Pacific Seed Bank Reviews 2023 : Must Read Before Buying

Pacific Seed bankAre you going to buy marijuana seeds from Pacific Seed Bank?

If yes, then hold on, this guide is for you!

There’s a lot of things to know about Pacific Seed Bank before you go for any deal with them. 

However, as you are with us, you will get every important thing to know about Pacific Seed Bank.

We are going to share our experience with Pacific Seed Bank in the best way possible here. 

Therefore, without taking any more time, let’s get started!


Pacific Seed Bank Reviews

If you will search for the best seeds bank online then you may find many different seeds bank reviews on your screen. 

However, this time, we bring here a complete guide on Pacific Seed Bank. We have given here ten points from our experience and you shouldn’t miss any point about them.

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#1. About Pacific Seed Bank

Having a Head Office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and other branches in Canada and U.S.A Pacific Seed Bank aims to provide the best quality of seeds.

Pacific Seed Bank has a specific team to work in each section for providing the best quality seeds to every new grower or expert. Having more than 20 years of experience in research on the different strains they have aimed now to provide the best quality of seeds to every marijuana grower.

They claim to have more than 150 strains and growing regularly with new varieties and new technology as well. We’ll discuss it later here. 

However, if we talk about the other factors then it has maintained a good balance in our hearts. 

Pacific seed bank got over 500 users reviews on Trustpilot with 3-star ratings.

#2. Is Pacific Seed Bank a scam?

Obviously No!!

Well, having a registered company and its branches in other countries with a lot of customers under them, how can be a company be a scam?

Let me explain:

Many online forums are pointing negative things about the PSB but the majority of them are either not ordered or they have faced any issue which is common to any online seed bank. 

If we talk about our experience, then they are not any scam or fraud as we have received our package successfully after payment.

Even if you are getting any issue then they have also provided their contact numbers with mail, from which you can tell them your issue.

Genuinely, If we see their website then they are simply providing every piece of information about them with transparency.

Read more regarding scamming by Pacific seed bank with valuable user responses on Reddit for more clearance.

#3. Top Seeds of Pacific Seed Bank

This is the talk which you all are waiting for!

As said earlier, PSB has more than 150 strains and still updating regularly with the new trend. This is what we loved most!

However, they have many breeders under them working regularly for the best quality of seeds. They are having one of the most popular strains under them. However, they are mainly focusing on Feminized Seeds, AutoFlowering Seeds, and CBD seeds.

If we talk about their most popular seeds of all time then Chernobyl Feminized Marijuana Seeds comes under Feminized Seeds, Blue Cheese AutoFlowering Marijuana Seeds comes under Autoflowering category and CBD Divine under CBD seeds comes to the top and most popular seeds of Pacific Seed Bank. 

Well, there are many other strains are available too but we’ll recommend you to just go for these seeds from PSB.

#4.  Seed Germination

After purchasing seeds or even before that, seed germination matters the most!

If we talk about their top quality seeds as mentioned in the above point, they have a 90% germination rate resulting in a beautiful marijuana garden.

However, the seed’s germination rate may vary with the quality of the seeds. If we talk about overall then 70% of the seeds from Pacific Seed Bank are successfully germinated within a specific time.

If you know the right method then you get even more!

However, the quality of their seeds is excellent if you know the right way to make use of it. If you are a beginner then frankly you should go for another choice.

#5. Seed Types

If we go through their website then they have a lot of strains under them to show but apart from this, they actually have a wide selection of seeds. Even you can find your every choice under them (with a little bit of compromisation with quality).

As said earlier, there are mainly three types of seeds on which PSB is mainly focusing right now. 

These are:

  1. autoflowering
  2. Feminized
  3. CBD 

These are some of the major categories that you will find most of the seeds under them. However, PSB is targeting now to provide a variety of seeds with the trend and customer demand. Therefore, they are regularly upgrading their categories. 

#6. Accepted payment methods

Pacific Seed Bank provides you a lot of options to make payments. Well, to make your payment more convenient they are providing you even an online mail service.

Let’s have a look at payment options from PSB:

  1. Credit Card (MasterCard and Visa Card Only)
  2. Debit Card (MasterCard and Visa Card Only)
  3. Bitcoin
  4. E-transfer (For Canada Only)
  5. Zelle (For U.S Only)
  6. Payment by mail

So, these are the six different ways in which you can make payment to them. However, we preferred Credit or Debit cards as this is more convenient than the other payment methods. 

The best part:

The best part of PSB in payment options is that they are giving you the option of payment by Zelle (In the U.S only), which is quite popular in the U.S for quick transfer.

If you are buying from Canada then you can definitely go for the E-transfer. It is quick and reliable as compare to others.

Apart from this, you can also pay them by mail but it may be a little risky. So, you can either go for bitcoin too.

