The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store Reviews 2023

The Vault Cannabis Seeds StoreLooking for The Vault cannabis seed store review?

Well, if you are looking for the same then you are damn lucky!


Here it is:

I’m a cannabis enthusiast and I’d tried out almost every seed store there in the market whether it is online or offline.

Even with The Vault Cannabis seed store, that is one of my most interactive seed banks as I’d bought and gone through this seed bank deeply for marijuana seeds.


The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store Review

So, I think I can answer your most doubts regarding this seed bank. 

Are you ready? 

Let’s get straight into it:

Seed Quality (4.5/5)

First thing first, they are the heaven of weed seeds! 

They are one of the largest seed stores with the availability of most of the strains out there. 

They have the best quality marijuana seeds that will not be available anywhere else in an online seed shop. 


Here it is:

Either it is about AutoFlowering, Feminized or Regular seeds, they have the best quality of each. Thanks to their breeders that have brilliantly collected strains from natural resources. 

Well, I’ll describe in detail each strain category as they are the best sellers in each of them. 

  • Autoflowering

Very firstly, their Autoflowering seeds are especially for those growers who want instant results in their garden. With a high germination rate, these seeds are simply best and sure to make your weed garden fulfilled with pleasures. 

They have more than 1000 seeds in this category which all are of the best quality. 

  • Feminized

They have one of the best collections in this category. Like Autoflowering, these feminized seeds have a fantastic quality. 

Even I have tried their one of the most sold selection Super Kush Feminised Seed which cost around $48 and literally it was my one of the best experience with them. 

They have the best quality feminized seeds in their stock! 

From $10 to $100, they have seeds in every pack. Therefore, you are sure to find your weed requirement with The Vault Cannabis seed bank. 

  •  Regular Seeds

Original Afghani and Ata Tundra Regular Seeds are my favorite picks. 

Their natural collection of classical cannabis seeds that have been collected to regerminate in natural ways. 

For the ones who love the old-school, classical seeds they will be more satisfied here as The Vault has covered almost every popular choice in their regular category. 

So, you are sure to get what you look for, right with The Vault Seed Bank.

From these three main categories, they have been fulfilling the needs of every marijuana lover. 

From the budget price range to the top range seeds, they have mainly focused on the quality first which is easily seen when you grow at your home

Apart from this, they have more seeds in their stock which you must explore after these basics try. You will get everything about weed seeds once you reach out to them. 

That’s why they have been one place to get all of your marijuana seeds. 


Well, when it comes to quality seeds in the market then no one can match The Vault. Even for more quality strains, they have got everything for you right in one place.

Therefore, I can easily say that The Vault is the best choice you’ll ever make for your cannabis garden. 

Customer Service (4.0/5)

You’ll get the best quality service ever! 

Let me explain:

I have been purchasing from The Vault many times. Apart from their best quality seeds, they have a super quick responsive team that helps out with your every query. 

Once I have a query about one of the popular seeds, so I did them a mail asking my query. 

I was impressed with their response! 

They quickly responded to me by answering my question in a very friendly way. 

The way they approach you is quite appreciable and very less seen in an online store. 

Once my order was late as it was taking time more than they deliver averagely. Again, I asked them about my order but this time I asked them via phone call. 

Their one of customer service executive picked my call and asked about the issue.

We had a very gentle conversation as he was very polite and was talking very nicely. 

Moving ahead, I described them everything and within some time they checked out my order and then responded to me back as it was taken down by customs. 

And then they quickly shipped my new order without charging any money. 

I was so impressed by them! 

I received my order this time quickly with some more free seeds. 

This was the second time that they proved their best service. Well, I have been gone through many online seed stores but I have seen very few online shops that serve like this seed bank. 

However, some of the online stores are good but somewhere the response time was late, and somewhere the friendly approach was missing. 

So, The Vault has a complete package of good servicing. 

The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store Contact

Therefore, I can say that they have the best customer support team in their shop. 

They have given their contact numbers +447949276118/ +441312100083 and E-mail address which is officially available at their site. Either you can contact them via mail or can call them via given numbers. 

As I said earlier, they have the quickest team that supports your every query regarding marijuana seeds. 

So, you can expect a quick response from them for your issues. 

Well, you are not going to face any issue with their seeds. However, somehow if you got then you’ll be solved out with one of the quickest customer service teams. 


