Niagara Seed Bank Reviews 2023

Niagara seed bankNiagara seed bank is established in Canada. However, this seed bank is not for all weed growers!

It is recommended for Canadian marijuana growers mostly. There are several reasons for that. We will head into details step by step.

So, let’s start:


Niagara seed Bank Review

Niagara Seed Bank

Niagara seed bank is a Canadian seed bank operated from Ontario. Therefore, they are 100% legit sources for getting high-quality marijuana seeds. 

It sources cannabis seeds from the best breeders around the world. Barney’s Farm, Royal Queen seeds are some of the reputable breeders that this seed bank imports marijuana seeds. 

The company claims to provide high-quality marijuana seeds to its buyers and for that, it has also some quality breeders. However, this seed bank ships to the places. Additionally, they also claim to have experience in the industry with over 40 years.

Though the website claims for ‘supplying only the best since 2013’. 

Website overview of Niagara Seed Bank

The company’s website looks decent.

Though there is much space for improvement!

The information available on the website is less. They lack in giving reviews of previous buyers like other seed bank’s websites, where you can find people’s growing experience with particular strain. 

Additionally, Niagara seed bank’s website is compact regarding getting info, which might be positive for some people who love minimalizing things. Although they have provided very less information about their store. 

Navigation is easy and the interface is also good. A separate blog gives you information about some cannabis-related topics. However, the company posts very less frequently in that section. 

Overall, the website lack some info, detailed reviews about the seeds. However, accessing the available stock is easy through their website, which is a positive thing. 

Selection of seeds at Niagara Seed Bank

Niagara has a fine seed selection. 

Although it is not impressive, to be honest!

Comparing to the huge seed stores which have a large variety along with different categories, Niagara seed bank needs to improve its stock.

However, the company has a good range of marijuana seeds for the newbie cultivators. They directly sell you seeds from the breeders, which also ensures pure quality.

Well, the impressive thing is their contact with top-quality breeders. 

DNA genetics, Barney’s farm, Fast buds, Green House Seeds Co., Royal Queen Seeds are some of the breeders that Niagara has contact with. Although these sources are one of the reputed sources for getting premium-quality marijuana seeds. 

Therefore, for this, the company gets an edge!

Auto-flowering, Feminized, CBD, and Niagara’s own seeds are the main categories that you will find at the virtual store. They all are further divided accordingly by breeders, which might help some growers to opt for the breeder-specific strains. 

Apart from this, you can also find the new arrivals under the stock of Niagara seed bank. So, in a nutshell, the seed bank has a decent stock of marijuana seeds. They have a limited stock of seeds, though the quality is impressive and the company sources the seeds from top breeders, which is a positive thing. 

Ordering at Niagara seed bank: Payment methods and price

This is where the company lacks!

They didn’t have provided any information about the accepted payment methods on their website. Therefore, you have to contact the customer support team for the accepted methods. 

Although most likely the company should accept bitcoins as they are quite popular now. However, you have to confirm from the company’s side. 

The pricing of strains available at Niagara seed bank is overpriced for breeder selection. 

However, their own selection of seeds is cheaper. They have priced the marijuana seeds accordingly. It might also be possible that the company is charging slightly higher because they are selling directly through the sources. 

Niagara seed bank review: Shipping services

Based in Canada, Niagara Seed Bank doesn’t ship worldwide like other reputable seed stores. 

You can also confirm from the customer support at the stores, which can give you a clear idea of the service availability at your location. 

Additionally, the company has a physical store as well, you can get marijuana seeds from there, too. Although they ship to North America. Their packaging is reliable and discreet. Your order can arrive within a week (excluded weekends). 

Apart from this, the company respects their user’s privacy, and therefore, they make sure that the content of their packaging could not be suspected. 

Overall, the shipping service is decent. However, as the company’s service is available to a limited location, therefore, you have to confirm if you can get hands-on their quality seeds. 

Customer support at Niagara Seed Bank

It is average!

You can access the contact number from the top of the website. They have provided you two different numbers. For locals and toll-free for others. Mail service is not available. Though they offer you mail order for which you have to contact them first. 

The customer support is available from Monday to Friday from 11:30 am to 6:00 pm and Saturday from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm only. The staff is friendly though you have to ring them on the working hours of weekdays to get your query approached. 

Overall, the customer support at the Niagara seed store is good and the team is also supportive once they got your query. 

Market reputation of Niagara seed store

Niagara Seed Bank has an average market reputation. 

