Seed Banks that take Paypal Payment

seed bank that take paypalSearching out the cannabis seed banks that accept PayPal is a quite difficult task. 


As in 2023, there are very rare online seed banks that accept PayPal due to its user agreement policy.

Additionally, the service charges are more than other payment methods, which most of the online shoppers prefer not to pay.

As other payment methods such as bitcoin are more convenient. 

However, if everything regarding PayPal is new to you then don’t worry! We will explain everything to you, in detail.

So, let’s get started:


Why Grower Prefer Paypal for Buying Seeds?

Well, for that, there are several reasons!

Let me explain:

To buy weed seeds with PayPal is an easy and convenient online payment option that works instantly through username and password. Also, the PayPal account is linked to your CC or Bank Account which instantly completes the transaction in real-time. 

However, to be honest, this is not the actual reason for being so demanded payment method!

The real reason for being so popular and in demand of PayPal for buying online weed seeds is privacy. Well, we all love to keep the details private of what we are buying through an online store. PayPal maintains it excellently!

If you pay through your own PayPal account directly to an online store then it doesn’t make the transaction appear on your bank statement, on your preference. This means you can keep the transaction detail hidden from your homies or even from the bank authorities. 

In other words, PayPal doesn’t let other people know about your online purchase activity except you!

So, this is the main reason for using a PayPal account for paying to the online shops including online seed banks. Even the privacy maintenance of PayPal helps people buying surprising things for their loved ones without letting them know. 

Apart from this, there are more benefits of PayPal, which makes it one of the best payment methods.

Benefits Of Paypal Payment Method

  1. PayPal uses a secure interface to do the transactions. Along with your transaction privacy, PayPal also maintains your account privacy! That means while paying to the online store, PayPal doesn’t share your account information with the seller of your products. 
  2. Transferring the funds directly through the bank account or credit card makes it easier to pay to the online shop without any hassle. 
  3. Apart from all of the above, PayPal maintains the privacy of the user when paying through its own PayPal account. 
  4. Additionally, PayPal provides instant support for both sellers and customers. In case of any fraud made by either side, PayPal takes instant action. 

The downside of Paypal Payment Method

Even though this payment method has many benefits, however, the user agreement policy for using this payment method by the sellers and buyers is the major concern of its downside. This policy is must be accepted for using the services. 

The policy states that PayPal may not be used to send or receive payments for narcotics, steroids, controlled substances, and drug paraphernalia. Although cannabis seeds do not come under controlled substances, in most places. Yet PayPal holds the authority to decide whether an online transaction is violating their policy. 

If any transaction is founded violating their policy, the account gets seized or blocked which ultimately leads to the hold of payment in between along with shutting down of the account at PayPal. This leads sellers to lose their money and even shutting down the accounts, which means never come back from the payment made. Similarly, for the buyer’s side, this issue is a huge turnoff regarding the PayPal option. 

Doesn’t matter how much a reputable online store is or for how much time is in existence, it will take only one flagged transaction to make everything vanish. 

Apart from this, another downside of using the PayPal payment method is their transaction charges. Even those online stores who take the risk and accepts payment through PayPal charge huge commission.

The total transaction charges for PayPal becomes 2.9% + $0.30, which is not a better option than choosing other payment methods, which even gives a discount on some stores. 

Therefore, due to huge commission charges and mandatory policy that risks the transaction and account, PayPal becomes not a preferred payment method as compared to the other better ways such as cryptocurrencies. This is why most online seed banks do not accept PayPal as the payment method in 2023. 

Even some reputable seed stores such as ILGM and Seedsman give you a discount of up to 25% off when you choose bitcoin as a payment method. Bitcoin is a more convenient and easy option than risking your money. Then why risk anything and not avail of the discount at online seed stores. 

Seed Banks that take Paypal Payments

Now, after knowing the many benefits of PayPal, you might be thinking that there would be many online seed banks that accept PayPal. Even it is private and delivers excellent service. 

Unfortunately, no!

In 2023, there are very few, mostly newer, online seedbanks that accept the payment method of PayPal to sell their seeds. Even more accurately, if you will go to buy cannabis seeds through reputable seed banks then you might not find a PayPal option there!

