Seed Banks that accept Bitcoin Payment

seed banks that accept bitcoinPrivacy is important.

Whether you are buying cannabis seeds online or clothes or anything!

You might not want your banks or credit card statements to know what you have recently purchased through them. 

Isn’t it?

This thing even becomes more important while purchasing cannabis seeds or similar stuff from online seed banks

Bitcoin is one of the smartest ways to stay anonymous while buying online cannabis seeds. However, for that, one must know such seed banks where bitcoin is accepted

Read along to know about the seed banks that accept bitcoin in 2023 and their every detail. 

So, let’s get started:


Top 10 Online Seed Banks that accept Bitcoin

Here is the latest list of 2023’s cannabis seed banks which accept bitcoin as a payment method. 

1. ILGM [For U.S and Australia only]

I Love Growing Marijuana website

ILGM or accepts bitcoin as one of the payment methods along with other options. Even though this online store provides you a 10% discount while ordering through it. As it is encouraging the digital currency payments more. is one of the quality sources from where you can access premium cannabis seeds. 100% germination at ILGM as the company stocks marijuana seeds from the planet’s top breeders. 

ILGM’s packaging of marijuana seeds is private and delivers seeds instantly within 7 to 15 working days. Customer support is super fast and helpful. The staff is eager to help and queries are responded, faster. Check the website for customer support. 

Although this company ships to the USA and Australia only. 

Along with bitcoin other payment methods are also available. Regular discounts and offers are often posted at the virtual store. However, you have to regularly check for the latest deals. Overall, ILGM is the best seed bank if you are ordering from the USA.

Check out the other seed banks that accept payment through bitcoin and also ship across the world. 

2. Crop King Seeds

cropking seed bank

Crop King Seeds accepts bitcoin and ships to all countries, unlike ILGM. 

This seed bank has a large marijuana seeds selection and all of them are premium quality. Crop King Seeds is so confident about the quality of marijuana seeds that they give an 80% germination guarantee on their seeds. 

If 8 out of 10 seeds failed to germinate, they will ship you another package for free. 

Apart from this, their shipping service is excellent. They ship worldwide in a private manner. Their packaging is in random objects to not let the cops or authorities suspect the content of the box. Shipping charges are reasonable. Although free shipping is also available on specific orders. 

Customer support is impressive at Crop King Seeds!

24/7 live chat with the ‘King’. The website is decent and the navigation is smooth. Different marijuana seed categories are available for specific searchers. Mail and calling facilities are available in the customer support section. Queries are replied, quickly. 

Based in Canada, Crop King Seeds is popular worldwide and has a very positive market reputation. The company’s overall services are impressive which thousands of people say on different forums and sites. 

Multiple payment options are available including bitcoin. Regular sales and offers on strains are there in the store. That is why it becomes an ideal store for all types of marijuana growers. 

You can check the CROP KING SEEDS website here. 


MSNL Seed Bank website or MSNL is the store where you will find out almost every popular strain that is not available elsewhere. As the company stocks a huge seed selection. 

All of the marijuana seeds available at MSNL are of top quality as the company imports from quality sources. Additionally, their virtual store has a wide category of cannabis seeds.

The website interface is amazing. It is professional and easy to navigate through the different categories of seeds. The info is available at the store. Reviews under each marijuana strain are available, which gives a deep insight into the experience of previous growers. 

MSNL is a popular company and has a very positive market reputation at Trustpilot with a score of 4+ excellent rating. 

As the company ships worldwide, you can get quality seeds from this seed bank to any location around the globe. The company’s shipping service is top-notch. They ensure that their packaging is stealth enough to not let anyone doubt the content. The company has a 95% success rate in delivering the orders.

Regular offers can give you up to 40% off on the selected strains at the store. That is why this store is one of the favorite cannabis seed banks of the growers.

To more info about MSNL seed bank at seedfinder.

Check the MSNL store here!

4. Seedsman

seedsman-homepage is a popular cannabis seed store that accepts bitcoin as one of the payment methods. To promote the cryptocurrency, you will be getting up to 25% off on placing the order at Seedsman through bitcoin.

The company ships globally and its shipping service is impressive. Even they are one of the popular stores around the globe known for the quality and shipment.