As the company is not famous worldwide!

It is due to obvious reasons. As they do not ship across the world, and also, they have growers mostly within Canada. Therefore, you get specific location-based reviews. 

Additionally, at Trustpilot, the company is struggling to get reviews, which must be improved. Although limited reviews are excellent. 

Apart from this, at some sources, the reviews are quite older, which doesn’t validate the company’s services in the current scenario. To be in the world’s finest seed banks, Niagara Seed Bank has to work harder and improve its services.

Summarization of pros and cons at Niagara Seed Bank


  1. The pure quality of seeds directly from the breeders.
  2. Multiple categories of marijuana seeds.
  3. Decent customer service.


  1. Limited seeds variety.
  2. Not shipping to the USA. (North America is an exception)
  3. Poor market reputation.
  4. Average website.
  5. Less info is available about the company.

Alternatives of Niagara Seed Bank

There are many other quality seed banks that ship to the USA and other locations as well. Apart from this, you will also get access to a large selection of seeds. Have a look at the 2023’s best cannabis seed stores:

1. Crop King Seeds 

cropking seed bank

Want to get a seed store that has qualities near the ideal store?

Don’t miss Crop King Seeds!

This store has an amazing selection of premium marijuana seeds. All of the cannabis seeds come with an 80% germination guarantee. If they failed, they will replace. 24/7 customer chat support along with instant help is available at Crop King Seeds. 

The price range at the store is quite affordable. Shipping service is available across the world. The company delivers orders instantly, however, international orders might take up to 25 working days. Crop King Seeds strains got reviews on SeedFinder with an average rating of 5.18 out of 10!

Overall, the store has almost every feature that you can accept from the ideal cannabis seed store. From premium quality marijuana seeds to shipping worldwide instantly, it has everything!

You can check the CROP KING SEEDS website here!


MSNL Seed Bank website or MSNL is established in the Netherlands, however, they have headquartered in the U.K. You will be able to find every marijuana seed strain at MSNL. As they stock popular to the latest seed strain in their stock. All of the marijuana seeds are top quality that produces a high yield. Bulk orders are accepted at MSNL.

Different categories of marijuana seeds are specifically for different types of marijuana growers, which are available at MSNL. 

Packaging at the shop is private and they have a 95% success rate in delivering the orders. Ships worldwide. Doesn’t matter you are a newbie or pro cultivator; you are sure to get something at MSNL!

Check the latest offer at MSNL!

3. ILGM (Not for Canada)

I Love Growing Marijuana website

ILGM stands for I Love Growing Marijuana. For the USA and Australian marijuana lovers, it is the best store. Although it ships to only those two countries, however, the quality of seeds available at ILGM is premium and unmatchable!

They have a very wide marijuana seeds selection. You can easily find any marijuana strain which is not available elsewhere. 

Customer support is really impressive!

Mail replies are answered instantly and even a calling facility is available. The staff is friendly and eager to help, which is the best part. The price at ILGM is reasonable and worth the quality. 

Overall, ILGM is a one-stop destination for all types of weed growers. 100% germination guarantee at ILGM. Must for USA and Australia weed lovers. Join The I Love Growing Marijuana Official Sub on Reddit for regular updates!

Check the ILGM store here!

Frequently asked questions 

#1. Is Niagara Seed Bank legit?

Yes! The seed bank is 100% legit and has a physical store as well in Ontario, Canada.

#2. How can I get customer support at Niagara seed bank?

You can check their official website. They have given phone numbers at the top left side of the website. Before contacting, make sure you are aware of their availability timing. 

#3. Which seed strains are available at the Niagara seed store?

They have mainly feminized, auto, and CBD strains. Although they have a separate category as well under which they have their own marijuana seeds. Well, for the latest marijuana seeds, you can check their New Arrivals section.

#4. Which payment methods are available at Niagara Seed Bank?

The company didn’t have provided any payment information on the website. However, you can contact their customer support for the available options. 

#5. How is the shipping service at Niagara seed bank?

Decent! Although they ship to limited locations within average time. You can confirm from the company’s side whether they will ship to your location. 
Apart from this, for USA growers, this company does not ship there. Although they can deliver orders in North America within 7 days. 

Niagara Seed Bank Reviews: Final Words

If you will be beginning your marijuana cultivation journey within Canada then we can recommend Niagara seed bank. However, if you are residing somewhere else then you must try out the other alternative seed banks.

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