Things To Consider Before Buying Marijuana Seeds

Growing cannabis is fun.

When you have the right quality of seeds and other sources.

Although buying high-quality cannabis seeds matters the most as it is the root part of your whole garden! While some other factors are also important to consider. 

Therefore, before you head to the garden with grow equipment, you need to know certain things. Read along to get to know the things to consider before buying marijuana seeds or before growing weed. 

Things To Consider Before Buying Marijuana Seeds

Things To Consider Before Buying Marijuana Seeds

Buying Marijuana Seeds of Right Quality

As said before, the right quality of cannabis seeds will make your garden grow better. 

Therefore, it is the most important part for a grower to research well and filter out the best marijuana seeds for his garden. 

Although some people prefer to grow weed by clone

However, growing weed through clone and seeds have their own benefits. It’s up to you what you want to prefer. 

Assuming you are preferring to grow weed through seeds (which the majority of cultivators do), now, it comes to choose a particular strain type. 

Feminized or Other Strains

Generally, feminized seeds are better and most preferred. 

As scientifically, feminized seeds have more chances to produce female plants and then ultimately producing weed buds. That increases the yield basically. 

In contrast, regular marijuana seeds have 50:50 chances for germinating male and female plants. That means there is some risk.

Apart from this, autoflowering strains have their own benefits though. 

Mostly marijuana seed sellers have a variety of stock for feminized seeds. The reason for that is their huge demand in the market. That leads you to have a wide category to select your required marijuana seeds from a feminized strain. 

Digging out deeper, feminized seeds are cross-bred with two female plants. Hence, it is sure that the result will be a female plant. Those weeders, who want a high yield and effective results in their garden, prefer buying feminized marijuana seeds. 

However, those marijuana growers, who have experience in growing weed for a long time, go with their choice. As they have good hands-on cultivation, they can get efficient results from any cannabis strain. 

When it comes to a newbie enthusiast or new growers then it is recommended to start your growing journey with a feminized cannabis strain. If other factors are somehow stressed, still, you will have some chances to see a greener garden!

Cannabis Sativa Vs Cannabis Indica Vs Hybrid Cannabis

This is not that important a factor, to be honest.

However, Sativa and Indica both are powerful marijuana strains category and they both have their own benefits in inducing cannabinoids in cannabis. 

Generally, Sativa cannabis plants grow taller. Some Sativa plants even reach up to 6-7’ in height. That means it will require more space in the garden. 

In contrary to that, Indica plants are generally small to medium height. That means even it will grow better in your room

Apart from this, the Cannabinoid factor is also there in both. 

In those regions where medicinal cannabis is legalized or permitted, CBD rich cannabis plants are more preferred as it produces less to no psychoactive effects. Some cannabis plants that enrich CBD are more likely to be of Sativa strains. 

Such as ACDC, Charlotte’s Web is some Sativa marijuana strains that have intense CBD levels. 

In Indica dominant marijuana strains, the THC level is higher. 

THC which is primarily a cannabinoid for producing psychoactive effects is found to be slightly intense in Indica dominant cannabis strains.

Coming to the hybrid marijuana strains then they have both the qualities of Indica and Sativa. As hybrid marijuana strains are derived from Indica and Sativa strains.  

Hybrid cannabis strains are more likely to be enriched in both THC and CBD. Therefore, depending upon your requirement you can choose a hybrid strain, enrich in either of the cannabinoids meeting your needs. 

Effects of both Sativa and Indica dominant strains differ. 

Sativa dominant marijuana strains produce effects like energizing, euphoric, and uplifting. While Indica dominant cannabis strains produce relaxing, and couch-locking effects. 

Summing up, if you are a medical marijuana enthusiast then you will prefer to buy a cannabis strain with enriched CBD content that is more likely to be Sativa dominant. While THC enriches strains are more likely to be Indica dominant. 

Keep in mind that it is not always necessary. It all depends on breeding and therefore, you should mainly consider the cannabinoid of a strain. 

Know Your Grow Space

Approximately, you can know about a cannabis strain that how much space it will cover while maturing. 

That will help you to prepare the area before gardening. 

As if you are an indoor cultivator, therefore, you will prefer a marijuana strain that doesn’t grow taller or broader. In short, that should cover less space. Also, in such a case, the yield might vary. 

Similarly, if you are growing marijuana seeds that will ultimately produce giant plants then it is more likely that you will prefer your backyard or a larger area for seeding. 

As said before, Sativa plants generally take larger space while Indica grows even in a limited space. Therefore, depending upon your grow area or space for gardening, you have to consider this factor as well. 

If you are a newbie grower and want to grow weed buds in grow tent then you should prefer Indica marijuana strains for limited space. Although it completely depends on you!

Know Growing Period of Marijuana Strain

Next, is your patience!

You must know the growing period of your cannabis seeds. Depending upon your desire to get buds in your garden, you can choose faster marijuana strains or those marijuana strains that grow in an average time. 