At The Vault, you are going to have the best quality services as they have aimed to provide top-notch quality services all over the world. 

Customer Reviews (4.0/5)

Already buyer’s opinion is as much as important as much you research for the best seed quality. 

It is why because you get an idea about that seed bank before you send them your money. You can see user reviews and ratings of the vault cannabis seed store on SeedFinder.

That’s why you must check out other opinions about a particular product or brand before you purchase anything from them. 

So, apart from my review, I have been received a lot of reviews about The Vault Seed Bank from which I have mentioned some of them below so that you can get an overview of other purchasers without looking somewhere else for it. 

Due to the quality services, these buyers are quite satisfied with what this seed bank has aimed. 

However, still, if you look at some other website then you will find that tons of positive reviews are fully satisfied and happy from them. 

From this, I can definitely say that The Vault is one of the most reputed brands selling marijuana seeds. 

Even apart from the other online seed bank that sells quality seeds, this seed bank has actually stood on their promise. What they have said for the buyers they actually made that true.


The most important thing that an online store should have is its market reputation or how much the buyers are happy with that shop. 

I’ll happily share that The Vault has more than 85% of buyers that are quite happy and satisfied.

Finally, you can now have a permanent seed bank! 

Well, if you want to explore more then you can surely check out their official website and third-party website where users have said their experience with The Vault that mostly are positive. 

Stain Availability/Shipment (4.0/5)

As said earlier, The Vault has back-linked with one of the most quality breeders that extract seeds from natural sources. While maintaining the quality they supply to different online shops. 

Containing three major cannabis strains (Auto, Regular, Feminized) while keeping tons of seeds in their stock, they are one of the largest holders of cannabis seeds. 

So, you are sure to get your every choice of seeds from here. 

Just check out their website where you can easily search for the strain you are looking for 

Just type and boom! 

Your favorite seeds will be right there in front of you within a fraction of seconds. 

To order, you will have multiple payment options from which you can pay them. 

Once you have successfully paid them, Your favorite seeds will be right at your doorstep within a few days. 

Well, The Vault usually takes 2-5 days to deliver your order in a very discreet package without mentioning your name. 

However, the delivery time may vary depending upon your location but most of the time they deliver within 3 days as the order gets dispatched. 

Note that worldwide orders may take up to 5-25 working days to arrive at your order. 

They also offer express delivery which you can avail of for even faster delivery.

Apart from this, they have a special gift for the U.K buyers!

They offer free delivery to the residents of buyers with guaranteed shipping. If your order is somehow lost in between then they will send you a new pack absolutely free of cost. 

Aren’t they are amazing? 

Yeah! Even they provide easy returns to you. If somehow you got something wrong (which rarely happens) then you can contact them within 30 days and can return without any charges. 

Apart from that, they have mainly focused on budget price seeds. Their price range begins from $10 to $100. Those all depend on how much seed want for yourself. 

Well, their main section of seeds is totally under the budget price so if either you are a beginner grower or an advanced consumer, you’ll get everything at very affordable rates on The Vault seed store. 


Either it is about shipping or the delivery of seeds, they are experts in everything. At affordable rates, they provide high-quality services which make them the best place to buy seeds from. 

With 30 days return policy, they win the trust of the buyers and they are so confident at their seeds that they offer free seeds if somehow you lost your order.

With these so many qualities, they are one of the most trusted online sites to buy marijuana seeds. 

What does a buyer look at online seed banks? 

Obviously, quality seeds with responsive customer support at the right price. 

These are all qualities I found in The Vault seed bank with a guarantee. 

Still, do you have any doubts? 

Well, some of the must-try seeds are Ray Rice, Gluelato, Daryl Strawberry and for more, you can check their official site. 

The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store Reviews: Conclusion

Finally, I can now hope you got your all answers here for The Vault Cannabis seed store.

This seed bank has been operating from Scotland is now worldwide famous for its quality seeds and top-notch customer support. 

With a budget price range seed to the top seeds, they have everything at affordable rates. Positive reviews all over the globe show their market reputation which is far better than any seed store online. 

If still you have any kind of doubt or suggestion or want to share your experience, then you are most welcome in the comment section. I’ll be waiting there! 

Until then, Happy Weeding! 

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