Seedsman also comes under one of the largest cannabis seed holder shops. Either it is about the flowering type, strain type, cultivation, or even about award-winning strains, Seedsman has got you all!

The company gets top-quality marijuana seeds from the world’s best 80 marijuana breeders.

Seedsman gives you freebies every time you order from it. Even the loyalty program of the company gives you a reward, which you can check on their website. Including bitcoin, the company gives you bank transfers and other options. However, you will not want to miss 25% off by choosing another payment option other than bitcoin. 

The company has been in the industry since 2003 and therefore, it has earned huge respect among marijuana enthusiasts around the world. With that said, the company’s website is designed professionally and gives you every piece of information that you may need. 

The trust score at Trustpilot is excellent with over 17,000 reviews. 

Overall, Seedsman is the best cannabis seed bank that accepts bitcoin and offers 25% off on premium cannabis seeds. This is what a golden opportunity is called!

Visit their official store!

5. Royal Queen Seeds

royal queen seeds

“If you have the passion, you can grow quality genetics!” this is what the motto of this company has that accepts bitcoin for selling quality cannabis seeds. 

Royal Queen Seeds is based in Amsterdam though it is popular around the globe for its quality genetics. The company has been in the industry for more than 14 years and hence it is one of the most reputed cannabis seeds stores that accept bitcoin as a payment method. 

Doesn’t matter where you are living, Royal Queen Seeds will deliver the 100% pure genetic cannabis seeds that will give you the highest output in the garden. As Royal Queen Seeds ships worldwide. 

Before launching the virtual and physical store, the company has gained experience regarding cannabis cultivation and breeding. 

Even the company’s customer support is top-notch!

They have given you mail and contact numbers on the website, which their team helps the buyers in case of need. The customer support staff is supportive, friendly, and eager to help. That is why their services are unmatchable along with the quality of seeds. 

The company has earned an excellent tag at Trustpilot with over half lakh people’s reviews. This is why it is one of the most trustworthy cannabis seed stores in the world. 

Not only bitcoin, but this company also gives you many other convenient ways through which you can place an order at Royal Queen Seeds. 

Visit their official website!

6. Ministry of Cannabis


Ministry of Cannabis is another global seed bank that accepts bitcoin. 

This company has its own bred marijuana strains along with other breeders’ strains. Ministry of Cannabis stock auto-flowering, feminized, regular, and CBD strains. Like other companies, the Ministry of Cannabis has also more than 15 years of experience in genetic development. 

That is why this seed bank is known for high-quality marijuana seeds. 

Another thing on which this company feels proud is their shipping. They claim to ship to any location in the world within a maximum of 48 hours. Along with guaranteed delivery, they ensure the safety of your seeds. 

The company takes responsibility for the marijuana seeds order to you. 

If your order gets lost in between and if you didn’t get cannabis seeds in your hand within 30 days, the company will re-ship you another package. Although their packaging is stealth and discreet which avoids the maximum chances for seizing. 

Apart from this, the Ministry of Cannabis is one of the best stores for getting the cheapest marijuana seeds without getting quality compromised. With just $15, you can have their best seller marijuana seeds in your hands. 

Even website design is excellent and monthly offers are there on the shop which gives you huge deals in the affordable price range. 

You can check the official website here!

7. Growers Choice Seeds

growers choice seeds

At Growers Choice Seeds, you get bitcoin along with CC, Mesh, and other payment methods. 

Also, this is one of the best new cannabis stores that ship worldwide. 

I’ll tell you why:

First of all, their website is very attractive.

It is complete filled with the texts throughout the web pages. That means the company has given all the needed info. Navigation is easy making you easily find what you are looking for. Mainly they have stock of auto-flowering, feminized, and medical CBD strains. 

The company has a limited stock of popular cannabis seeds; however, the quality is unmatchable! That’s why they give you a 90% germination guarantee and if their seeds got failed to germinate, they will replace it with another pack of marijuana seeds. 

The company gives freebies on ordering above the specified amount. As it ships around the globe within average days, therefore, you don’t have to be worried about the seeds. However, a tracking facility is also available. Shipping charges within different countries are higher. 

