Sensible Seed Bank Review – 150+ Available Strain

Sensible seed bankWhen it comes to growing marijuana indoor then it may seem difficult, if you haven’t the right knowledge about seeds.

However, if you are a new grower then it becomes quite necessary that you must choose the right seed bank for marijuana growing.

Well, apart from this, even if you are an expert grower, you must need high-quality marijuana seeds so that you can make your growing process awesome. 

In a nutshell:

All you have to do is to choose the best marijuana seeds bank. Well, it is not that easy as there is a lot of options in front of you.

Well, therefore, we bring here our complete guide on one of the best seed banks online i.e. Sensible Seed Bank.

If you are going to buy marijuana seeds from the sensible seed bank, then this review is a must for you.

Let’s have a deep look into it.


Sensible Seed Bank Review

Well, we have categorized our experience into the top ten points with priority. In these points, you will get everything to know about the Sensible Seed Bank.

Let’s begin now:

#1. About Sensible Seed Bank 

Sensible Seed Bank is one of the most popular online seed banks. Their tagline is “Most trusted cannabis seed superstore online” and it seems true as they have one of the largest stocks of cannabis seeds. Apart from this, they have built trust among their buyers, which shows their market reputation and Sensible seed bank has 4.4 user ratings at Trustpilot.

If we talk about their brief history then Sensible is one of the oldest seed banks that is running for many years. Therefore, they have more than 20 years of experience in this field, which actually shows up in their quality service and high-quality marijuana seeds.

There are many online seed banks that ship worldwide but Sensible has more success rate to deliver all over the globe worldwide.

With their vast experience, they have many breeders working under them with a large collection of strains. Therefore, it is sure that you will find your every choice right here.

#2. Seed Quality

Well, for any seed bank, the seed quality defines its reputation in the market and Sensible does it excellently.

They have more than 150 strains in their stock which all are from the best breeders working for them. They limited their deals with the breeders so that they can only stock the best quality seeds. That is why every time, we get the best quality seeds for marijuana from them.

However, if we talk about the breeders only then you can even check out the information on their site. As they have also provided this information so that their quality service can be transparent for their customers.

Before buying cannabis seeds from a sensible seed bank, You can check out the user responses & opinions on SeedFinder!

This is what we actually loved most!

The best part:

The best part about sensible is that they always upgrade their categories of seeds according to their customer’s demand and trend, which means you will get the latest seeds in the best quality from here.

This is what every cannabis grower wants! 

Either you are going to just begin your cannabis gardening or either you want to expand it, all your needs will be fulfilled by this seed bank.

They also provide discounts and many more offers on their top-quality seeds, which we will discuss later here.

#3. Strains Availability

Here it wins the race!

Well, as said earlier, Sensible Seed Bank is one of the largest online stores to stock cannabis seeds. They have more than 3000 different types of seed strains, which is not available to many of the other online seeds stores. 

However, they have the biggest online superstore for cannabis seeds. That is why they have this tagline “Most trusted cannabis seed superstore online” and it is completely right if we see their stock availability.

Apart from this, they have more than 150 breeders working under them which supply an endless amount of high-quality seeds to them. That is why we say that any marijuana grower will find his/her choice once he/she came to this site.

The best part:

The best part of their strain’s availability is that even you can personally check the breeders from which they are providing seeds to you. Well, some of the popular breeder’s lists we have provided are below:

  1. Amaranta 
  2. Medicinal seeds
  3. BC buds
  4. DNA genetics 
  5. Barney’s farm
  6. Greenhouse seeds and 
  7. Ace seeds

So, these are some of the famous seed provider breeders that work under the Sensible Seed Bank. Well, you can also check their detailed list on their site.

Isn’t it cool? 

You can always check out their site for information. You will not find any other seed bank that provides you a vast category of seeds even with their transparent information.

This makes Sensible the greatest seed bank from the rest of the others.

However, one thing which may also come to your mind is to search for your particular choice in the largest collection of seeds.

Well, Sensible has also solved this excellently!

They have an excellent filter system that you can filter out all of the other marijuana seeds and you will get your particular choice right in front of you. Amazing! Right?

So, you can easily go out for your seeds with Sensible Seeds Bank.

#4. Germination Success Rate

Well, after choosing the right seed bank and right seeds for your garden. Now, it comes to the seeds germination that will expand your garden beautifully. Therefore, here comes the germination rate in the play. 

The germination rate decides the growth of your garden. Well, if we talk about the germination rate of Sensible Seed Bank’s seeds then it is pretty impressive.

They have more than a 90% germination rate, which actually means it. They have one of the most success rates of their seeds. That is why they are one of the largest selling online seed banks. 

Apart from seeds quality, they have also excellent control of the best germination rate on their seeds. That is why they are one of the most popular seed banks among marijuana growers.


We couldn’t say that every time you will get your best. Because they provide you seeds from their breeders working under them. Even after filtering out many things, we couldn’t say that every seed will be the best to grow.

Therefore, there could be a slight decrease in the germination rate which is common to every online seed bank.

