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We have been purchasing marijuana seeds from many of the online seed banks that ship worldwide. However, this time we bring here a complete review of the Seedsman seed bank revealing its all secrets and truth.

So, if you are planning to go out for purchasing marijuana seeds from Seedsman then this guide will help you surely.

As we have shared our experience in a very detailed and brief way here. From seed selection to customer service, all you will get in-depth right here.

Therefore, without taking any more time let’s get started!

Seedsman Review 

If we check out online, then there are many online seed banks that ship worldwide. However, if we check out their overall service then they lack at some points. 

Therefore, we have summed up our experience with Seedsman in very short points which will tell you every truth of it, and also you can see people’s responses to seedsman on Reddit.

So, be with us and enjoy the journey!

Le’s begin now:

#1. About Seedsman 

We have reviewed the best online seeds bank in which Seedsman is particularly going to be an in-depth review.

Well, if we talk about the history of Seedsman in the online market then it is one of the older seed banks online. It has been in this market since 2003 and has earned a huge reputation in the online market.

They are based in Barcelona and are known as experts in cannabis genetics. If we talk about their experience then they have more than 15 years of experience which we can see in their quality service and seeds selections. 

Apart from the online market, they have played an essential role in bringing the evolution of feminized seeds about a few times ago.

This is what makes them different from the rest of the online seed banks.

That is why it is one of the most reliable and trustworthy seed banks to buy marijuana seeds.

They have committed to providing quality service by preserving the genetic lineages and their legalization worldwide.

However, their hard work and passion can be seen in their service.

With having more than 120 breeders working under them, they have one of the largest online seed stores in the market.

So, let’s have a deep dive into all of the features!

#2. Seed Quality

Seeds are the main thing on which all the online seed market is based. Therefore, seed quality defines all of the qualities of the company. 

Especially, for the new growers, it becomes so essential that they must get the best package of seeds so that they can come again to them. 

In addition to this, we also give priority to the previous customer’s reviews so that we can relate them to the truth. Therefore, we always sum up our experience with the original quality and the previous customer’s reviews while giving our opinion.

Well, talking about Seedsman they have maintained their seed quality excellently. That is why it is one of the most recommended online seed banks for quality.

Coming to the point, Seedsman has one of the best quality seeds, and most of the buyers are fully satisfied and never reported any issue regarding their quality.

However, there could be some bad experiences too, as not every package got 100% perfect seeds. As some of them might get damaged while shipping. There are more chances in the case of international orders.

If we say frankly by our own experience, then Seedsman doesn’t guarantee you 100% germination of their seeds. However, this is common to any online seed bank but in the case of others, they give you a guarantee on their germination rate. Well, therefore, we say here it lacks and that should be improved from the Seedsman.

However, if we say overall they are the best quality seeds provider with an average germination rate of 80% and you will not be disappointed in their side.

#3. Seed Selection

This is the feature that we loved most!

Even apart from the seed quality, the very first thing is to get your desired seed strain. Well, for that, Seedsman is ahead of all.

With more than 4,400 different strains, they are the largest seed bank in the world!

Isn’t it amazing?

Well, that is why we love Seedsman most!

It means you are going to find every quality with your preferred strain right here. You don’t have to look for another store once you came here.

We can definitely say that if you don’t find your strain elsewhere then you can usually find that right on Seedsman!

Either new or usual they have all in their stock!

They also have both auto-flowering and photoperiodic seeds of the same strain. It means you not going to be disappointed while looking for your choice. That is why in this case, it gets 5/5 stars.

Well, having a large selection can cause you to find your choice difficult. Is that question that comes to your mind while talking about the large selection of seeds?

Don’t worry! Seedsman has done all for you!

They have maintained and organized their site so that anyone can find what they are looking for. You can find your choice super quickly by sorting it according to strain type, growth characteristic, cultivation method, and much more.

Isn’t it amazing! Right?

Apart from this, they have a great feature that they show the new growers their best product so that they don’t get confused with many options.

They will show you up to their most popular products and then you will get to know everything about that right there on their site.

However, they have even one additional category under which they have introduced the medicinal seeds for the medicinal growers, which can be found by sorting it with a medical diagnosis.

Well, overall if we talk about the seed selection then there are very few seed bank that is good and Seedsman gets 100/100 of it.

#4. Payment Options

While ordering online, having fewer choices for payment can cause the impact of the company very bad. However, here too Seedsman wins the race!

Because Seedsman offers many payment options while ordering from their site.

Let’s have a quick look at them:

  1. Cash
  2. Bitcoin
  3. Credit Card
  4. Debit Card
  5. Bank Transfer
  6. Money Order
  7. Cheque

Isn’t it cool? Having several choices for payment makes your order faster and you will be processed to get your order soon.

Well, for bitcoin dealers there is an offer for them.