Most marijuana strains have a growing period of around 7 to 15 weeks. 

If you want instant results in your garden you can choose a cannabis strain that flowers faster and produces buds instantly within just 7 to 8 weeks. 

In contrast, if you can wait for better results then you can choose those cannabis strains which take some time but produces intense results. 

Apart from this, while growing cannabis seeds, you just need to know the lighting period as well. This includes the light and dark periods of the plant. As your plants get mature, you have to regulate the lighting time. 

To make your garden healthier, it is the most important factor.

Initially, plants require more exposure to light. However, as they get into a vegetative period, around 18 hours of lighting is a must. Similarly, you have to keep an eye on the growing environment throughout, until you don’t get the required results or yield!


Once you are sure of the strain type and all other factors, the yield is the next thing to consider before buying cannabis seeds. 

As yield decides how much your effort has been successful. 

Fortunately, you can get a closer idea that how much the seeds in your garden will produce buds. That further ensures that when you have to start the next round of weed gardening. 

This is where the Yield factor comes into play!

Some potent cannabis strains produce immense yield to enjoy throughout the year after a one-time effort. While on the other hand, some marijuana strains are mainly aimed to produce buds instantly but their yield might be average or comparatively less. 

Well, for newbie growers, it is recommended to grow a good yield marijuana strain so that you can enjoy weed for a while. You can also choose some fast buds which produce a good yield in less time. 

Grow Method

Well, this comes when you are just a step before putting your seeds in your garden. 

You have to know the best growing method to germinate cannabis seeds as it will make your work easier. Some marijuana strains are developed for specific grow methods. Such as hydroponics marijuana strains will show you better results in that method. 

Although once you have some grown plants you can further use SoG, and ScrOG training for heavier yield. Along with that, you must have to keep an eye on the environmental factors regularly. Such as lighting, darkness, temperature, and humidity. 

Once your plants are mature enough to produce buds, make sure you protect your grown buds from bud rots and other issues before harvesting. 

Buying Cannabis Seeds

Once you are prepared to buy cannabis seeds, you can move ahead to this step. 

There are several options when it comes to buying cannabis seeds. Although it is quite basic that you must have to choose a good seller. 

Well, when it comes to choosing a good seller then yet there are several things to make sure it is up to the mark. 

Doesn’t matter you buy cannabis seeds from physical stores or online cannabis seed banks, our ultimate goal should be to get high-quality cannabis seeds that can produce impressive results in the garden. 

Comparing to the physical stores, online seed banks are better. 

There are many reasons for that. A very first reason is the options of several varieties in cannabis strains. Apart from this, the premium range of quality is unmatchable. Sales and discounts give you premium marijuana seeds at a very affordable price. 

However, choosing an online seed bank is also not easy. 

As you will put the best cannabis seed banks on Google, it will bombard you with several options. Deciding the best one becomes tough. Especially when you are new to the market. 

Therefore, to make it easier for every online weed enthusiast, some simple yet important parameters can help you know which seed bank is right for you. 

Quality Vs Quantity

While choosing an online cannabis seed store, your main aim is to get the best quality seeds. 

However, there might be some seed stores that attract eyeballs by showing a very huge quantity. Having a large cannabis seed selection doesn’t authenticate that every seed strain will be of the best quality. 

Therefore, always prefer quality over quantity. 

Similarly, if a seed bank appears new to the market with limited marijuana strains but the quality is unmatchable then you should not take chance to miss the opportunity. 

In short, put a little time and effort into searching out the right seed bank, which has quality cannabis seeds. 

Package and Delivery

Once you have chosen your seed source, now, it’s time to dig out in that. 

As you might be ordering from another location, therefore, you need to know the packaging and delivery service of the company is good. 

Some seed stores are faster enough to pack and ship within 24 hours while some take more time. 

Hence, it is necessary to find out the services of the seed store are meeting your expectations. 

Payment options

An ideal virtual store has several convenient payment options. 

Once you are ready to order, you must have several options to transfer the funds and place the order. Although the majority of seed banks online are accepting bitcoin nowadays. So, for bitcoin lovers, it might be good news. 

While the availability of other payment options varies according to the online store. 

Customer service

This decides the reputation of the store. 

Having good customer support is a must in any store whether online or offline. It describes how much a company cares about its customers. 

Also, as a buyer, you will always want to get your queries answered rapidly. Therefore, ensure that an online seed bank has good and fast customer service. It helps you to get support in case of need. 

Your preferences

This factor is for yourself!

It includes anything that you want in your ideal store. 

It might be huge discounts or less price, or maybe impressive website design. After some essential parameters, this factor is for each weed lover’s own preference. You can include and look out for the quality in online stores. 


There are many things to consider before heading to cultivate marijuana. Though we have discussed some important ones here. Now, after this, it is sure that you might be more confident to buy cannabis seeds and grow them in your garden. 

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