In short, we can say not every seed bank is 100% perfect!

#5. Payment Methods

To complete any order online, you must have to pay them first except in the case of COD. Therefore, it becomes quite necessary for the company to give different options to make it convenient for every buyer on their site.

If you too are a buyer who beliefs in quick payment to make your order process faster then believe me you are going to love Sensible Seed Bank more.

Here it stands out excellently!

For making payment easier for all of its customers Sensible has provided many payment options even some of them are charge-free. 

Let’s have a quick look at them:

  1. PayPal
  2. Bank Transfer
  3. Bitcoin
  4. Cheque
  5. Credit Card
  6. Debit Card

So, these are the six different ways in which you can pay them quickly. Well, you can always go in your convenient way either. 

However, we have noticed the best option that is not available from the other seed bank. We are talking about the PayPal option. Yes, this is the best option that every buyer usually finds in every online store.

However, we didn’t find this option in many of the other seeds banks but Sensible is providing you right now.

So, you can make use of this option for your easier and quick order process.

#6. Discount & Promotions

We know you are waiting for this point!

Well, if you are a new customer then you will definitely love their scheme. However, the regular customers get more profits from them. 

Let’s see the best part:

The best part of Sensible Seed Bank is that it regularly gives discounts and offers on its all-quality seeds. Well, if you are a new buyer then you have to check their website regularly for the best offer. 

Even apart from this, sometimes they have the biggest discounts on their premium quality seeds. They also provide What you have to do all is to check their website regularly for the latest offers and discounts. 

You can hit the biggest deal at a very low price if you will be the luckiest one to grab the discount.

Well, some of the ongoing offers are listed below, you can check them and can make your deal more profitable to you.

  1. If you will buy any 5 packs of marijuana seeds from their average range, then they will give you another 5 marijuana seeds for free.
  2. Purchase a package of more than 50 pounds and get 5 special seeds free with that package.
  3. In the premium range, If you purchase any of the packs, then you will get another pack for free. 

Well, these are some of the amazing discounts and offers that are going on, which you can make your purchase even more beneficial to you. 

However, the point to be mentioned here is that every offer is for a limited time, if you hit the deal at the right time then you will win the race. However, if you missed then you have to wait for another best deal.

So, make a deal wisely!

#7. Customer Support

A true online store is that that keeps care of their customers even after the purchase. 

In that case, Sensible wins our hearts!

We have purchased marijuana seeds from many of the online seed banks and checked their customers’ service but this time Sensible Seed Bank stands out from all of the other seed banks due to their quick and excellent customer support.

The best part of their customer support is that they have a separate team to solve the common problems of the customers and even if the issue is not solvable then they especially help you in a very friendly way.

Isn’t it amazing!

Well, I haven’t seen this kind of excellent service from an online store. Even they have a different help zone and FAQs page to make it easier for the customers to solve their issues quickly. You can check out the FAQs page here to know the common issues that may a marijuana grower face.

That is why Sensible Seed Bank has one of the best customer service support which is excellently far away from the rest of the other seeds bank.

If you too want to have that experience then you can make the deal right now.

#8. Stealth & Delivery

As said earlier, Sensible Seed Bank ships worldwide. That is why they keep special care of their seeds while shipping and delivering them to you. 

They pack your seeds in a robust cover with extra padding so that your seeds do not get damaged. Even they have an extra scheme in which you can ask them for different packaging of each seed so that there will be no confusion regarding the strains. Even you can avail of this feature after paying them for it.

The best part of their shipping and delivery is that if you are getting your seeds damaged then you can return them to them and then they will send you another package for free.

Isn’t it amazing? Right?

However, the real feature comes when they have to ship internationally. Well, as said earlier that they have experienced more than 20 years therefore, they are experts in it. 

If you are ordering internationally then you can ask them for the stealth delivery. They will hide your seeds in a very stealth package so that no one can see them at a first glance. However, they will not print any marijuana-related marking on your package. There will be only a name and address on the parcel which makes sure to pass through every security filter.

Well, they have endless offers and ideas for you. Even you too can suggest to them any idea for stealth delivery or packaging. Even for extra security and stealth delivery, they offer you an extra security scheme under which they put the seed sunder t-shirt and therefore it will be guaranteed to reach in your hands.

Apart from this, there is also an option for the insurance of your seeds. In this option, you can opt for the insurance that if your seeds are lost then they will send you another package. 

Isn’t it cool?

In a nutshell, if you are going to buy marijuana seeds from the Sensible Seed Bank then you are going to have the best deal for your seeds online. So, don’t miss the chance and grab the best deal right now!

Sensible Seed Bank Review: Final Words

If we say for our experience then it is one of the best experiences for buying marijuana seeds online. We got high-quality seeds with one of the best customer support from them.

We never get to a point where they disappoint us. They have managed everything very excellently. From providing high-quality seeds to solving issues, they are on the top. 

However, you can make more profit by hitting the right deal under the discount. Well, for that you have to check their website regularly. So, go and check it right now!

Happy Buying!

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