Want to know?

The buyers who are going to pay them using bitcoin can get up to 20% off on their order. Isn’t it amazing!

Even apart from the discount they even give you free seeds with your order. 

This makes it a great deal which you shouldn’t miss out on!

The best part of their payment methods is that they have provided a step-by-step guide for every payment option so that you couldn’t make anything wrong while paying them. 

Well, overall, here we got no complaints regarding the payment. Even you will love to buy from them within easy steps. They have straightforward payment options which differentiate them from the rest of the other online seed banks.

#5. Shipping & Delivering

Well, after payment the very first thing that comes to our mind is that when we will get our product. Right?

So, here comes the shipping and delivering time in the play. 

Frankly speaking as in our experience, they are above average when it comes to stealth shipping and delivering. This is because they have a great feature for delivering it on a very stealth package with full security but they usually charge more for that.

However, if we compare Seedsman with the other online seed bank then they have better features than it. Well, even Seedsman has more features for you but it is a little expensive, which is not a good thing for a leader online seed bank.

Well, the shipping cost is calculated on the location of the buyer which is not calculated under the offers or discounts. However, their quality packaging and shipping are worth the price and are reasonable for that.

Seedsman even provides you insurance feature, under it, you can ensure to get your order with a guarantee. Well, only those products will be delivered again in case of damaged or lost. 

Even there will be an extra charge for it. Well, you can check out their website first for every cost as they might change it regularly.

The point to be mentioned here is that they do not provide the tracking feature on mail for the customers. However, internally, they keep an eye on your package and they let you know about your package at every step.

Overall, we found Seedsman an excellent seed bank to maintain the reason for a price for its growth and providing high features to their customers.

#6. Seedsman Customer’s Review

As said earlier, we do consider previous customer’s reviews while giving our opinion about any online seed bank and we sum up them with our experience.

Therefore, we also have checked the review on some of the popular forums and other platforms. Do you know what is the best part of Seedsman?

Here it is:

Seedsman has provided their customer’s honest reviews under every section of strains which makes it stand out from the rest of the other seed banks. This helps you to read and understand the right information about the strain before you purchase it.

Their reviews help at a very great level for choosing the right seed selection for you. The other best gesture from the Seedsman is that they do not delete the negative reviews as therefore you can trust them and can see a balanced view on their products.

Apart from the seeds review, Seedsman has been reviewed several times on some of the most popular forums and sites.

That is why Seedsman is one of the most trustworthy seed banks online.

Apart from some minor negative reviews (which is common to any online seed bank), Seedsman got the majority of the satisfied reviews from its customers which makes it the first choice of marijuana growers.

Also, check out this user review of seedsman on seedfinder.

#7. Customer Support

We always believe that the best company should provide the best customer support if it wants to be on the top.  Especially for market reputation, it becomes quite essential to stand out from the others by providing the best quality customer service.

However, this is the only point where we say that Seedsman needs to improve in this section. This is because of their waiting time which is slightly more than it should be. However, for your every query they have a separate team to solve your issue quickly. They usually reply to you back within 12-24 hours by mail.

Even they have phone numbers for different areas but they are an automated system which is not much helpful. However, if you get any issue regarding seeds then you can get a reply with a little wait from their team.

Apart from the issues, they even have a return policy. Under this policy, you can return your product within 14 days if you get any damaged seed or something else. However, you are recommended to check out your product as soon as you receive it.

Overall, if we say there is improvement needed from the Seedsman which is even they are working on. Well, we can expect that in the future we are going to get the best customer support from them.

#8. Discounts & Promotions

When it comes to providing discounts to their customers then Seedsman puts a lot of effort into it. They regularly give you offers on their high-quality seeds. 

In a nutshell, if we say with various orders and deals, you can get free shipping to free seeds!

Isn’t it cool?

Well, there are also many other seeds bank that gives many offers and discounts to their customers. However, Seedsman is doing it excellently.

They have an excellent loyalty program under which you can earn a point with every purchase and can spend on future orders.

Even for completing five orders from them, you will get bonus points and even stuffs like birthday, then they provide you extra facility by giving you bonus points.

Seedsman sells its high-quality seeds at a very cheap price sometimes. Well, for hitting the perfect deal you have to wait for the right time by checking their website regularly.

Seedsman Reviews: Final Words

Many features differentiate Seedsman from the rest of the other seed banks.

One of the best parts is their strain selection which gives you access to choose your choice right in one place. Apart from this, they give you a perfectly balanced service on all of their features either it is regarding their shipment or their delivery or it is customer service.

We don’t have any complaints from them regarding the seed quality or other services.

Well, those points which are needed to be improved has been already mentioned and we hope it will be improved soon.

In a nutshell, a true marijuana lover should never miss out on the chance to have a perfect deal from the Seedsman.

Happy Dealing!

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