However, I’ll recommend you to go for your convenience.

#7. Discreet Packaging

When it comes to packaging then they are excellent in it!

They take care of each seed and promises to deliver it to you in the best condition. That is why they are experts in the packaging of your order and until it is delivered to you, they keep an eye on it.

Well, for maintaining the best condition of seeds, they pack your order in an air-tight medical-grade glass vial by default to make your shipping secure.

If you request them for discreet shipping, then they also provide this facility to you and thus your product will be delivered in padded parcels resulting in the maintaining best quality of your seeds.

#8.  Delivery and Shipping

After making a payment, we all wait for our package excitedly!

Pacific Seed Bank usually ships their product within 24 hours as soon as the payment is received and confirmed by mail. However, if the payment is not confirmed then it may get delayed. So, make sure you have confirmed your payment.

However, if we talk about the delivery of the product then here the score of PSB is excellent. They deliver your package within 5-7 business days which is quite appreciable.

The best part:

If you order them above $500 then you will get free delivery of your product!

Yes, you heard it right!

However, you have to order them in bulk. Well, even if you are ordering for less amount then you will be charged according to your location.

#9. Customer Service

Talking about their Customer service then honestly it is not that good!

Even I personally not impressed with their customer service as they take time to reply you back even if you have to just to confirm something.

Well, in case of your package is not delivered or any other issue, they help you quickly. They have a specific team to help their customers which I personally liked.

You can contact them at their mail and contact number in case of any issue you face with your order.

However, if they increase their response time then it will be cherry on ice!

 #10. Contact information

For building trust in customers, one should take care of them even after the business! This is when customer service comes into play and Pacific Seed Bank maintains it excellently. 

As said earlier, they have a specific team to help their customers quickly. They have provided different ways to contact them. Well, they have provided their Head Office address and other branch’s address on their website. You can check them on their Official Website and can contact them. 

However, for an order regarding issues and other problems, they have provided contact numbers.

You can call them freely on their toll-free no. 1-844-480-7333 and even you can mail them.

My Final Opinion

From providing the best quality seeds to delivering them to you everything is well maintained by the Pacific Seed Bank. However, there is still improvement needed from their side.

Well, their top-quality seeds are quite popular among marijuana growers which shows their market reputation.

Pacific Seed Bank aims to provide its customers with the best quality service and they are working for it; which is quite appreciable.

The overall score of Pacific Seed Bank is 7/10 from my side. It’s now your turn to tell me your opinion in the comment section below.

Happy Shopping!

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9 thoughts on “Pacific Seed Bank Reviews 2023 : Must Read Before Buying”

  1. Truth is, that pacific seed bank, at the date of this typing, 2/11/2020, does not accept Credit Card (MasterCard and Visa Card Only) or Debit Card (MasterCard and Visa Card Only). An enconvience when considering the other methods left for payment. 2 to 3 weeks just waiting for your e-transfer to happen and then after that another week or so waiting for them to ship out your order. Might as well just order from over seas sellers. Most of the people I know, dont’ have a clue about what Zelle is and Bitcoin! well I don’t trust it. Can’t say anything yet about the seeds, as I’ve yet to get past the wait of my e-transfer.

  2. Seems Pacific See Bank doesn’t respond to emails, phone calls, or FB messenger. Paid by echeck in January 23rd for a $460.39 order for my business (order number 195650). Never received a confirmation but did print my receipt. Money came out of my account on 1/28/2020. Checked order around 2/3/20 and it said echeck pending. Ok, send an email just making sure all is ok. No response. Check order a few days later it says cancelled. Ummm ok, whatever, will watch for a refund. Now, another email, phone call, facebook post (which they deleted), and a facebook message with no response whatsoever. Thought this company was legit. Ordered in December with no issues. I JUST WANT MY REFUND. You have had my money now for 21 days with no response. I will keep posting this everywhere till i get an answer.

  3. The first order was not good one for five purple urkle came up so they said they would give me three so I placed an order with zelle and they have my money but they said it was not bull so I’m not getting any ancers just a run around

  4. I ordered twice. The first shipment came in about 10 days. I used zell and was able to track my shipment across the country to the mid west. Great service and easy payment and delivery. My second order the tracking # was wrong. USPS said delivery complete to the wrong state. I called customer service and immediately was taken care of and shipment was actually at my door. So far 15 have germinated out of 20. I’m giving the last 5 another week. I’m happy!. I tried two other seed companies. One only used bit-coin in the UK. The other was in Canada both orderes we rejected by visa and chase fraud department. I would recommend pacific seed bank over anything over seas.

    • I think because of COVID virus, they have short of staff. Taking money is automatic thing. Still you can visit their official website and try to contact them via chat.


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