Their packaging is 100% reliable as they make sure that the privacy of the buyer is safe while traveling through different borders. Even they do not charge extra for special stealth packaging of the seeds.

The company also gives their regular customers a loyalty program under which you can earn points, which will further give you discounts on your next purchases at

You can check their website out here!

8. Weed Seeds Express

Weedseedsexpress official website

Started by a group of friends in 2005, this seed bank has been getting popular worldwide due to the quality cannabis seeds. 

The enthusiasm of three friends to develop unique strains led them to have a wide cannabis seed selection that every weed grower lover to buy. 

The company is based in Amsterdam and ships worldwide. 

Doesn’t matter you are searching for feminized, high CBD, auto, or even beginner growers seeds, Weed Seeds Express has got your back!

Their ‘seeds for beginner’ category has the marijuana strains which will perfectly suit the marijuana grower with basic growing skills. That is why most of the newbie cultivators prefer to buy cannabis seeds from this store. 

Weed Seeds Express also respects user privacy and that is why to encourage safe and anonymous payment they mainly accept payment through bitcoin. 

Although their shipping service is average. As the company usually takes longer time to deliver orders.

The company claims to ship the orders faster, however, it takes around 2 to 3 days to be shipped and international orders are delivered within 25 working days. Apart from this, customer support needs improvement as you get support tickets on the website as the main way to approach their team. 

Still, it comes under one of the best cannabis seed banks around the world!

Check Weed Seeds Express!

9. Nirvana Shop

nirvana seed shop

Nirvana is one of the famous names for high-quality marijuana seeds. 

The company stocks one of the wide seed selections and all of them are 100% pure quality that gives you beautiful results in the garden.

With cash, bank transfer, and CC (Credit Car), this seed bank gives you an offer on payment through bitcoin. For the first-timers, if you will place the order through bitcoin, Nirvana will double your seeds. 

Isn’t it amazing?

Even this company has a huge market reputation and positive reviews at different forums, review sites.

Although the company didn’t have provided much info that how they pack seeds and deliver but it claims to ship and deliver the orders instantly almost to every country. 

Nirvana Shop gives their buyer regular offers and sales. As of right now, the company is offering 20% off on its specific marijuana seeds. 

You can check their website for more offers!

10. The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store

The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store

Established in the U.K, the Vault Cannabis Seeds Store comes under one of the finest cannabis seed banks regarding quality and services. 

Although they have a very huge cannabis seeds selection in their stock. From regular to feminized, the Vault seed bank has everything for you! 

The quality of seeds is premium though the price is affordable for every grower. 

Customer support at the store is decent and shipping across the world is somewhat decent. The company has excellent reviews at Trustpilot, which makes it one of the reliable sources for getting quality marijuana seeds. 

They pack your seeds in a stealth manner and deliver them to you secretly. Apart from this, accepting payment methods include Bitcoin, credit cards, and bank transfers. 

Considering the overall, services, and quality of seeds that this company sells, it is indeed one of the best cannabis seeds stores. 

Check their offers on the website here!

What is a bitcoin?

Before we head deep into the guide, it is a must for people to know about bitcoin in this modern world. Even when the people are preferring it more often. 

Bitcoin is a digital and decentralized currency on the web and it is more used in online transactions. 

That means, on this currency, there is no one’s control, unlike your bank’s money. As your bank might monitor where you are transferring the money through their servers. They might even interrupt or block the transaction if they suspect something unusual. 

However, the bank does it more often even with safe online stores that is why people look for alternatives. 

As nothing like this happens with bitcoin. Also, except for the sender and receiver, no one knows about the transaction with bitcoin. 

That is why it is more secure and safe in this era. 

However, if we will go deep into bitcoin and working on it, it might take hours to explain. Though still, you might be aware of this digital currency’s importance, and for the working of this currency, you can go for the YouTube tutorials.


Bitcoin is a digital currency that is decrypted in form of random codes and, is near impossible to decode or do something wrong with the transaction.

Apart from this, it uses a very safe way to complete the transaction. Additionally, as the banks interrupt in some transactions, in contrast, bitcoin only needs the receiver and it completes the payment without any interruption. 

Therefore, buying cannabis seeds through bitcoin is safe in 2023. 

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