuously update their selection for the best quality service every time.

In addition to all of these, they also provide regular seeds, feminized seeds, and autoflowering seeds. Even they have some special mix-packs of seeds for beginner growers. You can check and prefer their site for more information.

#5. Customer Service

If we purchase something online, we always want the best quality service and support in case of any issue regarding the product.

Well, honestly if we talk about the MSNL seeds bank then they are experts in this. Even from the previous customer’s reviews, it shows that they are fully satisfied with their customer service.

They aim to provide you more than you are paying for and therefore, their teamwork can be seen in their customer service.

One thing only that I personally want to be improved by MSNL is that their response time is a little bit waiting i.e. they reply to you within 24hours. Well, it is not much longer than others. However, if there will be a more quick response from them then it will be the best.

#6. Shipping

Well, one thing that I want to clear is that MSNL ships worldwide. Therefore, you can purchase from them without any hassle.

If we frankly say then MSNL is an expert in quick delivery. If you are ordering from the local region you can get your package even the next day at your doorstep.

Isn’t it amazing!

This is the point which I personally loved the most. As everyone wants their package as soon as they pay them.


MSNL claims that they ship within 24 hours of payment received during the business days. However, if we talk about the shipping time in the U.K then they take 3-5 business days for it.

However, within the European region, they deliver the orders within up to 7 days or one week. 

If we talk about the International orders then they averagely take 10-15 days. However, it can vary 20-25 days as with your location.

#7. Discretion

Just one word for it.

They are experts in it!

Yes, you read it right. They are experts in discreet packaging and delivering it to you. They especially take care of the sensitive locations and they pack your order with plain and unmarked envelope from their company i.e. from the U.K.

However, they offer you three ways to deliver your product to you. They offer you Standard, Stealth, and “Guaranteed Stealth” for shopping. 

As said earlier, the simple unmarked and plain envelope is the standard delivery option that is for you by default. However, if you want more information about your package then you can go up with the second option of Stealth delivery.

Well, if you want “guaranteed” delivery of your product then you can go with the “Guaranteed Stealth” option that includes the hidden shipping of your package.

You can always prefer according to your requirements.

#8. MSNL Discounts/Promotions

This is the best part of MSNL!

MSNL is the only seeds bank that offers you free seeds on every order. 

Yes! You read it right.

You will get free seeds with every order. However, the amount of seeds depends on how much spend on your order i.e. there is a limit of $141USD (approx.) that you have to spend for getting some free seeds.

If you order about $141USD (approx.) then you will get ten free seeds including five regular and five feminized seeds. 

Even apart from this, they also give you pointers on every one Euro that you spend on their site. You will receive three points on every Euro. So, as you spend a hundred Euro then you get 300 points. Therefore, you can use these points for future orders and you will get a discount.

Hurrah! Now you know the secret.

Even for more information, you can always keep an eye on their official site for regular updates and offers on their product.

#9. Overall About MSNL

Based in the U.K, MSNL is one of the fastest-growing companies in the marijuana seeds industry. They are among the top sellers of cannabis seeds online. 

Founded in 1999, they are using their 20 years of experience to give the best quality of service to every marijuana grower. 

That is why they are one of the most reputed seed banks online. Even they have coverage on most of the marijuana growers of the U.K.

One thing which  I personally loved is their dedication to provide the best quality service every time to their customers. That is why they are regularly updated with their customer’s interests and popular demands.

If you want to know more, then you can refer to many popular forums about them which are already filled with a lot of positive reviews.

Also, you can check out this MSNL seed bank user reviews on seedfinder.

#10. FAQs about MSNL

Here we have shared some frequently asked questions that will help you to know the MSNL seeds bank know even better.

Where does MSNL get its seeds?

MSNL works with many breeders under them which are sold with the MSNL brand name. 

What is shipping time to the U.K and U.S.A?

As in local region i.e. in the U.K, they ship within a maximum of 5-7 days. However, for the U.S.A and other countries as well they can take a maximum time of 15-20 days.

Where does MSNL ship from?

MSNL ships from the United Kingdom.

Is there any special discount from MSNL?

MSNL offers their customers a reward scheme under you can earn points by purchasing and you can use those points for future discounts on orders.

Where is MSNL located?

Well, they don’t have a physical store there but they are located out of the U.K.

MSNL Seeds Bank( Reviews: Final Words

In one word, I’ll love to say that MSNL is the perfect choice to buy marijuana seeds online. Their teamwork is quite appreciable and they are continuously improving it.

Therefore, they are one of the best online seeds banks. Even they have more than 20 years of experience in this field which shows the high quality of their seeds. 

If you are going to make a deal with MSNL then don’t forget to share your experience with me in the comment section below.

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