Quebec Seeds Bank Reviews 2023

quebec seed bank

Quebec Cannabis Seeds is one of the leading online seed banks in Canada and across the world. They are the ideal online market for any marijuana grower either expert or beginner.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds have the best quality seeds in all different varieties: Regular, Auto Flowering, Feminized, and CBD marijuana seeds. Even they have one of the best quality seeds for tough climates too.

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Quebec Seeds Review

Quebec Seeds Bank is one of the ultimate solutions to all of your marijuana growing needs. They have covered everything for a marijuana grower. They have aimed to provide more than the expectations of their buyers. An interesting factor of Quebec seeds bank has a 4.4 user rating on Trustpilot.

However, we have summed up all those things in ten points with the top priority of every marijuana buyer.

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#1. About Quebec Seed Bank

As said earlier, Quebec Seed Bank is one of the leader online seed banks that ship worldwide. It is based in Canada and they ship to almost every country in the world.

Well, talking about their brief history, then they are generally started up in 2013 and till now they are one of the best online seed banks that ship worldwide.

At that time, they had limited options to stock marijuana seeds. However, now they are one of the largest stockers of marijuana seeds. 

This is all due to their hard work which shows up in their quality service.

They have done a lot of hard work to be the leader in this industry. Apart from that, they provide high-quality customer service with their specific team, which shows their market reputation among buyers as well.

#2. Seeds Quality 

King of all!

When it comes to seeds quality, then they are the king of their kingdom. They are always ready to make their buyers fully satisfied and to meet their expectations. 

Quebec Seed Bank has one of the highest quality seeds in their stock! Thanks to their team for making a vast connection to the breeders of high-quality seeds.

They supply unlimited high-quality seeds to them and Quebec seed bank provides us after filtering them. isn’t it cool?

Either it is for medical purposes or recreational, they are ready to serve you to the best! 

In just one line if we say, then this seed bank is the best place for marijuana seeds

Want to know their secret?

Check here:

One of the top-secret of this seed bank in providing the best quality seeds is their selection of strains that they select the most hearty plants with consistent THC and CBD levels which are easy to grow for commercial and private use.

Overall, if we say about our experience with them, then they are on the top of our recommendation list. They are simply the best!

#3. Strain Selection

They are a real expert!

Talking about the strain selections, they are experts in it!

As said earlier that they have many breeders under them working hard to provide them high-quality seeds. They have only the best quality of seeds in their stock. Thanks to their strain selection team which selects seeds after filtering them to many processes. That is why we get top-quality marijuana seeds.

However, talking about their main strain on which they are focused more, they have Regular, Auto Flowering, Feminized, and CBD marijuana seeds. Well, they have even more than that in their latest stock.

The best part:

The best part of Quebec seed banks is that they go with the trend!

It means they regularly update and modify their stock according to the latest seeds and their customer’s demands. Apart from that, they have listed their best sellers on their site so that you can preferably choose your requirements for their best breeder. This seems the best quality in them while selecting the strains.

That is why Quebec seed bank is a one-stop destination for marijuana growers.

#4. Payment Options

They have done it simply!

For payment, QBC has made it so quick and simple. They have provided limited options so that you can make your order complete quickly to be shipped faster. 

Let’s look at their option:

  1. Credit Card (MasterCard & VISA card only)
  2. Debit Card (MasterCard & VISA card only)
  3. Bank Transfer (Our Recommended Choice)
  4. Bitcoin

So, these are how you can pay them quickly. However, we did the bank transfer which we recommend to you too. 

Well, the point to be mentioned here is that Bank transfers in dollars can be a little costly. So, keep that in mind too. However, even you can pay them from the card too (which includes processing charges).

For a seed bank that ships worldwide, it is good to limit their transactions in some way for some security reasons. However, the main point is to pay the required amount, which they have made easy and simple with some of the quickest ways.

#5. Shipping & Delivery System

The real best thing comes here!

For every online store, it is expected to deliver the product in the best condition with stealth packaging. Quebec seeds bank has done it beautifully!

They are experts in stealth shipping. Therefore, you don’t have to be worried about the cease package or any kind of delay in your product delivery.

Do you know the best part?

Well, the best part of their delivery system is that they do not write the name of the company and the address on it, which enhances the security automatically.

However, one point to keep in mind is that the Quebec seed bank doesn’t take any kind of responsibility for the legal issues of their seeds.

That should be kept in mind while ordering from your region.

Apart from that, if there is trouble with your order, then they do not refund or return it. Well, this can be an issue for some buyers. However, most of the time, they take care of everything while shipping and delivering. That is why mostly their orders are delivered successfully.

Quebec seed bank takes orders between working hours i.e. 9 am to 5.00 pm which takes 10-25 days to reach your hand.

#6. Discounts & Promotions

Loots are always there!

Well, if we see the discounts, then Quebec seed bank provides around 15-20% discounts every week. Isn’t it amazing!


However, you have to check out their website regularly for the ongoing offers. Well, you are sure to get high-quality seeds from their best sellers at a very affordable price.

We will not say that Quebec seed Bank is the cheapest seed provider but still, they are always ahead in providing more than their customers expect.

Apart from their discounts, even they also give promotions to their regular customers and even to the new ones too. All you can check out on their site. 

The best part:

The best part of their scheme is that they update their special hybrid seeds every week. It means you can go out for the discount at any time!

Therefore, you shouldn’t miss the chance and go out for the deal right now!

Overall, Quebec Seed Bank is the perfect choice for any marijuana grower to begin their gardening.

#7. Previous Customer’s Reviews

As said earlier, Quebec seed Bank is one of the most reputed and favorite choices of every marijuana grower. That is why it is one of the most recommended online seed banks on the internet.

Even apart from that, we always consider previous customer’s reviews in our experience to give the true review.

Well, we have researched a lot online and found tons of positive reviews for Quebec seed bank. You will be happy to know that even on their official website they have provided every buyer’s review below their product information. Isn’t it a cool step?

It means you can know about the growing experience of that seeds even before purchasing them. Even we have dug out some popular forums for it and we found a lot of positivity and satisfaction of the buyers.

Overall, Quebec seed bank is a reliable and trustworthy online seed bank to start marijuana gardening. 

FAQs About Quebec seed bank

Check out some frequently asked questions on Quebec Seed Bank. This will help you to get more info about it.

Official Website:

#1. Is Quebec seed bank legit?

Of course YES! Quebec seed bank is one of the most reliable and legit seed banks to purchase marijuana seeds online.

#2. From where does it ship?

As Quebec seed bank is based in Canada, therefore it ships from its head office i.e. from Canada.

#3. Is there any discount and offer on Quebec seed bank?

Yes, there are weekly discounts on their special seeds. You can check out their website for regular updates.

#4. What is the average shipping time of Quebec Seed Bank?

They averagely take 10-25 working days after payment is received to ship internationally. However, local orders, usually ship within a few days.

#5. How can we contact their customer support?

Even for quick contact with them, You can contact Quebec cannabis seeds here: They also have a phone line: 1-450-272-9693 (closed during weekends).

Quebec Seeds Bank Reviews: Conclusion

Overall, Quebec is the seed bank that works consistently for the buyers and it is the thing which we loved most.

That is why they are our favorite and top recommended seed bank for every marijuana grower.

Due to their best quality services, we always recommend Quebec seed bank to everyone and it is the best choice to start your marijuana gardening right now!

From providing the best quality seeds to the best customer support, they are on the top of our list.

For the latest deals, go and check out the official site right now!

Happy Shopping!

The user rantings of Quebec cannabis seeds bank on SeedFinder 10 out of 10!.

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