Super Cropping Technique

There are many ways to increase cannabis yield. And, the Super Cropping technique is one of them. 

It is one of the efficient, popular, and 100% working techniques by which growers push the yield limit of their garden. 

Well, in this guide, you will get to know how you can use this method to increase the yield of your weed garden. Moreover, we will dig out in-depth about Super Cropping and how you can get benefited from it.

So, let’s get started:

Super Cropping Technique

What is Super Cropping Technique?

First thing first, let us start from the basics.

For those who are new to this term, Super Cropping is one of the ways by which you increase the yield of a garden. 

Well, you have to do certain things for that. 

Squeezing and bending specific branches of the plant so that they can produce more supportive resins, leaves, and ultimately buds. We will discuss a step-by-step guide later on how to do it in the right way. 

Moreover, weed-growers around the world opt for this method to get the most out of their garden. 

You can also get the advantage of this technique too.

Advantages of Super Cropping

There are multiple advantages of super cropping:

#1. Produce more branches

Super Cropping allows your plant to produce more branches and so do buds, leaves, and resin. The more the stuff, the more it is better! Therefore, as a weed lover, you want your plant to have more branches so that it can give you more weed buds, which super cropping pushingly allow the plant to do so. 

#2. More THC, higher

We all know THC is the major component to make the user high. Therefore, many weed connoisseurs around the world have claimed that the Super Cropping technique increases stress over the plant that results in letting it produce more THC components in the bud along with biological components. That ultimately leads to more highness.

#3. Low-cost technique

There’s almost zero investment in this technique. Also, you don’t have to put extra effort to make this technique efficient for your garden. What you all need to do is to follow the super cropping technique attentively and carefully.

Though there are many more benefits of super cropping your garden. However, these must be enough to convince you to try this technique on your garden right now. 

So, this is time for the main course. Let’s go:

What do you need while Super Cropping your plant?

As said before, Super Cropping has almost zero investment. Therefore, you don’t have to pay more bucks buying some equipment. 

These are the things you need to prepare before heading to the super crop step by step guide:

  1. Plants
  2. Zip ties or something to tie down branches
  3. Tape
  4. Fingers
  5. Patience

How to Super Crop? [3 Easy and Simple Steps]

As of now, you know the ultimate benefits of the super cropping technique. Now, you can move to the step-by-step guide. Make sure you follow the steps carefully and attentively to make it the most beneficial technique for your garden.

Step 1. Choosing branches

As the super cropping technique involves putting stress over branches, therefore, it is a must to make sure you chose the right branch of your plant. In other words, choose a branch that can tolerate stress and can bend easily without breaking down from the plant. 

Step 2. Squeeze and Bend

After choosing the appropriate branch, now, use your thumb and forefinger to apply gentle pressure. Make sure to do this step slowly and carefully. As you don’t have to completely damage the branch. However, an ideal spot for performing this step on your plant is between the two leaf nodes of a branch. Though you can choose as per convenience. 

After squeezing, you can bend the branch to 90 degrees. Be extra careful while bending the branch. As you don’t have to completely pluck out of the plant.

Step 3. Repair the damages

If you are performing super cropping for the first time, you might do certain mistakes. Such as bending too much or applying too much pressure on the branch. Try to avoid that. Somehow, if you have damaged some part of your plant then you can repair it with the help of grafting tape. 

Voila! Super Cropping is done. This is how easy technique is!

What next after Super Cropping?

Now, you have done this amazing technique to your plant. It is time to wait for the results! Though your responsibilities for your garden are not over yet. 

Here is what you need to do after performing super cropping:

  1. After performing every step correctly, you must observe supporting new branches in your plant. 
  2. However, if you have broken some of the branches then you can easily repair that with the help of tape. 
  3. Keep patience, you will be able to get the results if you have done the things right so far.

How Super Crop technique increases the yield and biological components of the plant?

Super Cropping is also known as High-Stress Training. 

Whenever the cannabis plant gets stress, it produces more resins and hormonal components (THC) to protect itself. On this basic phenomenon, the whole super cropping technique is based. 

As when we bend or put stress over a branch, the plant produces another supportive branch to protect it or overcome the damage. This ultimately leads to more productivity of the plant in form of branches, leaves, and buds. 

Along with branches and buds, the biological component THC is also boosted in the resins and buds. That ultimately leads to more highness. 

This is why weeders love to super crop the cannabis plant. 

Overall, this zero-investment technique helps the growers to increase the potency and productivity of their garden.

Who can opt Super Cropping technique?

Well, ideally super cropping is better for those growers who are dealing with fewer cannabis plants. Implementing the same steps at the commercial level leads to intense labor work, which might lead to further pressure on your pocket. 

Therefore, indoor growers or growers growing weed for personal usage can get the most out of this technique. 

Apart from this, not every weed strain is ideal for the Super Cropping technique. You have to do certain research and homework before implementing this technique to any weed strain. Overall, this technique might not let you spend some more bucks but to get the most out of this method, you need to put in a little more effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some regularly asked queries regarding super cropping technique:

#1. Is there any disadvantage of Super Cropping?

Super Cropping technique cannot be applied over any marijuana strain. To get the most out of your garden and this method, you need to check before applying this method to any random weed strain. 

#2. When it is better to Super Crop?

Ideally, it is better to super crop your plant before the vegetative stage. As around one week before, the flowering stage will give the plant enough time to handle the stress and easily overcome that to produce potent buds.

#3. Why Super Cropping method works so well?

Plants know how to protect themselves when any stress comes over them. They start using more resources and producing more biological components to overcome the stress. As the Super Cropping technique similarly uses this method, that is why the Super Cropping technique works so well.

#4. How can I repair the broken branch?

You can use tape to hold the branch. Moreover, you can also use zip ties to tie up the branch. Within one week, the broken branch should be healed. 

#5. When to remove the ‘bandage’ tape?

You have to wait at least for one week period to remove any tape. Within this time, your branch must be healed. You can observe it by the discoloration on the broken spot.

Alternative techniques of Super Cropping

Well, Super Cropping is one of the best ways to increase the yield. It is easier and super convenient to perform in fewer cannabis plants. Though there are some limitations to this method. 

As this method is not suitable for every weed strain. Moreover, on a large scale, super cropping is not a convenient way. 

Hence, there are some other techniques too, which can be used for making weed gardening more productive. 

  • LST

LST or Low-Stress Training is one of the ways by which you can make your garden more productive. Unlike high-stress training, low-stress training does low damage to your plant. 

Though like HST, LST gives you a higher yield in the same lighting and growing conditions. However, similar to HST, LST is not suitable for large-scale growers.

Super Cropping Technique: Get the most out of your garden

Super Cropping is easy. Though it is a game of experience. The more you do the better you can do. Don’t worry! If you are a newbie grower. Just do the mentioned steps correctly and you will definitely get better results from your garden.

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