Well, now, you might be puzzled that even with lots of benefits of using PayPal then why do these seed banks do not accept PayPal payment methods. For that, there are some reasons, which make sellers and buyers avoid this payment method.

How to use Paypal in Online Seed Banks

Well, till here, you must be convinced that there are very rare to no seed banks that take PayPal, and also it is not a convenient way anymore due to some reasons. 

However, if you still don’t want to lose hope and want to get PayPal in any of the ways then I have something for you!

As most of the reputable seedbanks in 2023 do not accept the PayPal method, therefore, there is no direct way through which you can use this payment option for placing your order.

Additionally, if you somehow, get a seed store that accepts payment through PayPal then there will be additional charges along with the risk involvement. 

Apart from this, the quality of seeds might not be up to the level, and even you cannot raise a complaint as it would expose the transaction to PayPal authorities making it a violation of their policy resulting in consequences which no one wants!

That is why there is one alternative way by which you can use PayPal to pay at online cannabis seed banks, however, it is a little tricky, but as you are here, we will be making it easier for you!

Here is the easier way:

As many of the reputed and online cannabis seed stores accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and other currencies. You can directly purchase Bitcoin or preferable and convenient currency through your PayPal account. 

Further, you can use these purchased Bitcoins to buy anything through online seedbanks or stores. Isn’t it an excellent way?

Well, yes! This will not create any issues as you will be using your PayPal account to purchase only Bitcoins or cryptocurrency which will not violate any policy of PayPal. Additionally, it will show on your account statement that you have done transactions for buying cryptocurrencies. After that, you can use your digital currency to purchase anything you want. 

The bonus part:

Huge seed stores such as Seedsman and ILGM (I Love Growing Marijuana) provide you up to 25% off on paying through bitcoin at their virtual store. 

So, what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and shop!

Seed Banks that Accept Paypal

Here are our and most of the cannabis enthusiasts’ recommended seed banks that are online and serving for many years in the industry. They all sell high-quality marijuana seeds and ship them to worldwide countries. Have a closer look:


I Love Growing Marijuana website

ILGM or is one of the most popular cannabis seed stores that sell only a premium range of cannabis seeds. The store is rated 4+ on Trustpilot and has a very huge market reputation. 

However, ILGM does not accept PayPal but it accepts bitcoin, cash, and even bank transfers. Ships to the USA directly through California warehouse and delivers order instantly maximum within a week.

The website is designed professionally and has an easy interface. Overall, the best place to buy cannabis seeds online! 


2. Crop King Seeds

cropking seed bank

Crop King Seeds is an online as well as offline store. Talking about online stores then it has one of the largest stocks of marijuana seeds. Sells at very affordable rates and ships throughout the globe with up to $40 shipping charges. Along with that, it provides express shipping resulting in the fastest delivery of the orders. 

Most of the physical stores are in Canada and they have regular updates of cannabis’s new seeds, which gives you access to a wide cannabis seeds category. Multiple payment options including bitcoin are available. 

The best part is that Crop King Seeds gives you an 80% germination guarantee on their seeds. If their seeds pack failed to stand on the germination rate, they will re-ship another pack of seeds for free!

Crop King Seeds these strains got reviews on SeedFinder, with an average rating of 5.18 out of 10!



MSNL Seed Bank website or MSNL is located in the Netherlands and serves across the world. This seed bank claims to be in the industry for more than two decades and therefore, they can stand on the marijuana lover’s demand. MSNL has a private shipping service and a wide selection of seeds. You can find out the trending marijuana strains in the market.  MSNL seed bank has a 3.6 users rating on Trustpilot.

The website design is good and easy to navigate through different sections in the virtual stores. The store ships instantly within 7 days, however, it also depends on the location. 

Apart from all of this, MSNL provides free seeds on every order. 


Bottom Line

In 2023, there are newer or those seed banks that are intended to earn through a high commission by accepting payment through PayPal. However, you will find out that most of the seed banks that are popular and reputed, do not accept PayPal as the main payment method. 

Well, even you are also recommended not to risk your money and quality of marijuana seeds from these unknown seed banks. Although if you are still a fan of PayPal then you can opt for the alternative way, which we have already discussed. 

Apart from this, you can also go for alternative payment options which are more convenient and better. Above all, those are risk-free!

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